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Monday, December 10, 2001

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After seeing & hearing, try talking to Website
by Munish Jauhar
MAGINE dialling into your favourite portal and asking, "What’s the current price for Share A?" The portal responds: "Share-A at 11:45 a.m. is trading at Rs.2,349, with a day high of Rs. 2,444 and a day low of Rs.2,311." Or imagine checking individual movie timings and show listings, searching for specific items in the bank statement, and having the latest e-mail read to you as you drive to work.


The secret of e-success
by Purva Kansal
OT.COMS with strategies gone awry went bust. A lot of them closed down while a few are still doing a roaring business. Especially so in the case of commercial portals that were in the cyber world to hard sell some product or service. Some survived, others perished.

India to enter China via Singapore
by Rosemary Arackaparambil
NDIAN IT companies can use Singapore as a gateway to enter the Chinese market, relying on the island state’s profound cultural links to both China and India to ease communication and grease the wheels of business, speakers at a venture capital seminar said last week.

Delhi girl in cyber ‘match-fixing’
by Peeyush Agnihotri
BACHELOR is a man who comes to work each morning from a different direction, Sholom Aleichem, a Russian author, once said. And the Internet is giving bachelors enough leverage to date and get 'attached.' Probably this is what prompted a New Delhi girl, Anju Gulati, now an NRI living in Washington D.C. area, to create Singlesburg.com, a portal for bachelors and singles.

Anju Gulati

BIOS contains codes to control PC
by Vipul Verma
N the jargon of computer words, BIOS is one such term, which is commonly used but hardly ever discussed. However it is that basic component of the computer system without which a PC cannot start. Thus it is as important as any other hardware component like motherboard, RAM, hard disk and CPU though all hardware components mentioned above are very important and also critical for the computer.

CCIE can configure networks
by Sumesh Raizada
OWADAYS personal computers or PCs, are used in banks, manufacturing shop floors, architecture, transport, sales and distribution and various government departments like Post and Telegraph, Railways, Revenue, etc. As the number of PC users in an office, department, factory or a company increased, need for interconnecting the computers so that the data may be shared among them arose.

Challenges centre on call centres
by Rahul Chaba
HE call centre opportunity is right here knocking at the doors of India. The call centre industry the world over is growing at a feverish pace. Global teleservice outsourcing trends paint a rosy picture, providing the much-needed basis for the rosy projections and predictions that have been made about the future of call centre industry in India.

Linux summit @ Bangalore
by Frederick Noronha
T is being billed as one of the most ambitious GNU/Linux event of its kind and is being staged in Bangalore, the South Indian city considered the ‘Silicon Valley’ of this country. Volunteer-organisers of the ‘Linux Bangalore-2001’ are already confidently promising that the three-day conference will cover a very wide canvas on understanding and using Linux.

The ‘unbreakable’ by Oracle
RACLE Corporation announced Oracle9i Application Server Release 2 (Oracle9iAS Release 2) last week. The latest release of the market’s fastest growing application server includes advanced clustering, caching and availability features that combined provide high levels of reliability and enable customers to achieve no single point of failure in their multi-tier deployment.

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Comparing JavaScript with Java
Review by Amit Bakshi
AVASCRIPT BIBLE covers client-side and server-side scripting features of JavaScript but the frame of reference throughout is from Netscape's implementation of the language.

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