Friday, November 16, 2001, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S



Formal notification for Naya Gaon issued
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
The Punjab Government today formally issued a notification for constituting a Notified Area Committee in Naya Goan area. The Karoran, Nadha and Kansal villages have been included within the limits of the NAC.

The exact area within the limits of the NAC has not been mentioned in the notification, however, sources in the local government said land of three villages, Nadha, Kansal, Karoran (choti karoran and baddi karoran) had been included. The NAC would have an area of around 2000 acre.

The Secretary to the Local Government has invited objections from residents of the area within a period of 21 days from the date of publication of the notification. The notification has been issued after a committee, headed by the Deputy Commissioner, Ropar, forwarded its report to the State Government.

Though the schedule of the limits of the NAC has been announced, it could not be ascertained whether the recommendations of the committee regarding the land protected under the under various sections of the Forest Act and the Land Preservation Act had been kept in mind. The Local Government Department has been asked to get clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Vast tracks of agricultural land covered under the Forest Act have been recommended for inclusion in the NAC. Sources in the government said the committee had found that the basic annual income from the area was around Rs 10 lakh and could be jacked up to around Rs 15 lakh by way of imposing certain taxes/fees on development and for providing basic amenities. Income from fee imposed on commercial establishments could also jack up the resources of the NAC.

The schedule of boundaries

North: Starting from North west of Murabba No. 92 of Nada village, Hadbast no. 350 ,moving towards the East up to middle of Murabba no 97. Further running south ward middle of Murabba no. 97 and 104 and then running further East side up to North Eastern corner of Murabba no 115. Further moving South side up to Southwest corner of Murabba no 146 of Karoran village( hadbast no 352). Then moving East, it runs along Southern side of Murabba no 146 ,147, 148, 149 of Karoran village up to Murabba no. 75 of Kansal village hanbast no. 354.

East: Moving towards the South along the Eastern side of Murabba nos 78, 90, 93, and 104 of Kansal village. Then moving towards East up to North East corner of Murabba no 113 which then runs along East side of murabba nos 113, 122, 137, 136, 145, 146, 156 and 159.

South: Moving westside along the UT boundary up to the west of Murabba no 77 and then moving southern side along the revenue boundary of Karoran village and Khuda Ali Sher village ( falling in UT ) up to Khasra no 232/1/2.

West: Moving towards West and North along revenue boundary of Karoran village and UT up to Khasra no 129/1 of Nada village ( Southwest corner) and then running towards north up to Murabba no 93 of Nada village.


After Divali, it’s NAC news that lights up faces
Our Correspondent

Naya Gaon (Kharar), November 15
Divali has brought in good news. The issuance of notification for Notified Area Committee (NAC) status to Naya Gaon and surrounding areas, was welcomed by residents. The vilagers beat drums, burst crackers and distributed sweets. “The notification will solve most of the problems of the residents and we thank the Punjab Government for it”, they opined.

“For the past many years we have been struggling for NAC status and I am sure the government will complete the formalities soon and we will also have the luxury of civic amenities”, said Mr Manjeet Singh Kamboj, President of the Joint Action Committee, Naya Gaon.

“For the first time in the past three years since we moved here, I told my children that soon there our bulbs will glow and we shall watch our favourate programmes on TV”, said a visibly happy Ms Alka Dubey, a resident of Tribune Colony, Kansal.

Ms Madhu Sharma, who is living in the colony for the past three years said “The solar plant which we have installed was not meeting our requirements and we were facing lots of problems”. The NAC notification will regularise all the unauthorised structures raised in the area and hence those living in such houses will get power and water connections.

Mr Jatinder Kumar, a shopkeeper at Naya Gaon, welcomed the notification and hoped, “Now the market will also attract more customers”. He also hoped that the power supply in the area would become “more regular”.

The announcement of regularisation of all the unauthorised structures in the periphery of Chandigarh by the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, had increased land prices in teh periphery. But later, the Punjab and Haryana High Court, put a stay on the decision. Today’s notification also cheered up the property dealers. Mr Onkar Nath, a local property dealer, said that the prices would start rising in the area and people would come forward to purchase land.

The Ghar Bachao Committee, Naya Gaon, thanked the Punjab Government for according the NAC status to the area. The Committee also expressed its gratitude to Mr Ujagar Singh Badali, Jathedar of the Shiromani Akali Dal, who took special interest in declaration of NAC. This was stated by Mr Balbir Singh, press secretary of the Committee.


LAO seeks Rs 25 cr aid from Admn
Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

In reverse of the cash crunch the office of the LAO has another problem. This is how to locate people whose cheques sent by post have been returned to the office due to wrong addresses. Any person whose land is acquired is eligible for a dwelling unit in Chandigarh under new rules for oustees framed in 1996.

Several people had applied under the scheme and had also deposited initial sum of money as desired under the rules. However, the cheques of those found ineligible under the scheme were sent through post but these have been returned undelivered as the applicants no longer live there.

Several of the applicants had given their village addresses. The villages have been uprooted or the residents have gone elsewhere in search of livelihood and there is no way of finding their changed address.

Chandigarh, November 15
The local Land Acquisition Officer (LAO) is facing a cash crunch and has sought the help of the Chandigarh Administration by seeking a sum of Rs 25 crore to pay people whose lands have been acquired in the past few years for development purposes in the Union Territory.

According to sources the cash crunch is so acute that the award to pay compensation for the acquisition of 226 acres in Kajheri and Badheri villages has been heldback. The demand for money has also come up as the distribution of money is being presently carried out to the land owners in Sarangpur village. The said land has been acquired in the past couple of years.

Interestingly, the affect of the crunch is being felt more due to the fact that courts have enhanced the compensation amount in several cases.

Once a court enhances compensation amount the Administration has to pay the enhanced amount from its own pocket. Now this requires additional resources which are not provisioned for in the budget. Now more money is required and that is being sought, said sources while adding that it is required on an urgent basis as the courts usually set time bound payment schedules for money to be paid to the land owners.

Sources said the award for acquisition of 226 acres in Badheri and Kajheri villages was being held back as it required a sum between Rs 45 and Rs 50 crore to pay the land owners. This much money cannot be made available immediately. Till then the land owners in these villages continue to use the land and payments have to be made as per the Land Acquisition Act , 1894. The land owners will be entitled for interest also.

It is on these very lands that the Chandigarh Housing Board has planned a mega housing project. Even this will be held up till the lands are in the possession of the Administration, due to the time gap such lands are also open to encroachments.Back



70 hurt in Divali ‘misfires’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
As many as 70 people have reportedly been injured in Divali-related celebrations. While the number of those injured this year is far less than the number of such injuries last year, there are at least six children below the age of 15 years, who have been brought to the PGI, who might lose one or both their eyes.

Interestingly, many of those who were injured included those who were not bursting crackers themselves, but were simply looking on at others bursting crackers.

A total of 25 to 30 people reported to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, between last night and today morning, out of which 18 came to the hospital with minor burns and 11 with eye injuries. Only one of those injured was serious enough to be admitted and or to be operated upon later.

At General Hospital, Sector 16, 24 people, including children, were brought to the hospital with minor burns, who were treated as outdoor patients. Out of the eight people who reached the General Hospital with eye injuries, one whose eye was seriously damaged was referred to the PGI.

At PGI, out of the total of 14 cases of eye injuries, six were reportedly in a serious condition as they could lose their sight and were admitted to the hospital. One was operated upon today while another will be operated upon after a few days. A person reported to the PGI with a burnt hand and in the emergency surgery ward.

Many of these patients reported that they were not themselves bursting crackers, but were simply watching others do it. The doctors too say that most of the cases of minor burns and injuries are caused by sparks from crackers.

The city hospitals had specially geared up for such cases during Divali and doctors had been put on special round-the-clock duties. The GMCH had also, just the day before Divali, procured a special machine to be able to cater to the minor eye-injury patients which come to the hospital.

If the statement of the heads of the city’s hospitals and environmentalists is anything to go by, this year’s Divali is being rated as one of the quietest and safest Divali in recent years. The MS, GMCH-32, stated that the number of injured they received in the hospital this year was at least 50 per cent less than those last year. Dr Dewan of General Hospital, Sector 16, informed that not once was any ambulance called last night, unlike the experience last year following which two extra ambulances were placed on special Divali duty. At PGI, however, the head of the Opthalmology department, Dr Dogra, feels that the number of those who arrived with eye injuries remains the same. But all are one in giving credit to the city’s environment society which campaigned for months in more than 20 schools of the city against bursting crackers. Says Mr S.K. Sharma of the Environment Society, “There is no doubt that Divali has been safe and less polluting, but we could have done better. We were able to cover 20 schools in the city but very few in the periphery. Next time the society will do better. By tomorrow we will have the exact level of pollution in the city and then a comparison can be done with last year’s figures.”


3 fire incidents in Mohali
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, November 15
Incidents of fire break out were reported from three places in the town and its surrounding areas yesterday. Electronic goods, quilts and other household items were gutted in a fire which broke out in house No. 76, Phase 11, yesterday.

Wooden logs worth thousands of rupees were gutted in a fire which broke out in a shop in Daumajra village, near here. Fire engines from the local fire office took over 30 minutes to extinguish the fire.

In another incident fire broke out in a wild growth of grass behind the Government College in Phase 6.

In Madanpura village, fire broke out in cabin of a parked truck (HR 01G 1625).

Meanwhile, a resident of Phase 6, Jagjit Kaur, got her eye injured, while bursting a cracker.


‘‘No barfi please, but a pastry will do”
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
Tracing the outline of a crystal cut-glass with her equally fragile fingers, a pretty damsel, on Divali wishing spree along with her agile mother, mutters under here breath, “No sweets for me, please. I will have some dry fruit instead”.

As the carved wooden bowl full of dry fruits is placed before the plus-two student, she gently picks up an almond while looking at the coconut burfi neatly placed on a plate with ‘a genuine sense of disgust.’

In days that are no more and will, perhaps, never come back, a young flapper would have gladly savoured the burfi, ladoos and even chum-chum, for sweets were considered synonymous with the festival. As for those loathsome calories, she would have gladly burnt them by jogging on the not-so-fast track of life for a few additional minutes.

All that was years ago. In the last millennium, to be more precise. They Alley Mc-Beals and Jennifer Lopezs of today “just do not like sweets.” It is true that they can still burn those extra-calories, gulped along with the scrumptious sweets, by riding bonus kilometres on the stationary cycles placed in the city gymnasiums, but they “simply hate the idea of munching sugary and oily stuff”.

If you do not believe it, talk to under-grad-Zahira. The reed-thin ramp model will convince you in a moment. “Had it been just because of the calories, we would not have been accepting chocolates from our guys. Also, we would not have been gulping so much of cold drinks. They are rich in calories too,” she argues. “It is just that sweets give me a sick feeling deep inside”.

Agreeing with Zahira, her best chum, Jhankar, of Sector 37 asserts, “Black forest pastries and black currant ice-creams —I can have as many as you can offer, without giving a damn to the calories. For I know, I will be able to compensate for excess eating by surviving on a liquid diet for weeks together. Sweets, nevertheless, are ‘bitter’. I just to not like their taste.”

Their refusal to appreciate milk cake and kheer kadam has, however, not affected the sale of sweets in the Divali of 2001. “Fortunately, business was as brisk as ever,” reveals a Sector-18 sweetshop owner.

The new trend is nevertheless worrying the “protectors of our religion and tradition”. A day after Divali, they are busy scratching their heads over the matter. “This is a clear-cut deviation from our tradition”, says Sandeep Gupta, member of a youth organisation. “We are not against exchange of chocolates on Divali, but we do appeal to the young parents to inculcate the importance of sweets on the occasion of Divali in the minds of the young ones so that our tradition is protected”.


PGI committee members: the ‘tainted’ and the ‘powerful’?
Chitleen K. Sethi

Chandigarh, November 15
Controversies, inquiries and even indictment has not prevented many of the top PGI faculty to be nominated as members of the various decision-making committees of the PGI, including the governing body.

Prof Pramila Chari has been made a member of the PGI governing body, in spite of common knowledge that she is the subject of an inquiry involving serious allegations of negligence leading to the death of a patient. The Chopra Committee, which was conducting this inquiry, has found Mrs Chari, along with some other doctors, guilty of negligence. Sources state that at least the President of the PGI Governing body, who is also the Union Minister for Health and the PGI Director had full knowledge of the contents of this report before the committees’ reconstitution took place on July 25, 2001.

Sources also state that the city MP, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, had in the reconstitution meeting raised the issue of Mrs Chari’s pending inquiry, but a decision to include Mrs Chari in the body was given a go-ahead. Interestingly, Mrs Chari’s husband, Prof P.S. Chari, who is the head of the Plastic Surgery Department, has also been nominated as a member of the governing body.

Prof R.J. Dash, Head of the Department of Endocrinology, has been nominated to the PGI’s standing Academic committee and Purchase committee. Prof Dash has been, till some time back, been involved in controversies including charges of sexual molestation. Sources state that involvement in the particular case had been responsible for Prof Dash losing out on the Directorship of the institute two years ago, even though he is one of the prolific researchers at the PGI.

Sources also state that Dr Dash had also as a member of a particular committee, stated that the opinion of the PGI president should be considered for the decision even if other members of the committee found that decision inappropriate.

This is not all. While the city’s own Member of Parliament does not figure in the PGI’s governing body this time, another politician Mr Suresh Chandel, has been nominated as a member of the PGI selection committee for the PGI doctors, much to the distress of the PGI faculty. This committee has for some terms now only had eminent academicians as its members.

The name of Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the city MP does not figure in the reconstituted governing body of the PGI while he continues to be a member of the Institute body along with two other MPs, Mr Suresh Chandel and Mr Manmohan Singh. Mr Suresh Chandel incidentally replaces Mr Manmohan Singh in the governing body.

Dr D. Behera, PGI’s liaison officer and Deputy Medical Superintendent, will be a special invitee in the governing body representing the SCs and STs in the governing body. He will also be a special invitee in the PGI faculty selection committee.


Playing price tricks on cinegoers
Nishikant Dwivedi

Chandigarh, November 15
Thanks to a packaging and pricing trick deployed by potato chips manufacturing companies, cinegoers in the city are being forced to pay an additional sum of Rs 5 to buy a packet of potato chips which contains only one gram of extra chips than the usual pack.

Sounds strange!. But the fact is that a packet of potato chips that one buys in cinema houses in the city costs Rs 15. It contains 41 grams of chips. The same packet with one gram less chips can be bought anywhere in the city for Rs 10. The only other difference is that the packet is being sold in the cinema houses “for institutional sales only” printed on the such. Sources said a such packets could will never be available in the open market, because due to competition, all packets of chips with 40 gram weight are priced at Rs 10 in the market.

Area head of a leading potato chips manufacturing company, said a cinema house canteen owner earns more on a packet than the shopkeepers outside.

Movie buffs must have noticed another change in some of the city cinema houses in the past few months as these halls have shifted to fountain cold drinks instead of the normal glass bottles.

The Deputy Commissioner of the U.T. Mr M. Ramshekhar said the cinema houses could not charge more than the MRP printed on the commodities.

Interestingly, the fountain cold-drinks do not have a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed. Similarly, the snacks available at the canteens could be priced at the will of the shop owners.

The cold drinks are usually priced at Rs 15 per bottle or glass (300 ml) in the cinema houses. Mr Ashwani Kumar Malhotra, Manager, Picadally cinema, Sector 34 said the price list of the eatables had been displayed in the hall for the benefit of the consumers.

Mr S. A Khan, Manager of KC Cinema in Sector 17, claimed that they were not charging anything over the MRP. About the prices of snacks, he said, ‘‘These items do not come with any MRP printed on them’’. A vegetable burger and patty is priced at Rs 20 and Rs 10, respectively, in most of the cinema houses. While the same could be purchased in the city markets at a much lower price.

Interestingly, in the absence of any MRP on the fountain cold drinks, the cinema halls have started replacing the old bottles with paper glasses. By this change, they can sell the drinks at the higher price and escape the law at the same time, said sources. On the other hand a cinema canteen owner said the consumers were more comfortable with paper glasses than the normal glass bottles.

However, there are cinema houses which are selling drinks in the bottles marked with MRP of Rs 10. When asked about the cinema houses selling cold drinks in bottles, the Deputy Commissioner said he would look into the matter.

Mr Ashok Yadav, a student, asked, when we pay admission tax to cinema halls, then why do they charge extra for eatables. ‘‘If they were providing waiters, then the extra charge could have been justified’’, said Mr Prem Bhatia, who had come alongwith his family to watch Asoka, in Picadally cinema in Sector 34.

Mr Ramshekhar, also agreed, that the cinema house owners should not charge for ambience as the consumer ‘‘pays admission fee’’. A cinegoer, buying a balcony ticket pays Rs 15 as admission fee, Rs 8.33 as entertainment tax and Rs 1.67 to the Municipal Corporation and his counterpart in upper-stall pays Rs 9, Rs 5 and Rs 1, respectively.


Rule violation: 10 lawyers in trouble
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, November 15
The Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana will take strict action against 10 lawyers of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, who are alleged to have violated a rule of the Bar Council of India which prohibits advocates from visiting the district for procuring work.

Sources said the council had received a confidential report from its committees in Punjab and Haryana that 10 advocates practising at the high court had gone to different places of Punjab and Haryana for procuring work. The advocates had allegedly visited Muktsar, Hoshiarpur, Karnal, Sangrur and Sonepat.

The secretary of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, Mr C.L. Munjal, said they would take action against those responsible to maintain the standards of the profession. He said the council could take action against the advocates in three different steps. The council could warn the advocates, fine them between Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 and cancel their licences.


Parties fail to inform EC on candidates
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
Political parties today failed to inform the Election Commission of UT, Delhi and Chandigarh, as to from which ward they would put up their candidates in the December 8 Municipal Corporation elections.

The EC had asked political parties to inform it by 5 p.m. today as to how many candidates each party would put up and from which wards.

“No political party has informed the EC about how many seats it will contest,” an EC spokesman told the Chandigarh Tribune.


Burning of garbage fuels resentment
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, November 15
Burning of garbage, dumped on the UT — SAS Nagar boundary, has become a source of nuisance for residents of Phases X and XI here. For the past few days, the nauseating smell emitted by burning of the garbage has resulted in breathing problems for occupants of the Housing Board flats in Phase X.

Mr N.S. Chabra, a resident of Phase X, said, “Unpleasant fumes generated from the burning of garbage enter our houses. It is impossible to do even basic routine chores”. Similar grievances have been aired by residents in the area.

A visit of the area revealed that the persons engaged for daily collection of garbage from households ferry the refuse to the road dividing Phases X and X1 and along the road behind the Phase X Housing Board flats. “While rummaging through the garbage, rag pickers burn the leftovers. This results in unpleasant odours”, said Mr Manjeet Singh, a resident of Phase XI.

A municipal councillor remarked that dumping garbage had been headache for the civic body. Instead of dumping garbage in the collection pins, it was being dumped in open spaces convenient to people..


Residents’ federation backs CVM
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
Election campaign of the Chandigarh Vikas Manch (CVM) today got a boost when Chairman of the Housing Board Residents Welfare Associations’ Federation, Mr Jitender Bhatia, joined the CVM ahead of the December 8 Municipal Corporation poll claiming he still remained apolitical.

This was announced by the CVM convenor and former Union Minister, Mr Harmohan Dhawan, at a press conference here. He said Mr Bhatia, is associated with a number of non-political organisations, today joined the CVM along with hundreds of friends leaving his semi-government job. Mr Dhawan announced to make him a candidate of the CVM in the Municipal Corporation election.

Mr Dhawan said the CVM, which had been denied a symbol by the Election Commission, would contest the election without party line and urged other political parties also not to contest the local body elections on party symbols as politics at that level divided people and thus hampers development.

Mr Dhawan said the CVM would contest the poll on the twin issues of non-political local bodies and advocacy of the right to recall MC members after one year. The CVM chief said the CVM candidates would sign a declaration to remain a political and resign after one year if people so desired.

He said the CVM, though registered as a political party with the EC, had always been advocating MC elections on non-party lines.

Mr Dhawan said candidates of the Manch would mostly be from social service field and would be announced in a couple of days. He, however, refused nomination to deserters of other political parties who changed political parties to get tickets.

He said even independent candidates would be adopted.

Mr Dhawan, whom the Congress accused of degrading the election campaign, said he would not indulge in mud slugging. He also dismissed the fears of elected CVM members switching sides.

Deriding the political parties for looking towards command for every small matter of the city, depriving locals of any involvement, he said candidates of the manch would be selected by the people through feedback from them.


Brar back despite opposition
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, November 15
Despite a decision of the general house of the local civic body, opposing the transfer of Mr H.S. Brar back as the executive officer of the civic body, the Punjab Government is learnt to have posted him back. The transfer orders were reportedly passed today.

The incumbent, Mr Harbhagwan Garg, was posted as executive officer of the Giderbaha civic body in place of Mr Brar. Mr Brar had remained in the local civic body for four years and had been transferred to the Giderbaha civic body in April.

With the posting of Mr Brar here, members of the ruling group of the local civic body are heading for a showdown with the government. The councillors are seriously thinking of taking legal recourse.

Apprehending trouble, the general house had at its meeting held in September, passed an agenda item, opposing the posting of Mr Brar in place of Mr Garg. The councillors had said posting Mr Brar, who allegedly indulged in groupism, would deteriorate the atmosphere in the municipal council.

Getting a whiff of the former executive officer reportedly getting orders from the Chief Minister for his transfer back to the local civic body, bypassing the Minister for Local Government, the members of the ruling group had met the Chief Minister. Sources in the government said the Chief Minister was not willing to help the councillors due to certain political compulsions.

Sources in the Local Government Department said the State Election Commissioner had directed the government not to transfer employees of local government till January 7 as they were busy preparing electoral rolls for the coming Assembly elections.

The civic body had moved a case in the court of the Subdivisional Magistrate under the Punjab Public Premises Act against Mr Brar for not vacating the official accommodation in the municipal complex here for over five months. The Local Government Department, on the recommendation of the local civic body, had ordered recovery of penalty on account of house rent from the official. Though the civic body had levied a penalty of Rs 1.44 lakh at a rate of Rs 26,500 per month on Mr Brar for overstaying in official accommodation, the penalty had later been reduced to around Rs 52,000 after waiving off rent for two months.


Capt Kanwaljit inaugurates Vishvakarma temple
Our Correspondent

Zirakpur, November 15
On the occasion of Vishvakarma Day celebrations, Capt. Kanwaljit Singh, the Finance and Planing Minister of Punjab, today inaugurated a temple of god Vishvakarma in Chhat village about 7 km from here.

The minister appealed to the residents to work hard besides following the teachings of the god to achieve success in life.

He said that the Punjab government had always opted for a liberal policy for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. To benefit them, the government had also launched a scheme to pay for 50 units of the total electricity being consumed by dalits in the state.

He also granted a sum of Rs 25,000 for the construction of a Vishvakarma temple in the village. Earlier, he also, nominated office bearers of the Village Sports Club.

Besides a number of prominent residents, Mr P.S. Johal, SDM of Dera Bassi, Mr Gurcharan Singh, sarpanch, Mr Keshav Ram, Chairman and Mr Harnam Singh, president of Vishwakarma Temple Committee, were also present on the occasion.


Hundreds of devotees worshipped Lord Vishvakarma, the God of Art and Industry, and their tools, in all the major markets including Sectors 21 and 28 auto markets and Industrial area Phase I and II with religious fervour and gaiety in the city today.

Vishwakarma Divas was celebrated in Panchayat Market, Kajheri, Sector 52. Mr Arvind, Mr Ashwani and Mr Naresh Pattwa,organised a cultural programme of quawwalis and ghazals, in which hundreds enjoyed the ecstasy of of music, in spite of a not-so-comfortable sitting in the open.

Ahmed and Hans Raj rendered a few couplets of Urdu poets and Sufi quawwalis, which were appreciated by the audience. The organisers appealed to the gathering to spare some moments for such harmonious function, in which people from different walks of life gathered to strengthen the nation.

The programme was a great success. Everyone prayed to God for more such events in the years to come.

The president of All India Ramgarhia Central federation, Mr Gurcharan Singh, in a message to the Ramgarhia community, appreciated the role of the community in the economic and industrial revolution, particularly in the agro-based industry which had enabled the country to be self-sufficient on the food front in addition to bringing in huge foreign exchange.

By dint of sheer hard work, the community had established its reputation throughout the world and members of the community were known everywhere as master craftsmen, said Mr Giani. “The Taj of Agra, Golden Temple in Amritsar and the forts and castles situated throughout the length and breadth of India are living examples that depict the excellence of Ramgarhias also known as Vishvakarmities in art and architecture,” he added.

Celebrating the Day with great pomp and show, the Labour Construction Workers Union organised a religious function in Sector 44, which was attended by the city Mayor, Ms Harjinder Kaur.

In a similar function organised by the Auto-Mechanic Cell of BJP in Burail village, hundreds of workers gathered to worship the Engineer of the Universe. Prominent personalities including the Convener of BJP, Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, Mr Satya Pal Jain and Convener of Auto Mechanic Cell, Mr Rakesh Kumar attended the function.

Baba Vishvakarma Sabhyacharak Committee organised a cultural evening at Dadu Majra on this occasion in which famous Punjabi singers including Karan Jasbir, Surinder Chhinda, Sukhi Brar, Surjit Khan, Neelam and Amar Birdhi enthralled the audience. One of the major attractions of the evening was well-known comedian Jagtar Jaggi’s stage compering. The cultural programme also included a few bhangra items presented by the local children.

The industrial units of Industrial Area Phase I got together to celebrate Vishvakarma Day with fervour. A cultural function was also organised to mark the occasion.

Meanwhile, the Vishvakarma Sabha, Chandigarh, today strongly condemned the Education Department for cancelling the Vishvakarma Day holiday in the UT here, forcing it’s employees to work on this auspicious occasion. “Earlier Vishvakarma Day in UT was a restricted holiday. Even now in places like Punjab, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir, the day has been declared as a holiday,” said Mr M.R. Dhiman, president of the Sabha, in a press note here today.


25,000 Antyodaya cards for city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
The Bharatiya Janata Party here today attacked the Congress for “ignoring” the labour class and denying them basic amenities saying the BJP had formulated the Antyodaya Yojna for providing them cheap ration.

The former Lok Sabha member and senior BJP leader, Mr Satya Pal Jain, while accusing the Congress of ignoring the labour class, said that 25,000 Antyodaya cards were to be issued for the city.

This was communicated in a Vishwakarma Day meeting of the Auto Mechanics Cell of the BJP at Burail village, attended by Mr Jain, party ad-hoc committee Convener, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, and ad-hoc committee member, Mr Purushottam Mahajan, among others. In another programme at Labour Chowk sector-44, the Mayor, Ms Harjinder Kaur, also participated in the BJP programme.

Mr. Jain said that the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance brought by the BJP for making the nation strong, is being opposed for the sake of narrow considerations.

Mr Ram Lal, President of the Labour Construction Union, thanked Mr Jain for providing Rs five lakh from his MP fund for putting up a shed for labourers at the Labour Chowk.

Panthic Morcha to contest MC poll
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
The Panthic Morcha here today decided to contest the December 8 Municipal Corporation elections and invited applications till November 17. In a meeting held here today under the chairmanship of Mr Johinder Singh, the Morcha decided to contest the election and formed a five- member committee to look for seat adjustment. 

The committee whose convener is Mr Joginder Singh, comprises Mr Gurcharan Singh Sidhu from the Shiromani Akali Dal (Panthic), SGPC member, Mr Amrinder Singh and Mr Amarjit Singh, among others.Back


BJP receives applications for candidature
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
The local unit of the BJP has received around 100 to 150 applications for the party candidature for the December 8 Municipal Corporation elections.

The applications and recommendations for candidates have come in the wake of the party’s call recently to inform candidature intention to contest election or recommend their names.

While over 100 applications have come for staking claim for candidature, about 50 have come as recommedations before the ad-hoc committee, its Convener, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, told the Chandigarh Tribune today.

The applications would now be listed to be presented before the Committee which will sit on November 17 to finalise recommedations for the Central party for finalisation of tickets, he said. Without giving a break-up of as to how many applications had come from a particular ward or who the applicants were, he said there were certain wards from where 18 to 20 applications each had been received.

The party yesterday again failed to hold its meeting for preparations of elections of 15 panchayats with rural cell office-bearers not turning up for the meeting saying they were busy in Divali celebrations.

In an earlier meeting held for the purpose, only the Zila Parishad Chairman, Mr Darshan Singh turned up, leading to postponement of the meeting Divali day. The BJP said it did not invite formal applications with a fee as the Congress had done rather those aspiring for candidature were given an opportunity to send their intention.


Rechristening of Labour Chowk demanded
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, November 15
The Labour Nirman Sangh has demanded that the temporary labour chowk of Sector 16 be given permanent status of labour chowk and rechristened as Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Labour Chowk.

This was decided at the General House meeting of the Sangh held on the eve of Vishwakarma day. Members unanimously resolved to request the Deputy Commissioner to shift the wine shop and lottery stalls to a new location in order to ensure that labourers did not fall to these vices.

Today, the Vishwakarma puja was performed by the president of the Union, Mr. Jagdish Kashyap and other members of the Union. Langar was served to the labourers and later a cultural programme was also organised. Artistes had been roped in to jive to the tunes of famous Bollywood numbers and for beautiful redention of folk songs.

The Union members demanded that a Rain Basera and toilets be constructed for labourers at the chowk. 


City unit of CPI-M elects secretary
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
Mohammed Shahnaz Gorsi has been elected secretary of the Chandigarh Territorial Committee of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M).

Mr Gorsi was elected yesterday at the Chandigarh Territorial Conference of the party held at Cheema Bhavan. The delegates’ house approved a 13-member territorial committee of the CPI-M and elected 12 members to the executive committee of the Union Territory which included two women. Mr Madan Singh was elected to represent the UT body in the Punjab state unit.


Six held for gambling in public place
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 15
Three persons have been arrested from the Sector 26 Grain Market for allegedly gambling at a public place. The accused have been identified as Ram Ashish, resident of Baltana, Sakeel Ahmed and Bantu, both residents of Madrasi Colony, Sector 26.

The police has recovered Rs 540 in cash and a pack of playing cards from their possession. A case has been registered.

In another incident three persons, Joginder Singh, a resident of Madrasi Colony, Khapus and Ravi, both residents of Bapu Dham, have been arrested from Bapu Dham Colony for gambling. The police recovered Rs 780 from their possession. They were later released on bail.

Balwinder Singh, a resident of Sector 40, has lodged a complaint that occupants of a car snatched his handbag containing about Rs 800 on Tuesday. Police have registered a case.

Mr Narinder Kumar, a resident of Sector 44, was injured after his jeep rammed into an electricity pole near the Sector 33 petrol pump. He was admitted to the Government Hospital, Sector 32. Harish Kumar, a resident of Milk Colony, Dhanas, was injured after his motor cycle skidded near the Sector 24 rehri market. He was admitted to the Sector 16 General Hospital.

Sudarshan Kumar, a resident of Sector 22, has reported that his house was broken into while he was out of station and three gold chains, a gold ring and some other articles were stolen. The police has registered a case.

Cars stolen
Hemant Arora, a resident of Sector 23, has reported that his car (DL-2-CB-2752) was stolen on Tuesday from the Parking lot outside Hotel South End in Sector 35. In another complaint lodged by Mr G.K. Luthra, a resident of Sector 21, it was reported that his car (CH-01-X-2559) was stolen on Tuesday morning from Sector 17. The police has registered cases in this regard.


Explosives seized
The police has booked two residents of Bir Ghaggar village and recovered 12.5 kg of explosive material from their possession.

According to information available, Ram Swaroop was found to be in possession of 7.5 kg of explosive material while Kachera Ram was arrested with 5 kg of this material. It is learnt that both the accused were making high intensity crackers without licence with these explosives. A case has been registered at Chandi Mandir police station.

Two booked
Manoj Kumar of Rajiv Colony and Ramesh of Indira Colony were arrested by the police while they were trying to flee after attempting a burglary in a showroom in Sector 16.

Liquor seized
Raj Kumar was arrested and 26 pouches of liquor were recovered from him near Aggarwal Bhawan, Sector 16. He has been booked under various sections of the Excise Act.

Four held
The police has arrested four persons from Burj Kodian village for gambling at a public place and recovered Rs 550 from them. Hari Om, Kallu Ram, Swaroop and Dheeraj have been booked under Sections 13, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act.

Woman assaulted
Ms Devyashi Devi has accused Goma, Maggu and Gurdial of Lehi village of assaulting her with a sharp-edged weapon. A case has been registered against the accused in Pinjore police station. In another case, two persons — Raju and Parnam, alias Pamma, have been booked on charges of assaulting and criminally intimidating Jai Nath. A case has been registered at Sector 5 police station.

Vehicle theft
A car (HR-03-1689) was stolen from near Syndicate Bank in Sector 11. A case under section 379 of IPC has been registered. 


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