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Admn amends scheme for giving land to schools
Land rates also revised
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
The Chandigarh Administration has amended the scheme for the allotment of land to educational Institutions (schools), 1996, on a lease-hold basis and also revised the land rates.

The following shall be the rates for allotment of land to educational institutions (schools) in UT on a lease-hold basis:

(A) In urban area of UT, Chandigarh

(i) For maximum floor area ratio (F.A.R.) for 0.5 — Rs 1,800/- per sq yard.

(ii) For minimum floor area ratio (F.A.R.) 0.25 —Rs 900/- per sq yard

(B) Outside urban grid i.e. re-settlement colonies or in villages :

(i) for maximum floor area ratio (F.A.R.) of 0.5 — Rs 1000/- per sq yard

(ii) for minimum floor area ratio (F.A.R.) of 0.25 — Rs 500/- per sq yard.

(C) For floor area ratio lower than 0.5 and above F.A.R. of 0.25 — the premium shall be charged proportionately.

According to an official announcement here today, this scheme will be called ‘The allotment of land to educational institutions (schools), etc. on lease-hold basis in Chandigarh (Amendment) Scheme, 2001’. It shall come into force from the date of its publication in the official gazette.

In the allotment of land to educational institutions (schools), etc. on lease-hold basis in Chandigarh scheme, 19965 (herein after called the scheme), for para 4, the following shall be substituted, namely:-

Eligibility for allotment:- An educational institution (school/society/trust fulfilling the criteria laid down by the Chandigarh Administration from time to time shall be eligible for allotment of land subject to the following :-

I)“The educational institution (school/society/trust have the requisite competence and experience in running an educational institution (school) on the date of notice inviting applications, as per the criteria and policy set by the Chandigarh Administration from time to time.

II)The educational institution/society/trust has enough funds at the time of applying to pay at least 25 per cent of the advertised cost of the land and 25 per cent of the estimated cost of the building to be erected thereupon and shall give sufficient proof for the same.”

“Applications received shall be screened by a screening committee consisting of the Secretary, Education (Chairperson), Finance Secretary or his representative, Chief Architect, Estate Officer, Director, Public Instruction (Colleges) and Director, Public Instruction (Schools). The screening committee shall interview the applicants, examine records, make site visits or take any other action necessary for scrutinising the applications. The screening committee shall make detailed recommendation as regards the allotment to applicants found eligible as per the criteria and policy laid down. The recommendation shall include the nature and size of site for which an applicant may be considered.”

“In case the number of eligible applicants recommended for a site or for a category of sites is more than the number of sites, then a draw of lots shall be held by the Estate Officer. The result of the draw of lots shall be binding on the applicants. In case of non-payment or delay in payment of an installment the applicant shall be liable for action in terms of the Chandigarh Lease Hold of Sites and Building Rules, 1973. In the event of premium being linked to the floor area ratio, then the applicant shall be liable to pay for the additional premium in terms of the Chandigarh Lease Hold of sites and Building Rules, 1973, as and when the additional floor area ration (FAR) is allowed.”

“Each installment shall be remitted to the Estate Officer by the prescribed mode of payment. Every such remittance shall be accompanied by a letter showing full particulars of the site to which the payment pertain or a statement giving reference to the number and the date of the allotment. In the absence of these particulars, the amount remitted should be deemed to have been received only on the date when the remitter supplies correct and complete information”.

“The Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh may relax all or any of the provisions of this scheme, for reasons to be recorded in writing in public interest and in exceptional circumstances.”


PU teachers get self-appraisal forms
Responses expected by April 30; no amendment in scheme
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
There are differences over the implementation of the scheme of yearly self-assessment of professional achievements of Panjab University teachers.

The matter had been resolved in the Senate and the scheme was to be implemented after necessary amendments. However, before this could happen, copies of the self-appraisal forms were forwarded to teaching departments. Teachers are expected to send in their responses by April 30.

Prof P.K. Mittal, chief of the Panjab University Teachers Association, said, “The original scheme was not accepted by PUTA. There were portions related to questions on the professional aspect that needed to be restudied, deleted or amended.”

Prof P.P. Arya, a former head of PUTA, said, “The self-appraisal scheme was not acceptable to the House. Teaching is not like any other professions. A teacher is accountable to his or her students every day. Each teacher works independently and forced accountability gives rise to several malpractices and harassment of teachers by authorities.”

Prof Arya said, “No university in Punjab follows the scheme. The scheme was introduced in Punjabi University, but had to be discontinued after a couple of years due to several lacunae.”

Prof Mittal said, “One discrepancy in the self-appraisal forms was regarding stipulated work hours in a week. It asked for 40 work hours in a week. There are a maximum of five teaching hours a day and it is impossible to meet the requirement under normal working conditions. There is a need to simplify the form,” Prof Mittal said.

The university has forwarded the forms for its annual self-appraisal report according to the University Grants Commission guidelines. The form has to be filled in by every teacher and submitted to the university before April 30 every year.

The form seeks information on brief outlines of the subjects taught by the teacher, goals set by the teachers in covering the courses and whether or not the teacher has received any feedback from students regarding these goals.

It also seeks information on the methods to ascertain the progress of students, methods for a continuous assessment of students’ performance, self-assessment regarding realisation of the set goals, and whether or not the courses taught by the teacher are related to his or her research interests.

The teacher also has to give a list of publications in the academic year, brief statement on his or her ongoing research work, details of participation in seminars. He or she will also have to give details of interaction with students and colleagues from allied departments, suggestions to improve such interactions, details of participation in the conduct of university examinations and future plans, besides various other things.

While teacher are not happy with the scheme, a senior research scholar said, “Teachers should not object to a scheme that holds a promise for upgrading studies. It will force teachers to perform better. Good teachers should get honours and the non-performing ones should be questioned.”

A teacher in one of the science departments always carries self-assessment forms to his classroom. He had been doing it even before the scheme came up for consideration.


Robber’ held; clues to many cases found
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, December 21
The police has arrested an assailant, Kirpal, from outside Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in New Delhi month-and-a-half after a shootout in a poultry farm of Gajipur village along the Chandigarh-Ambala highway near Zirakpur.

Special checking at ISBT
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
A special checking drive was conducted by the Chandigarh police at the Inter-State Bus Terminus, Sector 17, this afternoon. Commandos drawn from Operations Cell as well as personnel from the Sector 17 police station took part in the drive.

The SP (Operations), Mr H.G.S. Dhaliwal, the Operations Cell in charge, Inspector Jagbir Singh, and the SHO, Sector 17 police station, Inspector Vijay Kumar, were also present on the occasion. About 60 policemen, besides a dog squad, were deployed during the drive.

The Punjab police has also made headway in several cases of robbery in Swarswati Vihar Colony of Dera Bassi and Zirakpur and its surrounding villages. Masked and armed robbers had struck at more than eight places there within one night.

The Punjab police found the clues after two of the accused — Kalu of Khanpur and Kanhaiya of Nezibabad in Uttar Pradesh — were arrested by the Kurukshetra police for their alleged involvement in robberies at Ambala, Ladwa and Kurukshetra.

While addressing mediapersons, Mr Jatinder Singh Khaira, DSP, said, “Kirpal, who was arrested from Delhi, had sustained bullet injuries during his 45-minute encounter with a vigilant poultry farm owner on November 12. He was in Delhi for medical treatment when the police caught him.”

During interrogation, the accused told the police that his accomplice Dhuna had been killed in the encounter at Gajipur poultry farm. He also said his accomplices included Balbir Singh, Nazir, Jeet, Hem Raj, Zaria, and Mada, besides Dhuna who was now dead. The members of the gang are relatives.

Mr Khaira said police parties had been sent to various hideouts of the other gang members.

Kalu and Kanhaiya told the police that they had been involved in a robbery in the house of Mr Anwar Hussain in Swarswati Vihar Colony of Dera Bassi on September 11. Masked men had attacked and robbed nine persons, including three members of a family and their relatives who were part of a marriage party. The gang had struck at four houses, a farmhouse and a tubewell at Zirakpur, Nabha, Bhabhat and Chhat villages on October 15.


Govt hospitals ‘overloading’ PGI?
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
Is the Government Medical College and Hospital Sector 32 (GMCH-32) and the General Hospital Sector 16 (GH-16) partially responsible for the overload of patients at the PGI? Other than the fact that these two hospitals are still trying to muster some of the basic emergency care facilities and as a result can provide only limited care to those who reach the hospital in an emergency, the senior and junior residents in the PGI also allege that the doctors on emergency duty in these hospitals have a tendency to refer patients to the PGI even when many such case can be taken care of at their level.

  • November 25, 2001: A neuro-surgery case referred from INSCOL to the asked to go to the PGI for inability to arrange blood.
  • December 4, 2001: A young pregnant woman is refused a bed at the GMCH; she delivers on the road on her way to the GH-16.
  • December 12/13, 2001: A 60-year-old woman is brought to the GH-16 at midnight... the senior resident on duty is not to be found... the woman breathes her last.

The GMCH-32 does not have a CT scan and as a result most of the cases, where a injury to the head is involved, are referred to the PGI. A resident on emergency duty at the GMCH, however, stated, “Only the very serious cases are referred to the PGI and the others are asked to get a CT scan done from a Sector 22-based private CT scanner.” But there have been cases, more often than rare when even after the said scan has been done, the patient is send to the PGI.

“Head injury is something no one wants to take a risk with and why just head injuries. There are so many other serious injuries where the scanner is an absolute must. But right now in this ward where we have 18 patients with head injuries, there are at least 10 which can be taken care of at the GMCH. After all it is a multi-speciality hospital and if not outsiders it should at least take care of the city patients,” said a senior resident on duty at the PGI surgical emergency.

But since very rarely are patients referred back , the situation in various PGI emergencies keeps getting worse. Patients waiting to be attended to lying on stretchers is a common scene at the PGI emergencies. Although the number of beds in various PGI emergencies is 150, in reality the number of beds is equal to the number of stretchers in the hospital. Come hell or high water no one is sent back from the PGI emergency and is somehow accommodated, leading to extremely over worked emergency staff, and doctors working in extraordinarily stressed-out conditions.

A situation, which is being consciously avoided by the GMCH. The GMCH has a clear policy: no patients on stretchers if it can be avoided. And they follow it to the book. Patients, even in emergency conditions, are not admitted if their beds are full. The total number of beds is around 32 and are considered full only after there are two patients per bed. “There is no doubt that there is dilution of services because of the rush but our emergency, too, is totally full most of the times. But as soon as C block comes up, one whole block will be for emergency patients. Also the CT scan is about to be installed,”’ says Dr Raj Bahadur, MS, GMCH.

The story is slightly different at the GH-16. It does not have either a CT scan or a dialysis unit. Though almost every doctor agrees that a dialysis unit is not required in an emergency situation, almost all patients with serious kidney problems are sent either to the GMCH or the PGI. “What is important is that we do not have a ventilator here for use in the emergency. We have a ventilator in the operation theatre but if a person comes with any breathing problem we simply have to refer it,”.

There is no doubt also in a patient’s mind as to where he or she prefers to be during an emergency. “The PGI is top, then I think the GH-16 and then GMCH-32,” rated a patient who recently had a harrowing experience at the GMCH (see box for cases), a rating which was seconded by a senior doctor in GH-16. 


Sobha Singh’s magic lives on
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 21
The beauty of some of the selected original creations of Sobha Singh lighted up the art gallery of Punjab Kala Bhavan here today. The pieces of art are for public viewing, courtesy the Department of Cultural Affairs of Punjab and the Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi.

The sheen of his work that even time could not erase is all there in his paintings of the Sikh Gurus. The works include the highly acclaimed portrait of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and that of Guru Govind Singh Ji which is with the Government Museum and Art Gallery now.

An equally alluring work is the one showing Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Mansarovar, which captures the serenity of the Guru and the tranquility of nature. There is another work where Guru Nanak Dev is shown to be in Mecca at the backdrop of Sun-kissed sky done in vivid red.

There are also paintings of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal, the artist’s masterpieces that magic of which lives on to inspire the youth. The visual feast was organised on the occasion of the artist’s birth centenary and was inaugurated by the Punjab Governor and the UT Administrator, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), with the garlanding of a portrait of Sobha Singh.

Giving away the first Sardar Sobha Singh Memorial Award to Mehar Singh, chief of the Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi, General Jacob said it was wonderful to watch the original works of the artist. He also thanked members of the artist’s family for lending the five paintings to the Chandigarh Museum and Art Gallery for this exhibition.

Later, a slide show was organised and it featured 60 slides of known and unknown works of Sobha Singh.


HUDA up in arms against UHBVN
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 21
Officials of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) are up in arms against the Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) for providing several domestic connections through independent feeders (11 kv each) , laid exclusively for uninterrupted power supply to 57 tubewells.

It may be noted that during November alone, power supply from the “dedicated” lines was disrupted at least seven times due to the overdrawl of power by these domestic consumers. This led to financial loss to the department, besides affecting the water supply during the peak hours because of tripping. In September, power supply through these lines was disrupted 19 times.

Sources inform that HUDA has sent repeated requests to officials in the UHBVN for removing the private connections on these independent feeders meant for water works and water supply in the township. However, the UHBVN has reportedly failed to remove this alleged “encroachment” on these feeders.

HUDA officials have alleged that as many as five independent feeders — three from the Sector 1 sub-station and two from Industrial Area II were provided to them some 10 years ago, for water works and water supply at a considerable cost. However, because of certain technical problems faced by the UHBVN, they began providing domestic connections through these 11 kv lines.

Officials in HUDA have now decided to convene a meeting of officials of the UHBVN to discuss the issue. Presently, a physical study of the feeders is being carried out by HUDA officials to assess the exact number of private connections on their independent feeders. It is learnt that domestic connections on these feeders have been provided in Sectors 2, 4, 6 and in Industrial Area Phase II.

A senior official in HUDA, on condition of anonymity, informed that each time power tripped, the water pressure was adversely affected. “Even if the power supply is disrupted for a few minutes, the water pressure is not able to pick up. Thus most of the two-storeyed and three-storeyed houses here have a complaint of low-water pressure,” he said.

He also said that the problem becomes more acute during the summer months when power consumption by these domestic consumers increases.

Meanwhile, Mr Neeraj Bal, Additional Executive Engineer of UHBVN, said that the matter was being looked into by the higher authorities and already efforts were on to remove the connections from independent feeders provided for water works at the earliest.


Good Chinese food with pleasing view
Harvinder Khetal
Tribune News Service

It’s one of those occasions when you want everything to be perfect. The ambience, the setting, the view, the crowd. And of course, the food. Well, it’s simple. Simply go to the best place in town. Everybody will agree that Hotel Shivalikview, Sector 17, has among the classiest eateries in City Beautiful. And its sixth floor Chinese restaurant, Yangste, offers a breathtaking view from its glass windows.

As you wait for your order, look down to encounter the top of the thick grove of trees lining the road separating Sectors 16 and 17. Beyond that is visible the Rose Garden while on the other side looms the Cricket Stadium.

Among these verdant surroundings, cars whiz past and some high-rise buildings peep through the greenery. If the sky is clear, the majestic Shivaliks, too, border the horizon and prove that the hotel has been aptly named. In fact, as soon as you get off the lift and enter the restaurant, tastefully done up in blue and brown, the good lighting strikes you as a welcome change from the normally semi-lit eateries.

The icing on the cake in this wonderful setting is the lip-smacking fare rustled up by chef Beg Bahadur. His nimble fingers dexterously chop vegetables into dices, slices and juliennes that are tossed into the wok and dressed up with sauces, noodles and rice etc. before they reach your table. The garnishing with tomatoes, spring onions, carrots and other veggies only serve to whet your appetite.

Mr Jagan Nath Chaudhary, Manager, Food and Beverages and Banquets, rightly says that this Citco-run venture is one of the few successful government undertakings. He informs that to attract the general public, Youngster's has on its repertoire the executive lunch. At Rs 150 plus taxes per head, you can enjoy kimchi salad/ veg salt and pepper, soup (manchow, lemon coriander, hot’n sour or chicken), or cheese hot garlic/sweet’n sour veggies, Manchurian, fried rice, veg almonds, noodles and top with a dessert of date pancake or ice-cream.

Another exciting offer is that if there is food order of more than Rs 300 per table, you are entitled to one large peg of 60 ml of “DSP Black” free of cost.

And while their spring rolls (Rs 80) continue to be the hot favourite, the new honey gobhi (cauliflower dipped in a dash of honey mixed with til and green onions) has also become a hit.

There is a note of warning: Before you decide on the menu, study the menu card. Only if spices and chillies go down well with you, should you dare to try the dishes have the sign of one or two chillies alongside.

The range of starters (priced from Rs 80 to Rs 325) includes golden fried prawns, chicken/veg pepper salt and garlic winglets. After the various soups, in the seafood category are prawns tossed with ginger, cocktail onions and crushed pepper corns or cooked in other styles.

Then there are a variety of chicken, lamb, veg, chopsuey, rice and noodle delicacies.

Top the feast with such desserts as date or coconut pancakes etc and wash them down with beverages and feel as if the Yangste river of China is flowing by smoothly and the rose decorating your table leaves a delicate fragrance.


Equilibrium in profession is his hallmark

Harry Sharan believes in equilibrium, when it comes to his profession. So this young artiste, who has already made his mark in the field of acting, does not want to limit his potential within some stereotype roles, nor to a certain media.

Harry who became a known face after his role of Sukhdev in Punjabi feature film ‘Shaheed Udham Singh’ is equally active in small screen and stage acting. “I like to work for all three medias, as all of them offer different charm and challenges to an artist,” says Harry.

Besides working for Punjabi films like ‘Sarpanch’, ‘Jali Passport’, ‘Akhri Saboot’ and many more, Harry is also an active member of the theatre movement of the city. “Theatre teaches you to be analytical," says Harry who is running two theatre groups, one is city-based ‘Natwa’ and the other ‘Malwa Sabhyacharak Manch’ operating in Faridkot district.

Harry, a former student of Indian Theatre Department, started working for Jalandhar Doordarshan in 1992. Harry has acted in serials like ‘Lashkara’, ‘Saanjh’ and ‘Ek Kahani’. “Punjabi serials are not up to the mark,” says Harry. They lacked in substance and professionalism he added. OC


Co-op bank staff for revision of special pay
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
In response to a statement by the Managing Director, Punjab State Cooperative Bank, the Cooperative Bank Employees Federation has said that various demands were discussed with the Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Punjab. He had agreed to accept these demands but only two demands had so far been accepted.

The special pay and allowances of the employees of cooperative banks had not been revised on the pattern of the Punjab Government employees.

The employees said they had been forced by the attitude of management to resort to an agitation.


Tribune Bureau chief’s car stolen
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, December 21
A white Zen car, belonging to The Tribune Chief of Bureau, Mr Prabhjot Singh, was stolen from Phase V here today.

The car was parked in front of the local branch of Ajit Karam Singh International Public School which is run in a house in the area. Mrs Maninder Kaur, wife of Mr Prabhjot Singh, works as a teacher in the school.

She said she had parked the vehicle in front of the school building at 8.30 a.m. Around 11 a.m. she came out of the building to get an audio cassette from her car but was shocked to see the vehicle missing.

The car (PB 10Y 8442) had black film on the windows with a sticker bearing the permission of the ADGP to use it.

The Phase 1 SHO, Mr Rajinder Singh Sohal, said the search for the stolen vehicle was on. Messages in this regard had been flashed to all nakas and a case had also been registered.


Man killed in road mishap
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 21
A Sector 38 resident, Harish Chander, was killed on the spot after a car being driven by his son rammed into a truck parked on the Sectors 24-25 dividing road last night. According to a complaint lodged by the truck driver, Mehma Singh, a resident of Ropar, the incident happened at about 1.30 am.

The police has arrested the car driver, Vishal, and registered a case against him under Sections 279 and 304 of the IPC for rash and negligent driving and endangering human life. He was later bailed out.

Three hurt: A couple and their two-year-old daughter were injured after the Maruti car in which they were travelling was hit by a TATA-407 truck near the Sector 29-30 light point. The police has registered a case on the basis of a complaint lodged by Sector 29 resident Kulwant Singh and arrested the truck driver, Sandeep Kumar, a resident of Hoshiarpur.

The injured couple have been admitted to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, while their daughter has been admitted to the PGI.

Two arrested: The CIA staff of the local police has arrested two persons for allegedly stealing truck parts from Motor Market, Mani Majra. The accused have been identified as Babla and Thakur aged about 25 years. A case had been registered at Mani Majra police station, but it was later transferred to the CIA branch.

Gambling: A resident of Bapu Dham colony, Ravinder Kumar, has been arrested for allegedly gambling at a public place. The police has recovered Rs 240 from his possession. A case under the Gambling Act has been registered against him.

Tree felling: On the basis of a complaint lodged by a horticulture department official, Madan Lal, the local police has booked a person, Jagdish Singh, for allegedly chopping a tree in the Industrial Area without permission.

Purse stolen: Sector 35 resident Gurpreet Kaur has reported that her purse containing a gold pendant, a gold kara, a mobile phone and Rs 15,000 in cash has been stolen from a Sector 17 shop. The police has registered a case.

Vehicle theft: Sector 18 resident Anand Deep Brar has reported that his Hero Honda motor cycle (CH-03-E-1453) has been stolen from Sector 34. The police has registered a case.

Dhanas resident Jagdamba Parshad has reported that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (CHL-5205) has been stolen from the Sector 24 rehri market. The police has registered a case.

Theft: Deepal Mittal, owner of Shimla Flour mill, complained to the police that Rs 25,000 and some other items were stolen from the shop.

Injured: Ashok Kumar, a pedestrian was injured after being hit by a scooterist, Parveen Kumar, on the Madhya Marg.


Woman injured: A young woman was reportedly hit by an Army truck near Sector 19 yesterday. The victim, Ms Bhuri Devi, was injured in in the accident.

According to an FIR registered under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC, the victim has alleged that the driver of the truck (83-E-4989-E) was driving at a very fast speed. The driver, Dharamveer, has been booked by the Sector 19 police.

One assaulted: Mr Raman Kumar has accused his three brothers — Rajeev, Sanjeev and Varun — of assaulting him near the railway track and later threatening him with dire consequences. A case under Sections 323, 325, 506 and 34 of the IPC has been registered against them.

Recovered: The police has recovered a soda-maker, a set of glasses, a tea set and other household articles from Surendra Kumar, who was arrested by the police earlier. These goods had been stolen from the Abheypur residence of Mr Duli Chand.

Sentenced: The court of the Special Judge, Panchkula, today sentenced Sushil Kumar to six months' imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1,000 for violation of the Essential Commodities Act.

A case under Sections 7, 10 and 55 of the EC Act was registered against the accused in Raipur Rani on January 14, 1997. He was later arrested and prosecuted.

SAS Nagar

Cop held: A constable of the Chandigarh police, Paramjit Singh, posted at the Sector 26 Police Station, was arrested today for transporting 250 pouches of country liquor. He was arrested near the Phase 3-A micro tower by a team led by ASI Bhagwant Singh Riar

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