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PU adopts contrary stands on attendance?
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
While on one hand the university shows its determination to implement 75 per cent compulsory attendance for students but on the other hand a list of more than 10 students has come up to the university Senate for condonation of lectures which will render them eligible to appear for the annual examination.

The students under question have not adhered to the existing norm of 66 per cent attendance. These students have been unable to complete the minimum attendance despite lectures condoned by the Chairman of the department concerned and another set of lectures condoned by the Vice-Chancellor.

It is pertinent to point out that the Chairman can condone 10 per cent of the required lectures. The Vice-Chancellor can waive off 10 lectures. In case of more shortage, the matter goes to the university Senate for a final approval. It is also relevant to mention that the Senate has cleared similar cases of shortage of lectures earlier this year pertaining to different teaching departments.

A senior research scholar said, “the university does not seem to be clear in its policy decisions in the academic interests of the institution. Once a limit is announced before the commencement of an academic session, the university should ensure that the limits are strictly adhered to. In case of an emergency, the department Chairman should be allowed to waive off the shortage to a limited extent which should be sufficient”.

Another student said “it was useless to have any classroom attendance limits. A student was grown up enough at the post-graduate level to understand the importance for classroom attendance. He should have a freedom of choice”.

Another related aspect was that teachers should make their lectures interesting enough to attract students to classes. One student said that while students were required to attend 66 per cent lectures, the university should ensure that even the teaching faculty ensured that the minimum required lectures were actually delivered against the existing practice where majority of the departments recorded lesser lectures.

One student of Political Science Department was short of 76 lectures. Even after the Chairman and the VC waived off lectures maximum to their limits, the candidate was short by 40 lectures. One student of the Sociology department was short of 21 lectures; and a student of department of Laws was short by 24 lectures. The reason ascribed for the shortage was health problems in majority of the cases. There were a couple of students who cited ‘participation in cultural events’ as the reason. ‘Participation in cultural programmes does not take a month’s period’, a student said. As per the report received from the Assistant Registrar, Department of laws, “three out of the four students on the list did not appear in any of the paper in November-December. The fourth candidate appeared in only one paper”. In a related development, the university has decided to bar five candidates from appearing in the university examination for a tenure of five years. These students were caught for ‘misconduct and use of unfair means in examination’. The Vice-Chancellor has already approved the cases on behalf of the Syndicate. One of the cases related to impersonation. All cases related to the April 2001 examination. 


5 acres allotted for Law Bhavan
Kiran Deep

  • The Secretary of the Punjab and Haryana Bar Council, Mr C.M. Munjal, said that it was resolved by the general house that strict action be initiated against advocates who have violated rule 36 of the Bar Council of India and still visiting districts courts for procuring work.
  • The objection raised by the Punjab and Haryana Bar Association regarding rule 36 of the Bar Council of India will be discussed in the general house meeting to be held on January 5.
  • The case filed by eight members of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana challenging the election of the Chairman, Vice-President and constitution and reconstitution of various committee will come up for hearing before the Bar Council of India on December 22 in Kerala.
  • Five members of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana will attend the National Legal Workshop at Kerala from December 23 to December 27.

Chandigarh, December 19
The Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, with a total strength of 35, 000 advocates, will have a new office "Law Bhavan", with the UT Administration allotting it 5 acres of land in the city.

The Administration has reportedly allotted land to the Council in Sector 37 acting on a letter sent by the Chairman of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, Mr Anmol Rattan Sidhu, to the UT Home Secretary and the UT Finance Secretary for allotment of a site for the construction of the office in Chandigarh.

Mr Sidhu stated in the letter that a sum Rs 45, 000 had been deposited with the previous application to the Administration on March 3, 1998, which was still lying with it. Therefore, a land or plot be allotted to the bar council at the rate which was applicable in 1998 or whatever appropriate and applicable as per facts and circumstances of our case.

At present the office of the Council was located in the District Courts Complex in Sector 17 and it does not own any plot or building. The UT Deputy Commissioner had earlier directed it to vacate the present accommodation.

When Chandigarh Tribune contacted the Chairman of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, he confirmed that the Administration has accepted the council's request and has allotted it a land for Law Bhavan. He added that the Council got the power to utilise the money for the construction of the building of the Council as the Bar Council of India had lifted the restrictions on the power to take policy decision on financial matter.

He added that the decision of the advocates welfare committees, and the enrolment committee and enrolment committee will be operative and does not need any ratification by the general body of the Bar Council.

Meanwhile, the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana has also proposed an amendment in "Punjab Advocate Welfare Fund Ordinance 2001" to the Chief Minister and Governor of Punjab.Back


Blending modernity with tradition
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
It is a sea change from conventional classroom teaching of yesteryear in preparatory schools where the child was disciplined by martinets and sparing the rod was almost synonymous with spoiling the child. Since then, education, especially for the tiny tots beginning school, has come a long way and teaching techniques are focussing on developing the child into a muti-faceted personality, studying his psyche and tapping his potential.

The latest entrant in the field of preparatory school is the Gurukul in Panchkula equipped with cyber playstations and multimedia theatre among other facilities. "Our school is a blend of modernity with tradition and true to our motto, we encourage our children to remain rooted to the Indian culture," says the Principal, Ms A. Birdi.

Under the system adopted by the school, the child is virtually the king, doing want he wants, while the teachers are assigned the job of monitoring their every movement, recording his responses and encouraging him to pursue his interest.

They are judged for intellectual development, social and emotional growth, health, creativity and expressiveness and accordingly moulded and nutured in activity-based classrooms which tune with the latest suggestions.

"We send this report to the parents after every three months and have completely done away with the custom of comparing the child's performance with the rest in his class. Instead, the comparison is made between his present and previous performance,'' she added.

At Aashiana in Sector 9, the Principal, Ms Lalita Prakash, says, "We encourage children to open up by involving them in a lot of singing, dancing and motivating them to talk on topic that interest them. In class, the emphasis is on projects and activity which can hold their interest for a while, enabling them to learn as they enjoy. Then, academic qualification is no criteria for a teacher good at her job where only love and patience in handling the child counts.''

At Wonder Years in Panchkula, too, the computer-oriented curriculum entails a carefully planned and well researched programme of activities aimed at total development of the child.

Says Pragati Gandhi, associated with the play classes, "We focus on physical, social, emotional and intellectual development without burdening the child with much classwork. This way he picks up faster and with much greater ease.''

For students at Strawberry Fields in Chandigarh, most of the learning comes as a by-product for the fun they are having in the classroom.

The Education Consultant for the school, Ms Anuradha Chandra, claims, "Instead of having a teacher-centric methodology, we concentrate on verbal interaction, encouraging the students to express himself rather than imposing our thoughts and ideas on him. The school curriculum aims at social and emotional development while giving personal attention to every one.”


NJPC gets extension
Environment Ministry imposes penalty
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
The Union Ministry of Forests and Environment has given yet another extension of six months to the Nathpa-Jhakri Power Corporation (NJPC) to continue work at the 1,500 MW hydroelectric project after virtually indicting it for “serious and continuous violations of both the Forest Conservation Act and the Environment Act”.

Taking serious note of the continuous violations of both Acts, the Ministry has imposed a heavy penalty on the corporation, asking it to go in immediately for “penal afforestation” on an additional 89 hectares and reclaim the dumping sites at its own cost.

This “penal afforestation” will be in addition to the 89 hectares of afforestation which the corporation has to undertake as mandatory compensation for using the forest land for the depositing of the debris of the tunnel of the project.

The permission was reportedly conveyed through a fax message of December 18. The message said that a formal order ratifying the relaxation would be issued only after the Corporation submitted a compliance report.

The imposition of the heavy penalty, which in financial terms may be more than Rs 20 lakh, may prove to be peanuts for a project of Rs 10,000 crore, but the indictment of the corporation under both the Forest Act and the Environment Act may act as a deterrent to other organisations and institutions engaged in similar activities at other projects.

Work at the site remained suspended from November 30 till yesterday. The suspension of work even for a day means huge financial losses. The work was reportedly stopped as the special permission given to continue it ended on November 30.This is the second time that the work has been suspended because of violations of the Forest Act and the Environment Act.

The Ministry had earlier extended special permission for a second term of three months after Mr Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Chief Conservator (Central), Ministry of Forests and Environment, had visited the project site and ordered the suspension of all work in April this year. At that time the work remained suspended for some weeks before the Ministry gave provisional permission for three months which was subsequently extended by another three months.

But on both previous occasions no penalty was imposed on the corporation.

Any violation of the directions of the Supreme Court, the sources said, might lead to contempt proceedings. The sources revealed that the rehabilitation and catchment area treatment plans submitted by the corporation to the Ministry had not yet been approved.

The Chief Conservator (Central) of Ministry had in his previous report held that the corporation had been repeatedly “overlooking our letters and instructions on important issues under both the Forest Conservation Act and the Environment Act.”

Until April this year, the corporation had not sought any permission for depositing the debris of the 27 km-long tunnel along the bank of the Sutlej river which was being done at a steep angle.

Further, no permission was sought for quarrying and mining in the forest area which was in violation of the Supreme Court order in civil writ petition no. 202 .

The corporation had no permission to use 25 hectares of land — 19 hectares for the dumping of debris and six hectares for mining, quarrying and crushing of stone.

Not only that, a Deputy General Manager (Environment) of the corporation, who was supposed to be responsible for compliance with the provisions of both the Forest Act and the Environment Act, was stationed in Delhi and not at the site. After the first suspension of work, certain administrative changes were made in the corporation.

One of the reasons for the delay in getting approval for the rehabilitation schemes has been the failure of the corporation to submit the factual position about the forest area being used for the dumping of debris. Initially, the corporation held that only 19 hectares was being used for the dumping of debris, which was later revised to 29 hectares and then to 44 hectares. That is why the corporation was asked to go in for afforestation on 89 hectares, which means double the forest land used for the project.

So now the corporation has to ensure afforestation on 178 hectares.

The Ministry also directed the corporation to reclaim the dumping sites at its own cost and made it clear that only after all these instructions had been complied with would formal permission under the Forest Act and the Environment Act be issued.


Residents remove encroachments
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 19
Taking a cue from the anti- encroachment drive initiated by the Haryana Urban Development Authority in Sector 15 Housing Board colonies, the residents of the colony in Sector 11 have themselves begun removing encroachments from road berms.

This follows the decision of the local administration to give a five-day reprieve to the residents of these colonies yesterday for removing encroachments on their own. After HUDA had removed encroachments by 45 houses in Sector 15 yesterday, the residents had pleaded that they would themselves clear all encroachments.

Today, most of the residents in Sector 11 began removing encroachments like ramps, outer boundary walls, sheds, etc. Most of the residents told Chandigarh Tribune that they thought it better to clear all road berms on their own . " Following the High Court verdict, these have to be removed. Why wait for HUDA to remove them in a haphazard manner, when this can be done on our own," said Shanti Devi, a resident of the colony.

Also, the residents of Sector 15, where HUDA had carried out its drive yesterday, got down to the task of removing the debris from in front of their houses. Meanwhile, it is the local labour contractors and labourers who are making hay because of sudden increase in work.

However, the residents of housing board colonies in Sectors 6,8, 10, 18, 19 and 26 remain unfazed. 


Mayor election on Jan 1
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh will hold a special house to elect a Mayor on January 1. The date has been finalised by the Chandigarh Administration and will soon be notified, well-placed sources said.

The newly elected and nominated councillors will be administered oath on December 26. And the special House will be convened following a notification issued by the Deputy Commissioner. Sources said the term of the present house ends on December 22. However, there is no provision of caretaker head, thus, between December 22 and January 1 the Municipal Commissioner, Mr M.P. Singh, will looking after the MCC.

Polling this time will also be by secret ballot. The term of the Mayor is for one year. Besides the Congress which has clear majority in the house, the other political parties can also field their own mayoral candidates. 


PUDA to raise level of roads
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 19
For proper integration of basic amenities in the sectors falling along the UT-SAS Nagar boundary, the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) is spending over Rs 1 crore to raise the level of horizontal road linkages, running parallel to Sectors 63, 64 and 65. The level of an estimated 1.2 km-long road was being raised, said a PUDA official.

By rough estimates, the road level at certain sections had to be raised by around 5 feet. PUDA had been for long writing to the Chandigarh Administration to work out the details of laying the basic amenities while integrating the planning of the sectors in Phase III of Chandigarh, some of which partly fall in Punjab. But it was only after the development of Sectors 48 and 49 was taken up by the UT’s Engineering Wing that a meeting of officials of PUDA and UT was held to work out the details.

The problem of raising the level of roads arose as before the constitution of PUDA in 1995, the roads in southern sectors were laid by the PWD ( B and R) without taking into account the aspect of integration of services in Phase III of Chandigarh. The official said work on the road dividing Sectors 64 and 65, being undertaken by the local civic body, had been stopped as the level of road coming from Sectors 48 and 49 of Chandigarh was higher by at least 2 feet. 


Overcharging by PCO booth-owner alleged
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Openly overcharging people at the PGI emergency waiting hall is the PCO-STD booth. Workers in the shop are allegedly charging anything between Rs 2 to 5 for a local call depending on the hurry and ignorance of the person who is making the call.

The waiting hall in the emergency is one of the most crowded places in the PGI and and is generally full at any point of time of the day. A large number of people make hurried and urgent calls to inform their relatives about the condition of their patients. Many others routinely call local relatives and friends to bring food or other material required from outside. All this amounts to approximately 2000 local calls a day.

A very profitable venture for anyone who has an STD/PCO booth there. But thing would be in order if the owner and his workers stick to DOT prescribed rates. The STD calls are metered and payment done accordingly so there are no chances of earning an extra buck. But in the local calls being made, the patients and attendants are asked to pay Rs 3, sometimes Rs 4 and even Rs 5. Many people sitting in the hall complained that there was no one rate and very rarely did the person manning the PCO asked for Rs 2 for a local call.

‘‘They take advantage of our hurry and ignorance. When a person is in a hospital, it’s an extraordinary situation for him or her and so one is mentally prepared to spend money anywhere. It’s shameful that there are people who make money out of other people’s distress,’’ said a man whose relative is fighting for his life in the Emergency.

When this reporter checked out the rate, the person manning the STD/PCO booth replied that it was Rs 3 for a local call, and if a call is made from the telephone which is to make STD calls, the rate will be more. When asked why he was overcharging the people, he refused to answer or give name of the owner or his registration number or even the telephone numbers allocated to him.

Attendants of patients waiting in the hall also allege that the one Re 1 coin phone which has been in the waiting hall ever since the waiting hall was constructed has been spoilt permanently by the STD/PCO owner so that no one can make use of it.

‘‘We tried to repair the phone but its wires have been cut and stuffed in the instrument so there is no way one can access them and join them temporarily to get a dial tone. And since an easy alternative is available just a few steps away no one complains to DOT about getting it repaired. I have been to this waiting hall earlier too and that time there was no STD booth and this phone worked and worked rather well,’’ said a patient’s friend.Back


Protest meeting against hike in cable charges
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, December 19
A meeting of residents of Phase X and XI was held here in protest against the hike in the cable charges by a cable operator running his network in the area.

Mr Amrik Singh, a municipal councillor, said that the cable operator had hiked the charges from Rs 100 per connection to Rs 150. As the hike was drastic, residents of the area were reluctant to pay the amount.

He said the cable operator had been putting up poles in the land which belongs to PUDA without taking permission from the authority. And now he had started snapping the cable connections as residents were not paying the hiked charges.

He said residents had been protesting ever since the hike in the charges had been announced by the cable operator and meetings were being held in this regard. Yesterday was the fifth meeting and all those present had decided to boycott the cable operator. He said they would try to make some alternative arrangements for the area.


Off-season maize crop
Bipin Bhardwaj

Zirakpur, December 19
Have the North Indians ever tasted bhutta (maize) in the winter? Positively not.

This dream of the city residents is likely to come true in the years to come as some farmers have taken initiative by growing maize in Bakarpur village, about 10 km from here. The crop has been grown over a small piece of waterlogged land on experimental basis.

Sown in low-lying fields, the plants are comparatively small in height but bearing fruit of the standard size. The farmers hope that the yield would be comparatively less. The farmers hope that this off-seasons cash crop would get them a good return.

The aim of the farmers is to flood the Chandigarh markets with bhuttas next year.

Talking to Chandigarh Tribune, Mr Mohendra Pal Singh, a farmer, said that waterlogging destroyed the crop in over seven acres of land during rains following which the idea of sowing off-season maize struck their minds.

‘‘Maize was sown in August when the fields were having sufficient water. In addition to this, mustered and barseem were also sown in the same field, keeping the option open if one crop fails, the another could be saved,’’ revealed Mr Himmat Singh, another farmer.

While criticising the Punjab Government for not setting up any agricultural education institutes at the division level to provide thorough agriculture knowledge for farmers at the village level.

Mr Mohendra Pal Singh, a young farmer, said though the government had established Punjab Agricultural University at Ludhiana, particularly to educate Punjabi farmers about the new agricultural equipment, new seeds and methods of agriculture, but has failed to implement the methodology at the grass-roots level.

Instead of giving practical knowledge in fields, the university teaches them theoretical part of the agricultural education. Employees of the Agriculture Department hardly take pain to educate the farmers about the latest seeds and techniques opted for different crops in different seasons.


Two labourers electrocuted
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 19
Two labourers, working with a contractor of the SAS Nagar Municipal Council, were electrocuted by an overhead power cable near the marble market here this afternoon.

According to police sources, Bhupinder Singh (35) and Sanjeev Kumar were pushing a metal ladder towards SAS Nagar after getting it repaired in the Industrial Area here which accidentally touched a high-voltage overhead cable resulting in the death of the two. Two fellow labourers, Bhadur and Harjeet Singh, however, escaped unhurt. A PCR Gypsy immediately rushed the victims to the PGI where they were declared brought dead.

Electric current struck one of the two labourers and he fell on ground. The other, who was also pushing the ladder, tried to rescue him and met the same fate. Bhupinder and Sanjeev were residents of Saidpur and Kamb in Ropar district and were staying in SAS Nagar. The contractor, Mr Satish Kumar, could not be contacted.


One killed in road accident
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, December 19
One person died on the spot, while another sustained injuries in an accident involving two trucks and a CTU bus on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway, near here, this morning.

According to the police, the driver of a truck died on the spot and Mr Ranjot Singh, driver of another truck, sustained injuries. He was rushed to Civil Hospital, Dera Bassi, and was later referred to the PGI in Chandigarh. The killed driver has not been identified so far.

Eyewitnesses said that a Chandigarh-bound truck (HR-38E-7005) hit the CTU bus (CH-01G-8181) coming from the opposite direction. The truck subsequently collided head on with another truck (HR-37-8163) that was behind the bus. A case has been registered and the vehicles involved in the accident have been impounded.


Rally by PUDA staff
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 19
The PUDA Employees Association (Class III) will hold a gate rally at the PUDA headquarters tomorrow. At a meeting held today, executive members of the association decided that they would send a request to the Chief Administrator of PUDA to drop the agenda of absorbing deputationist in the PUDA. 


Dowry death: 9-yr RI for husband
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 19
Mr. Parvinder Singh of Himshikah Colony in Pinjore has been sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of nine years by the court of Dr Bharat Bhushan Parsoon. He has been accused of causing the death of his wife in September, 2000 by harassing her for bringing less dowry at the time of marriage.

However, the parents of Parvinder Singh, Pritam Kaur and Gurbachan Singh, have been acquitted. It is learnt that an FIR under Section 304- B of IPC was registered against the three at Pinjore police station. The complainant, Mr Naxar Singh, had alleged that his daughter Gurpreet Kaur was being tortured and beaten up for bringing less dowry. He had said that the accused had forcibly administered poison to his daughter. 


Youths snatch gold chain
Tribune News service

Panchkula, December 19
Two unidentified youths allegedly snatched a gold chain from a resident of Sector 12-A this morning. They were on a Yamaha motor cycle and one of them was reportedly carrying a knife.

The victim, Ms Raj Bala, was returning home around 5 pm after purchasing milk from the market when the two miscreants zoomed in front of her and snatched her gold chain. Ms Raj Bala alleged that they had reportedly covered the number plate of the mobike with a piece of paper.

The police has registered a case of theft.

Two arrested: The police has arrested Rajendra Sharma and Gubachan Lal on the charge of gambling at a public place. A sum of Rs 350 and Rs 865, respectively, was recovered from them.

Car stolen: A car (PB-07-8144) was stolen on Sunday from the parking lot near Hot Millions fast food joint in Sector 5. A case under Section 379 of IPC has been registered.

Threatened: Mr Bhupendra Goyal has accused Mr Rajendra Aggarwal and Mr Rishi Aggarwal of threatening intimidating him to withdraw a court case filed against them. A case has been registered under Section 506 of IPC has been registered.


Held: The police arrested Gulfam Ali, Mehboob Alam and Balwinder Singh, all residents of Mani Majra, from Sector 26 allegedly for gambling at a public place. The police also claimed to recover Rs 690 from their possession. 


Sony MD blames recession for poor performance
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Sony India, which has been having a tough time during the past two years, hopes to improve its performance next year.

This was stated here today by Mr T. Ishii, Managing Director, Sony India, during the course of an interview with TNS. He attributed the downturn in the fortunes of Sony India to recession which was a worldwide trend. Sony India had set up its base in the country in 1995. “In the first five years, our growth was very good. It was in double digits”, he recalls. “But since then, things have not been so good. Last year, Sony India had a turnover of Rs 622 crore. For this year, I had set a target of Rs 700 core. But I am sorry that we will not be able to achieve it. But we will still be better than last year”.

Mr Ishii said that he expected things to improve in the next year when Sony India hoped to achieve a record turnover.

He said, Sony Corporation, Japan, set up Sony India in 1995 as a 100 per cent subsidiary. Today, Sony India had traveled past its consolidation phase and was poised for a fast growth. A strong foundation in terms of manpower, infrastructure, manufacturing facility, systems integration, distribution network, logistics, etc was now in place.

The company’s sales and distribution channel had penetrated all major town and cities across India. The network currently comprises of 28 distributors, 1,400 dealers, 20 Sony World outlets (the 20th was inaugurated today at Chandigarh), 38 exclusive Sony shops and 10 direct areas (four metros — Bangalore, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, Hyderabad and Cochin). The number of Sony world outlets is also slated to touch about 27 in this financial year.

Sony India’s manpower strength today numbers 863 (excluding that of the Software Centre). Sony India recorded a turnover of Rs 625 crores (6250 million) in 2000-2001.

Sony India’s all India service presence with five company-owned service centers and 93 authorised service centres, was slated to grow by another 10 per cent this fiscal year.

The company’s world class facility at Dharuhera, Haryana, has an installed capacity of 2 lakh (200,000) units of audio equipment an 3 lakh (300,000) units of CTVs. This facility has recently received the coveted OHSAS 18001 Award — an international health and safety certification — becoming the first CTV and audio manufacturing facility in India to win this certification. The unit already has achieved the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications. The facility also has an in built capability to meet the expected demand growth in the next phase.

Meanwhile, the first Sony World outlet in Chandigarh and the 20th in the country was inaugurated by Mr Ishii today.

The Sony World has been conceptualised as the ultimate retailing experience that synchronises with Sony’s worldwide image of innovation, quality and excellence. In the rapidly changing retail environment in India, Sony Worlds are showcases of quality retailing.

Speaking about the success of the Sony World outlets in India, Mr Ishii said, “Under the market expansion plan, we shall be according special care to the retail outlets which is a key to our brand. the retail outlets I am talking about are the exclusive Sony World shops. These one-stop-shop outlets are 19 till date. I am very pleased that I am here today to open the 20th. We plan to increase the Sony World outlets to 27 in 2001. The target for 2003 is at least 60 such outlets all over India".

The Sony World outlet will showcase the entire range of Sony products in India projection TVs, DRC wega flat CTVs, digital home theatres, audio products, including, hi-fis, micros, car audios, digital Imaging products like handycams, mavica, cybershot, etc, flat monitors, digital printers, LCD projectors and phones.

Local business associates, who are in charge of Sony World, work hand-in-hand with Sony India in popularising the spread of Sony World outlets in India. The local partners at Chandigarh are Mr Sanjay Jain, Mr B C Jain and Mr Nilabh Jain of M/s Acks Inc.

Mr Ishii, also remarked that “Chandigarh has been a high performance area for us. The city has a large segment of discerning consumers who support premium products which offer value for money. Illustrating this is the performance of our high end products - Sony hi-fis and flat CTVs are market leaders in Chandigarh and enjoy a market share of 45 per cent and 70 per cent respectively. Hence we are sure, the Sony World which will showcase our entire range of high-tech products will get tremendous response.”



Vyanjan-2001: Bharat Petroleum Corporation will organise a cookery contest-”Vyanjan- 2001” on Thursday.

The Bharat Gas consumers and petrocard holders of Chandigarh, Panchkula and SAS Nagar can participate under the categories- hot pakoras, ‘sukhi’ seasonal sabzi and garam halwa. The faculty of Institute of Hotel Management assessed the shortlisted entries which were sent earlier by the participants. Shortlisted candidates will get the prepared dish to the venue- Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Sector 42-D, on Thursday for the final evaluation. All finalists will be given a free copy of the short-listed recipes, stated a press release. TNS

Bonanza: Connect will provide a New Year bonanza to its subscribers. The subscribers of Connect phones will get coupons with their bills through which they will be able to avail this offer from Dominons, a pizza outlet. The offer will be valid till January 15, stated a company release. TNS

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