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Monday, November 12, 2001

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Roopinder Singh
gives an overview of the latest in the battle between the largest software company in the world and the biggest legal eagles that American justice system can muster and wonders if...


Las Vegas is just a click away for Namblers
by Peeyush Agnihotri
HERE has been a change in trend this Divali. Gambling, an illegal activity in India, is going off the course. Agreed this festive season, a majority of persons are gambling offline in close coordinated groups, yet in what could be called a trend indicator, a number of them are preferring cyber cafes to try their hands at Nambling, a sobriquet for Net gambling.

Joints in cable can hinder connectivity
by Vipul Verma
UMAN beings biggest friend is a computer, in modern times. Today the world has become a vast network of computers spread across the globe. Thus any computer, which is being used for surfing the Internet is in a way a part of the networking.

Design on computer, be seen on TV
by Sumesh Raizada
ITU BERI, Rohit Bal, J.J.Walia, hanu Athaiya! These are some of the names that can easily be identified with the glamorous world of fashion designing even by school children. Presently, all over the world, fashion industry is among the most sought after and growing industries and has therefore become synonymous with the culture and development of a particular country.

2,000 crore plan for better IT workforce
by V .P. Prabhakar
national programme for HRD in IT is being launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, for which an investment of Rs 2000 crore till the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan is envisaged. India today faces the challenge of bridging the gap between demand and supply of IT workers to make the most of the opportunity that the recent advances in information technology have provided to the country. 

IT didn’t come to their rescue
by Narayanan Madhavan
EWSPAPERS in the southern city of Bangalore, India’s answer to Silicon Valley, often carry prominent advertisements to entice talented software engineers, despite a global technology slowdown.

Indian techies get lessons in post-attack etiquette
by Anshuman Daga
OR thousands of US-based ethnic Indians, it is not just business that has been affected by the September 11 attacks on the USA. Employers have turned cautious after some Asian ethnic groups including Indians fell prey to suspicion and barbs after the attacks.

E-mail deluge hits real work
by John Naughton
HE days when US bond traders and media power-dressers were pleased to find white powder in envelopes are apparently over. As the backlog of snail-mail mounts in the US, and people all over the world begin to look suspiciously at every packet that arrives in the post, the attractions of e-mail has become more tempting by the day.

On Hardware
Athlon XP processor offers better audio and video editing

HE AMD last week announced the launch of the new AMD Athlon™ XP processor, the world’s highest-performance processor for desktop PCs, in India. The AMD also announced the plans to drive an initiative to develop a reliable processor performance metric that PC users can trust.

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Ad spending slashed

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