Saturday, December 22, 2001
M A I L  B O X

Checking lawlessness

APROPOS of Reeta Sharma’s article "Checking lawlessness" (December 8) apart from the causes mentioned by the writer for increasing lawlessness in Haryana, T.V. serials and films are also responsible for encouraging crime. Further, if children and youngsters are given the right training, there would be no indiscipline, no violence and no lawlessness. Proper training at homes helps develop a balanced personality.



One must always try to learn from past experience. We must not allow what has happened in Bihar and Haryana to be repeated in other parts of the country as well. Everybody has a duty towards making the society a better place. The energy of the youth must be properly harnessed. In this case, giving them an opportunity to serve the nation in the armed forces can be of help.



Mount Everest

Apropos of the article "To Mount Everest...." by Amar Chandel (December 8), I was surprised to see the mighty Himalayan peaks without snow. No one can imagine the summit without its shining silvery cover.



Pramod Sangar in his write up "There was widespread corruption in Mughal India" (December 8) has described the corrupt practices of that period.

The caste system, the long-continued internal peace, the accumulation of wealth, the luxury and corruption of the upper classes and the priests, the despotic state system, and the absence of a centralised administration, all contributed to corruption.


Sikh names

This refers to "Jaipur and its Rajmata" by Khushwant Singh (November 24).

The columnist is totally mistaken to believe that ‘Singh’ in a name means it can only be of a Sikh. Such names can also be of Rajputs and members of the other sections of sanatan dharm.

Not a single incident relating to First War of Independence took place in Punjab. On the other hand, the heads of the Sikh princely states defended the British.

The historians are agreed that the war failed because of the betrayal of the Sikhs. The writer himself, has agreed with this observation in many of his writings although he has tried to invent reasons for it.