Friday, December 21, 2001, Chandigarh, India


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Sparks fly in House over DVB
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
The privatisation of Delhi Vidyut Board came up for discussion in the Assembly with the Treasury Benches and the Opposition trading charges on a day when the House unanimously passed the Bills providing for an upward revision of the pay and allowances of legislators, ministers and the Leader of Opposition.

The dynamism which the Congress leadership wanted to infuse in the three-year-old Sheila Dikshit Ministry by inducting four new faces in the Council of Ministers, apparently came in good stead on Thursday. It was amply shown during the short duration discussion on the privatisation of the Delhi Vidyut Board as the power minister blunted the Opposition’s attack with a meticulously crafted reply.

The Power Minister Ajay Maken said that the Government was committed to unbundling the DVB by the February 28 deadline set by the Chief Minister when generation, distribution and transmission would go into private hands. Earlier, no sooner the House assembled than the Treasury Benches were on their feet protesting against the ‘distasteful’ posters pasted at some places in the city at the behest of certain Bharatiya Janata Party leaders.

Flashing the posters that urged the Congress to support the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) and pointed at Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origins, the Congress legislators disrupted the Question Hour, forcing adjournment of the House. When the House reconvened, the Congress moved a resolution, condemning the inflammatory posters. The Opposition responded by staging a walk-out.

On the issue of privatisation of the Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB), the Opposition charged the Government with pushing through with the corporatisation of the power utility without transparency and concern for the consumers and employees.

Nand Kishore Garg of the BJP said that the Government had not fulfilled any of its commitments with regard to metering and billing system and that the DVB was left with a liability of about Rs 20,000 crore.

Responding to the Opposition’s charges, Power Minister Ajay Maken accused the erstwhile BJP Government of milking the power utility dry by allowing the power theft go unchecked. Reeling out statistics, the minister said that the transmission and distribution loss that stood at 23 per cent a decade ago, had shot up to 52 per cent by the end of 1998 when the Congress came to power.

The minister said that the Government was committed to unbundling the DVB. Besides the issue of privatisation of Delhi Vidyut Board, the House also discussed at length female foeticide and the falling sex ratio in Delhi for which motion was moved by Anjali Rai, who is also chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women.

Four Bills passed

The four Bills introduced in the Assembly yesterday, including the three providing for an upward revision of the pay and allowances of the legislators, ministers and the Leader of Opposition, were passed unanimously by the House today.

The four Bills are: The Members of Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salaries, Allowances, Pension, etc) (Amendment) Bill 2001; The Ministers of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salaries and Allowances) (Amendment) Bill 2001; and The Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salary and Allowances) Bill 2001; and The Delhi High Court (Amendment) Bill, 2001. TNS


Panel soon on female foeticide
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
A high-power committee, comprising legislators and experts, would be constituted to review and suggest measures for granting equal rights to women and curbing the increasing incidents of female foeticide and infanticide. The resolution in this regard is likely to be passed tomorrow before the four-day winter session of the Assembly comes to an end.

After the Speaker allowed a short duration discussion on the motion moved by Congress legislator Anjali Rai, who is also chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, the Government informed the House that under the PNDT Act, action had been taken against four agencies and affidavits filed in the court of chief metropolitan magistrate. Punishment under this Act is a fine up to Rs 10,000 or with imprisonment for a term that may extend up to three years.

Making a statement in the House, Health Minister A.K. Walia said that under the provisions of the PNDT Act, registration of ultrasound clinics had been made mandatory. He informed the House that 292 clinics had applied for registration, of which 200 had been registered so far. Earlier, moving the motion, Ms Rai narrated the travails of women and expressed concern about the falling sex ratio in Delhi.

Old-age pension: Modifying the order with regard to the sanctioning of old-age pension under the Old Age Pension scheme, the Government of NCT of Delhi has stipulated that for proof of income, the applicant would have to furnish an affidavit, duly attested by a magistrate. The notification in this regard was issued on Wednesday. The legislators, however, have raised an objection to making the magistrate the only ‘competent authority’. 


Trouble brewing in DLF City
Ravi S. Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, December 20
The relations between residents of the posh DLF Qutab Enclave – commonly known as DLF City – and the DLF Group, the promoters of the he colony, have reached a flash point.

The immediate provocation for the bickering is the formation of a parallel DLF City Residents Welfare Federation, as opposed to the DLF Qutab Enclave Residents’ Welfare Association, formed in the ‘80s. The promoters are backing the parallel body. At the core of the tussle are community sites and deposits worth crores.

The Welfare Association, which is spearheading the agitation against the DLF Group, has complained to the Haryana government and alleged that the promoters have an ulterior motive in floating the parallel organisation.

Further, the Welfare Association has sent a missive to the State’s Director, Town and Country Planning, stating that, while taking up matters in the interest of the residents, it has often come into conflict with the DLF Group. “Instead of redressing the grievances of the residents and property owners, the Group has been creating difficulties for the Association. ``Now, they are backing a parallel organisation in order to create confusion and to wrest control of all the community facilities.”

The Association has claimed that it is the true representative of residents in all phases of the colony. It has also appended documentary evidence to prove that the Group is trying to promote the parallel organisation.

A copy of a letter addressed to the property owners in the DLF Enclave by the management states that the parallel organisation aims at promoting co-ordination between the property owners/authorised residents and the institution located in the city. The Group has sent a membership form and a stamped envelope to the property holders, with the “confidence” that they may join the Federation.

In a separate letter to the HUDA’s Chief Administrator, the Association pointed out that the situation was akin to that of a company trying to float its own trade union. If that happens, the DLF Universal Ltd will not look after the welfare of the residents, but after its own interests, it is feared.

According to the Association, as per rules, the DLF must get a completion certificate from the authorities. Then, it can manage the colony on its own for five years. But after five years, it has to hand over the colony to the HUDA or other concerned authorities. Once that happens, all community sites and deposits will have to be handed over to the residents and property owners. The Association members apprehend that in such an eventuality the Federation sponsored by the DLF management would be projected as the real representative.

According to the Association, the DLF has about Rs 300 crores in fixed deposits, which it has collected from the property owners. As the DLF does not want to part with the community sites worth several crores of rupees, it is not interested in obtaining the completion certificate from the government, the Association has alleged.


Losing one’s childhood in the alley of life 
Smriti Kak

New Delhi, December 20
Right at the door-step of a public school in the Capital, where hundreds of privileged children are being groomed for bright careers, Raja and his sister Rani are learning the primeval lesson of survival on the street, the only school they will perhaps ever attend. And the only one they can afford. Often, during intermittent interludes in their trapeze act, they cast a wistful look at the children inside the school, engrossed in learning the ‘Three Rs.’

Raja is nine and his sister is seven. They are amongst the hundreds of others who have lost their childhood on the street. Both siblings perform their trapeze act with elan, and normally one gets to see such antics in a circus. On an allegorical plane, it seems, they have taken a somersault into the vortex of life to keep the kitchen fires burning.

“I was six when my stepfather began teaching me these tricks. He would beat me mercilessly, if I failed to perform. Last year, my sister joined me. She sometimes gets hurt during the antics, but we have to continue working”, says Raja.

A lady ‘with pots of money’ came to their rescue. She even took them home, but there was no fairytale ending to their ordeal as their stepfather took them away. “Often, the police and the bullies on the street give us a beating. Sometimes, they want our money. Sometimes, they just beat us for kicks”, explains Raja.

When the reporter spotted the duo, they were performing before a disinterested audience. Rani was passing through a loop while her brother was playing the drums.

Twelve-year-old Kishore, who also accompanies these children, is a virtual ‘jukebox’. His stage is the bus, his audience the commuters and his repertoire includes everything from film songs to bhajans.“I sing all kinds of songs. Sometimes, if the bus is full of older people, I sing bhajans or songs with a social message. But, if it is full of youngsters, I sing the latest film song. Sometimes, people even suggest the songs”, says Kishore gleefully.

And how much does this ‘Kishore Kumar’ earn per day (show)? “Anything between Rs. 20 and Rs. 40. But I have to share it with my partner, who accompanies me with his dafli”.

Kishore does not want to go to school, because he has heard horror tales about how the teachers subject you to ‘Chinese torture’ if you fail to learn your lessons. And besides who will help supplement the family income. ``My father is an alcoholic, he blows away all his money on drinks. Our family of five cannot subsist on my mother’s earning”, says Kishore. His mother works as a maidservant.

Despite the daily ordeal, these children have not let go of hope. They dream to make it big in life. “Who knows, we may find ourselves in Mumbai some day. Then, we can perform on the beach and earn money”, says Raja. Kishore wants to sing in Bollywood movies, so that he does not have to eke out a living on the street.

However, when Rani gives you her ‘wish list,’ you realise that she yearns for the same things that any other child pines for. All she wants is “a pink frock and a big doll with golden hair”.


23 landlords held for not giving tenant information
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
In the wake of the attack on Parliament, the Delhi Police have launched a tenant-verification drive in the Capital and arrested 23 landlords for not complying with the directions of police, given several times in the past.

The landlords were booked under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 144 of the CrPC. The arrests were effected only in West district, sources said. According to the sources, nine persons were arrested from Rajouri Garden, six from Uttam Nagar, three each from Paschim Vihar and Kirti Nagar and two from Hari Nagar. More arrests are expected in the area.

During investigation, the police found that terrorists were using rented accommodations. As they were not expected to disclose their identity to the landlords, the police verification was a must.

In Delhi, Mohammad Afzal was the point man of Jaish-e-Mohammad. He was arrested in connection with the attack and had been residing in a rented accommodation in Mukherjee Nagar in North Delhi.

He had even arranged for rented accommodation in the same area for the five terrorists, all Pakistanis, who carried out the attack. The Commissioner of Police, Delhi, Mr Ajai Raj Sharma, has taken a serious note of the violation of police directions to the landlords. They are supposed to give information about their tenants. The crackdown has been launched to ensure strict observance, the sources said.


Bansi Lal takes a pot shot at Chautala’s
industrial policy
A. Jain

Gurgaon, December 20
The former Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bansi Lal, has come down heavily on the industrial policy of the Haryana Government led by Mr Om Prakash Chautala.

The leader of the Haryana Vikas Party said that the industrialists were feeling suffocated because of the discouraging industrial policies of the state government.

The former Chief Minister expressed the fear that if the industrial department failed to mend its ways, it would not only discourage new ventures, but even the existing industrial units would be forced to move out of the state.

Speaking to the NCR Tribune, HVP chief alleged that various taxes including those in the name of External Development Charges (EDC), Internal Development Charges (IDC), enhancement of land rates, augmentation charges, etc., were being imposed on the industrialists at a time of industrial recession.

To improve the financial position of the exchequer, Mr Bansi Lal suggested that the state government should take remedial measures to check the financial losses.

He said that all the four Nigams (Corporation) of the state power department are in bad shape.

The former Chief Minister claimed that when he had left office, there was 33 per cent line losses in the electricity department.

The loss, he said has risen to 47 per cent in the present government as per the report of Power Regulatory Commission.

One per cent line loss resulted in a loss of Rs 40 crore per year to the department, revealed the former Chief Minister.

He demanded that the Chautala Government take immediate remedial measure to minimise this loss.

He informed that the state government had given bonds worth Rs 1,174 crore at the rate of 12-13 per cent to different countries. Moreover, new bonds worth Rs 700 to 800 crore were in the pipeline, he said.

He ridiculed the policy of the state government, giving the proposed Cyber City at Gurgaon to a private party for development. He remarked that Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation (HSIDC) and Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) were competent enough to develop the Cyber City.

However, for vested interests, the Cyber City is being handed over to a private party, alleged Mr Lal.

On the issue of house tax, Mr Bansi Lal said that if Haryana Vikas Party was voted to power, there would be no house tax for those staying in their own houses.

They would be fully exempted from the house tax, he added.

He lamented that the law and order situation in the state was deteriorating. Heinous crimes such as murders, rapes, extortion, kidnappings and theft of vehicles have become a routine feature, alleged the former chief minister.

Mr Lal appealed to the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala, not to give any land of Haryana, particularly in Gurgaon and Faridabad, to the Delhi Government to set up “slums” or residential areas to decongest Delhi.

The Delhi Government had demanded land from Haryana to decongest Delhi in a recently held meeting of the National Capital Region (NCR).

He also emphasised that projects of the NCR Board, falling in Haryana, must be financed fully by the Central Government.

The former chief minister contrasted the policy of his government and that of the present government. He said that though the Chief Minister, Mr Om Prakash Chautala claimed that he was a leader of the farmers, the farmers have been badly hit during his regime.


Dengue death in Faridabad

A woman, reportedly suffering from dengue fever, died in the civil hospital here last night. The deceased, Lalita Devi, wife of Lalit Raj of Vishnu colony of Ballabgarh town, had been admitted in hospital on December 18. TNS


Haryana sits up, takes note of farmers’ plaints
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 20
The Haryana Government is contemplating holding an inquiry into the complaints of the farmers alleging inadequate and erratic supply of canal water and its non-availability in the tail-end villages in this district.

According to official sources, the state government had received numerous complaints from the farmers about the non-desilting of the canals, distributaries and minors, particularly falling under the jurisdiction of the Rai Water Service Division and Samalkha sub-division in the Irrigation Department.

The state government, it is stated, took serious note of the complaints in this regard and directed the higher authorities of the department to make spot inspection of the on-going desilting work of the canal network.

It is also alleged that many officials of the department had mis-utilised the funds meant for the desilting and deweeding works and pocketed large amounts of money by preparing bogus muster rolls.

They have also shown the work as having been completed when the farmers have alleged that the desilting work had not yet been completed.

To cover up the lapses, the water was released in the canals on December 12, when the rotation period started, alleged many farmer organisations.

Residents of some villages alleged that the desilting work of Sehoti and Bayyanpur minors was carried out by the Beldars of Kakroi and Thana Khurd headquarters but the officials had prepared bogus muster rolls.

This had been done to dupe the state government. It is alleged that large amounts had been pocketed by the officials of the department.

Many farmers belonging to Rai, Kanwali and some nearby villages of the district said that a high-level probe is likely to expose the misdeeds of the officials.

Meanwhile, the prevailing drought condition and the lack of winter rain had adversely affected the sowings of Rabi crops, particularly, wheat in this district.

According to many farmers, the inadequate and erratic supply of power has led to further deterioration in the situation as most of the tubewells in the district were of little use in the absence of power supply.

Representatives of various farmer organisations today demanded a regular supply of canal water and power in the district to avoid further losses to the standing rabi crops. The farmers had also warned the government that it would launch an agitation if their demand for inquiry is not accepted by the Chautala government.

The farmers expect the government to take appropriate action against the corrupt and erring officials of the Irrigation Department, who have not only looted the government treasury but have made the government extremely unpopular among the common masses. Now, the Haryana Government is considering ordering the probe so as to get to the bottom of the scandal.


Three days a week in Sonepat!
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 20
Frequent holidays and five-day week in offices have adversely affected the working in most of the government offices in the city and elsewhere in the district.

Most employees, particularly of the irrigation, health and agriculture departments leave office early on Friday and come late on Monday.

They claim that they are on field duty during the time. The employees of the Haryana Government are thus working for only three days a week.

Consequently, this truancy has caused inconvenience to the public.

With the heads of the departments making themselves scarce without qualms, the subordinate staff do not hesitate to follow them.

Efficiency and punctuality have thus become victims in the tangled web, woven by the truant workers.

Since the shifting of two divisions of the irrigation department from Delhi to Sonepat, the employees of both the divisions, leave their office around 3.30 pm in a Narela-bound bus, which passes through the Canal Colony on the Sonepat-Rathdhanna Road.

The excuse is that they have to return to their home in Delhi which is obviously far now.

No wonder, the office wears a deserted look in the afternoon. Some other offices, especially those attached to the education department, also remain deserted at the weekends.

A similar situation prevails in the government schools and health institutions in both the urban and rural areas.

In the absence of an effective administration, the situation has been deteriorating every day. It is no better in the rural areas.

Indiscipline is increasing in most of the government offices. It is difficult to meet officials.

The common refrain is that “the official is unwell and would be late”.

Many of the erring employees have political connections, which makes it all the more difficult to take any disciplinary action against them. Even when employees are present, the offices resemble more like centres of gossip, where everyone, including the heads of departments, are busy discussing politics.

The authorities have totally failed to discipline the employees. One wonders whether the government employees have any sense of duty towards the people in this district.


Corporator awaits oath of office 45 days after poll
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, December 20
Mrs Sitma Devi, who had been elected a member of the local municipal corporation from ward No 3 here about one-and-a-half months ago, is still waiting to be administered the oath of office.

The unusual delay in the swearing-in has upset the corporator and her followers. She has not been able to take part in the meetings of the corporation either. The corporation has 25 elected members.

Mrs Sitma Devi, who is affiliated with the Bahujan Samaj Party, had been declared elected in the by-election held for Ward No. 3 on November 4. The seat had fallen vacant after the death of Chandrika Prasad, who had represented the ward earlier. Mrs Sitma Devi is the wife of late Chandrika Prasad.

“Since Mrs Devi cannot function as long as the swearing-in is on hold, the ward residents are extremely peeved at the irritants in developmental programmes,” said a supporter of the corporator. While the notification on Mrs Sitma Devi’s election was put out on November 18 last, the period during which oath needs to be taken — 30 days – has lapsed. The commissioner, Gurgaon range, administers the oath.

It is also being said that the official report on the oath has got ‘delayed’ and it may take some more days before Mrs Sitma Devi can take part in the proceedings of the corporation, or discharge her duties as an elected member.

Mr Salek Chand Cain, chief of the Rashtriya Ambedkar Vichar Parishad, has criticised the delay in the oath ceremony and sought action against the erring officials.


Guru stood for freedom of religious worship’
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
In connection with the Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib, the ninth Guru of the Sikh community, a big congregation was held today from early hours of the morning at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib under the supervision of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC). Devotees started flocking to the venue from the wee hours.

The office-bearers of the DSGMC, Jathedar Avtar Singh Hit, president, Mr S. Kulmohan Singh, general secretary, Mr S. Dilwinder Singh Ayur, senior vice-president, Mr S. Shamsher Singh Sandhu, junior vice-president, Mr S. Jasbir Singh Kaka, joint secretary, and members like Dr Jaspal Singh, Mr S. Atma Singh Lubvana and Bibi Daljeet Kaur Khalsa were present on the occasion.

Addressing the devotees, Prof Manjeet Singh, Jathedar Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, recalled the unparalleled martyrdom of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, who laid down his life for the freedom of religious worship. Though he spoke only for 30 minutes, he related the touching martyrdom of the Guru in a devoted way.

Jathedar Avtar Singh Hit and Mr S. Kulmohan Singh also addressed the gathering. In their speeches, they related the great martyrdom of the Guru and also the three other Sikhs — Bhai Mati Dass Ji, Bhai Sati Dass Ji and Bhai Dayala Ji — who laid down their precious lives before the Guru was killed. The gathering was reminded that if Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib had not laid down his life for the freedom of religious worship, the history would have been different today.

Mr S. Kulmohan Singh presented the robe of honour (saropa) to Mr S. Surinder Singh, Manager, press, Dr Harbans Singh Chawla of Delhi University and Mr S. Harmohan Singh. A beautiful calendar regarding Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Khalsa Raj was also released on the occasion.


CRPF Band to perform at landmarks
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
The CRPF Band will perform at India Gate, Qutab Minar and Red Fort Ground in the Capital on December 22, 23 and 24, respectively, between 3.00 pm and 5.30 pm as part of various programmes of the 62nd CRPF Day celebrations. The 61 Brass Band, 49 Pipe Band and 10 Jazz Band will perform under the command of their bandmasters. While the Brass Band will be led by Inspector Raj Kumar, the Pipe Band will be led by Head Constable Parasu Ram and Jazz Band by Head Constable Kishore Thapa.

The combined bands will play tunes of popular Hindi and English songs.


Jagaran for festive spirit

Jagaran for festive spiritA grand Bhagwati Jagaran was organised by the local Welcome Club at F-Block of Laxmi Nagar today. The event was inaugurated by famous astrologer Jai Prakash Lal Dhage Wale.

According to the convenor of the club, Mr Sunil Sharma, thousands of devotees participated in the event. Since its inception in 1995, the club had been holding the event every year. Our motive was to infuse the fervour of festivity in the localities, he said.

Marriage of a kindMarriage of a kind

To drive home the message that marriages can be solemnised without hype and to retain the sanctity of the rituals, which are often cast aside due to the glamour that has seeped into wedding ceremonies, 19 couples tied the knot in a simple ceremony here today at a mass marriage function organised by the Sant Nirankari Mission. The brides and grooms were from even as far as Chicago and Kolkata.




Adamant mayor holds darbar, corporators stay away
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, December 20
Despite the “uncooperative attitude” of elected members of the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF), the Mayor, Mrs Anita Goswami, continues to hold open darbars. About 22 complaints were tabled at the darbar held by the Mayor at the Ballabgarh office today. No corporator participated in the darbar today also.

While the Mayor is under attack from a majority of corporators on the holding of darbars on the pattern of the state government or district administration, Mrs Goswami seems to be unmoved by the criticism, as she has reportedly got the `blessings’ of the Chief Minister. According to MCF officials, all the complaints taken up today had been marked for redressal to the officials concerned. It is claimed that a review of action taken on the complaints of last darbar was also held. Almost all the complaints had been redressed, it is learnt.


A clerk of the Civil Surgeon’s Office here was caught accepting a bribe from a resident of a nearby village yesterday. The accused had allegedly demanded the bribe from the complainant, Subhash of Javan village, for preparing birth certificates of two children. The matter was reported to the SSP, who deputed a team led by an ASP to conduct a raid. The clerk was caught red handed and arrested.


Sonepat, December 20
More than a dozen teachers were found absent at various schools in Bohla, Pinana, Tihar Khurd and Farmana villages of the district when the District Primary Education Officer, Ms Kanta Sharma, went there on inspection yesterday. According to a report, even the headmasters of some schools were found absent during the inspection. Disciplinary actions were ordered against the erring teachers and headmasters of these schools. A list of such teachers would also be sent to the Directorate of Education for taking further action.


Swami Dr Divyanand `Bhikhshu’ Ji Maharaj inaugurated a sewing training centre here yesterday. The centre has been set up by the social welfare forum known as the Samaj Sewa Samiti for providing training to poor and destitute girls of the city. The samiti will organise a picnic programme and sports meet on December 30 on the premises of Shambhu Dayal Modern School on the Sonepat-Gohana road near the by-pass.


Jankidas Kapur Montessori School and Jankidas Kapur Public School (Lower Primary) are organising a joint annual day function on December 24 in Sector 14 of the city. According to a press release, Mr S. N. Roy, Deputy Commissioner, will be the chief guest on the occasion. A cultural programme will also be presented at the function.

According to another report, the annual prize distribution function of Shambhu Dayal Modern School will be held on December 23.


A 10-day NSS camp was started on the premises of Hindu College here today. According to a report, the 46th annual sports meet of the college also started from today.


Resentment prevails among operators of motor vehicles against the sale of adulterated petrol and diesel by owners of petrol stations in the city and other parts of the district.

Many operators alleged that the employees of these stations were also giving less petrol from the quantity sought by them. The authorities of the department concerned had utterly failed to check the malpractices of the owners of these pumps in spite of repeated complaints made to them.


New Delhi
A businessman was waylaid and robbed of Rs four lakh in Mayapuri area today afternoon by three unidentified youths on a scooter. Police said that Ashok Kumar, (40), a resident of Rajouri Garden, who owns a gas stove factory, went to the State Bank of India at noon and withdrew the cash which he was carrying in his suitcase en route to his factory.

When he was about to reach his factory, three unidentified youths forced him to stop the car by obstructing the road. The rear side number plate of the scooter was covered with a sheet.


New Delhi
The IGI airport police today seized 4,000 pirated CDs of the film “Kabhi Khushi kabhie Gham,’ following a raid in the cargo area of Jet Airways. The CDs seem to have been manufactured in the Capital.

They were being sent to Bangalore. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, IGI Airport, Mr Arvind Deep, said that the police had received a tip off that pirated CDs of the film were being sent to Bangalore.

The person, who was sending the consignment, has been identified and he would be arrested very soon.

The Bangalore Police has been informed about the person who was to receive the CDs. The police have registered a case under Sections 63, 68 of the Copyright Act. TNS


SPCA officials caught taking bribe from agent
Cruelty to animals in question
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 20
Two officials of the Delhi Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) were caught red-handed by officials of the anti-corruption branch today while accepting Rs 1,500 as illegal gratification from a commission agent.

The accused officials, ASI Rajinder Singh and Constable Kavinder Pal Singh, working with the SPCA, were found demanding bribe from Mohammad Mursalin, a commission agent dealing with goats at Sadar Bazar slaughter house, for not challaning him on account of cruelty against the goats his trucks were transporting.

The complainant had reported to the anti-corruption branch that the SPCA staff had been demanding Rs 500 per truck of goats as bribe money. His workers were being abused and his trucks challaned on the pretext of slapping fines for committing cruelty against the animals if the bribe was not paid.

He also had informed the branch that his four trucks loaded with goats would reach Delhi from Rajasthan yesterday night and that the accused officials would not allow them to enter Delhi unless they were paid the bribe.

Acting on this complaint, the ant-corruption officials laid a trap and found the two officials demanding and accepting bribe at Karol Bagh Chowk on Ridge Road. A case of corruption has been registered against the officials and further investigation is in progress.


A 17-year-old newspaper vendor was crushed under a bus today morning. Manoj Kumar, resident of Madangir, was crushed under the wheels of a bus (DL-1PA-7281), plying on route number 429, near market number 2 at Chittaranjan Park.

The accident occurred while Manoj was delivering newspapers in the area. He was taken to Mazidia Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Soon after the accident, an angry mob rushed to the spot and broke the windowpanes of the bus, but no one was injured.

The Chittranjan Park Police have registered a case of causing death due to rash and negligent driving and have arrested the errant bus driver, Rajender Singh (35), resident of Sarai Kale Khan.


Over 2,000 of various organisations staged a protest march from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar today against the Indian Government’s supply of military aid to the Nepal King’s army for “use against the Nepalese people”. The protestors also demanded lifting of emergency in Nepal.

They marched through the streets shouting slogans and demanding the Indian Government to stop interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs, to lift emergency and to restore democratic rights.

The speakers included Aparna, secretary of the Delhi unit of the CPI(ML) New Democracy, Mr P. K. Shahi, president of the All India Federation of Trade Unions.


The narcotics branch of the Delhi Police today arrested two persons from different areas of the Capital and seized 3 kg of heroin worth Rs 3 crore from them.

Acting on a tip-off, sleuths of the narcotics branch arrested Masoom Ali from Rohini and seized 2 kg of heroin from him. He had gone to Rohini to deliver the consignment to his contact. His contact had also been identified and would be arrested soon, police said.

Masoom Ali hailed from Hardwar in Uttar Pradesh. He had been living in Sultanpuri at present, the police said. During interrogation, he disclosed the he had been in the crime for the last six months. In another case, a 19-year old youth, Ahsan of Bareilly, was arrested from ISBT and 1 kg of heroin seized. He had gone to ISBT to deliver the heroin to some person. An official of the narcotics branch said that 22 kg of heroin, 62 kg of hashish and 21,400 kg of opium had been seized in the current year so far.


A known ‘bad character’ of Sultanpuri, Suraj Sharma, was stabbed to death allegedly by his neighbour, Zuber Ahmed, last evening. There was a fight on a trivial issue between Suraj and Zuber a few days back. To take revenge, Zuber stabbed him with a knife. Soon after, Suraj was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. He was involved in more than 20 cases of robbery and snatching, the police said. The police have arrested Zuber on the charge of murder.


Spurious liquor seized, three of gang held
Our Correspondent

Gurgaon, December 20
The district police claimed to have busted a gang involved in manufacturing illicit liquor at Sheetla Colony here.

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr Kuldeep Singh Siag, a Crime Investigating Agency (CIA) team led by Inspector Bharat Singh raided a house owned by Narayan Singh, alias Fauji, at Sheetla Colony and found three youths filling illicit liquor in bottles in the underground room of the house.

The SSP further said that the police seized 92 boxes of bottles (ready to sell) of different brands, 328 empty bottles, two cans filled with chemicals from the spot.

The youths, Kalicharan, Kasiram and Ram Kishore, were arrested while the owner, Narayan Singh, and his driver, Rohtash, managed to run away from the scene. Mr Siag said that the police would soon arrest the main culprit, Narayan Singh.

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