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Monday, December 17, 2001
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Star forecast the cyber way

The most read column in almost all newspapers is the star forecast or rashiphal section. Politicians consult astrologers during poll time and for most of those tying nuptial knot or starting a new venture, a visit to pundits is customary. Some of the sites on astrology are listed as under. Meanwhile, whether astrology is a science or farce — the debate goes on.


The site helps an individual to get information about astrology and provides awareness about astrological sciences through a combination of interactive features and rich contents. ‘Your rash phal’ section provides information about zodiac signs on monthly and yearly basis. The channels section includes various links like rashiphal, astro education, panchang, festivals, mantras, books, services etc. Online horoscope helps to get the forecast by just entering the date, place and time of birth, You can also make an online query and find answers to your queries by an expert.


Based on your moon sign, you can get your horoscope forecast. The consultation section provides various links like career, love matching, specific matters, new born, medical, prashna marg. The newborn option helps in selecting the name for newborn baby. Services free section includes links like daily forecast, monthly forecast, yearly forecast and frequently asked questions. Services premium section includes options, consultation and reports. Other links Call our experts, remedies, free online tutorial are also available. You can get more information about Indian astrology and it’s uniqueness.


The site has many features and to find a particular one, the surfer can use the ‘Site map’ option. You can get your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope by clicking on one of the links provided for the purpose. Sign explanation option provides information about the zodiac sign. You can also get various interesting information about astrology using astrology information option. Some other links are also provided like custom services and discussion forums. To find out whether you are compatible with your mate, the option love life is provided for the purpose. The dream central option helps you to find out how to interpret your dreams, view a dream dictionary analysing dreams etc.


Astrology.com started in 1995 by an astrologer Kelli Fox. The site has concise information about astrology. In the horoscope section, you can get horoscope details daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and via e-mail. Other links are also provided like love, full-length reports, all about you, explore astrology, fun and games, love match. Beside providing information about your sun sign, they also provide links to some other topics, which includes magazine sites, channels, community, services. You can also get free newsletter.


 — Laxmi Kant Verma