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Monday, December 17, 2001
Lens on IT

Picture shows a view of the China-based Huawei Technologies in Bangalore that is at the centre of a controversy following reports that it had developed telecom surveillance for the Taliban regime. Huawei which has an research and development centre in Bangalore has dismissed the reports as "totally untrue and baseless" and denied any involvement with the Taliban militia. 


Sony Computer Entertainment president and chief executive Ken Kutaragi speaks during a joint news conference with NTT Broadband Initiative president Hiromi Wasai (R) in Tokyo. Japan's top video game maker Sony Corp and dominant telecoms carrier Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corp joined hands on Tuesday to introduce an online gaming service for Sony's PlayStation 2 game console. 


Hong Kong tom.com CEO and executive director Sing Wang addresses a joint news conference with Taiwan Business Weekly Media Group in Taipei last week. The Hong Kong Internet and media firm buying the island's print media group is another step in tom.com's tranformation from a portal firm into a serious print media player, Wang said. 


An identikit picture is seen in the centre of a PC screen prior to a scan of some 1, 700 biometric characteristic marks through an US criminal record, seen in rear, in Berlin. The so-called "department of border management solutions" of the German federal printing authority is testing various electronic solutions after German Interior Minister Otto Schily has proposed that identity cards, compulsory cards, should now include fingerprints and biometric information as Germany toughens its security in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. 


Reuters photos