Saturday, December 8, 2001  

Magnificent masonry tanks of yore
People living in the Thar desert, including the large sandy region of south-western Haryana, used pucca talaabs or masonry tanks for storing water. People in this region were aware that runoff rainwater collected in a depression or a natural pond could not last long and evaporated during the long and extremely hot summer months, writes Ranbir Singh

Reviving a dying tradition
by S.P. Sharma
FFORTS are being made by non-government organisations to give a new lease of life to the dying tradition of embroidering Chamba rumaals, following the failure of the state government to do so.

The valiant Dogra who saved the ‘paradise on earth’
by S.S. Chib
OGRAS have been counted among the most ferocious warriors all over the world. One such quiet, unassuming, and dedicated Dogra soldier was Brigadier Rajinder Singh Jamwal, who by "his personal example, leadership of high order," indomitable courage and unflinching loyalty to his ruler laid down his life in the wee hours of October 27, 1947, and saved the "paradise on earth" from being grabbed by Pakistan.