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Monday, December 17, 2001
Kids chat

Gorillas go to bed at 6 p.m

Welcome friends to our weekly meeting at the kids chat counter. This is another week with lots of happenings around with so much going on for kids.

Cliparti: Yeah thatís right. But first of all Id mubarak to all our friends.

Fluppy: Same to you and our friends.

Windy: Hey Fluppy, you have a reason to be happy today as it is a holiday.

Fluppy: That applies to you also Windy, or have you been called in school to broom it.

Windy: Was that a joke?

Cliparti: Oh not again! You guys have picked up the argument again. Hey itís a holiday, so lets make the most of it and also the whole week ahead rather than getting stuck.

Fluppy: Yeah! Thatís right Cliparti. So whatís up for this week, Cliparti.

Cliparti: Lots of fun and also lots of study material as exams are round the corner.


Windy: To begin with why not try some crafts today, as it is a holiday also. I have found this good site on crafts www.freekidscrafts.com. On this site you can find good crafts ideas like jewellery making, bead projects, scout crafts, first aid kits, Indian moccasins, Birch bark pencil holder and canoe. There are lots of other interesting links and information about other projects for kids.

Cliparti: Thatís a nice information. Have you checked out the site www.crafts4kids.com for lots of fun activity and projects? This is a nice site for kids with Kids television and interesting projects. The projects on this site are well laid out in various categories and some of the interesting projects listed on this site include Plastic Canvas Whirler, Renuzit Clown, Color Wheel, Seed Topiary, Cookie Cutter Stamping, Spider Dream, Catchers Spoon, Puppets Far, Out Scenery, Stained Glass, Milk Carton Birdhouse, Stenciling, Punch, Quilt Flag etc. The list of the projects is very large and one can find a project to suit his taste and interest.

Fluppy: Hey Windy! Do you know, what is the bedtime for the typical gorilla?

Windy: Huh, where does gorilla come into such an interesting discussion. Anyways, what if I say 11 p.m.

Fluppy: Wrong, as usual.

Windy: How do you know that itís wrong, do you live in jungle with gorillas around you?

Fluppy: No honey! I have found this interesting question at the Web site www.looklearnanddo.com/documents/home.html. This is an interesting site with lots of fun facts. Hey as far as the answer to the question I asked was concerned. I read it on this site that 6 p.m. is bedtime for a typical gorilla. By the way Windy, gorillas are your ancestors, you must know about them.

Windy: HmmÖ Not just mine but your ancestors too.

Fluppy: So, itís bad that you do no know much about your ancestors Ha!Ha!Ha! Anyways, this is also an excellent site and has lots of other interesting stuff like read a story, learn some history, build a project, games, fun facts and the learning circles. The projects in this site are categorised in 4 sections and all these sections are interesting. I have already done a project available on this site.

Cliparti: Whatís that project?

Fluppy: Itís about making kites.

Cliparti: Thatís interesting. Any other interesting projects?

Fluppy: There are several other interesting projects like birdbath, bird feeder, build a boat, build a blimp, green house, cars etc.

Windy: Thatís really an interesting site, but how come you found this interesting site Fluppy: It surprises me to hear such nice things from you, Fluppy.

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy