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Monday, November 19, 2001

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Bye family doc, Hello! Dr Internet

The WWW is redefining clinics and from panacea to placebo, the Web has it all, says Peeyush Agnihotri
OR doctors and quacks, patients and hypochondriacs, the cyberspace has donned the white apron of a consulting physician and is toting a stethoscope. The 3W is redefining clinics and from panacea to placebo, the Web has it all.


What's on the World Wide Web for Women
by Archana R D
O what if women don't have a roof over their heads? They can make their claim on a cyber domain. And if you think this is being flippant, think again. An increasing number of women the world over have websites of their own-from Anna Kournikova to Anne Geddes.

Cookies can slow down your PC
by Vipul Verma
ERFORMANCE is the key word in the world of computers. Today the choice available in terms of price and performance is so large that it often becomes a problem for the computer user. In most of the cases, the computer user settles down with expensive PC on the pretext of buying a powerful machine.

When friends reunite, teachers are not amused
by Tracy McVeigh
T was supposed to offer the perfect way of getting in touch with school friends, childhood sweethearts and a chance to exchange fond memories from class. But a popular school reunion Website is facing allegations that it is providing a platform for malicious missives about former teachers.

Career that requires camera and software
by Sumesh Raizada
ILL a few years ago, historians would have been worried about preserving old priceless photographs, say of Mahatma Gandhi in his childhood, or of Stalin sitting along with his mentor Lenin or Abraham Lincoln taking oath of his office. These rare photographs may not be having other copies and hence tasks of historians, art lovers and photographers could have become extremely difficult to preserve them. 

Asimo works as a receptionist with IBM
ONDA has redefined its human robot ‘Asimo’ to gracefully walk down the stairs, respond to human commands and even work like a receptionist — but without the smile. The two-legged, 1.2 metre (four-foot) white and silver Asimo, whose Japanese name roughly translates into ‘legs, even’ was on display last week, showing off its new skills.

On Hardware
Gaming giants wait for broadband
by Faisal Islam
EET Ulala. She’s a pink-haired micro-skirted and crop-topped newsreader who fends off evil alien kidnappers by outdancing them. Or Parappa. A hip-hop-dancing cartoon mutt that has a fixation with learning the ancient Japanese art of ‘romantic karate’ and then rapping about it.

NOTE: Our regular column Cyber Kids is being withheld this week due to technical reasons. — Editor

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