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Monday, December 17, 2001
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THE Internet is the lifeline of modern world and is also the backbone of offices and modern homes. Today anybody who uses a computer has the Internet as the major application. However, the cost associated with the Internet is still quite high and specially at places, where there are two or more computers installed at one place, one desires to share one Internet connection with the other computers. Though there is a utility in Windows '98 second edition to share the Internet with other users, but it has some limitations, which makes it difficult for the computer users to share the Internet. However now you can overcome all these limitations and enjoy the Internet over many computers with one Internet connection by using the software like SpoonProxy. SpoonProxy is a complete proxy server for connecting multiple computers to the Internet using one single Internet connection. This is a small yet powerful program that consumes little system resources but works well for the PC users. However, the best part of this software is its ease of use and simple interface, which makes it an ideal choice even for novice users for Internet connection sharing. This is indeed an excellent alternative for expensive hardware, which also works effortlessly. It supports most clients including those for Web browsing, e-mail, on-line gaming, multimedia, instant messaging etc. Moreover, this program offers UDP and SOCKS5 support for programs such as ICQ, so it could be a great bonanza for all you chat lovers. This software also provides support and also the documentation for several other popular programs. The interface of this software is simple and uses a wizard like dialogue box for mapping all necessary services. Moreover, if you wish you can also set user name and password for each of the person, who could log on to a particular machine to use the Internet. Thus, this way you can restrict unwanted persons from accessing the Internet and can limit the users also. In order to avoid misuse of the Internet connection you can also block or allow addresses and sites and utilise a "Listen On" feature for mapped ports. Moreover, if you wish you can also keep a check on the number of users and can also monitor them and their Internet activity, including the login time and log of time spent on Internet. Even the Internet traffic can be controlled and monitored using this software. Some other outstanding features of this program include, a secure Web server, which can be used for Website purposes and can also be used for intranet and network. An excellent software and can be downloaded from www.pi-soft.com.


Screen Saver Builder

If you are sick of the same old screen savers and wallpapers then try Screen Saver Builder. This is a cool program, using which you can create own customised screensavers. This program is interesting as it is not just a simple slide show viewer, but using this program you can create a .scr files, which primarily represents the screensavers, which can run on any 32 bit Windows system. Using this program, you can use any of your favourite JPEG, GIF, BMP, or even power point images to create your own screen saver. Not only the pictures, you can also add the voice and videos to your files and make your screen saver more lively and interesting. This program supports many popular audio formats like .ra, .mp3, .wav etc , which you can incorporate in your screen-saver. You can also add a lot of other interesting things to suit your interest and references. However, the best feature of this program is that you do not any programming experience to either use it or designing your customised screensaver as it is simple to use and sports a user-friendly interface. You can also use this software to choose a custom icon for your screen saver. Overall you can use your creative instinct in this software to design your cool screen saver. You can download this software from www.mgshareware.com

Mouse Lock

Have you ever faced the problem of someone fiddling with your computer in your absence? If you are a victim of other's curiosity about your work, then you can safeguard your work from others by installing mouse lock. This is an excellent utility, which can prevent unauthorised use of your computer. Using this program, you can block your mouse and can actually trap it in a small space. So no one, other than you can actually move it out of the trap. There is an option in this software to free the mouse at a specified time, or after a specific time period. Well! Another great feature of mouse lock is that it also disables your major key board function like Alt+Tab, so no one can switch over to other open window, Ctrl + Esc- disables the key board substitute of Start button on the task bar, Ctrl + Alt + Del - this is the most dangerous key combination, as pressing these keys together will reboot your machine. So disabling this feature by mouse lock you can freely move without worrying about fiddling with your computer anymore. You can download this software from http://segobit.virtualave.net/ml.htm