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Monday, December 17, 2001
Dr Tribune

Q. I have P III 850 and 810 Intel motherboard 128MB RAM. This is my problem Please solve it. I have a problem regarding my OS. I have two OS now, Win ’98 and Win 2000 Server on FAT 32 and NTFS, respectively. I want to format Server 2000 and reinstall. Please tell me how to format Win 2000 partition. I tried Seagate disk manager but failed. I don’t have Win 2000 bootable CD. Please solve my problem.

Siddharth Jetlie, Jalandhar City

A. Since NTFS files are not commonly accessible from FAT 32 drive thus more detailed information like, which operating system you have on the C: drive and which operating system on some other drive is required. This information is essential for solving your problem. Please reply back with the required information.

Q. I have PC with Celeron 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD. My problem is when the Windows starts after booting; the floppy drive automatically starts every time without any command. Sometimes it starts automatically in between while I am browsing the Internet.


A. Please disable "boot up floppy seek" in the BIOS features setup for the possible solution of your problem. However for the customised solution please send other necessary details about your operating system and other hardware etc.


Q. I have bought a PC with configuration P III, 800 MHz, 20 GB Hard Disk, 128 MB RAM, Intel 810e motherboard, 56k internal modem and working system as Windows '98 SE. Since last few months I have seen that its performance is going down. I perform scan and defrag after every 15 days, but they are of no use. I also have software like System Mechanic, Registry Cleaner to remove junk registry and files but I cannot get optimal Output. Please suggest me the way to get fast output. My second problem is that after start up when I open My Computer, it opens in after 6 seconds. As suggested by you in previous issues, I cleaned cookies and all temp files. Also, Internet Explorer opens very slowly. Please help.

Paramdeep Singh, SAS Nagar

A. I do not understand exactly what you mean by slowing down of your PC. Does it mean it takes a lot of time to boot or does it run any particular program slowly? Generally speaking running scandisk followed by defrag are the basics of PC maintenance, which also keeps your PC pepped up. Moreover you should also take care to remove the *.tmp files from the temp directory to get the maximum results from the above exercise. However, there are several other important factors like presence of too many memory resident programs, which could be though small in size, but may eat up the system resources making the processing slow. Also the presence of too many games and drivers can retard the performance of the PC. Sometimes even the corrupt system files of the windows can slow down your PC, in this case you can try reinstalling the Windows again. Another possible cause could be the presence of any worm in your system, so you must also check your system thoroughly for any viruses and worms.

Q. I have a P III, 500 MHz, 256 MB Memory, 40 GB HDD. I was Running Windows Whistler (XP Beta 2) and Win '98 together on my PC. A few days ago, I lost a few of my sys drivers of '98, so I reinstalled '98. Since Win '98 is not a dual boot system, I lost my boot menu, through which I used to select my OS before. So I'm not able to boot my Whistler OS. Please tell me how can I edit my boot menu. I tried to edit boot.ini of whistler but got no results. I want my boot menu to be the way like it was. Please help. I don't want to reinstall my Whistler again, since I have a lot of important software on it.

Vijay Malhan,

A. The best solution to your problem is to use any third party booting menu software as it will not only enhance the booting features, but will also save you from the risk involved in registry editing. There are many shareware and free software available on the Internet.

Q. I have 466 Celeron processor, MB RAM, 1.44 MB floppy drive, 56 KBPS external modem. My problem is sometime before I load Oracle 8i during the time of installing, CD does not ask for path. But when I start my PC, it says, "Cannot find win.com." When I give DOS command, CD windows and then run Win file, it starts my windows. I have Windows '98 and 10.2 HDD.

Harsh Ramdev, Himachal

A. Simply add 'Win' in the Autoexec.bat file for the solution of your problem. However, if it does not solve your problem, then the best solution is to reinstall Windows again. It is though little painful to reinstall Windows again, but it takes care of your problem permanently.

Q. I have Vintron elixer @ Home, Celeron 600, 10 GB hard disk, 64 RAM, Windows Me as operating system. Hard disk is divided into two partitions of 5 GB each. After starting the Internet connection for 3 to 5 minutes a message is displayed that is as follows: "CD_load has caused an error in (unknown) cd_load will now close. If you continue to experience problem try restarting your computer." After pressing close with the help of mouse, there is no problem at all but if I restart computer and try to establish an Internet connection, the same process is repeated.

Rajeev Chander Sharma, Ambala

A. This problem is occurring because you are using third party Internet dialer ( may be your ISP's dialer) for connecting the Internet, which might be trying to locate some file from the CD from which you have loaded this dialer. The best way to solve this problem is to create a dial up connection for your ISP from my computer instead of using this third party Internet dialer. You can easily create a connection icon from My Computer> Dialup networking> New connection and filling up the necessary details. However, if you wish to use the present dialer only, then you should uninstall it and then reinstall the dialer again.

Q. I have my own assembled Celeron 650 PC with the following configuration:

Hard disk: 10 GB RAM: 64 MB. My problem is that when I start and click on any other icon except My Document and My Computer, it is not opened and other program like;; MSN messenger, Regedit and MSconfig also do not open. When I go on the Internet explorer and go to Tools and open Internet option it gives an error - "It is restricted please call your system administrator" Please help

Anil Sharma

A. If you are the only user of this PC you have mentioned, then please log in as administrator, this will solve your problem. You are probably logging in from a login ID, which has limited system access set by the Administrator. If you wish to log in using this ID only then either you should give it full access after logging in as administrator or create a new login ID with full access.

Q. I have a PC with Cyrix 300 MHz Processor, 64 MB RAM, Tomato Motherboard, 20 GB Samsung HDD, Crystal 4230 Sound Card and Standard VGA Card, Operating System is Windows ’98 Second Edition, Software is Office ’97. Sir, I have a problem and a query:

Problem: Whenever I start Windows in the normal mode, I get the following message: "Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart and repair the system registry for you" under the heading "Windows Registry Checker." When we click OK, Windows restarts and gets the message again. If we start windows in the safe mode, it does well but in safe mode the graphics are not clear. I have done work to solve this problem: I have formatted the HDD five times and reinstalled Windows many times. I also changed Windows ’98 version and installed on this PC instead of "Windows ’98 SE" and got the error message again. Please send the solution for this problem.

Query: Is UNIX an abbreviated word like UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy). If it is, please tell.

Amrit Pal Garg, Mansa

A. Normally, this type of error occurs for three possible reasons. You have a bad memory (RAM) or the CPU fan has failed and the CPU is overheating and thirdly, the disk that contains the Windows swap file does not have sufficient free disk space. In order to solve this problem, first of all check the CPU and the RAM for any possible errors. Since you have clearly mentioned that, you have formatted your hard disk and installed Windows quite a number of times, thus there is a likelihood of a possible hardware failure. However, if you find your hardware mentioned above free of all errors then try the issues related to the registry. First of all determine which disk contains the swap file and then increase the free disk space on the swap file disk. Alternatively, you can also try deleting del win386.swp file. You can do so by holding down the Ctrl key, when Window boots. Doing this a window should pop up and then choose command prompt only. At the command prompt find the exact location of the aforesaid file and delete it. You can also rename this file and story elsewhere for any emergency or unexpected errors. This will solve your problem.

Regarding, your query, UNIX is not an abbreviated word and is being used as it is. This is an operating system originated at Bell Labs in 1969 as an interactive time-sharing system and is one of the most stable operating system presented today.

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