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Goodbye traffic jams, see you next year
Gaurav Choudhury
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 27
Phew! It’s over. Finally! The 14-day India International Trade Fair (IITF), the 14-day annual extravaganza, came to a close today and with it ends the two-week-long nightmarish experience of commuters and security agencies, who collectively heaved a sigh of relief.

While the security agencies spent a nervous fortnight keeping a vigil in an effort to prevent any untoward incident, commuters can look forward to faster and more organised traffic from tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands of people trudged and drove long distances to take part in the yearly carnival, which has, over the years, become synonymous with traffic snarls as much as with trade and commerce — the focus of the fair..

While the exact figures are not available, sources in the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) said that the number of visitors may have well crossed over three million – with the weekends being a big draw. “During weekends, approximately 70,000 visitors entered the fair complex through each of the five gates”, sources in the Delhi Police said. The Delhi Police had designated a special district for the trade fair and assigned the charge to a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Over 6,500 companies from all over India, along with exhibitors from 21 countries, including Brazil, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Belarus, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam, took part in this mega event. Besides, trade and business delegations from Russia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Norway, Moldavia, UK and Pakistan visited the exhibition. Sprawling across 150 acres on the Mathura Road in the heart of the capital, the complex currently has 27 permanent pavilions of various ministries and state governments equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. For the record, Punjab won the best display award at the fair. In all, there were 19 participating state pavilions.

“Over the years, the fair has evolved into an extremely popular event, visited by millions of people, including a large number of business delegations and captains of trade and industry from within the country and abroad”, Chairman of ITPO, Mrs Rathi Vinay Jha, said even as the authorities sought to play down the traffic and other attendant consequences of the fair.

ITPO sources said that creation of additional parking space specifically for Pragati Maidan visitors was not an economically viable venture. “Construction of dedicated parking space will involve several crores of rupees and most of the year the space will remain underutilised”, an ITPO source added.


Businessman stabbed as guards look other way
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 27
Three unidentified persons intercepted a businessman in Trilokpuri this morning, and after stabbing him and his employee repeatedly in full few of a large number of people, escaped with Rs 5 lakh in cash.

The businessman, Ramesh Chand Baghla, and his employee, Sanjay, were admitted to a nearby hospital where their condition was stated to be serious.

The incident took place near Saurashtra Bank in Mayur Vihar area of Trilokpuri, where the victim and his employee had gone to deposit the money.

The victim went to the bank in his vehicle. Just when they were approaching the bank after parking their vehicle, the youth intercepted them and snatched the bag containing the money.

When the businessman resisted, the suspects threw chilly powder in his eyes to incapacitate him. The bag fell from his hands and the robbers ran away with the money. The duo raised an alarm and called for help, but the onlookers did not respond. Finally, Baghla and Sanjay decided to chase the suspects, following which the robbers whipped out knives and stabbed them repeatedly.

According to the police, the security guards of the bank, who witnessed the incident, did not come to the aid of the victims, even when they fell to the ground after being stabbed . They were taken to the hospital by the local police, which reached the spot after a short while.

The police said that a case had been registered and a hunt had been launched to trace the suspects, who were described as young and ordinarily dressed. The possibility of the suspects having prior information about the businessman carrying money to the bank was not being ruled out. Some of the former employees of the businessman were being questioned. 


Delhi’ites scamper for cover as quake jolts Capital
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 27
The horrifying memories of the Bhuj quake were rekindled today when a quake of moderate intensity struck the National Capital Territory this afternoon, forcing many to run for cover. There was no immediate report of any damage.

“I was on the 12th floor of my office when the building started shaking. It was a terrifying moment and I prayed to God to save me,” said Ruchira Mehta, who works in an advertising agency.

The head of the seismology department at the Indian Meteorological Department, Dr S N Bhattacharya, told NCR Tribune that the magnitude of the quake was 5.4 on the Richter Scale. It occurred at 1.02 p.m.

The epicentre of the quake was at Rugin in Western Nepal.

“At the epicentre, the intensity of the quake would have been seven on the Richter Scale, which is strong enough to cause destruction,” he said.

Dr Bhattacharya said, “Any quake more than five on the Richter Scale is strong enough to cause destruction. If the buildings do not have strong foundation and resistance to tremors, they can collapse.”

The Nepal quake was felt in most parts of the National Capital Region and people made frantic calls to their kin to know about their well-being.

Delhi Fire Service said that there was no immediate report of any damage to property.

Many occupants of the high-rise buildings in the Capital scurried to safety when they felt that the building was shaking. People just ran outside, leaving whatever they were doing. They had to be persuaded to return to their chores as they were apprehensive of fresh tremors.

“The plate boundary activity and the central thrust in the Himalayan region was the main reason for the quake which occurred early this afternoon,” Dr Bhattacharya said.

There are two fault lines passing across the Himalayan region - Main Central Thrust (MCT) and Main Boundary Fault (MBF). Chamoli and Uttarkashi fall on the MCT while MBF passes through Shimla-Dehradun-Almora belt. The entire area falling on or between MCT and MBF is seismologically active, he said.

In a terrain like the Himalayan region, the intensity decreases at a much faster rate with distance than in the plains. The rapid attenuation at low frequency implies that only high rockfil dams should be constructed in those areas, he said.



Little-known nuggets about a legendary Maharaja
R. Suryamurthy
Tribune News Service

The red flag that fluttered in the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

New Delhi, November 27
The reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the legendary ruler of Punjab, caught the imagination of many, as did many aspects of his life. Result: there is no dearth of controversies surrounding his coronation, flag etc.

For instance, just before the bicentenary celebration, a debate was raging over his coronation. In the ensuing polemics, little attention was paid to the flag, which fluttered in the kingdom.

Over the years, a belief has persisted that Maharaja Ranjit Singh, whose kingdom stretched from Peshawar in the west to Ropar in the east, had a blue coloured flag that fluttered atop all forts and towns. However, the flag used by the Sher-e-Punjab was blood red with a floral design in golden colour. The flag’s cream border had black floral artwork.

The revealing facts have been brought out pictographically by the National Institute of Punjab Studies in its latest account of the life and times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Director of the Institute, Dr Mohinder Singh, and his Research Associate, Mr Rishi Singh, who have carried out the research on Maharaja Ranjit Singh, said the book throws light on different aspects of Sher-e-Punjab, which have been misunderstood in some sections earlier.

The original flag of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is on display, along with the other coats of arms, in the private collection of descendants of Lord Dalhousie in Scotland.

“The red flag of the Maharaja has been photographed perhaps for the first time and published in the country. This would put to rest the controversy surrounding the flag,” they said.

As was the practice at that time, Maharaja Ranjit Singh had several queens, some of whom he married according to Sikh customs. However, his decision to marry Moran upset the orthodox Sikhs and the Akal Takht summoned him and ordered him to accept public flogging for violating the Sikh code of conduct.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s decision to submit before the Akal Takht, for receiving the corporal punishment, moved the then Jathedar of Takht, Akali Phoola Singh, who commuted the punishment to a fine of one and a quarter lakh rupees.

Queen Moran, unlike the other wives – Maharani Jindan, Mehtab Kaur, Raj Gul Begum and Raj Banso – did not observe purdah and appeared with Ranjit Singh in public and rode on an elephant with the Maharaja in processions.

Another little known fact is that Leili, the legendary horse of the Maharaja, came into his possession, after 12,000 soldiers gave up their lives and the Sher-e-Punjab spent Rs 60,00,000.

“The Maharaja’s passion for horses is amply demonstrated by the fact that upon the owner’s refusal to part with a particular horse, to which the former had taken a fancy, he would not hesitate to even wage war,” the authors said.


What is good for the gander, is good for the goose
Police will not spare even women for drunken driving
J T Vishnu
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 27
The Delhi Traffic police are all set to usher in gender equality on the roads. In their campaign to sanitise roads, even women will not be spared for drunken driving. According to officials, women found driving in an inebriated state will be fined heavily on the spot.

During the week-long drive, the officials have managed to identify more than 500 drunken drivers, mostly the college-going youths and office-goers. Officials have also spotted some girls among them, getting back home late after a wining-and-dining session.

A couple of instances were also reported from the South District, when a group of girls was found driving allegedly in an intoxicated state in Greater Kailash area, past mid-night.

According to an official, both men and women drink in the parties organised at five-star hotels or elsewhere, but curiously men are penalized. In fact, many college-going girls attend late night parties, and drive back drunk in groups.

The officials have discussed the issue as more women are engaged clinking glasses than one could imagine. However, they never figured in the list. But, from now on those found driving under the influence of alcohol will be penalized bringing sex equality on the road.

The official said that generally women take advantage as they cannot be checked by a male official without the presence of female cop.

“It is difficult to book girls under drunken driving. Unlike other countries, in India the law is not harsher for women. If one can recollect, a few months ago, the daughters of the President of United States of America, George W Bush, were booked for consuming liquor as they were under-age,” said the official.

According to sources, cops will visit near girls’ hostels, paying guest accommodations, popular joints, five-star hotels and posh areas like South Extension, Defence Colony, Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Malviya Nagar and other areas to sniff out such woman.

A number of accidents occur due to the negligence of women on the roads. Almost, 40 per cent of accidents are reported in the Capital every year, where women are involved.

But psychologists here say, that woman generally drink less or have a light drink as compared to men. They are not very aggressive or unnecessarily overspeed as men do. In fact, in most of the cases, women don’t drive in such circumstances as they are more conscious of their state. Even some women take their drivers or are accompanied by their male friends.

“Otherwise women generally are very careful drivers. They follow all traffic rules and are very disciplined on the roads with higher degree of concentration. In fact, most of them drive only after learning from driving schools and possessing driving licences,” said Dr Sameer Pareikh, Consultant Psychiatrist.


Playing truant on sports quota
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, November 27
Some of the sportspersons, employed on ‘sports quota’ by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF), have failed to join their duty. However, they have been withdrawing their salary regularly, leading to a financial burden of over Rs 2 lakh a year.

The corporation authorities, with a view to promoting sports and games, had appointed two cricket players of Ranji Trophy standard in the MCF as regular employees a few years ago. It is reported that these players are not actively involved in the game and are engaged in private work. To cap it, they have not joined their duty in the corporation yet. It is feared that these players may have become overaged, to be included in a state-level team.

The MCF authorities have reported to have issued notices to these persons to explain why they had not been attending to their duty.

It is learnt that the corporation had been bearing a heavy burden by way of paying salary and other benefits to such sportspersons.



51,411 power theft cases detected in Haryana
R D Sapra

Sonepat, November 27
The anti-power theft campaign launched in Haryana has yielded good results during the current financial year.

According to the official sources, the officials of the UHBVN and DHBVN had checked nearly 6.22 lakh premises of the consumers and detected 51,411 theft cases during the year 2000-2001. The officials imposed a record penalty of Rs. 38 crores on the erring consumers but recovered Rs. 18.88 crores from them on the spot.

Official sources also revealed that the officials had checked 2,87,603 power connections during the first seven months of the current financial year and detected 27,440 theft cases of power.

To check the power theft and reduce the line losses, as many as three lakh meters had been replaced under a special campaign launched to install accurate and reliable electronic meters. The Voluntary Disclosure Schemes (VDS), introduced from time to time have also yielded good results and the consumers have regularised their unauthorised power load.

More than 10,000 new tubewell connections have been released to the farmers during the current financial year under various schemes. To improve the power supply, new schemes costing Rs. 700 crores have been launched in different parts of the state.

The Central Government had already agreed to give its assistance for the state’s programme of power sector reforms. It would help in implementing new power projects, provide extra allocation of power from centrally sponsored schemes and also give funds for strengthening the power transmission and distribution system.

A massive programme for addition and rehabilitation of distribution system had been undertaken to improve the reliability of power supply. This resulted in reducing the burnout rate of transformer by over 7 per cent during 200-2001 and it would further reduce it to 5 per cent during the current year.

The peak load restrictions on industries, it may be recalled, had already been withdrawn for the first time in the history of the state.



BJP holds dharna to unseat Shastri
Tribune News

New Delhi, November 27
The Bharatiya Janata Party held a sit-in at the Old Secretariat on Tuesday and demanded the sacking of scam-tainted Food and Civil Supplies Minister Yoganand Shastri from the Sheila Dikshit Cabinet.

The Lokayukta, who is inquiring into the allegations of corruption and favouritism against Shastri, had found gross irregularities in the recruitment and business dealings of the Delhi Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Store.

Addressing the party workers, senior BJP leaders sought the dismissal of others ministers also against whom inquiries were being conducted by the Lokayukta. Calling for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the allegations of corruption against them, president Mange Ram Garg said that several corruption cases and scams had taken place during the last three years of the Congress rule. He said that the Transport Minister was involved in ‘advertisement scam’ and the scam of fee hike for conversion of diesel-run three-wheelers into CNG ones. The Lokayukta was conducting an inquiry in the Sonia Vihar pipeline scam in which Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her government officers were involved, he added. Furthermore, he recalled, other Congress leaders and bureaucrats were involved in the scam of illegal sale of Rawta barrage mud and government land of Tughlakhabad Fort.

Mr Garg said, “The current dispensation was patronising and promoting corruption and the Chief Minister either did not have the courage or did not want to stem the rot by removing any tainted minister.” Adding in the same vein that when the chief minister herself was accused of graft it was not expected of her to give a clean administration.

Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Prof Jagdish Mukhi, in turn, accused the Congress of adopting dual policy on the issue of corruption and said that the BJP would continue its agitation till the guilty minister was dropped. Food and Civil Supplies Minister Yoganand Shastri, he said, had made 150 illegal appointments in the store and committed fraud for pecuniary gains to his son-in-law and another in connivance with officials of the store. The Lokayukta had rejected several of the appointments that substantiated the allegations made against the minister, he added.

Besides Mange Ram Garg and Jagdish Mukhi, others who participated in the sit-in were Chief Whip of the BJP in the Assembly Nand Kishore Garg, Vice President Sardar SS Bajwa, General Secretaries Pawan Sharma, Moolchand Chawla, Secretary Ved Vyas Mahajan and presidents and office bearers of all district units, councillors and legislators. 



Another flyover to make Ring Road ‘signal free’
Priyanka Gupta

New Delhi, November 27
The Peeragarhi flyover on National Highway is going to be inaugurated by Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit on December 5, 2001 at 4 pm after a wait of a year and a half.

Starting from Peeragarhi village, the flyover is linking Chandershekhar Azad Marg, Guru Harkishan Marg, Mangol Puri Industrial area and Dr Hedgewar Marg on Ring road. The two-way carriage is 619m long and 9m (one side) wide flyover would definitely reduce congestion, pollution and long wait for the travellers on this route. The construction of the flyover started by Delhi Tourism Development Department (DTDC) in September 1998 and set to be completed by March 2000.

The main objective of constructing flyover is to make the Outer and Inner Ring Road ‘signal free.’

Both right and left sides of the flyover were encroached on. A mazar of a Peer Baba has retained under the flyover. On left, the Peeragarhi urbanized village has completely turned in to a market place. Big hoardings with vehicles parked outside created nuisance.

The DTDC has paid money to the MCD for relocation of 200-300 slums in the area but the relocation of slums in Dharamkantan has not yet completed. And the deadline of the completion of flyover extended up to December 2001.

Though the migrants were shifted to their villages in Punjab but somehow they managed to grab this place in Delhi. The DTDC officials informed that certain obstructions like replacement of slums, raw material and demolition and foremost permission from the department of owner of land delayed the project.

The areas to get the benefit of the flyover include Paschim Vihar, Bhera Enclave, Meera Bagh, Avtar Enclave, Budh Vihar, Mangol puri, Pushp Vihar, Saraswati Vihar, G T Karnal Road from Delhi to Punjab, Janak Puri, Vikas Puri, Najafgarh, Palam Airport, Dwarka, Jwala Heri Market and all other colonies of West and North West Delhi.

But the commuters are not contended with the completion as the free flow movement would still not be possible. Rajesh, a resident of Dwarka said, “Undoubtedly, the flyover would help the commuters drive freely but from Janak Puri to Peeragarhi, it won’t be smooth. The width of the road on the left side is narrow as people are putting up there. Moreover, a market on the left side cannot make the department increase the width. Also, due to the existence of a temple on the flyover, we have to find the way from left. All this creates a lot of problems.”

Another commuter Mrs Arpita Khanna added, “Basically it’s a problem to drive on this route but hopefully, the completion of the flyover would relax the problem to an extent.”

The DTDC has spent over Rs 22 crore on this project. It has delegated the responsibility to issue licences for liquor and other alcoholic drinks, the profit earned from these sources is used for developing of flyovers and other things.

Chief Engineer Jose Kurian DDTC said, “The flyover is complete and would be inaugurated on December 5. Though, it’s a bit late but would help the commuters at large by saving their waiting period from 15-20 minutes to 7-8 minutes on all T-Junctions. We cannot stop or divert the traffic on that route, which again created problems. Then trucks are not allowed to ply at day time in Delhi, we got all the raw material at night and all these complications delayed the work. We just hope that this will make the commuters feel comfortable.” The three flyovers including Loni, Chirag Dilli and IIT are already completed by the DTDC. The Raja Garden flyover has just started and three more are in pipeline with it.



Shutterbug hubby, designer wife: It takes two to tango
Smriti Kak

Another bewitching model caught on camera by the ace lensman.

HE shoots people and gets paid for it. Not only that, he is hounded by wannabe models and even the blue- blooded to shoot them. Sangeet Kaushik, a young photographer, catches you unaware with his regular college- going looks. But this talented photographer has carved a niche for himself in his chosen profession.

“I began my career in 1996. I was working with the advertisement section of the Sahara group at that time. Thanks to my work I had to interact with photographers, and I had a lot trouble working with them. It was then I decided to become a photographer myself”, says Sangeet, who taught himself the tricks of the trade through trial and error.

What irked Sangeet was that photographers were too conservative, they did not want to step out of the conventional and do anything new and exciting. “I plan everything in great detail, I visualise the themes I want to work on. Experimenting with themes is important to deliver”, adds Sangeet. For someone who has shot the most glamorous of personalities and held exhibitions on glamour, monotony is taboo. “I shoot everything from models to manufacturing units, from steel to silver. I don’t want to limit myself to any one particular branch”, he declares.

Sangeet has done some prestigious projects with big names in the fashion industry. He has worked with Diwan Sahib, Study by Janak, Meena Bazaar, Timex Watches and Euro Gold, to name just a few.

“My first assignment was with Ram Chandra Krishna Chandra. They taught me the tricks of shooting textiles. This assignment is also very special because I met my wife, Charu, during this assignment”, reveals Sangeet.

Charu is a make-up artist and a stylist and together they work to provide the best they can. “We work as a team and are continuously thinking of new themes, sometimes we wake each other up at midnight to discuss new ideas”, points put Charu.

Sangeet was nominated for the Rajiv Gandhi National Award for his IBP campaign.

True to his name, Sangeet also play music." My mother is a singer. I have inherited it from her”, he adds.

Sangeet is currently working on a website, which will not only showcase his works, but will also be interactive. It will allow people to book models and make-up artists online. It will also feature a small section on those photographers who have not been able to get recognition for their work.

“I am also compiling a book. It will be a compilation of some of my most memorable shoots with a small write-up about them”, says the photographer who has his eyes set on his goals.


Staple diet from Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami, MTV Breakthrough Artist of the Year, with Alex Kuruvilla, Managing Director, MTV India.

ROCK, pop, bhangra and folk, you name it and it was there. The Modern School grounds witnessed unadulterated music mania unleashed by the country’s best. While Adnan Sami gave a ‘lift’ to the audience, Euphoria had them rolling with their rock-and-roll special.

The MTV Live and Loud Concert presented by Monte Carlo and co-sponsored by Pepsi and Seagram’s saw a crowd of 5,000 scream for more.

The concert began with Indian Oceans’ soothing folk and Indian classical treat. Soon enough, it was time for the crowds to put on their dancing shoes, thanks to Mika with his Punjabi numbers. Euphoria created a ‘Dhoom’ with their melodious tracks like ‘Mairee’ and ‘ Mantra’.

The grand finale of the evening was Adnan Sami’s performance. He was also presented with the first MTV Breakthrough Artiste of the Year award for being the first artiste to rule the MTV charts for 67 weeks.

It was a lucky day for Lavina Tetrabe, who danced her way to win the ‘Monte Carlo Lift Kara Dey Contest’, which will not only make her richer with a hot new wardrobe, but will also fly her to Malaysia.


Sensuous Shilpa comes calling on NCR denizens

SHE is the only one who claims to have come with intentions which are suspect. She can afford to make a song and dance out of her plans to rob the entire UP and Bihar. Shilpa Shetty, the lissome actress, is currently rocking the National Capital Region.

Shilpa is currently shooting for her film, “Badhai Ho Badhai”, in Noida. Talking to NCR Tribune, she said that her current engagements were keeping her on her toes. Having signed half a dozen films with big names in the industry Shilpa is all set to make her presence felt at the box office.

The film, co-staring Anil Kapoor, is being directed by Satish Kaushik and the music has been scored by Annu Malik.



Furniture with fluid lines

THE theme is maximal, and so has to be the collection. We are talking about Raseel and Navin Ansal’s new venture by the name of Casa Paradox, which houses furniture and other house decorating accessories.

The collection is a blend of sophisticated luxury and international appeal. It showcases exquisite works, which includes coffee tables, consoles, lamps and cushions.

“ Our flavour is maximal- which is the current emerging buzzword in design. This allows us to create a language, which is more timeless in appeal. For true style transcends trends. To articulate this we apply Indian technique and crafts on Occidental structures and vice versa”, said Raseel.

The collection that has made rich use of olive, saffron and plum shades is tipped to bring forth designs, which are fluid, sensual and convey evolved urban aesthetics.

Priced between Rs 500 and Rs 80000, the furniture can be brought off the rack as well as on customised order. The furniture and the designs are aesthetic, as Navin reveals, “Our emphasis is more on creating a mood than just a piece of furniture” and this is not a paradox.


Fusion is in fashion

FUSION seems to be the buzzword in the global village. Whether it is clothes, music or even food, fusion of the Occidental with the Oriental has become a norm.

Designers and fashion gurus are marching ahead of this army of fusion crusaders. They are fusing just the right amount of the East with the right amount of the West to produce that special something for the modern and style-conscious Indian woman. Fusion clothing has become a generic term for trendy and acceptable wear.

Joining the fusion fraternity is Charu Parashar with her wearable line

for the “New Woman who looks for fashion fitted with elegance”. Vandana Luthra inaugurated Charu’s outlet, Fashion Facets. The line includes sharara style trousers, kurtas with odhanies, choli style tops and a western collection with an Indian touch. Fusion!

So all you fashion-conscious new women Charu invites you to come and get possessed by a potion of fusion.



Devotees in lakhs take dip in Ganga
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, November 27
Lakhs of devotees took an auspicious bath and also performed Pooja in the Ganga on the occasion of the Kartik Ganga Mela at Garh.

After formally opening the mela, the Divisional Commissioner of Meerut, Deepak Singhal said that, “We shall do our best to bring this Mela on the state level list administratively. Efforts to get government grants sanctioned for the purpose will also be made”.

Prohit Govind Shastri performed Pooja in Vedic traditions. Divisional Commissioner of Meerut, Debsish Panda, District Collector of Ghaziabad, and other senior officers went around the mela ghat in a motorboat to inspect the arrangements made for the devotees.

Lakhs of devotees throng this mela from UP, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, H.P. and Rajasthan.

Mr Shinghal said that the government of the state has taken a firm decision to develop Garh Mukteshwar as a holy city on the lines of the Haridwar, which has now gone to Uttaranchal Pradesh.

The administration has already issued a notification for setting up a Development Authority for developing Garh Mukteshwar on the pattern of Haridewar, Mr Shinghal added.

He said that every evening there should be arrangements at the Ganga Ghat for performing traditional Pooja on the pattern of Haridwar Ghats.

The Chief Medical Officer was asked to keep an eye on the quacks (Jhola Chhap Doctors) on the mela ghats. The SSP Prashant Kumar, District Panchayat Chief Rajendri Yadav, Chief Medical Officer, CDO Jetinder Singh, Addl. D.M. Admn. Usha Raman Tripathy etc were also present on the occasion. Various securities arrangements have been made to conduct the mela as peaceful. The officials also promised to name the spot as holy spot. Government will grant fund for the proposal



Governor visits metro rail stall at IITF
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 27
Lieutenant Governor Vijay Kapoor visited the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation's stall at Pragati Maidan on the concluding day of Indian International Trade Fair on Tuesday.

He saw mock Metro coach and station models displayed at the stall. The coach has been designed with automatic entry gates through "contactless" cards. The new Metro coach will have low noise and vibration levels, as it will be passing through thickly populated areas such as Rohini, ISBT and Shahdara.

The managing director of the Corporation, Mr. E Sreedharan, apprised the Lieutenant Governor about tunnel boring machine, automatic fare collection system and the special facilities like escalators, lifts for the physically challenged, etc.

Later, the Lieutenant Governor visited the Delhi Pavilion. Going round the pavilion, he suggested the officials to remodel and redesign the pavilion. He said that more thrust should be given on the artistic display of the products.

Women arrested

Three women have been arrested under `immoral trafficking act' from Sarai Khawaja locality here. It is reported that these women including one incharge of them had been running a `brothel' at one of the house in Roshan Nagar of Sarai Khawaja area. After getting information the police conducted a raid by sending a fake customer to the place. About a dozen women are stated to be involved in the shady business.

Polio campaign

Children below five years of age would be administered the polio vaccine during the Pulse Polio campaign to be held on December 2. Health Minister Dr AK Walia on Tuesday said that the vaccine would be available free of cost at all the 7,000 polio centres, dispensaries and both small and big hospitals.

Labourer crushed

An 18-year-old labourer was reportedly crushed to death by a tractor trolley on Monday night in Ambedkar Nagar in South Delhi. The victim, Dharmender, worked as a helper with the tractor trolley driver.

Bhagat Singh. He had brought bricks last night in Shiv Park and Khanpur. After unloading the bricks, the driver tried to take the vehicle back. As he drove the tractor rashly, Dharmender fell from it and came under its wheel. 

Criminals held

The police has claimed to have arrested five members of a criminals gang allegedly planning a dacoity, from a place near Agra canal here. The accused identified as Roshan Lal of Fatehpur Chandila village, Ashok Kumar (Rehmanpur, UP), Wasim (Ali Garh, UP) Ravinder (U.P.) and Mahesh of Badarpur (Delhi) were nabbed by a police team patrolling the area. 


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