Sunday, December 2, 2001, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S



Poll panel instructions to Home Secretary, IG
Curbs on setting up election camps
Monica Sharma

Chandigarh, December 1
Taking a serious view of the law and order problem created due to over-crowding around polling booths because of camps set up by the contesting candidates for issuing unofficial identity slips to the voters the State Election Commission has issued strict instructions for the smooth conduct of elections to the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh.

In a letter to the UT Home Secretary and the Inspector General of Police, Joint Election Commissioner D.M. Khaneta has intimated that as per the instructions camps shall not be set up within a radius of 100 yards from the polling station. In buildings with more than one polling station, there shall be only one such camp, for a group of stations, beyond a radius of 100 yards from the main gate.

Only a small table and two chairs shall be provided at such camps and no shamianal, kanats shall be allowed to be erected. An umbrella or a piece of tarpaulin can, however, be provided for the protection of the supporters sitting on the chairs.

This is not all. Each candidate wishing to set up such a camp shall intimate the serial number, the name and the location of the polling station where such a camp is to be set up in writing to the returning officer of the ward concerned well in advance. He would also obtain written permission from the competent authority under the local laws before setting up such a camp. Such written permission would have to be made available to the supporters manning the camp for production before the police or election authorities concerned on demand.

The instructions further direct that such camps shall be used only for the purpose of issuing unofficial identity slips to electors and for no other purpose. Further, these unofficial slips shall not contain the name or the symbol of the candidate or the political party and would be printed strictly as per the instructions of State Election Commission.

The commission, according to the Joint Election Commissioner, has further ruled that crowd shall not be allowed to collect at such camps. Only persons on their way to the polling stations to cast their vote shall be allowed to go inside the camp. Residents who have already cast their votes shall not be allowed to remain within the camp.

The supporters manning these camps shall also be instructed not to cause any obstructions whatsoever in the way of electors proceeding to the polling station or prevent them from going to the camp set up by the other candidates or create any other hurdle in the right of electors to exercise their franchise according to their own free will.

In case of violation of these instructions, the camps were liable to be removed. Further action would also be taken against the candidates or their agents or workers responsible for any such violation, the instructions concluded.


Former Mayors promise the moon to the electorate
Tribune News Service

Gyan Chand Gupta
Gyan Chand Gupta
Kewal Krishan Addiwal
Kewal Krishan Addiwal
Kamla Sharma
Kamla Sharma
Harjinder Kaur
Harjinder Kaur

Chandigarh, December 1
Four former Mayors of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation are again in the fray for the forthcoming Municipal Corporation elections to be held on December 8. All of them have been fielded by the B.J.P.-Akali Dal alliance and have been untiringly convincing the electorate about their merits and past performance with a view to winning the elections.

Attired in immaculate white kurta and pyjama and supporting a saffron patka, Mr Gian Chand Gupta, who is also a former president of the local unit of the B.J.P., reaches his ward before the day break. Accompanied by his supporters, Mr Gupta does door-to-door campaigning. He tells the people that by supporting him in the corporation elections, the people of this ward (Sectors 20 and 33) would be strengthening the hands of Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, who has given a stable and clean government.

Asked what will he do for this ward if he wins the election, his reply is prompt. He tells the people that he would improve the condition of all backlanes of their houses, get community centres constructed and hand them over to the people of the area for their maintenance and holding family functions.

Surrounded by people of the area, he says that he would get the main park adjoining the Math Mandir properly developed. He also promises to get a fountain installed for the attraction of the public. It would also provide them entertainment. He also promised to get all V roads carpeted.

To his voters in Sector 33 he promises to get the Terrace Garden beautified and get green land developed. He also dwells at length on his past performance. He was happy that the Chandigarh Administration did not allow them to use loudspeakers. This has given them an opportunity to meet people at the personal level.

Facing an electorate of 27,000, Mrs Kamla Sharma, also a B.J.P. candidate, is contesting the election from Sectors 36, 37 and 38. Bespectacled, the 55-year Mrs Sharma begins her campaign at 7 a.m. Till 10-30 a.m. She concentrates only on door-to-door campaign. On an average she covers a distance of more than 10 km per day.

Attired in a pink suit, she returns to her house around 10-30 a.m.. From 11 a.m. onwards to 2-30 p.m. she holds group meetings in different parts of the her ward. She mobilises women voters in her support. She also holds meetings with office-bearers of different welfare sector associations and citizens’ welfare associations. She assures people that she would get the roundabout dividing sectors 36 and 37 constructed, apart from getting the left out work in tenements completed.

She assures residents of Sector 38 to get a post office opened and get all internal roads carpeted.

Mr Kewal Krishan Adiwal, former Mayor, is also fielded by the B.J.P. from ward No 19, primarily comprising Modern Complex, a part of Old Manimajra, Railway Colony, Gwala Colony, Mauli Jagraon and Vikas Nagar.

Attired in Campa Cola colour kameez and black pant, Mr Adiwal has a unique way of campaigning in the corporation elections. He vocally speaks about other candidates, their past and (mis) deeds. He invariably asks the people to highlight any scandal he, in their eyes, was involved.

A bachelor at 31, he unhesitatingly says that he belongs to Scheduled Caste and no wonder he banks upon their vote and support. He says that he did hard work during his mayorship which no other Mayor has excelled so far.

He tells his voters that he enjoys a good rapport with officials not only of the corporation but also senior officers of the Chandigarh Administration. He says that if he is voted to power, people of his area will not face any difficulty in getting their work done from them. He also asserts that the B.J.P. is also in power at the Centre . Therefore, he feels that its Councillors will have little difficulty in getting work of their voters done.

What will he do if voted to power? He promises to get all roads carpeted, make arrangements for potable water for the residents of this ward, get the school upgraded and promises to fulfil their aspirations.

Mrs Harjinder Kaur, the outgoing Mayor, enjoys the support of the B.J.P.-Akali Dal alliance. Contesting election from Sectors 34, 35 and 44 she faces an intelligent and highly educated electorate. She tells her voters that she is the officially nominated Akali Dal candidate. She shows the letter she has received from the Akali Dal high command.

Attired in a golden suit and supporting Punjabi juti, Mrs Harjinder Kaur says that she has done a lot of work during her short stint of a few months. Her assurance to the people is that she could do much more for them if she had got a longer time. Even during this brief period she claims to have done whatever she could do within the constraints of time.

Flanked by Mr N.S. Minhas and Mr Harcharan Singh Sahni, two Akali leaders, her open assurance to the voters is that she will get all parks developed in Sectors 34, 35 and 44, footpaths constructed, offices opened and full development of the Sector 34 market.

She reminds the voters that she not only did the work which was to be accomplished by the corporation but also went to officers of the Administration for getting their wishes honoured. She walks a distance of more than 10 km per day to ensure that she meets every voter.


NDA partners to join campaign
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
Leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partners in power in neighbouring states will soon be here before the city goes to the December 8 municipal poll in an apparent bid to influence migrants from these states.

The BJP’s campaign gameplan is to make the voter and migrants from these places feel that the Congress is nowhere to be seen in the area thus their votes may go waste. The outsiders’ campaign is going to be kick-started by Himachal Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal on December 3.

The Congress has, as of now, only called the services of AICC secretaries Selja and Bhubanesh Kalitha. Kalitha will remain here till the polling day next week.

Local MP Pawan Bansal, Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee president B. B. Bahl, party spokesman Amarjit Sethi and senior leaders Naresh Kumar Nanda, Surjit Chaudhary and Manjit Singh Mintu campaigned for party candidates at various places including Pipliwala town in Mani Majra and ward number 11.

Party candidates Subhash Chawla, Anu Chathrath, Kamaljit Panchhi, Sunil Parti, Chandermukhi Sharma, Shyama Negi, Manjit Kaur, Lalit Joshi, Mohinder S. Chaudhary, Pushpa Sharma, Harish Kapoor, Kamlesh, Balraj Singh and Sohan Lal Vaid were out on campaigning in their respective wards today.

The All-India Ramghari Central Federation president Gurcharan Singh supported the SAD-BJP alliance for nominating to a casteman Swarn Singh Dhiman from ward number 20.

BJP leaders Satyapal Jain, Yashpal Mahajan and Purushottam Mahajan held meetings in support of Gian Chand Gupta, Desraj Tandon, Santosh Rana, Pankaj Mala, Urmila Devi. These candidates also took padyatras for a door-to-door campaign.

Chandigarh Vikas Manch candidates Harpreet Kaur (ward number 13) and Lal Bahadur Gupta (ward number 4) sought votes with a promise to solve problems of their respective wards.

The Bharatiya Welfare Association chairman, Chandigarh, Pappuji, supported an independent candidate Rano Devi.

The Marxist Communist Party of India supported the Chandigarh Vikas Manch candidate from ward number 15 Lila Devi and held meetings in her support.


Riar violating party guidelines: Mayor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
Ms Harjinder Kaur, the outgoing Mayor of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, today announced that the Akali Dal high command had fielded four candidates in the forthcoming Municipal Corporation election.

Supplying photocopies of the letter she has received from the Akali Dal to mediapersons, she said the four official nominees of the party are Ms Paramjit Kaur, who is contesting election from ward no 13, Mr Swaran Singh Dhiman. A nominee from ward no 20 and Harjinder Kaur from ward no 9 apart from Ms Amarjit Kaur Bhullar, who is contesting election from ward no 16.

She said this information had been given by Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, secretary-general of the Akali Dal, to Mr O.P. Kohli a BJP leader, who is also in charge of the party’s Chandigarh unit.

She told journalists that the Akali Dal high command had not fielded any other candidate in these elections.

Replying to questions, Ms Harjinder Kaur said she was aware that Mr G.S. Riar, president of the local unit of the party, had fielded a candidate in the same ward from where she is contesting this election. “In doing so he is violating the party’s guidelines. We are contesting the election as per the decision of the Akali Dal high command. We have nothing to say what Mr Riar is doing. The party high command will take care of his deeds”.

In her brief press conference, she meticulously parried all questions about the factionalism in the party. Her reply to mediapersons was that today’s conference was only about the corporation elections and to clear the misunderstanding from the minds of the voters.


Check candidates’ antecedents, IGP told
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
The Election Commission of Chandigarh and Delhi here today directed the Inspector General of Police, UT, Mr Bhimsen Bassi, to inquire into the antecedents of all candidates contesting the December 8 Municipal Corporation and Panchayat elections.

The direction given by the Joint Election Commissioner, Mr D.M. Khaneta, asked Mr Bassi to inform the commission immediately.

The direction came in the wake of unconfirmed reports that there were two unidentified candidates in the fray who had allegedly been convicted in different cases.

The EC’s immediate response comes in line with the Election Commission trying to weed out criminals from politics.

The EC has sought past five years’ criminal record, if any, of candidates. The police has sent messages to all Station House Officers to go into the antecedents of all candidates, the police nodal officer told the Chandigarh Tribune.

He, however, said the copy of the letter had not reached him till late night. The police had to undertake this wholesome exercise as the two suspected candidates have not been identified. However, one of them is said to be from ward number 10.


BSP releases manifesto
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) having a seat adjustment with the Chandigarh Vikas Manch (CVM), today accused the Congress and the BJP for removing the photograph of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar from the Mayor’s office and vowed to punish the two parties.

The BSP local unit president M.R. Dhiman, while releasing the party manifesto for the Municipal Corporation election, said that Ms Harjinder Kaur, who won on the support of the Congress and the BJP-SAD alliance, removed Baba Saheb’s photo from her office.

He said that the party had reached an understanding with the CVM where the latter would support party candidates on two seats in lieu of the former’s support to them on 10 seats.

Mr Dhiman said that on the other seats where both the parties are contesting, there would be a friendly fight.

Mr Dhiman released a 13-point manifesto promising allocation of funds as per the population of villages and colonies, opposition to contract system, filling of posts in schools and colleges, implementation of Mandal Commission in Chandigarh which had been hanging fire for a decade, issuing SC and BC certificates immediately from one counter and making available water, power and gas at minimum prices.

Twentyfour-hour supply of water and power, allowing changes in houses without any penalty, a playground in Mani Majra, subsidy and low rate of interest for the unemployed for setting up their businesses, regularisation of houses beyond Lal Dora and immediate provision of civic amenities in new colonies.

Mr Dhiman said the party is the third largest party of the country.


‘Put manifestos on stamp papers’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
Candidates contesting the forthcoming Municipal Corporation elections should put their respective manifestos on stamp papers in favour of Chandigarh and its residents, demanded the Pind Bachao Committee in a statement issued today.

It would help in keeping a record of all promises made by politicians. Only those candidates or parties which promised to safeguard beauty of the city should be considered for being elected. “Those, who have record of making Chandigarh a safe haven for illegal migrants must be rejected”, said the committee which is a body of villagers whose land acquired to develop Chandigarh.

The president of the committee, Mr Angrez Singh Badheri, asked members of the public to keep in mind such people as had won elections on the basis of illegal vote banks. The residents should cast their votes in favour of deserving candidates only otherwise corrupt politicians would get a boost , the statement said.


Sabharwal levels corruption charge against Kamlesh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
Mr Gurdial Singh Sabarwal, a Congress rebel, today termed his Congress rival from Ward Number 18, Ms. Kamalesh, as ‘Jayalalitha of Chandigarh’ for allegedly amassing wealth during her tenure as a councillor.

Flanked by another rebel, Mr Manjit Singh Chauhan, he attacked the Congress for ignoring party workers. He said the party had become ‘’Bansal-Bahl transport limited firm’’ as the two had monopolised the party. Mr Sabharwal said if elected he would raise the issue of alleged corruption by Ms Kamalesh in the municipal corporation. Expressing confidence that he was better placed than the sitting councillor, Mr Sabharwal said Ms Kamalesh was being opposed by more than four of her castemen, while these were only four opposing him.



Candidates interact with residents: A face-to-face with candidates contesting the forthcoming MC poll from Ward No 17 was organised by the Aadarsh Educational Trust in Sector 47 here today. All four candidates from the ward, including Mr Harish Kapoor, Mr Jatinder Bhatia, Mr Ranjit Singh and Mr Roshan Lal Jindal, were present and answered residents’ queries. The programme continued for about two-and-a-half hours. TNS

Residents’ body to boycott MC poll: The Sector-19D Residents Welfare Association has unanimously decided to boycott the December 8 Municipal Corporation elections. The association general secretary, Mr Raghubir Singh Rathore, in a press conference said no work was done by the BJP Councillor, Mr O. P. Goel. They also accused the local Congress MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, of not solving the problems of the sector residents. TNS

Meeting: A meeting of the Chandigarh Ayurvedic and other Doctors Association was held under the chairmanship of its president, Dr Anwar Ali. A press note issued by its general secretary, Mr P.C. Chauhan, states that it was unanimously resolved by the association that they would support the BJP-SAD alliance in the forthcoming MC elections. TNS


Heavy bandobast for Mohali Test
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 1
A heavy police bandobast has been made for the Test match between England and India, beginning at the PCA stadium here from December 3. At least 550 policemen drawn from the Ludhiana Police range have been put on duty.

The entire PAC stadium had been divided into 11 sectors from security point of view. Over 30 cops, including volunteers of four NGOs would be manning the four parking areas. The police officials said barring short-duration diversions, the traffic would be allowed on the roads leading to the stadium.

Visitors would be allowed entry through 12 gates, including the one for the VIPs. The entry for foreign tourists would be through gate no 15. Cops would also be posted in seating area of the stadium. According to the information available, the police authorities have requested the PUDA to put up boards, indicating the route to be taken to the stadium, along the main roads leading to the venue of the match. PUDA has also been asked to put the boards indicating the parking areas for visitors.


Octroi staff sitting idle, awaiting orders
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 1
The octroi collection posts of the local municipal council wore a deserted look on the first day after abolition of octroi by the Punjab Government from Friday night. Employees of the octroi wing of the civic body sat idle in wake of no clear instructions about the nature of their duty in the future.


* No property in name of the civic body in town

* Council wants PUDA to transfer 75 per cent of the non-construction fee charged from owners of vacant plots.

A comparative chart of income ( in crores) from octroi collection from year 1995 to 2002




Rs 8.74


Rs 10.14


Rs 11.07


Rs 12.70


Rs 14.62


Rs 16.40


Rs 17.20

At least 40 employees of the civic body man the eight octroi collection posts. Officials of the civic body said after the decision of the government to abolish octroi became effective, there are two holidays. “ We have read in newspapers about the government’s proposal to impose cess on sales tax, imposing entry tax and introduction of self-assessment as in the case of sales tax payees.”.

The Punjab Council of ministers is to pay each civic body the same sum as compensation to the respective civic body as had been collected in the corresponding month last year. Mr Kulwant Singh, president of the civic body, said that the civic body had already provided the month-wise octroi collection of the last year to the Local Government Department.

Keeping their fingers crossed, councillors of the civic body said till the government decides on the compensation to be paid to the civic body, the abolition of octroi would certainly have far reaching financial implications for the civic body, which sources at least 90 per cent of its income from octroi collection — the town being an industrial hub and a projected IT destination.

Of the projected Rs 21-crore income during the current financial year, over Rs 17 crore was on account of octroi collection. The civic body does not levy other types of taxes like house tax, commercial tax and fee to clear the layout plans of houses. A move by the council to earn around Rs 2 crore by imposing the tax at a rate of 10 per cent of the rental value of the property concerned has found little favour with the government.

“If octroi was abolished, the civic body would be left with an income of around Rs 3 crore, which includes income of Rs 1.60 crore from excise duty on liquor and on electricity duty. The salary of the 250 strong staff and other establishment expenditure of the civic body came to around Rs five crore. The state government is yet to release the due excise duty on liquor”, said a councillor.

The civic body has been seeking that the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) has transfer the residential and commercial sites in the developed areas to the civic body. The developed areas were already being looked after by the civic body without any assistance from PUDA.Back


26 beauties in fray for Miss Lashkara title
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
As curtains begin to get drawn on the December 5 Miss Lashkara 2001 beauty contest, the adrenaline of 26 contestants is already flowing. Being the maiden venture of Lashkara channel, the contest has drawn tremendous response from all over India. A total of 45 entries were received from places as far as Lucknow, Bhopal and Mumbai, but only 26 remain in the final fray. The rather young contestants (none among them is above 22 years) will now battle it out for the coveted crown on December 5 at the sprawling lawns of hotel Gulmor, in Ludhiana.

The organisers have roped in the best professionals in the field. The idea, one of the organisers said, was to add the professional touch to the show. So while the entire choreography is being looked after by Mumbai-based Shakir Sheikh, beauty and grooming sessions of the participants are being taken by Blossom Kochhar. Former Miss India Gul Panag is all set to anchor the final show. Among the judges for the final event will be model Mehar Bhasin, Vandana Luthra, Blossom Kochhar and designer Jatin Kochhar.

The participants have come from diverse backgrounds, with many of them being the first timers. Most of the girls, who held an interaction with The Tribune at the Chandigarh Press Club this afternoon, talked about their aspirations and limitations.

Contests for many other titles have already taken place. The girls have just been out of a gruelling routine at K.K. Trams in Jabli. The judgment at the preliminary round was done by photographer Ravi Mann, Richa Aggarwal and fashion model Lally Virk. The girls were judged for their communication skills, confidence level and also general awareness.

The 26 shortlisted participants then stood the test for various other titles like Miss Perfect, Ms photogenic, Ms Catwalk, Ms Beautiful Smile, Ms Beautiful Eyes, Ms Perfect 10 and so on. The contests for Miss Beautiful Hair and Ms Beautiful Skin will take place at Jalandhar on December 3.

While the participants are still busy counting their blessings for the final day, the organisers are ready with details of the show. The final show will have performances by Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikander and Amar Noori and Kamaljit Neelon. All other fillers will also be laced with fun.


Dignity Bharti’s top priority

She cares a great deal about projection. That is one reason she turned down the offer of being one among the many in Tabu’s coterie in Chandni Bar. But that does not make this Delhi girl even a bit unhappy. “Small decisions go a long way in shaping destiny. I don’t have to take chances,” says the charming Bharti Kapoor, an English honours student with Delhi University, and now one of the contestants in Miss Lashkara 2001 contest.

Modelling is her first love. With plum assignments to her name, like the ones with NIIT, NIFD, Women’s Era, Sakhi and a host of other women’s magazines, there are no holds barred for Bharti. About troughs in the field, she says; “Modelling has been generally denounced as a bad profession. I would like to say that you have to make the best of what you get. I think all goes well only of girls are to keep dignity at the highest place in their priority list. I have been getting offers for B grade films but I have been turning them down. I just don’t want to be looked down upon, neither do I face any dearth of talent. Opportunities keep flowing.” The confident girl was on DD I in 1999, when she was cast as a Kashmiri girl in a serial titled ‘Dhundh Aur Dhoop’.


Panchayat poll: 7 Cong supported candidates elected
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
Five members of the Panchayat Samiti and four of Gram Sabhas, seven of them reportedly from the Congress, were declared elected unopposed today on the last day of withdrawal of names ahead of the December 8 Panchayat elections.

With today’s withdrawal 31 candidates are vying for 10 panchayat Samiti seats and five for two gram sabha seats of Raipur Khurd and Dhanas.

The Congress’ claim of partial victory ahead of the MC and Panchyat poll has come as a morale booster to the party and may affect the floating vote in its favour when the UT goes to the polls on December 8.

The District Congress president, Mr Bhupinder Singh Badheri, who was elected unopposed from Palsora, today claimed that Jagir Singh from Kajheri and Ms Jasbir Kaur from Kishangarh are also party members.

The Communist Party claimed that Ms Meenakshi from Dadu Majra is their member.

Ms Surinder Kaur from Kaimbwala was the first to have been found in the fray on the final day of nomination.

Gram Sabha members Kala Singh, Subhash and Sukhdev Singh from Palsora and Sher Singh from Kaimbwala were also elected unopposed.

The Congress president also claimed that they were the party members.

The elections to the panchayat are, however, not fought on party lines as per the Punjab Municipal Act and the major parties, including the Congress and the BJP had not released any official list of candidates.

However, the Congress MP, Mr Pawan Bansal had indicated that the party was supporting candidates in the elections. The BJP had not given any such indication.


Exhibitions, seminars mark World AIDS Day
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
“Men and women suffering from AIDS should be involved in the process of spreading awareness against the disease rather than being shunned and stigmatised by society,” stated Ms Neeru Nanda, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, at a function organised by the State AIDS Control Society at the Government College Sector 46 here today.

Ms Nanda also inaugurated a colourful exhibition of posters made by students of various college and schools of the city and of the various activities being run in collaboration with the city NGOs.

Interacting with the representatives of various NGOs who are running intervention projects in the city, Ms Nanda appreciated their efforts and assured them of the administration’s support.

Dr Rameshwar Chander, Director, Health Services, presented the annual report of the society. Earlier, Dr N.M.Sharma, president of the society, welcomed the guests and students. The college principal, Mr D.P. Singh, thanked the guests and assured that his students and NSS volunteers would always be ready to lend a helping hand for this cause.

Various NGOs and other departments collaborating with the society were also honored on the occasion. Students of the college presented bhajans and vaars.

A host of activities were organised to create awareness on AIDS among students at Government High School, Sector 26, to mark World AIDS Day, here today.

Among the various contests held at the function, inter-class competitions of paper-reading, essay writing, slogan writing and paper reading were organised by the school.

Most of these elicited tremendous response from the students with the essay writing contest with , “AIDS — A problem and its prevention”, as the topic having as many as 40 entries. Poster-making also saw a participation of 25 students on, “Causes of AIDS”, while slogan writing, open to the junior wing of the school, saw 15 entries.

The principal of GHS-30, Ms Vimla Malik, presided over the contest. Earlier, the principal of the school, Ms S. Lamba, welcomed the chief guest. “Classroom teaching on such issues of social importance is sometimes not taken seriously by the students. Organising contests at the school premises is a better way of educating them,” she added.

Earlier, Ms Karuna Kansra, a teacher at the school, spoke to the students on the issue of tackling AIDS. She stressed the need for prevention of AIDS by upholding moral values.

After the function, 150 students participated in a rally organised to create awareness on pulse polio. The rally went through Bapu Dham colony and Police colony.

In another function, as many as 300 students of GMSSS-33 participated in a rally on AIDS awareness which went through the sector, here today. On the occasion, a poster-making contest, a street play and speeches were also held. The NSS unit of the school held a rally on pulse polio awareness. Separate rallies were also organised by students of GSSS-46 and GMHS-37.

A panel discussion was organised to celebrate “World AIDS Day” in Dev Samaj College of Education, Sector 36, here today. Providing the technical aspects of the disease, Additional Professor of Psychiatry Department, Dr Ajit Awasthi, traced the development of the virulent virus.

He added that an estimated four million people in India are affected with AIDS and that the issue could not be solved without active public involvement.

The panelists spoke on different issues of Role of Teacher Educator, role of blood donation, educational institutions, women and society in disseminating information as well as sympathetic treatment of AIDS.

Earlier, a poster-making, slogan writing and essay writing contest was held at the college premises. The results are as follows: Poster-making: Amandeep Kaur, Sunita Bhatia (1), Seema (2), Nivedita (3), Sukhwinder Kaur (consolation).

Slogan-writing: Irwanjeet and Kulwinder Kaur (1), Valuri Indra (2), Damandeep Kaur (3), Kuldeep Kaur (consolation); Essay writing: Anjali Sharma (1), Yogita Gupta (2), Charu Saini (3), Manisha (consolation).

The NSS unit of SGGS College, Sector 26, observed World AIDS Day-2001 at the college campus, here today. Literature related to the disease in form of poster and pamphlets was distributed amongst the students.

While addressing the students, the principal, Mr P.S. Sangha, exhorted the youth to convey the message of safe blood transfusion and safe sex to the vulnerable sections of the society.


A number of NGOs, schools and other educational institutions observed World AIDS Day at different places in the township.

The Environment Society of Haryana organised a seminar “Consequences of neglecting AIDS” at Government College, Panchkula. Dr D.N. Kakar, discussed 24 critical issues pertaining to the routes of transmission. He stressed on the need to control sexually transmitted diseases as these are likely to enhance the spread of AIDS in several parts of India.

The Surya Foundation organised a rally to observe the day. The rally was flagged off from the Sector 10 dispensary. The rally passed through slum and labour colonies before concluding at the Sector 20 construction site. The SMO, Dr Raman Gupta, and the MO of Sector 10 dispensary, Dr Renu Kapoor, were also present.

The Department of Health organised different activities on the occasion. Various schools participated in different activities like ‘prabhat pheris’, road shows, slogan writing, rallies, essay writing and declamation contest.


A flow of talent at Carnival
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
This day at the Leisure Valley, Sector 10, was surely a class apart. With rush to the carnival venue multiplying manifold since yesterday, the entire valley wore a vibrant look. Highlight of the evening was the concert held by the young Suneha Pant from Mumbai, whose claim to fame has something to do with ‘‘Yaadein’ ...the film which had heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead.

The very melodious playback scores in the much-hyped film came from Suneha Pant, who rocked the Leisure Valley with the power of her rhythm today. For once, the sound system and the parking hassle did not mar the spirit of the day, which earlier saw many folk dance performances by troupes from different states.

As for Suneha she sung almost all ‘Yaadein tracks’ — right from ‘Aisa Chham chham chanakti sham hai.... With the evening being taken good care of by the 21-year-old Suneha, who quite like the City Beautiful, the afternoon spirit was kept alive by the various performances by cultural troupes which had been especially called in from Himachal and other states. Among the dances were Himachali Nati, Ladhaki dance, Rajasthani Kalbelia, giddha, bhangra and gatka. Beehu and nachhar also formed a part of the busy day at the Leisure Valley.

The comedy and mimicry show presented by artists of Theatre Age was very well received. The show took off with Kapil Kalyan and Yogesh Negi presenting the mimicry items wherein they displayed a great modulation of voice and body movement. Following mimicry, a comedy ‘Dr Jhatka ke ajeeb jhatke was presented.

The one-minute games were also an instant hit with the audience which tried more hands on the camels than yesterday.


A prayaas to create awareness
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
As many as 150 children participated in a fancy dress competition organised at Prayaas-Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children, Sector 38, here today to mark the World Disabled Week.

Many of these children, who were physically and mentally challenged came from various homes for the handicapped children in the city to participate in the function.

Mr G.K. Marwaha, Secretary, Social Welfare UT was the chief guest on the occasion and apprised the audience of the various facilities available to a disabled person under the Disabilities Act, 1955 and the availability of aids and appliances under the grant scheme of the central government.

A panel discussion followed by a question-hour session on ‘‘Childhood Disability Awareness’’ was also held on the occasion. Dr B.N.S. Walia, former director PGI, Dr Pratibha Singhi, Dr S.S. Gill, Dr Usha Singh and Dr N.K. Panda, from PGI interacted with the parents of disabled children and replied to their queries.

Dr V.K. Kak, former Director Principal GMCH-32 also addressed the audience and insisted that the administration should help Prayaas to achieve its objective by releasing more grants.

Among the children who are visually impaired, Abhishek and Amrinder, got the first prize in the fancy dress competition, Amod and Jaspreet came second while Akhil Sood and Yashpal got the third prize in the same category.

Among the children who are physically handicapped, Prabhjot, Kajol and Ram Lochan got the first prize while Monu, Meena and Devi Lal got the second prize and Maninder Singh and Harpreet got the third prize.

Among the children who are hearing impaired, Meham, Sudhanshu, Monika and Hikmat Ali got the first prize while Kritika, Vasvi and Ashish got the second prize and Manvi, Neha, Ashutosh and Kavita came third.

Among those who are mentally retarded, Ashima, Sharanpreet and Rohit came first while Tanya, Yankee and Neha came second while Akshi, Honey and Lokesh came third.

Earlier, Dr Vidhu Mohan, Honorary Secretary of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, UT, welcomed the guests and the children.


NCC Air Sqn gets training aircraft
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
A microlite aircraft for imparting flying training to cadets has been received by the No 1 Chandigarh NCC Air Squadron.

According to a statement issued here today, training sessions for cadets will be held at the Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation, Pinjore.

The aircraft, a Zen Air CH-701, has been supplied by the Agni Aero Sports Academy, Bangalore. While the squadron’s Commanding Officer, Wg Cdr R. K. Sharma has undergone flying training at Bangalore, a team of engineers is expected to arrive here from Bangalore to assemble the aircraft.

Training operations are expected to commence by mid-December.


Scoring high with low grasp
Tribune News Service

Dr P.S. Jaswal
Dr P.S. Jaswal

The flabbergasted student standing behind a desk looking dumbly at the blank walls around him does not surprise Dr P.S. Jaswal, Professor in Panjab University’s Department of Laws. Even though the student had done “really well” in his graduation, Prof Jaswal knows that interpreting points of law is beyond his competence.

“The number of such sharp-to-follow but not-so-brilliant-to-understand students has increased over the years,” says Prof Jaswal. “And the hapless students are not to be blamed for this entirely. From childhood , they are made to attend tuition classes where they learn the art of following instructions and doing the work, instead of using their own brains to reach the depth of the problem. This was not the case when we were in school.”

Going back in time, he says: “In the early 60’s when we were students, things were different. Dedicated teachers used to teach enthusiastic students different ways of arriving at the right solution, but were against spoon-feeding the children.”

Giving details, he adds: “In the classroom, the teachers used to encourage discussion among the students, helping them to understand and analyse the issues. Be it literature, science or mathematics, the learners were encouraged to apply their minds to the problems and develop their analytical skills. As a result, they could handle questions they were completely unfamiliar with by using the basic principles they were so-well versed with.”

Prof Jaswal clarifies: “Compared to today’s educators, they were more co-operative and ready to lend a hand. You could even walk into their houses for assistance. Such was the relationship between the teacher and the taught.”

Now the situation has undergone a change. “Though we still have dedicated teachers among us, yet a large number of them are not as devoted as they were until some years ago. Little wonder, some of them hardly teach in the class, reducing schools and colleges to institutions meant merely for enrolment. Therefore, the students are forced to take up a number of tuitions.”

The results is there for all to see. “More and more students are now depending upon others to solve problems for them, instead of analysing these and reaching a solution. As a result, we have a large number of good-scoring students with not-so-good analytical skills. Students who know a lot but understand little. This trend needs to be reversed if we want a nation of intellectuals,” he concludes.


Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 1
Mr Karan Chopra has been appointed as general secretary of the District Youth Congress (Urban), Panchkula district by the President, Vijay Kumar Sharma


Tipnis to visit city on Dec 3
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis, is scheduled to arrive at the Chandigarh Air Force Station on December 3 on an official visit. He will be accompanied by Ms Molina Tipnis, President, Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA).

The Air Chief will address all personnel of 12 Wing and 3 Base Repair Depot. 


Workshop for journalists concludes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
On the concluding day of a week-long workshop organised by the Chandigarh Press Club to improve the writing skill of journalists, Mr Sarabjit Pandher, secretary general of the club, said such workshops would go a long way in improving their basic skill. Mr Pandher thanked Mr Peter May, an eminent media expert from the International Institute of Journalism, Berlin, Germany, who delivered useful lectures to trainees and working journalists. Later, Mr Pandher presented a memento and a shawl to Mr May.


North Indian wedding Bollywood style
Sanjeev Singh Bariana

‘Monsoon Wedding’ (Piccadilly) is a beautiful family reunion at a typical North Indian wedding, which is a delicate embroidery of emotions in the classical fabric of the Bollywood art cinema.

There is a strong element of drama, but nothing artificial about it. The script strongly presents the hustle, bustle and noise of a wedding laden with light and tense emotional moments concerning the parents, bride, groom and relatives.

Mira Nair has shown class in dexterously carving out roles with a distinct identity to each character. Music by Mychael Danna requires a special mention although a majority of the songs are tunes borrowed from famous film hits and full of the tempo of Punjabi numbers.

The film has bagged the coveted Golden Lion award, which for India was last bagged by Satyajit Ray for “Aparjto” in 1957.

Naseeruddin Shah is the father of Vasundhara Das who is slated to be married. She, however, is in love with a married man. The man proves to be unfaithful to her. She then agrees to get married to the man selected by her parents, but not without telling the truth about her past to her would-be husband.

The house witnesses the hustle and bustle of the relatives and their children. Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Vasundhara’s uncle, is a happy-go-lucky person. Varsha has an elder cousin who has stayed unmarried. Rajat Kapoor, a greying family benefactor, has come from abroad. The elder sister eyes him suspiciously. Only towards the end she reveals why.

The main story also has a parallel love story of the housemaid and the flower decorator who has come to make tent arrangements for the marriage. Sabrina Dhawan has written the script.

Naseeruddin Shah has given a class performance and is ably supported by his “smoking wife” Lillete Dubey. Rajat Kapoor, Tilotma Shone, Shefali Shetty and Vijay Raaz also have given commendable performances.

‘Ehsaas’ (Batra) is an emotional drama of a father-son relation. But the “too emotional” storyline fails to leave a lasting effect. Despite a commendable screen presentation in parts, the overall package lacks the ingredients of a successful film.

The settings are in the picturesque Goa, but the land has been poorly explored on the camera. Sunil Shetty is a hard taskmaster for his son (Master Miyank). He will only see him a winner on the sports field.

The son cannot love his father for his strict behaviour. He is never sent out with his friends. Neha and Kiron Kher are the neighbouring family. Neha is the widowed daughter-in-law of Kher. She is the bridge between the father and the son and soon begins to love the father. He also loves her, but does not confess.

The son is sure to win the race with his timings, but gets his foot hurt while on a fun-trail with his friends. The hopes of the father are shattered.

The film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and produced by Pravin Shah. The movie also features Sanjay Navrekar and Shivani Satam. Anand Raj Anand has given a rather average musical score.


Deplorable road

The road joining Chandigarh (Sector 41/42) with Mohali (Phase II) near Furniture Market is in a deplorable condition. Pits galore, this stretch is uneven, having broken at many places. This has become a nightmare for vehicle users as tyre puncture of most of the vehicles has become the order of the day.

To make matters worse, there are no street lights on this road. As a result, accidents occur. I request the authorities concerned to not only get this road repaired but also provide street lights in the larger interests of the people and vehicle users.

RAJAN KAMAL, Chandigarh

Telephone complaints

I suggest the telephone authorities to introduce a separate number exclusively for Chandigarh’s senior citizens for lodging complaints on telephones. Many of them live alone in Chandigarh and it is not easy for us to go to a STD booth or to other’s houses to file a complaint about non-working of the telephone. I am 77 years old and I am unable to go out to make a formal complaint to the telephone authorities. I cannot afford to possess a mobile with the humble pension I get. That we have to make repeated requests to the supervisor or lineman concerned to get a telephone repaired even after days and weeks after the registration of the formal complaint is another matter.

The General Manager (Telephones) may please note that the line man in charge of or area (Sector 15 A) does not bring with him the ladder to rectify the problem on the pole. Everytime there is a complaint, he disturbs me since I possess one. Please note that as I am a heart patient, I cannot get up now and then to supply the ladder to the line man. If necessary, a ladder could be procured by the residents by raising the money through donations.

J.K. ANAND, Chandigarh

Dangerous crossing

The authorities concerned should note that there is a dangerous crossing on the route towards Modern Housing Complex, after the petrol pump, on Chandigarh-Panchkula Road. It would be quite safe if a slip road is provided here. Early action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

MUNISH BAHL, Panchkula


Motorcyclist crushed to death
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 1
A motorcyclist was reportedly crushed to death by a truck (HYG-1863) on the National Highway No 22 here this morning. It is learnt that the accident took place near the Military Quarters on the Madhumati Marg. The victim was rushed to the PGI, where he was declared dead. The accused fled away from the spot. The police has registered a case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC.

In another fatal accident, a CRPF jawan was killed when he was run over by a Maruti Van (CH-01J-2373) near CRPF camp in Pinjore yesterday. The victim, Prem Singh, died on the spot. A case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC has been registered.

Theft case: A C.D. player was stolen from the car of Mr Sarvjeet Singh, while it was parked near Gurdwara Nadha Sahib on Friday. A case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered.

Four held:
The local police has arrested four persons from various parts of the city for allegedly consuming liquor at Public places. The accused have been identified as Dhan Bahadur, a resident of Hallomajra, Rajpal, a resident of Bapu Dham Colony, Mangat Ali, a resident of Dadumajra, and Harbans Singh, a resident of Manimajra. Separate cases under the Excise Act have been registered against them.

Suicide case
A resident of Ram Darbar, Shanti Devi, has reported that her 16-year old son, Vinod Kumar, allegedly tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire. He was admitted to the Sector 32 Government Hospital. A case has been registered.

Shops burgled
Three booths in Sector 47 were reportedly burgled on Friday night. According to the police, burglars entered the booths after breaking the rooftop ventilators and stole Rs 25,000 from one booth and about Rs 5,000 each from the other two. Packets of desi ghee, dry fruit and cosmetics were also stolen. The police has registered a case. This is the fourth such incident in the past month.


Student assaulted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 1
A local student was injured after he was reportedly attacked in Sector 15 by several armed persons today. He sustained several injuries and was admitted to the PGI. Police sources say an ongoing dispute among the students had led to the fracas today.

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