Saturday, December 1, 2001  

caught at silly point !

Mike Denness became a villain for the punishment he slapped on six Indian cricketers recently. The sentence stays, the man goes. I cannot see any method in Jagmohan Dalmiya’s madness, if there is one, says L. H. Naqvi.

Begetting modernism through town planning?
by M. Rajivlochan
HE city of Chandigarh was inaugurated on October 7, 1953, by President Rajendra Prasad. At that time the government was desperate to people this city. Today, half a century later, the city is bursting at its seams.

Maharajas’ rendezvous with Rolls-Royce
by K.R.N. Swamy
N his famous book Freedom at Midnight, French author Lapierre states that on an average each maharaja in India had 3.5 Rolls-Royce automobiles. If we were to stick to the correct number of maharajas — 225 of them (those who had gun salutes fired in their honour were entitled to the title, all others were merely rajas — that would mean that from 1908 to 1939 (when World War II started), the maharajas had bought at least 788 Rolls-Royce cars.