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Monday, November 5, 2001
The world of  dot.com

Pixels may overpower fonts, sometimes

PIXELS, they say, are more overpowering than fonts, sometimes. One good photograph is worth a hundred pages of grey text. Who can forget the famous picture of a girl running for shelter that was instrumental in calling off the US invasion in Vietnam? But then clicking a good photograph is not anyone or everyone's cup of tea. This requires patience and a fair amount of skill. This week we take you to some of the sites that may help in waking up the photographer in you.



The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) is the world's oldest and largest photography school. This site is both for experienced photographers as well as beginners who love photography and want to hone their skills. The major objective of the site is to help you take better pictures. Every month, information about new tips, topics and contests is provided. The various links provided on the site are photo tips of the month, digital photography, photo of the month review, contests and hot stuff, NYI courses, NYI reference shelf, and NYI photoworld. You can order free catalogue, full-colour catalogue describing NYIs complete course in professional photography.


The British Institute of Professional Practice (BIPP) is an international non-profit organisation representing professional photography. Their magazine "The Photographer" contains many high-quality examples of members work. The searchable online database resource, which is a free service, helps you locate some of the world's finest professional photographers. You can find qualified professional photographer by using three ways to search UK, World and Name. The various links are provided like Find a photographer, Gallery of images, Training courses, For students and assistants, and BIPP news.


This site is for those with an interest in photography and helps the beginners to get started in photography. The main objective of the site is to help persons take better photographs. Professional photographers will also get useful hints and tips here. The options equipment, subjects, technique helps you to learn more about photography techniques. The glossary option helps you in finding the meaning of photography terms you are not familiar with. You can view the galleries of photographs and can also submit the tips and discuss views with other viewers and sign up for free newsletter.


This site helps in educating, inspiring, and entertaining aspiring, amateur photographer by providing essential and practical photography-related information, tips and tools. The information about the photography equipments and photography tools is provided. Equipments essential option explains important factors regarding photography equipments. You can also get information about photography tips that may help you in getting good results. General photography topics provide a variety of articles and information on various photography-related topics. In photography tools option you may get information about easy-to-use tools designed to improve photography.

  Laxmi Kant Verma