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Paid parking in sectors 17, 8 from next year
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
Parking of vehicles in Sectors 17 and 8 will undergo a change from next year. Paid parking will be introduced under three categories of parking arranged in the city’s main shopping piazza in Sector 17 as well as along the Madhya Marg in sector 8.


* Rs 2 for a car up to 4 hours

* Rs 5 for a car for the entire day.

* Rs 1 for two-wheelers up to 4 hours

* Rs 2 for two-Wheelers for the entire day

* No passes to be valid for the entire day

* 10 per cent of space to be allocated for free parking

* Monthly pass to cost Rs 50 for car 

The first among three categories are paid, which means obtaining a ticket on arrival at the parking lot. The other is a monthly pass under which the owner of the vehicle will pay a monthly sum to gain entry and exit as many times as he or she desires. There will also be provision for free parking. Free parking will be on first-come-first-served basis and will comprise about 10 per cent of the entire parking space.

In a single day about 30,000 cars enter or exit the Sector 17 commercial area. A same number of two-wheelers also come. In Sector 8 the number of cars is about 10,000 in a single day. The free parking space will be ten per cent of the area allotted and not on the basis on number of vehicles, according to Mr Satya Pal one of the members of the group of contractors who have bid for the parking lot after paying Rs 1.16 crore annually.

In the category of paid parking a car or a two-wheeler can be park either for a period up to four hours or for the entire day. Sector 17 will be divided in five zones while Sector 8 will have two zones. Free parking and monthly pass- holders will be given specific slots. For example pass-holders like office-goers will be in less important areas. Prime slots will be those in front of Neelam Cinema. Contractors have applied for space to open an office in Sector 17 from where the monthly passes will be sold. On at least five entry and exit points in Sector 17, there is a plan to have computers, which will calculate the exact payment due against the vehicle.


Rain ends dry spell in city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
The city and its vicinity received the season’s first rainfall today, ending the long dry spell. According to the local met office, the city received 6 mm rain today, which resulted in the mercury plunging seven degrees below normal. The maximum day temperature was recorded at 15.8 degrees Celsius today, about four degrees lower than yesterday. The rainfall so far in this season is severely deficient as the mean rainfall till December 15 is stated to be 34.7 mm.

While the weatherman had predicted mainly clear skies for today, it remained generally cloudy throughout the day. While there was a trace of rain in the wee hours, intermittent showers were experienced during mid-morning.

A large number of morning commuters were caught in the rain.


Speed limits renotified
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 15
Depending upon the volume of traffic being handled by a particular road, the local administration has renotified the speed limits — varying between 40 and 55 kmph. The speed limits for two wheelers, which had not been included in the earlier notification, have now been prescribed. An official of the traffic wing of Ropar police said after acquiring two speed guns, the local administration had been requested to notify the speed limits. Earlier, the speed limits notified varied between 30 and 65 kmph.

The local civic body was yet to heed to the request of the police to display boards of speed limits. A personnel of the traffic wing said the notified speed limits display boards were either missing or were damaged at some places. At some places the different speed limits for two wheelers, light and heavy vehicles were not separately displayed. When the traffic police starts a drive to challan over speeding drivers, some of the motorists complain that there were no signboards to make them aware the speed limits on the roads.

The ASP, SAS Nagar, Ms Kalpana Nayak D, said for roads with central verge, the speed limit for heavy transport vehicles, Light transport vehicle and two wheeler was 50 kmph, 55 kmph and 45 kmph, respectively. In case of road without the central verge, the speed limits for heavy and light transport vehicles were 45 and 50 kmph, respectively. For two-wheelers the speed limit was 40 kmph.

The no-overtaking zones notified by the administration were Phase 1 octroi post to Franco hotel; Phase 7 traffic lights to Phase 3 and 5 traffic lights; Phase 6 traffic lights to MOI factory in Industrial Area; Phase 6 barrier to Balongi chowk and from Phase 7 and 8 traffic lights to Phase 9 and 10 traffic lights (near Punjab School Education Board complex). The ban on no-overtaking zone will remain in force from 8.30 am to 10 am and from 4.30 to 6 pm.


Id namaz timings
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 15
The Imam of Jama Masjid in Sector 20, Maulana Mohammed Ajmal Khan, has announced that the Id-ul-Fitr namaz ‘ will be offered from 9 am to 9.45 am at different mosques in and around the city.

According to a press note issued here today, the namaj will be offered at the Jama Masjid in Sector 20-A at 9 am, Noorani Masjid in Sector 26 at 9.45 am, Manimajra Idgah at 9.30 am, Dhanas Faridi Masjid at 9.15 am, Jama Masjid, Sector 21 in Panchkula at 9.30 am, the Masjid in Sector 31 at 9.30 am, Jama Masjid in Baltana at 9.45 am, SAS Nagar, Phase XI, at 9.30 am, Batela in Sector 42 at 9.30 am and Sabri Masjid in Sector 45 at 9.45 am.


A star-studded family drama
Sanjeev Singh Bariana

‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ (Piccadily and KC; and Suraj (Panchkula) is a necklace of beautiful pearls of family emotions which somehow fails to present a unified copy of art due to poor assembly. The over-sized length (three hours and 45 minutes) takes away some shine from a hearted attempt by the ‘glorious’ cast of Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Jaya Bachchan.

Shah Rukh Khan stands out with his performances even while pitted against a heavy cast. Bachchan with his heavy voice to suit a royal family head has made a brave attempt at sustaining the weight of a story with loose ends. ‘The story about loving your parents’ has appreciable scenic settings and a worth mentioning camerawork by Kiran Deohans.

Family settings have become very frequent in Bollywood for the past few years. The stories have a very predictable progress of action. Karan Johar has added only different colours to present a new look to this Bollywood presentation.

One beauty of the script is work on certain scenes, which beautifully touch the emotional chords in progress of the family drama where Jaya Bachchan has lent a very powerful performance.

Amitabh Bachchan heads an extremely rich business family. His loving son Hrithik Roshan has just returned home from his hostel when he overhears his grandmother making a mention of his brother Khan having left the home 10 years ago.

Hrithik follows him to London and traces the family. Khan had to leave the family because he married Kajol (a poor girl) against Bachchan’s wishes. Khan was an adopted son of the Bachchan family, which is hurled, to his face by his father when he marries Kajol.

Hrithik leaves for London to get his brother back. He manages a part-time guest facility at his brother’s house. Kareena, the younger sister of Kajol, agrees to assist Hrithik.

The film has been produced by Yash Johar and Dharma Productions.. Jatin Lalit, Sandesh Sandilya and Adesh Srivastava have composed the music. Karan has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues.

The supporting cast also features Farida Jalal, Sushma Seth, Johny Lever and Sashikala.


Dearer tickets sans logic
Nishikant Dwivedi

Chandigarh, December 15
The film ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi Gam’ has been a costly proposition for viewers. The ticket cost Rs 10 more than the normal cost of Rs 25. The logic of cinema authorities is that the film is long and has cost them more.

These cinema owners never care to lower the prices of tickets of English films half the duration of an average Hindi film, which also has a lower reel cost. The evasive statements of theatre owners is contradictory and the logic of pricing is vague, but that is how it has been all this while, simply because even the Administration finds it hard to stand up to the pressure exerted by the cinema owners’ lobby.

It is the average citizen who has to suffer. If overpricing of tickets of ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi gam’ is any indication, cine-buffs must bear the brunt just because a producer has had to spend some crores extra on the film. Most cinegoers are wary of paying for a facility they enjoy as a right, but they see no help, as the UT Administration, instead of pulling up the cinema owners on this issue, chooses to cave in.

In case of this film, it has been argued that cinema prints have cost the hall owners more and ticket prices have been raised to recover the same. Residents are vocal over this attitude of cinema owners. Says Mr Akshey Jain, an advocate, ‘‘Cinema owners are great speculators. They have bought the film at a higher price to build up their own purse. That does not mean the Administration should allow such unjustifiable hikes to go on.”

For the second time, the first being ‘Mohabbatein’ prices of tickets have been raised on the pretext that the film in question is longer in length and the film print has cost more to cinema owners. If this logic is anything to go by, it should also be applied when cinema owners purchase low-priced film reels and also when the film is of a significantly small duration than average Hindi feature films. In such cases, the price of tickets should be lower than normal rates.

Reel prices of most of adult English movies often shown in city cinema halls is quite low. These movies or as a matter of fact, most of the English movies are quite smaller in length, about two hours, than Hindi movies.

Some cinegoers argue that if cinema hall owners have paid more to buy the rights to show the movie, then at the same time they are collecting more in advance booking. “Does this not mean that they reclaim their investment on the reel much earlier than the normal movies”, asks Mr Rakesh Sharma.


A date with dazzling chrysanthemums
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
The call of flowers is hard to refuse. That explains why rain could not keep the flower lovers away from the dressed up Terraced Garden for long. Shining with dazzling chrysanthemums which form a part of the 15th annual Chrysanthemum Show inaugurated today, the Sector 33 garden is bearing a near-celestial look. Over 200 varieties of chrysanthemums arranged in about 10,000 pots beckoned the passers by so strongly that despite heavy rain all this day, people accepted the invitation of flowers. There was a great rush of children, who used their umbrellas to ward off the cold drops of rain.

Something about  chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum belongs to the family “Composiate”. With origins in China over 2000 years ago, it was developed and improved upon in Japan. Chrysanthemum, also known as “the Queen of East”, is called guldaodi in Hindi. It is highly versatile, accommodating, ornamental and boasts of a wide range of type, size and colours. It is also responsive to different horticultural manipulations. 

Sustained efforts that have gone into making this show a success reflected in the various layout patterns which the flowers follow throughout the garden. Organised by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh, the show was opened today by the Adviser to UT Administrator, Ms Neeru Nanda, who spoke very high of the beautiful flower beds, as also the displayed varieties. The MCC had started preparing for this rare show way back in June, Talking to The Tribune, Mr Raghbir Singh, XEN, Horticulture said, “The idea was to plan things in such a way that the opening of the show coincided with the flowering season.”

Under Mr Raghbir Singh’s guidance, the MCC has decorated the garden beds with flowers like salvia, allysum, marigolds and varbena. The musical fountain has also been especially installed to compliment the beautiful ambience. Special panels have also been erected right at the entrance to the garden. They bear photographs depicting different varieties of chrysanthemum. Topiary figures are another added attraction.

The show, which has always received a huge response from the residents, will go on till December 17. The competition of chrysanthemums grown in pots was held yesterday, in which, government and semi-government bodies, institutions and nurseries of CITCO, Chandigarh Housing Board, PGI, Punjab Warehousing Corporation, IMT, AG Punjab and Haryana participated. The amateur growers also competed in separate groups.

While inaugurating the show, Ms Nanda talked to gardeners and gave away sweets to workers who laboured to make the show a success. Tomorrow at 3.30 pm the UT Finance Secretary, Mr Karan A.Singh, will give away prizes to winners of different categories of Chrysanthemum Show contest. Also present at the garden today were the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Ms Harjinder Kaur, the Municipal Commissioner, Mr M.P. Singh, the Chief Engineer, Mr Manmohanjit Singh, the Chief Architect, Mr. Sarabjit Singh and the Director Environment, Mr Ishwar Singh.

Results of the 15th annual chrysanthemum show (in order of merit): Class A: Artistic arrangement (amateurs): Virinder Sharma, Virinder Sharma, Ravinder Kaur. Class B: Artistic arrangement (institutions): CHB, Regional Institute of Cooperative Management, Sector 32, Mount View. Class C: Incurved chrysanthemums: SC Rajpal, Virinder Sharma, Virinder Sharma; incurving chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Virinder Sharma, Ravinder Kaur; reflexed chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Virinder Sharma, Baba Sapru Singh; spider chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Ravinder Kaur, Virinder Sharma; anemone chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Rajkumar Yadav, Virinder Sharma; korean chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Virinder Sharma, Shiv Prasad Maurya; pompon chrysanthemums: Virinder Sharma, Rajkumar Yadav, Baba Sarup Singh; button chrysanthemums: Gerogina Roy, Ramesh Kaur, Gerogina Roy; spoon chrysanthemums: Shiv Prasad Maurya, Virinder Sharma, Georgina Roy; decorative chrysanthemums: all three prizes went to Virinder Sharma; and collection of four different varieties of chrysanthemums: all three prizes again went to Virinder Sharma.


Single window banking”
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
The Chief General Manager of State Bank of India, Mr Rajendra Kakker, today launched “single window banking” at the Sector 17 branch of the bank.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kakker said the addition of the single window concept was for the convenience of the bank’s NRI customers who were accustomed to similar services from foreign banks. The customer would no longer be required to move from one counter to the other and all types of his banking needs would be transacted at one point. This innovative service would facilitate the NRIs calling from abroad who would be able to execute all their banking needs promptly. He said this was the second branch after the NRI Mumbai branch to make these services available These services had also been introduced at the bank’s Nawanshahr branch. The bank planned to extend similar services at all intensive branches in a phased manner.

Mr C.L. Sethi, Deputy General Manager, Punjab, said a consolidated account statement and instant renewals would be provided to customers at this branch . The NRI, Chandigarh branch of the bank, had also been identified as the first branch of the circle where internet banking services would be available shortly.


Xmas goodies dot markets
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 15
For anxious eyes searching for Christmas presents, departmental stores all over the city are full of glittering stars shining under the dazzelling lights. This is not all. The shops are also decked up with alluring jingle bells, mistletoe, streamers, attractive greeting cards and other decoration items for the occasion.

Even though the festival is still 10 days away, the excitement among the shoppers is evident. They can be seen looking for aromatic candles and cut-outs of Santa Claus on thermocol sheets, besides masks. Santa’s attire and masks are available for Rs 1,000. Complete readymade Santa Claus outfit can be had by dishing out Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,500. Dry fruits and nuts are also on display at the shops for preparing traditional dishes for the day.

The owners are also offering discount on the purchase of cards and gifts. Cheerful cards, along with gift items wrapped in shining papers, are also being offered. The hot favourites, however, still remain decorated Christmas tree to be installed at a prominent places in home. Although it is now a firmly established tradition, the Christmas tree was first popularised by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, who introduced the custom from his native country, Germany, in 1840.

Aware or unaware of the history, the residents are buying the trees available in different sizes ranging from one foot to more than six feet. A tree with an average height of one to two feet can be purchased for Rs 150 to Rs 300. If you want to buy a tree that is more than three feet you will have to pay Rs 300 per foot. Some of the enthusiastic residents are also decorating their houses with evergreens, or by placing a wreath of holly on the front door.

Others are getting ready to prepare traditional food, including sweet mince pies, rich Christmas cakes, besides Christmas puddings. The dishes will be full of nuts, dried fruits and brandy.

The Christmas season, assert shopkeepers, starts from December 6 and continues till January 6.


Food fresh from the sea
Harvinder Khetal
Tribune News Service

The fact that we are nowhere near the sea, does not mean that Chandigarhians should be denied the luxury of having good seafood.

For those who have a taste for that special fish with no odour, but a feel of fresh sea breeze, or those who want to savour the exotic shrimps and prawns that one generally hears about, Hotel Sunbeam, Sector 22, (opposite the bus stand) is the place to visit. On December 14 the hotel began its fortnight-long Seafood Festival. As part of its Christmas celebrations, it tries to acquaint the residents with some Continental and Indian dishes made from marine life.

With colourful thermocol cut-outs of fish, crabs, prawns, mermaids and a boat at the entrance, the restaurant, makes an attempt to create the right ambience for your gastric juices to work overtime. Lunch is served from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and dinner from 7.30 p.m. to 11p.m.

The hallmark of quality seafood lies in the freshness of the raw material. Mr Dheeraj Punj, Manager Operations, assures you that the prawns have been delivered live to the hotel (a cookery tip says that for best results, live prawns should be cut just before cooking. And for this, they must not be stored in closed plastic bags but in bags with holes in them). Also, squids (costing Rs 400 per kg) will probably be made available to Chandigarhians for the first time by this hotel. Squid soup at Rs 80 seems reasonable. The dishes of the main course are affordably priced at a maximum of Rs 250, besides taxes.

Chef Tejpreet Singh Sandhu specially went to Delhi to hone his skills in this specialised branch of cookery. His creative mind is reflected in the soups, snacks and main delicacies. The test of fish cooked to perfection is that the fish should be moist, tender and have a delicate flavour.You have a pick of crab and onion soup, fish clear soup, cream of prawns and olive soup, besides squid soup.

Prawn and fish snacks include fish tikka, fried fish (served with French fries), fried prawns (marinated in white wine and lemon and served with tartare sauce) and tandoori prawns.

Chef special is fillet pomfret (two succulent fillets cooked in a special sauce served with sautéed green peas and vegetables for Rs 250). If you want to stick to the spicy herb-laced Indian style, order the safe fish curry or fish lababdar (tikka simmered in tomato and cream gravy). And if you are adventurous and ready to experiment, go for one of the Continental fares on the menu. There is steak of mackerel (cooked in white sauce served with mashed potatoes) or smoked trout pate (served with coleslaw and garlic bread) or seafood risotto (mixed seafood on a bed of rice served with French fries and mint sauce). Then there is also tuna with lemon and coriander and prawns on toast.

From the bar adjoining the restaurant, you may complement the white meat with white wine for style and taste. Dessert includes fruit cream, chocolate soufflé, and icecreams.


Concern over LPG malpractices

The people of Chandigarh have been exploited by the LPG agents for long. Consumers are supplied underweight and/or water-filled cylinders. It may be recalled that last year, of the 24 gas agencies, 14 were challaned by the weights and Measures Department for supplying underwight LPG cylinders to consumers. This year too, some gas agencies were challaned for similar offence. Despite all this, the menace continues, apparently because of the nexus between the gas company officials and distributors.

Further, majority of hotel/restaurants/ sweet shops in the city have been using LPG cylinders meant for domestic consumers. Since the price of commercial cylinders is almost twice that of the domestic cylinders, they prefer using cylinders meant for domestic use. This is not possible without the connivance of gas company officials. The Chandigarh administration should constitute inspection teams comprising officials from the Weights and Measures Department, oil companies and representatives from welfare societies. The team should visit every gas agency randomly at least thrice a month to ensure that the people get cylinders of the right quantity. Hefty fines should be imposed on those found guilty.


Why reservation?

Before two months of the commencement of my journey, I got two berths reserved in Sleeper Class by Express Train No 5708 from Ambala to Samastipur leaving Ambala on November 17, 2001 at 11.50 am. (My PNR No. is 224-2544614). However, to my dismay, when I wanted to board the train on Nov 17, I found the coach fully packed. It was also bolted from inside, thus preventing us from boarding the train. Despite my best efforts, I could not board the train with my family and we failed to attend celebration of a religious ritual, Chatt Poojan, at Samastipur. What is the use of getting berths reserved before two months of the journey if we are not allowed to board the train? I need to be given adequate compensation by the railway authorities for deficiency in service.



Putting up a fight against corruption
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
People like Dr Rajinder Singla have in them what great men are made of. A PhD from Panjab University in Botany, Dr Singla also has an LLB degree. A firebrand orator and a logician to the core, Dr Singla is a person who is against every and any wrong that he comes across in society. Be it corruption or injustice, Dr Singla will go to the extreme to set things right for himself and others around him.

After having taught in a college for some years he has now taken upon himself to start the process of rooting out corruption from the country. He is the honorary counseller for the Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi. And if you thought that people like Dr Singla are fighting a losing battle against a morass which can never be removed, then you have another thing coming. Dr Rajinder Singla has recently been conferred upon with the Human rights promotion award by Mr Michel Caillouet, Ambassador of the European Commission at the World Human Rights Congress held in New Delhi last week. The award has been given to him in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the cause and as a talented educator in the field.


SHO re-instated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
The station House Officer of Mani Majra police station, Inspector Sukh Pal Singh Rana, who was sent to Police Lines yesterday, for dereliction of duty, was re-instated today.

He had been sent to the lines yesterday after the SSP discovered that stolen items recovered by the police were not entered in the records. The SHO was summoned by the UT SSP, Mr Parag Jain, in his office today, where he explained the circumstances under which the entries were not made in the records.


Maharana Pratap memorial gate stone laid
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, December 15
To mark the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, the Finance and Planning Minister of Punjab, Capt Kanwaljit Singh, today laid the foundation stone of Maharana Pratap memorial gate in Samgoli village near here today.

Addressing the gathering, the minister said the government would organise a function in memory of the warrior every year. He added that the SAD would join hands with the Union Government to get the ashes of Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan from Afghanistan.

The minister also announced the setting up of a sugar mill dedicated to Maharana Pratap in the village soon.


DSOI poll: last date for filing papers ends
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
The last date of filing nominations for the elections for office-bearers of the Defence Services Officers Institute (DSOI) Sector 36, was over today.

Seven nominations have been received for the single post of vice-chairman of the managing committee, while four nominations have been received for the three posts of elected members. It will have five sub-committees of three members each, one of whom will be an elected member. The chairman of the managing committee will be a serving Major-General at Headquarters, (Western Command) and the committee will have five other ex-officio members and one elected serving officer, for which a single nomination has been received.


Thief caught from temple
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 15
A resident of Sector 40, Ajay Kumar, was reportedly caught red-handed while stealing a silver pot used in religious ceremonies from a temple in Sector 39. He was handed over to the police.

Dowry case

The police booked a resident of Nakodar and his parents for harassing a Bapu Dham resident to bring more dowry. Ms Ashu Rani reported that she was being maltreated by her husband Gulshan Kumar and in-laws. The Crime Against Women Cell registered a case.

Thefts reported

A Sector 15 resident, Mr Amarjit Singh, reported that his Maruti car (PIP-23) was stolen from Sector 17. A Sector 33 resident, Mr Baljinder Singh, reported that the CD player from his car was stolen while the vehicle was parked near Aroma Hotel in Sector 22. A Sector 47 resident, Mr Ajay Kohli, reported that his Hero Honda motorcycle (CH-01-M-8174) was stolen from his residence. The police registered three separate cases.


Three arrested

Three persons, Fatehdeen, Nissar and Sitar, were arrested from Chotta Trilokpur chowk in Raipur Rani on charges of rioting , while in an inebriated condition.

Theft cases

Mr Ajay Kumar Godara, Director, Mining and Geology Department, has lodged a complaint against the driver of a tractor-trolley (HR-02-7269) alleging that he was involved in stealing sand and boulders from the Ghaggar river bed. A case of theft has been registered by the Pinjore police.

In another case of theft, Surindra Kumar of Abheypur village has been arrested on the charge of stealing a television set and other valuables from the factory of Mr Navneet Vohra. A case under Sections 379 and 411 of the IPC has been registered.

A car (CH-01C-8181) was reportedly stolen from the parking lot of Yavanika, Sector 5, on the morning of December 13. A case under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered.

Trespasser held

Pramod Kumar has been arrested on the charge of abusing a woman in Kalka after trespassing into her house during the intervening night of December 13 and 14. He has been booked by the police.

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