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Monday, November 5, 2001

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News on Net: Redefining media

The way news is presented on the Internet is giving a new depth and richness to journalism. Kuljit Bains gets a feel of the experience.

THE Internet, they say, is the biggest thing to happen to journalism since the invention of the printing press. While the Press itself in India may have yet to realise the potential the Net holds, the audience, though limited at present, is already overwhelmed by the depth and richness of receiving news on it.


Reality that actually is virtual       ILLUSRTRATIONS BY GAURAV SOOD

by Sonal Chawla
RTIFICIAL reality, synthetic environments, artificial environments, cyberspace or information design are the other names for the single term Virtual Reality (VR). The term, which is composed of two words, virtual and reality, involves the use of technologies to create a virtual 3-D world for the user creating an impression of the real world for him.

Exploit DMA settings to the maximum
by Vipul Verma
HE Windows XP is finally out and everyone is again looking for more. Well! The quest for more does not end, as there is no end to advancement in technology. When Windows was being launched it was considered to be the ultimate thing. However, with the launch of Windows 3.1 the PC revolution began and with the launch of Windows '95, a new dimension was added to the world of personal computers.

By BCA, of BCA and for BCA students
by Peeyush Agnihotri
HE craze for IT courses continues. There is a scramble for anything that is IT and a lot of new courses with an emphasis on computers have been introduced during the past few years. However, there are just a handful of Websites dedicated to such courses.

Beware of cyber terrorists
by Surya Narayan Panda
RANSFORMATION in technology has resulted in corresponding change in white-collared crimes in the world during the past two decades. The growing ubiquity of computers and their associated network has revolutionised terrorism too.

Phoney Website dares WTO
NTI-globalisation activists have enraged the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with a phoney Website that looks just like the real thing but uses spoof Officialese and mentions profit at every opportunity.

Networked services market may grow
HE networked market that comprises 'network consulting and integration' as well as 'network and desktop outsourcing' services is expected to see a growth of 25.8 per cent in the current financial year as compared to the last one. Considering the general slowdown, this growth can be termed healthy.

Job that needs good sense of humour
by Sumesh Raizada
HILE moving around in an alien country where even spoken language is different, the only assistance available are the signboards at various junctions, airport, railway station, street squares and markets. These sign, arrows and pictures, denoting say, cafeteria, emergency help, hospital, school, left and right turns are some of the illustrations that are universal throughout the world.

E-lance your way to E-arning
by Rahul Chaba
F all the technological developments that have taken place in the last century, the Internet is the one that has had the most profound impact globally. The geographical boundaries and distances, which used to act as barriers in the way of free exchange of data and information, have been rendered irrelevant.

Net shopping ruining marriages
by Tracy McVeigh and Amelia Hill
HE addictive pull of the Internet shopping is dragging thousands of victims into a spiral of debt, including thousands of women who have run up huge credit card bills they cannot repay.

Samsung to double chip production
AMSUNG Electronics last week shrugged off concerns about the global drop in memory chip prices, saying it will complete a chip upgrade by 2003 that allows it to more than double output.

On Hardware
Small is powerful if it has VLSI chip
by Shobha Jindal
ARADOXICALLY in this big world, small is trendy. The keyword is miniaturisation. The world of mobile phones, pen cameras, watches, laptop and palm-top computers is getting hi-powered in delivering the output and is getting smaller in size. Such miniaturisation revolves around an electronic silicon chip called the VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) Chip.

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