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Monday, November 5, 2001
Lens on IT

Workers at a South Korean computer maker Sambo show notebooks during a promotional campaign of the company's new notebook computer "Dreambook X" at downtown Seoul. The workers also held protest against any kind of terrorism in conjunction with their promotional campaign in protective masks to draw more attention from passers-by on the protest. 


Qualcomm, Inc. introduced a high speed communications system capable of broadcasting cockpit conversations and video of jetliner pilots and passengers to ground controllers and emergency personnel. The system's antenna is pictured in this undated publicity photograph. The MDSS Globalstar Communications System offers unique capabilities for enabling aviation safety services by providing high-speed (up to 128 kbps), high-quality digital voice and data communications.


DigiQ campaign girl Rei Morikawa shows off Japan's latest smash hit toy for adults MICRO IR DigiQ, a five-centimetre long mini-car manoeuvred by infra-red ray controller, jointly developed by entertainment company Konami Corporation and toymaker Takara Co Ltd, at a promotion event at a Tokyo night club. DigiQ is equipped with a CPU which transmits driving instructions from the controller to the motors, and Takara also hopes to launch the toy in North America and other areas overseas in the near future.


Film character James P. Sullivan (L) poses with actor John Goodman, the character's voice talent as he holds five year old Mary Gibbs, voice talent for character Boo, in the new computer animated film "Monsters,Inc." as they pose at the film's premiere in Hollywood. The film set in the world of things that go bump in the night is from Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Company. Gibbs holds a doll of her character. 


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