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Monday, December 3, 2001

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Check the cyberloafer

Several companies make it clear that employees may use resources in off-hours like lunch break for whatever they want, apart from what is illegal. E-mailing is allowed, but employees are told not to clutter servers with stored mail, and not to download attachments without scanning for virus. Most employees would accept such restrictions happily, if they are made clear beforehand, says Kuljit Bains.


China's e-generation explores cyberspace
Gan Yuanyuan
EEP in a narrow lane near a bustling business street in southern Beijing is a small, unpretentious shop. With its entrance covered by thick curtains, the shop can be easily ignored by passers-by. But for the signboard which simply reads Wangba —Internet Bar, no one can tell what service it offers.

Physically challenged yet computer enabler
Peeyush Agnihotri
TRENGTH does not come from physical capability. It comes from an indomitable will. Ever since he was born, life has certainly not been a cakewalk for Ritesh Sinha (27), a physically challenged man. Still the will in him found its way and this man who suffers from a severe brain disorder runs a computer institute affiliated to National Open School.

IT means more paperwork
John Naughton
UMILITY is the best policy for technological forecasters. If you doubt that, remember those confident predictions of 30 years ago about the imminent arrival of the 'paperless office'. The advent of ubiquitous computing in the workplace would, we were assured, wean us off our centuries-old addiction to squeezing vegetable dyes onto processed wood pulp.

How about being a quality controller?
Sumesh Raizada
N today’s competitive world, quality is a key word in every industry, whether pharmaceutical, automobile, electronics or heavy engineering. Globalisation of economy has further led to fierce competition among the suppliers, as there is a free movement of foreign goods in domestic market and wide export prospect for domestic products. 

Layoffs have telling effect on e-commerce
Mahesh Paramjit Kumar and Vinay Garg
LECTRONIC commerce is the buzzword of the town. The term is better abbreviated as e-commerce. Its discussion is no longer confined to board meetings and stock news; rather it is more talked about by aware consumers and learned citizens. Simply stated, electronic commerce is concerned with buying and selling of products over the Internet.

High colour 16-bit option is better
Vipul Verma
HE rapid changes in the world of technology and introduction of more user-friendly programs and operating systems has made a PC very powerful. However, like the fast changing technology the ageing of computer, both in terms of technology as well as performance, is a big concern for the computer users. Ageing of computers due to deteriorating performance can very well be checked and taken care of.

Microsoft hopeful on Xbox
ICROSOFT Corp hopes to sell 1.5 million of its new Xbox video game consoles in the first three months after its planned March 14, 2002, European launch, a senior company official said last week.

AMD launches processor
MD announced a new desktop processor for the mainstream PC market, the 1.2GHz AMD Duron (TM) processor, offering best-in-class performance on digital photo, audio and Internet applications.

Reliable & free! It has to be Apache!
Nakul Goyal
EB servers come in various shapes and sizes. They run under a variety of operating systems, have varying levels of power and complexity, and range in price from rather expensive to free. One of them is Apache.

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