Saturday, December 22, 2001  

The Day After

Himmat Singh Gill

THE giant Russian aircraft, IL 76, with India’s special envoy to Afghanistan Satinder Lamba, a few diplomats and a team of Indian journalists on board, could only take off around noon on a cold December morning because of the heavy fog that hung over New Delhi. Also on board was Qanooni, the newly appointed Afghan Interior minister, who had flown in from Bern to New Delhi a few days earlier to hold talks with Indian leaders.

They pray for peace, and struggle to survive the day
by Naila Saleem
OU see them everywhere on the streets in Kabul— the children and women who beg to survive. They are the testament to how much destruction war causes. When I see them roam around the streets, looking for food and paisas, I’m struck by their persistence.

A royal display
by Kavita Devgun
MAZING pictures!" The exclamation was repeated over and over and louder each time. The Venue: Exhibition hall of the British Council at Delhi. The exhibition: Lafayetee Portraits, a display of photographs of the Indian royalty between 1897 and 1935. The presenters: Roli Books in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum of England.

Painting is her passion
by Sunil Minocha
HEN one door is shut in one’s life, the other opens up. Every human being has one talent or the other. All you need to do is to exploit it. We should not weep over our sorrows in life. We can lessen our sorrows by becoming self-dependent", says the strong-willed Shivani Sood, an upcoming artist.