Saturday, November 3, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Tired all the time?

THIS refers to "Tired all the time?" by Mohinder Singh (October 20). Fatigue can be caused by hard work, illness, etc. But sometimes it is only a feeling and is a form of psychoneurosis. One simply slips into lethargy of the mind and body and then rationalises it by calling the habit fatigue. Nonetheless it is very acute. In some cases it is a symptom of depression. The best cure of this "tiredness all the time" is will power.

Sometimes certain emotional situations stir, rather prod, the "tired" person into hectic activity requiring a great deal of energy. In case of depression, one should consult a psychiatrist. But more often than not the "patient" loathes to go to a centre dealing with mental illness. Instead he turns to remedies suggested in books written by laymen. He should understand that mental illness is no more shameful than physical sickness and tiredness all the time is a psychiatric problem. Of course, he should consult a general medical practitioner, too.



Chronic tiredness (fatigue) is a major medical problem that affects millions of people reducing their ability to function. It must be borne in mind that the fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), as this condition is usually referred to, is an unnatural tiredness that is severe. It is not relieved by sleep or rest, nor is it the result of excessive work or exercise. In many instances, it is triggered by a flu-like illness that persists for weeks or months even after the infection wears off.

Though there is no proven, reliable cure for it, certain lifestyle modifications will help to make the symptoms more manageable.

Keep an energy diary which will enable you to plan your activities in your peak energy periods during the day. It will also help to keep track of factors that may contribute to fatigue.

Eating a diet low in animal fat and high in fibre with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rejuvenates the system.

Those having features of chronic depression or anxiety should be treated with appropriate psychotropic medication that can improve sleep and energy levels. Even if chronic fatigue has a specific organic cause, the power of the mind to improve or magnify health problems is significant and treatments that promote a positive outlook are as beneficial here as in any other disease.



Fatigue may result from severe physical and mental activities and a lack of sleep, though its degree will vary according to personality and stamina of the individual.

Anaemia may also cause fatigue. The degree of fatigue depends upon the severity of the anaemia and the rapidity with which it occurs. The incidence of anaemia is highest among women and young children. Recent surveys indicate that in rural India anaemia is much more widespread than hitherto believed, even among men.


Worshipping Ganga

This refers to "Worshipping the mother of all rivers" (October 13) by Khushwant Singh. People worship the Ganga as it enjoys the lofty status of a divine mother believed to have originated from the matted hair of Lord Shiva. They consider its water nectar and believe that by having a dip in it, they can attain salvation. In reality one’s heart should be pure if one wants to seek the blessings of the Ganga.

Ganga can be impelled to bestow its blessings only if worshipped with faith, selflessness, purity, clear heartedness and good intentions.


Salvaging symbols of heritage

Apropos of the article "Salvaging symbols of heritage" by Ranbir Singh (October 13) these abandoned and neglected kunds, kundis, or tankaas might still be very useful for rainwater harvesting. In the present circumstances, these structures must be of use to authorities engaged in exploring ways to artificially recharge the depleting groundwater resources in dry areas. Besides the Loharu-Bhiwani area, similar structures called bawdis, present in the district of Mohindergarh, Rewari, Gurgaon etc in the southern parts of Haryana may also be explored for the purpose. The harvested rainwater in these structures could be injected into dried aquifers.