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Monday, November 19, 2001
Music Beat

Born in India, brought up in Canada — Oh! Keda?

Jaswinder Singh Bains, popularly known as Jazzy B, is now a well-known name in Punjabi pop. He was born in India and brought up in Vancouver, Canada. This superstar has given a new dimension to the Punjabi music world. His debut album "Ghugian da jorra" in 1993 was a major success and he has released around eight albums till date. The success of his latest eight-track album "Oh! kedi" has taken him to new heights. The official site of the singer is www.jazzyb.com that consists a list of his albums, list of the songs in the albums, Jazzy B’s photos and his success story.


As the name suggests, this WAP-enabled site is a fun station for teens. It provides a lot of material on astrology, audio channels, cards, chat, cartoon, gifts, jokes and maps etc. Under the audio channel category, we can see a long list of different kind of music that includes bhangra, Marathi music, ghazals classical music, latest film songs, forthcoming songs etc. One can listen music online but the site does not support file download. Bhangra section has a link to see the available songs of Jazzy B. We can hear the latest songs of Jazzy B’s ‘Oh kedi.’ One song that is missing from this album is ‘Dil’. His old album songs are also available on the site and ‘Surma’ is one of them. After listening to the music and making a choice, one can purchase the CDs and cassettes online.



This site has a big collection of various kinds of songs. A lot of categories are there for better surfing. Ghazals, marriage songs, old songs, patriotic, remix are some general categories. This site also offers songs in different languages, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada and many more. We can find a lot of songs sung by Jazzy B. In this site, which is a big resource of songs, we can hear the music online. This site does not allow downloading the song but one can buy the cassettes and CDs after making a choice. Some of the Jazzy B’s songs in real media form can be downloaded from www.punjabilok.com/music/jazzy_b.htm. MP3 songs can be listened online from: www.indiahits.com/nonmovie/s/surma.htm.

—Amit Puri