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Monday, November 5, 2001
Cyber Kids

Miniature table for kids

WELCOME friends! Let's begin our journey to the fascinating world of the Internet. This week we have found some good sites for our young friends. Some of these sites are as under:

Normally, we play and visit places during holidays and rarely we do something creative. This holiday season make the best of your holidays by doing some creative crafts. For more ideas related to the crafts, log onto www.elmers.com/index_com.asp. This is a good site with focus on activities related to kids, including arts and crafts. You can browse the category arts and crafts for many creative ideas like Junk box for Dad, Refrigerator magnets, Valentine's candy box, Rabbit candy holder, Candy cane candles, Memory box, Flying ghosts, Deco art plate etc. These projects are categorised based on the time taken to finish them. Thus depending upon the time at your disposal, you can pick up a project. You can also log onto the kidszone for more fun. However the best features of this site is the projects that you can do with other members of your family. One such interesting project under the woodwork section is the miniature table for kids that can be made at your home for other members. Overall it's an interesting site for kids as well as the family members.

Another interesting site is www.child.net/kcpo.htm. This is your very own post-office where you can sign up for your new e-mail address, make a lot of e-pals, find a lot of persons of your interest and age group and also communicate with your friends, relatives, classmates. Overall it's an interesting site with lots of fun.

Another interesting site on crafts is www.netcrafts.com/kids/kidfun.html. On this site you can find Goopy Recipies, Painting Tricks and Treats, Learn how to… etc. The projects on the site are listed under the group kids fun contents. On clicking this group you can find several other menus and sub-menus with several craft ideas listed under them. You can browse through these menus and find a project and other craft ideas of your choice.

There are many more sites on arts and crafts on the Internet like, http://members.tripod.com/christmasthyme/crafts.html, www.angelfire.com/mo/sasschool/preschoolers.html, www.craftsmag.com/ etc. that you can browse to know more.

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