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Monday, December 10, 2001
Dr Tribune

Q. I have a Celeron 856 MHz with 40 GB, 256 RAM. I am facing a problem that when I open MS Word 2000, My Computer shows that there is insufficient memory and asks: "Do you want to store rescued documents. I think that my word gets corrupt when I uninstall Office 2000 as this is the same case with Excel. I cannot open the files that I had created earlier. Now the problem that is occurring is when I insert Office 2000 CD, my computer show me the message "there is internal error 2889 and hence the installation cannot be done." Also it shows script files step-ins are corrupt. My computer is now without office Please tell me the way out.

Er. Rajdeep Singh

A. This error occurs if your computer is infected with the W32.Nimda.A@mm virus. This is a deadly virus and would need immediate attention from your side. Please run the latest anti-virus software with the latest signature files after clean booting your system and try to locate and kill this virus. Now search your computer for a copy of the Riched20.dll file on your computer, on finding this file rename it to Riched20.old, and then in Windows Explorer, open the Msi folder on your Office 2000 CD ROM and then double-click Instmsi.exe. Now click OK to the message that advises you that the Windows Installer installed successfully. This will solve your problem.


Q. I have P III (750 MHz) processor, 40 GB HDD, Azza 810 Motherboard with
onboard graphics and sound cards. I have installed Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows Me on first three consecutive partitions, respectively. I had installed Linux operating system on the last partition of size1 GB a few weeks ago. Now I want to uninstall it and make this partition an extended DOS partition again. Does this mean that I would have to reformat the whole hard drive? This may cause a big loss to me as I have plenty of data on my HDD. Please suggest me someway to do this without losing my data.

Nitesh Gautam, Hoshiarpur

A. You need not format the whole hard disk and can easily format only the partition having the Linux installed and can create an extended DOS partition by using specialised software like partition magic. However, before you attempt to alter your partitions it is strongly advisable that you take the back up of your necessary data.

Q. I have Celeron 650 MHz PC with 64 MB RAM, 30 GB HDD and a RITCOMP serial mouse. My problem is that the mouse often hangs while working. During booting I have to move the mouse frequently so that the computer may detect it. Also while working, the mouse is clicked automatically without the touch of the finger. When I saw the hardware profiles in the system properties, the mouse was not shown there. This is my second mouse. Before this I had a TVS PS/2 port mouse. It also functioned in the same manner. Do I have a problem in the mouse or is my Windows corrupt? Should I reinstall Windows? Please help me.

Manish Bansal, Samana.

A. You need not move mouse frequently while booting for your computer to detect it. The Computer would not detect it from the movement of the mouse, but will detect it from the driver. Regarding your problem of system hanging and self-clicking, I suggest that you use the correct version of mouse driver specially if it is a scroll mouse. Normally, these types of errors are common in the scrolling mouse and occur due to incompatible driver.

Q. I have an assembled PC with configurations P III, 700 MHz, Win '98, Intel 810 chipset, Azza motherboard. I use Outlook Express since last 2 years with account connection of Satyam. Since past 2 months I have not been able to send mails though I am able to receive it. The error message that I get is as under:

"Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'imap.satyam.net.in', Server: 'mail.satyam.net.in', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F." Kindly suggest how to solve this problem.

Singh, Jalandhar

A. This problem could be due to Norton anti-virus or another anti-virus package that incorporates e-mail scanning? Normally this problem could occur because it takes a lot of time to scan the messages using any anti-virus program. Simply disable Norton Anti-virus or any other virus-scanning program, which you might be using for solving your problem.

Q. I have a Pentium 700 MHz with 256 MB RAM, Intel 810 motherboard and Connexant (Rockwell) internal modem working on Windows '98 as operating system. Once I connect to the Internet, I am able to surf at a good speed without any trouble for a period of about 3 minutes after which I get disconnected and am asked whether to reconnect or not. After reconnecting again, the same problem occurs. This occurs with most ISP connections (mantra, comeconnect, Satyam). The telephone line is secure to the best of my knowledge and the extra modem setting is S10=50. Please help.


A. In your case since you have categorically stated that the telephone line condition in your case is good. So the possible reason for the problem of disconnection could be inappropriate modem driver- the use of old drivers may cause the line disconnection. Second, if you have call waiting activated then this could also be a possible cause of the problem. Try deactivating the call waiting option. Other possible reasons could be extensions on your telephone line - try to minimise them. Try changing your internal telephone line. There could be many more reasons for this kind of problem such as poor line condition, distance from your telephone service operator, poor services of telecom operator in terms of outdated analog exchange, improper modem setting in terms of inappropriate modem driver, fault with the modem, noise or other disturbance such as humming sound in the telephone line, loose sockets etc. Please take into consideration of these points also and I am sure this will solve your problem.

Q. I have an assembled computer with the following configuration:

Pentium-III, 866 MHz, 40GB HDD and Windows '98 as operating system. I am having some problems and I hope you will kindly solve:

(i) While working on computer, my computer hangs after sometime and I have to press Ctrl.+ Alt+ Del to restart my computer. All unsaved information thus gets deleted? Please tell me a solution for this.

(ii) I want to download software on English to English/Hindi dictionary from the Internet. Please inform me about such sites.

(iii) Is there any site through which one can download MP3 songs in very less time without using Real player?

Amit Mehta, Jalandhar.

A. In order to solve your problem, you must first run scandisk in thorough mode as this will not just solve your hard disk problem, which could be the cause of hanging of your system, but it also check the physical health of your hard disk in terms of bad sectors and other problems. After running hard disk, if you find that there are bad sectors on your hard disk, then you can attribute this problem to bad sectors. However, if you are lucky enough not to find bad sectors on your hard disk, then you should run defrag. This can also take care of your hanging problem if these are run after scandisk. Most likely this will solve your problem. However, if it does not solve your problem, try reinstalling Windows again. However, if the problem still persists, then you must consult your hardware vendor for any possibilities of problem with the motherboard and other hardware. Regarding your second query, following are the sites for Hindi/English dictionaries www.hindunet.org/puja/english_to_hindi_dictionary.htm, www3.aa.tufs.ac.jp/~kmach/hnd_la-e.htm, www.databank.oxydex.com/

Regarding your third query, MP3 files are normally quite big and you do not need Real player to download them as real player is used to listen MP3 and Real audio and video etc. files. I am not aware of ways to download MP3 songs to the computer faster. However there are software available, which can convert your downloaded real audio files to MP3 files. This could be a possible solution to your problem. As you can download the smaller files in the form of Real Audio, these files are normally 20 per cent of the size of the MP3 files and using software like ripper you can convert these real audio files to MP3 files.

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