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Monday, November 5, 2001
Downloads of the week

PC Linker

Networking has always been a subject of wide interest among the PC users and there has always been an urge among the PC users to interconnect the PCs for sharing resources. This has become necessary nowadays as it helps in deriving more power from the PC. After all, the Internet is also a huge network of computers spread over the globe. However, despite being important, many computer users still refrain from the conventional mode of networking because of the cost and also little complication involved in it. Now with software like PC linker, the task of networking has become much easier. The PC linker provides an easy way to link two computers, be it two PCs or a PC and a laptop. This program allows you to link two PCs using a 4-bit Laplink/Interlnk-compatible parallel port cable. Once you are connected, you can use the program to quickly transfer files between the computers. In order use this software, you have to install it on both machines that you wish to connect. The best part of this software is that you do not need separate LAN card or any other hardware to get connected. Moreover, with the direct cable connection, speed of data transfer is also very fast. Precisely, this program offers file transfer rates as high as 3 MB per minute, complete with 32-Bit CRC integrity verification. Above all, this program is user-friendly and easy to operate as it uses explorer like interface for transferring the files. Moreover this software’s dual-panel interface features two ways to explore files on the two computers. You can either view a directory or a comprehensive list of files. Thus it facilitates normal way to quickly copy, move, rename and delete individual files, a group of files or entire directories. Using this program, you can also partly control the remote PC by creating all deleting files and directories on the remote computer. Moreover this program has two modes for data synchronisation over two computers. In the freshen mode, this software will automatically update a file if a newer version is available. Whereas in the update mode, the matching of file is not being done and the file are updated from one directory to another. A good software for those who wish to connect their two PCs together without using additional hardware. You can download the shareware version of this program from www.paraben.com/html/index.html


System Mechanic

Computers are also machines and like any other machine they also need someone to look after if something goes wrong or for regular maintenance. In case of other machines, there are mechanics and engineers to take care. However in case of computers, software like System Mechanic could be put to the job of a mechanic to tackle the day-to-day problem or the regular repairs. System Mechanic is excellent software, which can speed up your Internet and network connection, clean and optimise the registry, consolidate critical system maintenance into one easy step, plus tweak and customise almost 100 undocumented settings in Windows. This is thus a useful software for all versions of Windows, including Windows ’95, ’98, ME, NT, 2000 and also for Windows XP. Normally, over a period of time, the size of the registry gets enlarged with regular installing and uninstalling of programs that makes the computer slow. However, the registry editing is a tough job and can be handled by experts. So, you can make use of this expert to tune up your PC and get the maximum out of it. This is a popular and an award-winning software. A shareware version of this program can be downloaded from www.iolo.com


No it’s not Tweak me, its Tweak- Me, an excellent resource of tweaks of Windows Me operating system. Windows Me has fast become popular among the home users. However, there were not many dedicated tweaks specifically for Windows Me but now Tweak-Me is the first utility that combines tweaking and memory optimisation for Windows Me. This tweak utility is designed to help you optimise and tweak Windows Me-based PC, which also works with Windows 9x systems. This utility enhances the performance of your PC manifolds as it improves your Internet connection speed but simultaneously it also eliminates unnecessary files on your hard drive. Using this utility you can customise your auto-start settings list and optimise the virtual as well the physical RAM installed on your system. The proper optimisation of your RAM, especially virtual RAM or cache, more free cache will be available for Windows to perform other tasks more efficiently. Moreover, these tweak utilities also optimise numerous hidden Windows settings that do not get changed in the normal course of operation. However, one of the most user-friendly feature of this program is that it does not allow your computer to clutter with unnecessary files and consume more precious hard disk space making the computer slow as it removes all temporary files and other junk files including old backup files, which you may not require. Despite being so powerful, this utility is easy to use. Overall it’s a must have utility for the Windows Me users and can be downloaded from www.totalidea.de/tweak1.htm