Friday, December 21, 2001, Chandigarh, India


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Adviser told to pay DA to daily wagers
Rs 5.39 lakh to be recovered from officials who misguided
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, December 20
Declaring that the UT Administration has been negligent while taking a decision, the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has directed the UT Adviser to pay dearness allowance (DA) to 1,078 daily wagers and to recover the amount of Rs 5.39 lakh as costs from the administrative officers who had been instrumental in misguiding the Administration regarding the points of law and fixing responsibility.

“All applications moved by the daily wagers were allowed with directions to the administration to pay DA at current rates as per consumer price index to the daily wagers with effect from November 26, 1999 from the date onwards of their enrollment. Considering the callous attitude of the Administration, the Central Administrative Tribunal directed it to pay Rs 500 as cost of the case to each of the daily wager” said the Judge, Mr J.S. Dhaliwal, of the Central Administrative Tribunal, while disposing of cases filed by the daily wagers.

Daily wage workers had filed a case against UT, Chandigarh through its Adviser, Secretary Engineering Department and the UT Chief Engineer.

The CAT further ruled out that “the learned counsel for respondents observed that Administration had taken legal opinion and thus they had not paid the DA on the basis of such legal opinion. We leave the liberty to the competent authority to recover the amount of costs from such officials or officers who have been instrumental in misguiding the department regarding the import of judgement and points of law after fixing responsibility.”

“Such compliance be reported to this tribunal within a period of six months so that further action if necessary, can be taken. The Administration will pay enhanced DA and costs within a period of two months from the date of receipt of the copy of the order,” it added.

The Judge also said in its order that there might be many such daily wage workers working for the last so many years but had not approached the tribunal for the redressal of their grievances for enhancement of DA. They could not be discriminated against those who had approached this tribunal and were allowed DA at enhanced rate as it would amount to violation of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution.

“On the claim of all those persons who were working on daily wages basis or as casual laborers and other as a one-time measure the Supreme Court passed orders for grant of DA at the rate of 60 per cent on April 1, 1990. However the Administration did not pay DA to such workers relating the same with consumer price index,” CAT further said in its order.


Significant observations in the order

* The CAT held that the daily wage workers could not be denied the DA as revised from time to time under a policy decision taken by the administration.

* The CAT observed that besides allowing regularisation of application in that case, a direction was given to pay remuneration equal to their counterparts

* The CAT also observed that the Supreme Court had given directions to pay wages to the workmen who were contingent paid staff or daily wage workers in that cadre with effect from December 1986. It was further held such workmen were also entitled to corresponding dearness allowance and additional dearness allowance.



Building division rules notified
To come into force with immediate effect
Tribune News Service

  • In case of residential properties, only one dwelling unit on each floor in plots less than 1,400 sq yrds in size will be allowed.
  • Independent water, power and sewerage connections to be given.
  • Basements are not separate subdivisions.
  • In commercial buildings subdivision permitted on ground floor but no more than one sub-division in each bay.
  • Basement of SCO or SCF not to be allowed as separate unit.
  • No subdivision allowed in industrial buildings.
  • People making new houses can earmark apartments in drawings and get them approved.
  • Applications have to be made to the Estate Officer on specified form.
  • Subdivision to cost Rs 10 per sq ft and Rs 20 per sq ft for residential area and commercial area, respectively.

Chandigarh, December 20
Rules which will allow division of buildings on an apartment-wise basis in the city were formally notified by the Chandigarh Administration today and will come into force immediately

These rules referred to as the Chandigarh Apartment Rules, 2001, are a precursor to the much-awaited Apartment Act. The modalities of the Apartment Act are being worked out and these will be out soon , official sources said tonight.

The new rules will allow subdivision of a building into separate and independent units. Each such subbuilding will be recognised as a distinct identifiable property to which the owner shall have title along with proportionate rights in the declared common areas.

Recognition of each such sub-building as an apartment by the Estate Office shall be accorded by way of a fresh letter of allotment or a fresh conveyance deed, as the case may be in supersession of the previous allotment letter. Each sub-division shall be the sole and exclusive property of the declared owners. Under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act,1952 all the covenant and liabilities contained in the original allotment letter shall be shifted onto the new owner/s.

Each apartment will have separate water, power and sewerage connections. In case of residential buildings which are less than 1,400 square yards in area, only one dwelling unit will be allowed on each floor. In case of plots bigger than 1,400 square yards, one floor can have two dwelling units on each floor.

The basement shall form part of the subdivisions on the ground. In case of more than one subdivision on the ground floor, each subdivision may have a separate basement if building regulations permit. In case the basement provides for facilities such as parking area or other plant and equipment required for apartments in the building, the basement or portions may constitute a part of the subdivision on floors, other than the ground floor.

The garage, servant quarter, outhouse, mali hut or store, not forming part of the main residential building, shall not form a separate subdivision. These have to be a part of one of the floors.

Defining ‘‘common areas and common facilities” the notification says it means the common areas and common facilities in relation to a building including land covered by the building and all rights of access and other similar rights belonging to the land and the building.

The common structures are foundations, columns, beams, supports, main valves, common roofs, corridors, staircases, fire escapes, entrances and exits of the building. Similarly parking areas, passages, driveways, gardens, storage spaces, spaces for security, as are required or specified for common use.

In case of commercial areas shop-cum-offices and shop-cum-flats may be sub-divided into a commercial unit on the ground floor, and a separate unit on each of the upper floors of the appropriate category.

In case where a ground floor partition is allowed in an SCO or SCF, such SCO or SCF may be subdivided into more than one subdivision on the ground floor but no more than one subdivision shall be allowed in each bay. As regards upper floors used for commercial purposes, each floor may be sub-divided provided that there is not more than one subdivision for each bay on the upper floors.

The basement of any SCO or SCF shall not constitute a separate subdivision and shall form part of one of the subdivisions, whether a commercial unit or a dwelling unit, provided that no change of use for the basement shall be allowed. No subdivision of industrial buildings shall be allowed.

Owners or lessees of any building, may file a declaration intending to sub-divide the building in accordance with these rules and the building regulations. This declaration shall be in the prescribed form (Form-D), and can be submitted to the Estate Officer. A decision as regards subdivision of the building shall be taken within 60 days of the submission of the declaration, the notification says.

The common areas and common facilities shall remain un-divided. All necessary work relating to maintenance, repair and upkeep, sanitation, cleaning, horticulture and replacement etc shall be the joint and several responsibility of the owners/lessees and occupiers of each of the apartments.


Tender for security: GMCH in a fix
Proposes to invite tenders again
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
The Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, seems to be caught in a precarious situation in trying to get a suitable round-the-clock security service for itself.

While the hospital authorities claim that none of the applicants fulfill the conditions laid down by the hospital and re-tendering will be resorted to, a particular security agency has alleged that the authorities are biased in favour of a particular company and creating conditions to shunt out the others.

The GMCH had floated tenders for round-the-clock security service in July 2001 and 12 agencies had applied. On August 31, 2001, the price bid was opened in the presence of only three of these companies.

M/s Royal Punjab Security Service alleged that they were never invited for the opening of the bid despite the fact that their bid was the lowest. The GMCH Director Principal, Dr S.B.S. Mann, however said that only those companies were called who fulfilled all technical specifications listed in the tender. ‘‘As far as Punjab Securities is concerned there were many complaints pending against the company,’’ he said.

The authorities, however, conceded that a bid limitation of 15 per cent had, however, been wrongly put in the advertisement since all calculations showed that in that amount of percentage there were many facilities which the security agency could not provide its employees. ‘‘These services which include leave encashment and uniforms etc are essential to be provided by the company itself and in case of very low bids there is bound to be a dilution of both the services provided by the agency to the hospital and the facilities provided by the agency to its employees,’’ said Dr Mann. Subsequently, after negotiations with the hospital authorities, two of these agencies gave in writing that they would not be able to provide all facilities within their price bid. However, the only company left in the run was quoting a rate which the hospital considered too high. In a no-win situation, the hospital authorities then contacted the Chandigarh Administration for advice.

The Administration reportedly asked the hospital to grant the tender to the lowest bidder among the three chosen companies and in case it was not able to provide the facilities in accordance with the demands of the tender, then only would the next higher bidder be considered. This was where things were for the moment and although the Royal Punjab Securities continued to provide their services on month-to-month extension basis, they claimed that theirs was the lowest bid and the hospital was resorting to negotiations with companies which they alleged was not a part of the rules and norms guiding tender procedures.

The hospital authorities had, however, more or less decided to re-tender the whole thing and make its technical specifications more specific.



Construction on acquired land 
Minister leads the way
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 20
The decision of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) to re-allot land in the area acquired for five new sectors south of the town has encouraged unauthorised construction activity there.

Leading the way is a senior politician and member of the Punjab Cabinet. After PUDA regularised existing structures in the Akal Ashram Colony along the Sohana-Landran road, unauthorised construction activity began in several areas of Sohana village that had not been re-allotted.

Construction is going on at various sites, including commercial premises near Sohana Eye Hospital. A visit to pockets of Akal Ashram Colony showed how carpenters were busy shaping door frames for the front courtyard of the under-construction house of the Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Minister of State for Industries, Prof Jagir Singh Bhullar.

The minister was away to his constituency in Amritsar and efforts to contact him on telephone proved futile. Sources in PUDA said, when construction on the plot of the minister had begun, officials of PUDA had tried to stop it, but they were reportedly told that the land had not been acquired. The sources said the land had been acquired by PUDA.

The walls and the other portions of the incomplete structure had been raised in the past one month. Bricks and sand were still lying near the house wall. The PUDA officials have been saying that any new structure in the regularised parts of Akal Ashram Colony will be strictly governed by PUDA building bylaws.

As per the decision of the Accounts and Finance Committee of PUDA, only existing structures had been re-allotted, subject to the payment of external development charges (EDC) of Rs 600 per sq yds. Only the existing structures, as assessed by the PWD in the process of the acquisition of the land, were to be considered. For the new structures, the building bylaws of PUDA were to be strictly followed.

The Chief Administrator of PUDA, Mr K.B.S. Sidhu, said plot holders were raising structures at their own risk. He said, “The new structures in Akal Ashram Colony will be strictly governed by PUDA building bylaws. We will demolish any unauthorised structure.”


Mumbai police seeks help
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 20
In the multi-crore computer education racket by Wintech Computers and its sister concerns, the Mumbai police has sought the help of the Ropar police in tracking down at least 11 promoters and directors of the duping firms. The racket, exposed in June last, had affected thousands of students.

The DCP (Economic Offence Wing) of the crime branch of the Mumbai police has sought information about the possible presence of the accused in a case of cheating and fraud registered at Georegan police station, Mumbai. Information of any case registered by the Punjab police against the promoters of the computer centres and its sister concerns— Zap Infotech and Wintech e-commerce — has also been sought, it is learnt.

The Mumbai police had registered cases against Murtaza Jaffarali, Mohammed Jafar Malviya, Mohammed Abbas, Abbas Jaffarali Mithani, Patel Mohib, Jaffarali Kasamuli Mithani, Arif Jaffarali Mithani, Sabera Jaffarali Mithavi, Mithani Shamina Arif, Patel Asgarali and Shabina Abbas Mithani.

It may be mentioned that when the education racket was exposed all over the country, around 20 branches of the computer centre closed down and thousands of students could not complete their courses. Three Delhi-based executives of Zap Infotech had exposed the racket. The Chandigarh police had registered a case of a breach of the trust and fraud against Wintech Computers. A case has been registered against Mr Murtaza Mathani of Wintech Computers.


Casting net for cyber criminal a challenge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
A day-long seminar was organised by the Chandigarh police to discuss legal aspects and investigation of cyber crime, besides e-commerce and economic frauds.

In his address, the President of NASSCOM, Mr Kiran Karnik, said hacking and defacing websites and spreading of viruses are among the serious challenges that India was facing today.

Cyber crime also includes stealing web identity to access the Net for misuse such as sending mischievous messages.

Mr Karnik said cyber criminals also stole money by hacking into computer networks of banks. Another aspect of cyber crime is related to e-commerce, where goods can be ordered on the Internet by giving someone else’s credit card information.

Such a crime also includes software piracy and violation of privacy. Mr Karnik also addressed queries of delegates.

The UT Deputy Inspector General , Mr Ajay Kashyap, and the SP (Operations), Mr H.G.S. Dhaliwal, also gave presentations on different facets of cyber crime, case histories and legal provisions. A large number of police officials attended the seminar that was aimed at exposing them to the basics of handling cases related to the Information Technology Act.


Pakoras spice up cookery contest
Harvinder Khetal
Tribune News Service

Tips on using LPG

  • Organise cooking to make gas last long
  • Shut the valve when stove not in use, especially at night.
  • Cotton clothing is safer while working in the kitchen
  • Ensure that all parts of the installation are in a good condition
  • Never leave the hotplate on and unattended
  • Keep the safety cap on over unused cylinder
  • Switch off the regulator when not in use
  • Check rubber tube regularly for cracks
  • Family that eats together saves gas

Chandigarh, December 20
It was a meeting of ordinary amateur culinary experts and Bharat Petroleum, the LPG provider, which most of the time is the medium used to cook up delicacies.

Age and gender is no bar in whipping up lip-smacking fare. This was evident as enthusiastic housewives, students, men and even school kids displayed their skill and vied for the top spot today at Vyanjan-2001, a cookery contest organised by BP at Dr Ambedkar Institute Of Hotel Management, Sector 42, here.

The participants — Bharat gas consumers from Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali — were delighted when the Adviser to the Chandigarh Administrator, Ms Neeru Nanda, went around tasting their dishes that were attractively dressed up and laid and giving them a word of praise. But they weren’t so lucky during the prize distribution as Ms Nanda had to leave as she was called by the Governor.

Of the more than 650 entries solicited through the BP distributorship network, 100 best recipes were shortlisted by the judges who were from the faculty of the Hotel Management Institute. Winners were adjudged from among such home-cooked items as suji halwa, rainbow pakoras, stuffed arbi, navrattan korma etc in the three categories of hot pakoras, sukhi seasonal subzi and garam halwa (of course, the judges gave due concession to the “garam” part, considering the cold weather).

Most of the contestants said they enjoyed cooking for their families and it was the result of experimentation and innovations in the kitchen. Aged between 15 years and over 60, they included a mother-son pair of Bitu Walia (class X boy who made saboodana-aloo pakora) and Arbindo (housewife who made a subzi).

The following were declared winners in various categories and given attractive gifts:

Sukhi subzi: Madhu Mittal (1), Shashi Grover (2), Rekha Devi (3).

Garam halwa: Deepak (1), Arvinder Walia (2), Santosh Sharma (3).

Hot pakoras: Shabroop Gill (1), Charanjit (2), Renu Sharma (3).

The cookery contest was a step in the direction of propagating correct and safe handling of LPG by consumers through an interactive session, claimed Mr Khurana, Lalru Territory Manager of BP.



Annual distribution function
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
The annual distribution function of the Official Language Implementation Committee, Chandigarh, was held here today, in which various Central Government offices and government employees were awarded prizes and certificates for their outstanding and commendable performances in the propagation of the Hindi language.

Among the Central Government offices engaged in the production, training and research work, the first prize was won by the Central Forensic Science Laboratory, whereas the second and third prizes went to the Institute of Microbial Technology and CSIO, respectively.

Among the major offices category, the first prize was won by the income tax office and the second and third prizes went to the AG Punjab, and the Central Excise, respectively. Among the small offices category, the Song and Drama Division and the Press Information Bureau won the first and second prize, respectively.

Prizes were also given to the offices of Central Government undertakings. Individual prizes in the competition in essay writing, Hindi typing on computer and typewriters were also awarded on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr J.S. Ahluwalia, Chief Commissioner, Income Tax, who is also the chairman, Official Language Implementation Committee, said that the Hindi language should keep its doors open for all other languages for its further enrichment and faster growth. He also said: “We should sink all differences and preserve our heritage of a cosmopolitan view which has come down to us from the Vedic age when we had kept our doors open for all civilisations to come and settle here.”

A cultural programme by the Song and Drama Division and some child artists was presented on the occasion.


She plans to polish rough edges
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, December 20
Not all people have adequate knowledge of basic etiquette and cannot conduct themselves with ease in society. This often leads to embarrassment all around.

It is keeping such people in mind that Mrs Amita Sinha, a local resident, plans to start a course that will help them overcome their problems and gain confidence. Her target group, she says, will comprise women belonging to the upper middle class.

Mrs Sinha, who says that she ran a course in etiquette in Hyderabad earlier for a year, has now decided to do the same here. She has moved to the town along with husband following his transfer.

Mrs Sinha, who possesses the MBA degree, says she is greatly interested in the subject of etiquette and gained knowledge about it through her own efforts without attending any formal course.

She says some women do not know how to sit, walk or dress up in the right manner. Whenever they go to a restaurant, hotel or airport, they feel shy and uncomfortable, not knowing how to conduct themselves.

Table manners, she says, will be part of her six-week course to be started soon.

Her students will be taught, among other things, how to use cutlery, pass a bowl, eat noodles and how to handle the situation when something spills on the table.

Often when women get married into rich families they have everything but are usually ignorant of the rules of correct and polite behaviour in society and commit blunders.

Women who are educated, she says, should realise what they lack in this respect. Going to kitty parties and hotels is very common, she says, but it is necessary to feel absolutely comfortable on such occasions for enjoyment.

She feels etiquette is of importance throughout one’s life and wherever one went.

She says she will also focus during her course on personality development and conversation in English.

Mrs Sinha says her aim during the course will be to ensure “total finish,” right from the inside to the outside, of the personality of the student.


Residents demand underbridge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
Residents of several villages along the road linking Kambala village and Industrial Area, Phase IX, SAS Nagar, are demanding construction of an underbridge on the proposed Chandigarh - Ludhiana rail link near Kambala village.

The road is only metaled link to over a dozen villages, including Kambala, Rurka, Papri, Chacho Majra, Chilla, Manauli, Siau, Mattran and Bakarpur. The road is used by the residents of the area, including students and factory workers, to travel to and fro from SAS Nagar.

The residents complain that the underbridge under construction near Kambala village is at a distance of more than 1 km from Kambala village and there is no road link to the bridge and hence will be of much use to the people.

The land left unacquired on either side of the rail road near the Kambala is being used by the farmers of the village.

The residents argue that under compulsory acquisition, the landowners have a right of easement and approach to the left our areas. The residents have sent a request to construct the underbridge to the Punjab Chief Minister and SDM-cum-Acquisition Collector Railway, SAS Nagar. 


Essence of success lies in sincerity

HARD work never goes unrewarded. If you are willing to put in your best, the fruits of your labour will be sweet.

I began in a modest way in 1988. I slogged through day and night with the single-minded devotion to carve a niche for myself. Today, I have turned Amartex into a multi-crore enterprise. We have 14 retail outlets in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

We have to strive hard and leave the rest to God. The essence of success is sincerity towards your employees, customers and also suppliers. If your dealings are clean, you are bound to gain support and goodwill. I believe that customer is supreme and the prime objective of a true businessman is customer satisfaction. TNS


Workshop on road safety
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
As a prelude to its scheduled Road Safety Week next month, the local Traffic Police today organised a workshop on road safety in different schools.

According to the police, the schools, which participated in the workshop, were the Government Model School, Sector 10, Government Model School, Sector 26, Government Model School, Sector 46 and the Shivalik Public School, Sector 41.



Chilli bags too hot to handle
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
A team of food inspectors of the UT Health Department led by Mr M.K. Sharma raided the Sector 26 grain market here today. When the team raided Chand Karyana Store of Bardana Market there, the shopkeeper fled from there, leaving behind three bags of turmeric and chilli powder.

The team had no choice but to take these the bags to the office of the Director Health Services and the Food Health Authority, Dr Rameshwar Chander.

The DHS has directed that any person claiming the ownership of the bags may contact Dr G. Dewan, LHA, within three days of the public announcement.



PUDA staff hold gate rally
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
The PUDA Employees Association organised a gate rally in front of the PUDA office in Sector 17 here to protest against the move by PUDA to absorb deputationists in the department. Mr Ashok Mehra, general secretary of the association, said the Chief Administrator of PUDA had been asked to reconsider the matter.

The employees leaders said if PUDA did not withdraw the move, it would have to bear the financial burden. Mr Shiv Kumar, Mr Gurmail Singh, Mr Mukesh Kumar and Mr Ajit Singh Bagri addressed the employees. They said it was wrong to absorb deputationists at the cost of employees.


Christmas celebrated
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 20
An art and craft, science and computer exhibition was organised by Blue Bird High School here today.

The nursery school students celebrated Christmas.

The science exhibition in the school showcased various models like electromagnetic crane, solar panel, touch alarm, solar heater and models on various basic principles of reflection and deflection.


Truck hits DC’s car
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 20
The staff car of the Deputy Commissioner of Yamunanagar (HR-02C-9898) was hit by a truck near Bataur village this morning. Mr Sharma, along with the Superintendent of Police, Yamunanagar, Mr M.S. Ahlawat, was coming to Chandigarh for attending the meeting convened by the Chief Minister.

According to information available, the accident took place around 9.30 am when they were travelling on National Highway 73. The truck (HNE-1110), being driven by Jagtar Singh, rammed into the car. However, the driver of the car managed to manoeuvre the car safely.

One of the guards, accompanying the officers, head constable Ram Kumar, received minor injuries. The truck driver was arrested and his truck impounded.

Threatened: Mr Amit Kapoor has accused Mainawati Chaudhary and Surjeet Singh of trespassing into his plot and threatening him with dire consequences. A case under Sections 448, 452, 506 and 34 of the IPC has been registered against them.

One assaulted: Mr Vivek Bhardwaj of the Kalka-Simla Tai Union was reportedly assaulted by Jagdish in Kalka yesterday. A case under Sections 323 and 506 of IPC has been registered.


Three thieves arrested
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
Three persons have been arrested in various cases of theft, and stolen property has been recovered from their possession. A CD player reportedly stolen from the university campus a few days ago has been recovered from Pardeep, a resident of Kumhar Colony, Sector 25, and Shiva, a resident of Janata Colony, Sector 25.

In the second case, a 25-year-old resident of Maloya, Phool Singh, has been arrested for allegedly stealing 1.5 quintal of metal cable from the Industrial Area. He is a rickshaw-puller. All three have been sent to judicial remand.

Cheating case: The police has booked a resident of Dhariwal village, near Gurdaspur, in an alleged case of cheating and forgery. An employee of Amway India Enterprises, Sector 26, Arjan Jain, has reported that the accused forwarded a fake draft of Syndicate Bank for Rs 1,36,800 in September.

When the draft was presented to the bank, it bounced. After preliminary investigations, a case has been registered in the Sector 26 police station.

Road mishap: An officer posted at Command Hospital, Lieut-Col Tejinder Bhatti, has reported that his Maruti car was hit by a Santro car near the Sectors 34-35 crossing, as a result of which his wife and daughter were injured. The police has arrested the Santro driver, Rajiv Gulati, a resident of Sector 38. He was later bailed out.

Assault: A resident of Mansa, Inderpreet Singh, has reported that he was assaulted and threatened by several persons in Sector 15 last night. The police has registered a case.

Vehicle theft: Sector 24 resident Sarita Malik has reported that her Kinetic Honda (CHJ-7447) has been stolen from a Sector 17 parking lot.

A resident of Ludhiana, Gurpartap Singh, has reported that his Yamaha motorcycle (PB-10-AK-1815) has been stolen from Sector 32. The police has registered a case.



One held for creating bomb hoax
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
The police has arrested a student of the SD College, Sector 32, for allegedly making a hoax call that two bombs have been planted in the college premises. The accused is reported to be a minor.

The police control room received a call at about 9.30 am. After the phone number flashed on the caller ID installed at the control room, the police called back at the number, which turned out to be that of an STD PCO in Sector 46.

A police team was rushed to the PCO, where the PCO owner gave out details about the caller. The accused was apprehended from the same sector.


Britannia launches Milkman’s milk
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
Britannia Industries Limited has announced the introduction of its fresh milk in Chandigarh, launched under the Milkman brand. The milk would be available in a range of variants — standardised milk, double toned milk and full cream milk. All of these would be available in 1 litre and 1/2 litre packs. The product has been competitively priced vis-a-vis other major brands available in the city.

Britannia Milkman milk would offer the consumer the best possible quality. It is sourced from the best locations and then pasteurized and processed in a state-of-the -art dairy plant to ensure consistent quality day after day. Full of bone building calcium and essential proteins, Britannia Milkman milk is enriched with vital vitamin ‘A’ — essential for good eyesight and building overall immunity. Hence, this milk is advertised as the “Life Force Milk”.

Britannia Milkman milk’s excellent quality makes it easy to digest, has rich natural taste, farm fresh aroma and has just the right level of thickness. This ensures that its taste would be preferred by the consumer and that the milk would go a long way in making excellent dahi, paneer, butter and ghee.

Britannia has also put together an extensive distribution network to ensure that the milk is distributed across the width of the city in prime condition. Packed in attractive plastic pouches, the milk is expected to take Chandigarh by storm.

After the initial launch of its cheese and dairy whitener in 1997, Britannia has steadily built up its dairy portfolio. The range now also includes butter, ghee, chocolate and strawberry milk, cold coffee and sweet lassi. The launch of Britannia Milkman milk in Chandigarh closely follows the successful launch of this product in Delhi and Kolkata recently.


Parking lots bidders to get prime land
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 20
A group of contractors, who bid for parking lots in Sector 17, are to be allotted about 1,600 square feet of prime land in Sector 17 free of cost. Yes free, without even some kind of nominal rent to operate their office from there.

Going just by the rates at which commercial sites are auctioned in Sector 17 the place, if auctioned, should cost anything up to Rs 90 lakh. It is part of the contract that space for such an office is provided, said sources within the Municipal Corporation which had auctioned the parking lots for Rs 1.16 crore for the year.

The land will be returned to the corporation after one year. However, there is no provision to check that the space allocated by the MC is being utilised for office of the parking needs or for other business interests the contractor may have.

Sources in the trade of parking said this means the person bidding for the parking lots gets to earn through collections made daily while he gets to have an office in the prime commercial centre for free.

If one would want to have such a big space in Sector 17 on the ground floor it would cost about Rs 6 lakh for the year. The MC will finalise and issue a letter of allotment within a day or two. Unofficially the contractors were showed where the office would be today.

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