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Monday, December 17, 2001

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Using e-mail optimally

It’s ubiquitous, fast, and very much a part of our lives—e-mail has transformed communications and there are over 100 million persons who use it regularly. Pardeep Dhull gives various options in selecting e-mail programs and tips on improving the way in which we use the most popular feature of the Internet.

ASK a man on the road any one use of the Internet, and the answer you'll most likely get is e-mail. This application of the Internet may today be next only to the telephone and the fax-machine as a mode of communication. Whether you are new to the Internet or have been familiar with it for years, chances are you are one of the over 100 million people who use e-mail regularly to communicate.


Troubleshooting begins where fine-tuning ends
by Vipul Verma
HE first basic principle of troubleshooting is "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." This simply means that one should not be unnecessarily conscious about the performance and the overall health of the PC. Assuming without any logic that the PC has become slow is the easiest way to invite trouble for the PC.

‘Goner’ suspects under house arrest in Israel after confession
by Steven Scheer & Bernhard Warner
OUR Israeli teenagers were placed under house arrest after admitting they wrote and spread the "Goner" worm that wreaked havoc on computers worldwide, the police said.

Object-based development with VB
by Sumesh Raizada
EARLY a decade ago when Windows were in its evolution stage, Microsoft also developed application-based program called Visual Basic or VB. Its numerous applications made it suitable for Web programming, designing of computers games, graphics or clip arts, multimedia, etc.

UK, USA crack whip on cyber piracy
HE UK police arrested six men as part of an internationally coordinated crackdown on a multi-million pound software piracy scam. Officers from the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHCTU) detained the six men, all British nationals in their 20s and 30s, in raids across the country last week.

IT consultation services may be hit, Dataquest predicts
HE Indian IT services expenditure is projected to reach $-1.6 billion in 2001, a 25.2 per cent increase over 2000 revenue of $ 1.3 billion, according to industry analyst firm, Gartner Dataquest. The industry is forecast to continue growing strongly through 2005, when IT services revenue will reach $ 5.8 billion.

Community-based e-newspaper
HE site, www.chdmail.com, an IT promotion portal was launched by Vivek Attray, Director, Information and Technology, last week.

Artificial thumb ‘mimics’ forefinger

ingapore students have created a battery-free artificial thumb that may give renewed hopes of flexibility to people missing the digit because of accidents or birth defects.

Music Beat
The immortal music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Kids Chat
Gorillas go to bed at 6 p.m

Cyber Kids
Play Harry Potter games

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