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‘Akali leader offered Tarri 2 lakh to kill man’
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 19
The recent arrest of Avtar Singh ‘Tarri’ by the Ludhiana police has exposed a police-politician-criminal nexus and there is a controversy on from where did the police arrest him. The police is also learnt to have arrested another suspected accomplice of Tarri, but no such arrest has been announced so far.

The interrogation of Tarri and his accomplice shows that a Ludhiana-based Akali politician was in constant touch with Tarri to give him a contract for killing another criminal. The Akali leader has figured in the news several times in the past also because of his links with criminals, especially those in flesh trade.

According to the police sources, Tarri said during his interrogation that the Akali leader wanted to liquidate a person who was serving a sentence. The leader was, earlier, close to this criminal, but now, faced a threat from him.

Sources said the investigation had shown that the Akali leader had offered Rs 2 lakh for the killing, but Tarri and his accomplices wanted a bigger sum. Tarri had said he had never taken up a contract for killing anyone earlier. The police remains tight-lipped on the investigation. Sources said the police was deciding whether this information should be brought on record or not.

This case shows how crime flourishes under the patronage of politicians and police officials. It is a well known in the police circles that the accused was an informer of an Inspector General of Police and had helped him catch several terrorists and criminals in the days of militancy in Punjab. However, misusing the immunity that he had got, he became a notorious criminal.

The police sources said he had been saved by some other police officials in the past as well and these men had almost saved him this time as well.

Meanwhile, information on the place from where the accused was arrested is not clear. It has been learnt that some friends of the accused sent telegrams to senior officials of the police and the Punjab and Haryana High Court, alleging that the accused had been kidnapped from Amritsar by a team of the Ludhiana police.

Sources said, earlier, there were chances that the Amritsar police might register a case of kidnapping against the Ludhiana police. They said the intervention of senior officials had scuttled the move.


National Games, local problems
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 19
Traffic chaos prevailed in the city throughout the day and residents of the colonies near Guru Nanak Stadium alleged that they were almost under ‘house arrest’ due to elaborate security arrangements in the city, and especially around the venue for the opening ceremony of the National Games.

While students, office-goers and businessmen endured roadblocks at various places in order to reach their destinations, residents of the colonies near the stadium were the most troubled. Their problem was that if they went out of their houses in the morning, they were, either to stay out till the opening ceremony due to new traffic routes and setting up of special traffic parking's lots, or would have to park their vehicle at a far off place and walk home. The others who remained inside were in for a sort of house arrest, as they could not move outside.

A number of residents called up The Tribune and expressed their anguish at the treatment meted out to them. They said traffic managers did not take into account their problems and had not set up special spots for the hundreds of residents living along the Club Road.

According to residents, the police responding to their anxious inquiries informed that a team of police personnel would note down the numbers of their vehicles and the list would be given to the guards posted at the check posts. The residents were relieved at the police move, but, today the orders were not fully implemented. A number of residents alleged that they went out in the morning after getting assurance from the traffic police, but to their dismay, all roads were blocked in the afternoon and there was no way to reach home.



Residents have no time for Games
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
The National Games, being held in Punjab after a long gap, have failed to cause excitement among local residents. Residents on the other side of the Jagraon Bridge have come to know of the games only because traffic has been made one-way in Ghumar Mandi and other areas.

Most of the people are not aware of its inauguration by the Union Home Minister. They are busy in their mundane lives. Says Mr Sukhmar, a trader “Who has the time to go and see the games? The media has written about the unpreparedness of the games. There will be parking problems. We can see the games in the comfort of our homes. Telecast of the games will be repeated.”

Children are aware of the games as some private schools have made it mandatory for students to attend the games. The students will have to spend the entire day there, whether they like it or not. The people aware of the start of the games are reluctant to go due to the distance, crowds and traffic jams.

A large number of security guards have been posted in the city. Only a few residents have the time and inclination to witness the games. Most housewives are oblivious of such an event. Ms A. Gupta said, “What games are you talking of? We are more occupied with the daily games of hide and seek play our maids play with us.”



...but students had no choice
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
Hundreds of students and teachers from government schools of the city were taken to the Guru Nanak Stadium and made to sit for over six hours to watch the inauguration ceremony of the 31st National Games here today.

While the games were scheduled to be inaugurated at 4:30 pm, the students and teachers were told to reach the stadium by 1:30 pm. Since most of the schools had no conveyance and no means of transportation was provided to them by the District Education Department, hundreds of students from government schools on Cinema Road, Dholewal, Bharat Nagar and Jawahar Nagar walked to the school along with their teachers. On reaching the stadium, the students were reportedly given no refreshment and were told to stick to their seats till the ceremony was over.


LSE applies for derivative trading at NSE 
Manoj Kumar
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 19
The Ludhiana Stock Exchange ( LSE ) today entered a new phase when it applied for derivative trading at the National Stock Exchange ( NSE ). The management has collected about Rs 1 crore from its members for the security to be deposited with the NSE and the software. SEBI had allowed derivative trading since July 2. Master Capitals has started derivative trading here. The management expects to start derivative trading by the end of the year.

Informing about the management’s decision, Mr H.S. Sidhu, general manager, LSE, said, “The board of management had passed a resolution in its last meeting to apply for derivative trading at the NSE . The members have contributed about Rs 1 crore for the necessary expenditure on security and software. After getting the approval of the NSE, we will decide about the security amount against which we will be granted a limit for trading in futures and options. Negotiations are also going on with companies concerned to set up the necessary software infrastructure.”

Sources disclosed that the decision had been delayed due to financial constraints of the LSE, as the members were not initially ready to contribute for the fund. Derivative trading was an important election issue in the recently held elections of three new directors of the LSE. The new management convinced the members to contribute by offering incentives.

The management has reportedly offered incentive of proportionate decrease in turnover fees to the members according to their contribution. It has encouraged brokers to contribute up to Rs 20 lakh in some cases. Mr Manoj Sarna, a broker in the opposition camp, welcomed the management’s decision to apply for derivative trading. He said they would provide support to the management to implement the decision.

Mr Tarvinder Dhingra, former vice-president of the LSE, expressed the hope that derivative trading would help exchange regain some prestige in the changing times, when the regional exchanges were dying. He said, “At present, the average derivative trading at the NSE is around Rs 400 crore daily as compared to Rs 50 crore trading at the BSE. Since the trading volume of the LSE has reduced to Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh per day, the derivative trading will offer a chance to the members for trading.” The daily cash trading through LSE securities was around Rs 20 crore to Rs 25 crore at the NSE and BSE, which should be substantially increased after the derivative trading, he said.



MC contractors’ stir from Nov 21
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 19
The ongoing tussle between the Municipal Corporation and its enlisted contractors resulted in the Contractors Union saying here today that it would stop all work from November 21 and boycott tenders that were to be received on November 20 and 21.

The contractors have been boycotting tenders for about two months now, demanding a fixed period for payments and removal of a quality-control agency, the SGS India, that the MC has hired to monitor the work done by contractors.

The stalemate had been resolved earlier this month after Mr R.L. Kalsia, new MC Commissioner, had assured the contractors that their dues would be cleared before Divali and the issue of the agency would be discussed in the MC General House on November 12. However, the meeting of the House was adjourned in view of the Jawahar Nagar fire tragedy.

At its meeting here today, the MC Contractors Union said the MC had failed to carry out its promise of clearing their dues before Divali. They said decision on the agency issue was also being delayed because of the vested interests of the city Mayor, Mr Apinder Singh Grewal. Representatives of the union said all contracts should be considered cancelled and all ongoing works would be stopped from November 21.

Some contractors, on the condition of anonymity, said, in spite of the unanimous decisions of all parties to remove the quality-control agency, the Mayor was adamant on continuing with it. “The last House meeting was adjourned at the instance of the Mayor only, simply to gain time to muster support in favour of the agency,” contractors alleged.

Senior MC officials, being busy in supervising the arrangements at the opening ceremony of the National Games here today, were not available for comments.



Electric welcome’ for players
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 19
Participants of the National Games putting up in hostel number 2 of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) had the scare of their lives when they got an electric shock from the walls of the hostel yesterday due to the electric current from a live wire.

Although no casualty was reported as the intensity of the current was low, the participants panicked as some of them touched the wall. When the incident occurred, only the Punjab cycling and handball teams had arrived at the hostel.

The shock was felt by many participants and the coach of the cycling team immediately reported the matter to the warden of the hostel, who called up the Director, Students Welfare, Mr J.S. Tur. The authorities found that the leak had occurred as the bulk of water had leaked from the water tank filled to the brim. The leaked water had seeped into the walls from the roof and had reached a live wire.

The fault was immediately rectified and the participants were assured that there would not be any problem. Mr Tur said they were later assured that there were no such problems in other hostels housing the participants of the National Games.

The PAU authorities provided vehicles to the District Administration for ferrying the participants putting up on the campus to the stadium and back. Private vehicles were also pressed into service to carry the participants.

The PAU finalised the arrangements for the hockey astroturf and the velodrome to be used in the games. The road to the velodrome was being laid with stones and sand instead of a metallic road for which the government had announced a grant of Rs 6 lakh. Sources said the PAU was told to do with the kutcha road.



Pavan’s unique creations: suit yourself
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
Patience is his second name. For, the latest feat of Pavan Kumar Kailey is quite difficult to believe. He has made small kite with thin bamboo-sticks, made of paper used for normal kites. The beauty of his invention is that it can pass through the eye of a sewing needle. It took one week for Pavan Kumar to complete his ‘piece-de-art’.

It you are going abroad and do not want to carry a heavy suitcase, then get dresses made by Pavan Kumar Kailey. He has created amazing garments that can be worn many a time in different designs and colours. Like a pyjama, which can be worn for six times in different colours and designs. Then one trouser can serve the wearer’s purpose for a bermuda and should the occasion arise, one can wear it as a full-sleeve-shirt, half-sleeve-shirt the next day and believe it or not a waist coat jacket later.

Kailey has been working for 12 years for an entry into the Guiness Book of World Records. He just might make it if given a leeway by the Punjab Government or other government agencies.

The list goes on. He has created a night suit of two inches. The shirt of the night suit is of one inch and it has a proper collar, buttons and button holes and even a tiny pocket and like other night suits, it has a piping running around it. The one inch pyjama has a tape for tying. This is the tinniest night suit ever created. Kailey has been trying to be in touch with the publishers of Guiness Book of World Records on the Internet, but his short-coming is a lack of knowledge of English.

A school dropout, Pavan has created garments with great interest and amazing perseverance. Another amazing feat is the creation of half inch jacket with buttons.

Strong determination, immense patience and great skill made Kailey prepare a jacket that took 4 to 5 years to prepare. He spent Rs 4-5 lakh in the creation of this unique jacket, that can be worn for 27 years i.e. 9,800 times. If the jacket is worn this day , the same design will be repeated after next 27 years. He started with a jacket that can be worn for six times, then experimented on a jacket that can be worn eight times and gradually graduated to 32 times and finally to 9,800 times.

Kailey has in him to do something new and he says, “I am offered Rs 2 lakh just to show my stuff to people but I refuse. I am looking for recognition of my hard work.” He laments that the Indian Government does not appreciate his unique skills. “TV channels that showcase my programmes often ask me if I am getting any incentive from the government, but sadly the government has never encouraged me he laments.”

Dejected by the nonchalant attitude of the government, Kailey wants to go abroad for he feels that these people might be more appreciative of his talent.



Tributes paid to Indira
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
Rich tributes were paid to Indira Gandhi on her 84th birthday at several functions organised in the city. Congress and Youth Congress functionaries observed ‘prerna divas’ (inspiration day) to mark the occasion.

At a function organised by the District Congress Committee (Urban) at Congress Bhavan here, a former Deputy Mayor, Mr Prem Mittal, Mr Ashwani Sharma, Mr Virendra Gandhi, Mr Chander Shekhar Sahota and Mr Pawan Mehta focussed on the dynamic leadership and progressive policies of Mrs Gandhi, as a result of which India achieved all-round progress and became a nuclear power in the world. The functionaries also dwelt upon various measures undertaken by the then Congress government for emancipation of the poor and weaker sections.

YC activists offered floral tributes at the portrait of Mrs Gandhi at a function held at Model Gram. Among others, Mr Pawan Diwan, Chairman, Urban Development Cell, Indian Youth Congress, Mr Jarnail Singh Grewal, Convener, Urban Development Cell, Punjab Youth Congress, Mr Akshay Bhanot, District Chairman, UD Cell, Mr Nirmal Kaida, Mr Navneesh Malhotra and Mr Guriqbal Singh Sekhon, Convener, NSUI, paid tributes.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Diwan described Mrs Gandhi as one of the outstanding women of the 20th century. “She proved to be a dynamic leader of the masses with several radical measures like strengthening of private sector, nationalisation of banks and elimination of poverty to her credit”. He said she was a torch bearer of secularism, socialism, equality, unity and integrity.

Mr Gurcharan Singh Ghalib, MP, Mr Gurdev Singh Lapran, president, District Congress Committee (Rural), and Mr K.K. Bawa, chairman, Labour and Employment Cell, PPCC, garlanded the portrait of Mrs Gandhi and recalled her unparalleled sacrifice for the unity and integrity of the country at a function held at Sarabha Nagar.

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Sewa Dal organised a prayer meeting at Kirpal Nagar. Paying tributes to Mrs Gandhi, the chief organiser of the dal, Mr Sushil Parashar, and the in charge of this district, Mr Kulwant Singh Swami, exhorted the people to work for creation of a classless society. Hundreds of party activists, present at the function, took a pledge to propagate the policies and programmes of Mrs Gandhi among the masses.

Prominent among those present were Mr Kuldip Singh Kukkoo, district chief, Sewa Dal, Ms Gurpreet Kaur, in charge, Women Wing, Mr Rashpal Singh Gill, Mr Harcharan Singh Rippy, Ms Gurdeep Kaur, Ms Gian Kaur, Ms Asha Rani, Ms Harbans Kaur, Ms Rekha Passi, Mr Harpal Singh, Mr Labh Singh, Ms Vikas Sharma, Mr Barsati Lal, Mr Ram Lal Mourya, Mr Ajay Bansal and Mr Surjit Singh.

In another function organised by the SC/ST Cell, Punjab Youth Congress, in the Islam Ganj locality, Mr Jasbir Johny, convener of the cell, along with Mr V.P. Cheeda, Mr Lilu Chauna, Mr Yash Pal Bhatti, Mr Abed Kumar, Dr A.K. Sharma and Mr Jasbir Bittu paid tributes.



Aman murder case to get top priority: SSP
Our Correspondent

Khanna, November 18
Mr Ishwar Singh, the newly appointed Senior Superintendent of Police, told Ludhiana Tribune that his top priority would be to solve the murder case of Master Aman Sood.

He said the inquiry would be made time bound and necessary changes would be made in the team investigating the case.

Regarding corruption cases against police officials of the district, he said he was going through these cases and strict action would be taken against officials found guilty.

He said in view of the coming Assembly elections action would be taken against criminals in the area so that they were not in a position to disturb the law and order situation in the district.

He said the police had been instructed to set up special nakas and to intensify patrolling in order to curb crime in the area.

He said anybody could ring him in case of any complaint at his personal phone Nos 25024 and 26325.

He said if any police official harassed any resident or illegally detained a person or asked for graft, the matter should immediately be reported to him. He said no corrupt cop would be spared.

He stressed the need for better police-public coordination and warned antisocial elements to desist from illegal activities, failing which strict action would be taken against them.

He said community policing would be promoted and computerisation of his office would be undertaken so that there was no delay in the processing of cases.

He also said that the police district would also launch its own website for which necessary arrangements were being made.



Sena forms poll panel
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
Keeping in view the forthcoming Assembly poll in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal, the Akhil Bhartiya Shiv Sena (Tangri) has constituted a 31-member election committee to promote the party’s poll prospects.

Mr Jagdish Tangri, party president, stated in a press note here today that the party’s general secretary, Mr Ashok Deora, would head the committee, which would look after the election zones assigned to them. He said while UP had been divided into 20 zones, Punjab and Uttranchal had been divided into four zones each.

Mr Tangri further stated the committee, after going through candidates lists and holding necessary consultations, would submit its final report by December 15 so that all candidates could be announced well before the elections.

He said though the party had been registered with the Election Commission, it was putting forth its claim for a permanent poll symbol. He also criticised the Punjab Government for having failed on all fronts. He said the government was trying to woo the voters by distributing liberal grants. He criticised the BJP in particular for ignoring the misdeeds of their Akali colleagues during the past four years.



JE alleges harassment
Our Correspondent

Ahmedgarh, November 19
Mr Ravinder Singh Kitty, a Junior Engineer of the PSEB who was recently honoured for his commendable work in connection with implementation of 24-hour-power-supply scheme in Shahpur and Phalewal villages, has alleged that he has been transferred to a remote area of Amritsar border zone with an intention of harassing him.

Mr Ravinder Singh Kitty, who has been transferred from Narangwal, has alleged that board officials have been harassing him at the instance of a Cabinet Minister. He showed a copy of a report lodged against him at the Dehlon police station on September 20, 1994. The report was lodged by the minister (he was not an MLA at that time) and Mr Joginder Singh, a close associate of the minister. Later a case was filed by Mr Ravinder Singh Kitty against Mr Joginder Singh.

Narrating his woes, the JE said that he was transferred on May 20, 2000, also. His transfer orders contained a clause that if any official dared to delay his relieving and paid him salary, he would be answerable for the same. He alleged that the special comments in those orders read that the employee should be posted at a far-off place. After a long struggle by PSEB unions, his transfer was cancelled on July 25, 2000.

Mr Bachittar Singh, circle president, and Mr Charanjit Brar, secretary of TSU, respectively, have demanded immediate cancellation of his recent transfer orders which have allegedly been issued with an intent to harass the employee.

The minister concerned on the other hand denied the charges and maintained that he had never interfered in official working.



Sewer of sorrow
Our Correspondent

Khanna, November 19
Overflowing sewage from the main disposal point of Khanna city, situated at Baghaur village is causing skin diseases among local residents spreading foul smell throughout the village and damaging crops worth lakhs every season, making life of the villagers a hell for the past four months.

According to Mr Harjinder Singh, a farmer, the problem started in 1994 when the Khanna Municipal Council constructed the main sewage disposal point near the village. As the population increased, the load on the disposal point also increased. Overflow of sewage in the rainy season generally caused damage to crops. Farmers continued to suffer losses but were never compensated.

Mr Hansa Singh, another villager, alleged that the Municipal Council, Khanna, had not taken any preventive measure in this regard. He alleged that for the past four months the situation had become worse. Sewage had badly affected about 30 acres of Hansa Singh, Bhagwan Singh and Kuldeep Singh. They had filed suits against the MC in the Ludhiana District Courts and the Punjab and Haryana High Court, he said.

Residents alleged that the overflow of sewage had resulted in contamination of drinking water. Tests conducted by experts of the Government Health Centre, Manupur, had proved that the water was not fit for drinking. Many residents of the area were suffering from water-borne diseases, they said.

The EO, Khanna, said the council had always tried to take necessary precaution, but increased population of the city had put extra load the disposal point which rendered all preventive measures useless. He said the problem would be sorted out in a few months as the work on a new sewage disposal project was underway.



Statement criticised
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 19
Mr Roshan Lal Arya, General Secretary, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Punjab, today condemned the former sabha president, Mr Sardari Lal, for stating to the press that the sabha stood dissolved. In a press note here on Monday, he said that Sabha elections, which were held on December 24 last, were valid for three years, a fact which has been recognised by the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Chandigarh. He said that the right to dissolve or merge the sabha with some other organisation rested with the core group of the sabha and no such decision was taken at its meeting on September 9 last at Ludhiana. He further stated that Mr Sardari Lal had been removed from his office for his anti-sabha activities and Mr Rajinder Kumar Dewan had been made the acting president till the next meeting of the core group.



Motorcyclists snatch Rs 87,700
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, November 19
Three motorcycle-borne youths snatched Rs 87,700 in cash from a villager, Tirth Singh near Judgga Khurad village in Phillaur subdivision last evening. The police has registered a case.

Clerk arrested: A team of the Vigilance Department, led by DSP Vigilance, Rajwant Kumar, arrested a clerk of the Labour Department, Rajinder Kumar, while taking a bribe of Rs 500 from a contractor, Balwant Singh at Goraya in Phillaur subdivision this afternoon. The DSP while confirming the arrest of Rajinder Kumar, told this correspondent here on Monday that the team also recovered Rs five hundred in denomination of one hundred rupee notes from the culprit.


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