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Monday, December 10, 2001
Downloads of the week


TaskZip is a system agent that will automatically archive specified files and folders into a single zip file (pkzip compatible format). You can backup across a network, from computer to computer, or even to a zip or jazz drive. You can create and schedule an unlimited number of backup jobs, each containing as many folders or files as you want (up to 2 GB). TaskZip has a simple, step-by-step wizard to guide you through selecting files or folders, backup locations and backup scheduling. The programís scheduler can run backups at any time and you can set recurring schedules for running daily, weekly or monthly backups. For each backup job, you can even maintain up to 99 older backup copies of each zip archive file. You can password protect the zip file archives. When data loss occurs, you can highlight a backup job and with the click of a button, bring up your default windows zip shell (Winzip, Enzip, Freezip, etc.) to restore the corrupt files. You can also forego compression and just backup files and folders directly. TaskZip requires the following ó Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Win ME, at least 16 MB RAM but can get by with less and a Pentium or better. For restoring parts of a backed-up zip file, you should have one of the following zip shells, or equivalent: Winzip, EnZip, Freezip, Power Archiver or Zip Central. TaskZip will automatically setup a shortcut in your startup folder so that every time you reboot, TaskZip will run automatically as a reboot is forced once installation is complete. If you have shutdown TaskZip, you can always go to the Start | Programs | TaskZip folder to select and run TaskZip manually. When you first run TaskZip, it has no backup jobs defined. You will need to define backup jobs to execute. By clicking the TaskZip icon in the system tray a popup menu will appear. You can either select "Exit TaskZip" to shut the application down, or "Schedule Backup Jobs" to bring up the Scheduled Backup Jobs dialog box. A preferences option is available in which you can specify your personal preferences for the tasks. Download from http://jupiter.drw.net/matpie/Downloads/TZipSource.zip


WorldFlash Gold v1.0

This is an online desktop news ticker. Running this is just like watching headline news on your computer. Not just news, but the news that you want. This terrific ticker scrolls relevant news stories, stock quotes, weather reports, sports scores, and more. If you donít want any more screen real estate supplanted, simply minimise it to the taskbar until you feel like viewing it again. The interface allows you to move sources from active to inactive quickly and easily. The first time WorldFlash runs, it will take a few minutes to update its internal databases. Also, you may be asked for your e-mail password. This is so that WorldFlash can check for your incoming e-mail messages and display them in a scrolling pane. If you prefer not to use this feature, just hit Cancel. You can always configure your e-mail service at a later time. You can use the mouse to pick up the toolbar and move it to a "docked" position at the top or bottom of your screen. You can also resize the window. WorldFlash remembers your window position and size for the next time you start up the program. You can also pick up the WorldFlash Icon and place it on the left or right side of the window, if you prefer. If you choose the Browse Headlines right-button menu option, or click on the "news" mini-icon on the toolbar, WorldFlash will create a list of all currently scrolling headlines and display it on your Internet browser. You can mark some headlines for later viewing. Marked-for-later headlines have a portly blue checkmark at the end. You can also automatically mark-for-later any headlines that have your keywords or phrases in them. When you are ready to view your marked headlines, just right-click for the menu and choose View Marked Headlines. Another convenient way to mark your headlines is to "hold still" the headline with the mouse for about 3 seconds. The blue checkmark will appear at the end, indicating that this headline can be viewed later. The News headlines page lets you set up your preferred information services. You can choose to enable as many or as few of these "extra" news sources as you wish. This list will change every now and then, as news services are added or removed. The news sources that are active (i.e. visible) in your ticker are listed on the left, and the inactive ones are listed on the right. The Change Order page lets you set the order in which news headlines from different news sources will appear. You can select individual news sources and move them up and down in the list. You may also set your preferences for your General News categories: International, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Health. You can choose as many of these categories for the main news ticker as you want. Best of all you even have the choice of two Indian newspapers as your source .Grab this utility from www.worldflash.com/WorldFlash_Installer.exe


MegaView is an image and multimedia-viewing solution, which provides the tools required to view and maintain your multimedia collection. It supports all common image formats, such as JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF and BMP, Video files, such as AVI and MPEG, sound files, such as MP3 and WAV, as well as Office formats, Adobe Acrobat, text and HTML files. It boasts of an advanced thumbnail display, printing and exporting functionality, including the ability to create thumbnail sheets and text file description lists. The HTML Creation Wizard allows you to rapidly create Websites with image indexes allowing you to browse your images with a Web browser or publish them to the Internet. The Watch Folder function automatically displays files when saved to a specified folder by another application, such as a newsgroup downloader. The Slideshow feature allows you to display files in standard or random order (optionally with background music and transition effects). It has a multishow feature that simultaneously displays multiple images in a slideshow. It even allows you to add a text description to your files. Files can be launched into new windows, and new windows toggled through with a single key. Files can be bookmarked for later viewing or saving as a file collection. It has a feature that allows forwarding of files via e-mail with auto-convert and resize options for faster sending. You can find it here www.xequte.com

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