Saturday, December 15, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Has Dalmiya been caught at silly point?

THE article by L.H. Naqvi "Caught at silly point" (December 1) rightly points out that Dalmiya has compromised on the self-respect of our cricketers. India should have paid a penalty instead of eating humble pie. To avoid paying a penalty there were numerous options like playing the third Test with remaining players and going through the motions of the match without an appeal or without scoring a run.

Dalmiya behaved like a coward giving brave statements and then going back on his words.



The power of self destruction

Apropos of Khushwant Singh’s "The power of self destruction" (December 1). Burning of refuse, accumulation of garbage, smoke emanating from mills, heat generated in factories, cars and trucks, all pollute the air which causes respiratory diseases, lung infections and also cancer.

Discharge of industrial effluent, human waste and other garbage pollutes the waters of ponds, rivers and seas. Waters in most of India’s seaports are filthy and oily owing to ship and cargo movement. Besides corrosion of metal and erosion of earth, water pollution is a major cause of the spread of dangerous diseases like cholera typhoid, jaundice, hepatitis and skin disorders.

Fishermen depend on seas and rivers for their livelihood. Poisonous chemicals in rivers and seas either kill the fish or make them hazardous for consumption. Sheep graze on the banks of polluted rivers where the grass absorbs the poisonous substances from the water. The same is the case with vegetable and plants. The milk of buffaloes and cows who eat the grass is also polluted.

The crusade against pollution requires greater public and media support backed by law. If we are to move towards a cleaner and safer world then let us pledge that in our individual capacity and in however a small a way, we will try to make our Earth a safe, cleaner and healthier place to live.


Politician-bureaucrat nexus

This refers to M.S. Unnikrishnan’s article "Sports a sport for politicians, bureaucrats" (November 24). The writer has highlighted the good and ill-effects of the vice-like grip of politicians and bureaucrats over Indian sports. Generally, the negative points outnumber the positive ones. They only want to be in the limelight and above all to accompany the terms abroad at the expense of the exchequer. To enable sportsmen to achieve excellence is never on their minds. That is why India, a country of a hundred crore people, is unable to win even a single gold medal in the Olympics.

It is very difficult to free sports from the clutches of politicians and bureaucrats.

Politicians and bureaucrats conveniently forget that gone are the days when not winning or losing but participation in games and sports was considered important. They do not realise that nowadays winning is more important. Consequently they flourish and sports rot.


Akbar Ilahabadi

This refers to Khushwant Singh’s write-up "An evening with Akbar Ilahabadi" (November 24).

Despite being a judicial officer dealing with cases having nothing to do with literature, Akbar was an unrivalled poet of humour and satire.

He was against western education, which, according to him, was destroying Indian culture and making the young boys insolent.

In fact, in his verses he held persons who committed follies, irrespective of their status, their actions and manners, up to ridicule. Yet he strictly avoided vulgarism. He couched verses in a refined language embellished with felicitous phrases, suitable similes and well-turned rhymes.


Dev Anand

This refers to Anusha Sameer Gill’s interview with Dev Anand "If you don’t dream, you don’t achieve" (November 17). Dev Anand is an evergreen personality in the world of Indian cinema where he has become a legend in his own life time. Even at the age of 78, he is brimming with youthful spirit and amazing energy. He earned his name and fame by hardwork, dedication, commitment to set a new trend every time. His quality of effortless delivery is superb and unparalleled. His is genius and a born artist. The secret of his success is that he made memorable movies to cater to the taste of every section of society.

He has a unique style which made him a household name. He took every new film as a sort of challenge and took extraordinary pains to make it interesting. As a professional he has never been selfish. He has always tried to give chance to freshers and introduced new faces in his films. Actresses like Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, Tina Munim owe their success in films to him.