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Phase-out will hinge on CNG supply: Maken
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The Government of NCT of Delhi has drawn up a 32-month time-table for phasing out diesel-run buses in accordance with the Supreme Court directions. Accordingly, 200 buses would be phased out every month. However, as Transport Minister Ajay Maken chose to put it during a news conference on Tuesday, the phase out policy would be subject to ready and sustained availability of CNG fuel and incorporation of safety norms in buses as stipulated by the Union Ministry of Surface Transport.

“If no CNG is available or if its supply is irregular we will make suitable amendments to our phase out policy,” Maken told media persons. Acknowledging that the government is walking a tightrope, in its anxiety to honour the court’s directions and keep the transporters’ lobby in good humour, the minister said the policy would come up for review in March. The Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), he added as an afterthought, was misleading the “stake holders” when it claims there is no shortage of CNG fuel in the Capital.

The apex court has set the deadline of January 31, 2002 for phasing out diesel buses and March 31 for conversion to single fuel mode on CNG. The matter would come up for hearing before the court in February when the Government of NCT of Delhi would also submit the status report.

Briefing media persons, the minister said a host of “variables” have come to have a bearing on the relative progress of phasing out of diesel buses. First and foremost, he said, was the issue of availability of CNG fuel. “The supply position of CNG and its availability through the existing distribution network, as presented by the Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, must surely have caused bus owners to rethink their investment decision,” he said, referring to the long queues of buses and autorickshaws at filling stations.

The second “variable” was the delay in declaration of safety norms for CNG-driven buses. “Already,” the minister said, “we have had six cases of CNG-driven buses catching fire. These seriously affect the confidence of all stake holders, including vehicle owners, financial institutions and the public.”

It was extremely important, he added, that the CNG bus scheme gains wide acceptance among all stake holders. “This would be possible,” the minister reiterated, “only if we go about the ongoing transition in a manner that does not aggravate operational problems arising from long queues, safety factors and dead mileage (of DTC buses that remain off road on account of queuing up at filling stations).”



Delhi Govt delaying pipeline: IGL
Ramesh Ramachandran
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
Responding to Transport Minister Ajay Maken’s statement that there was a shortage of CNG fuel and that Indraprastha Gas Limited’s claims to the contrary were “misleading,” IGL’s Director (Commercial) L Lobo told NCR Tribune “there was no shortage of CNG and the Government has also confirmed the availability of adequate gas to IGL and, if required, more can be made available.”

The Government of NCT of Delhi, Mr Lobo countered, should blame itself for queering the pitch and creating an ‘artificial’ shortage of CNG fuel in the city. The process of laying the new CNG pipeline, stretching from Dhaula Kuan to GT Karnal Road and construction of filling stations along it, he said, has been delayed by three-odd months because the requisite permission is not forthcoming from the government (read chief minister). And because of that, he added, the project is also stuck at the Lieutenant Governor’s level. “If the pipeline is laid, it will not only add to the dispensing capacity but will also considerably cut down on the dead mileage factor being faced by the transport operators,” he noted.

When contacted in Mumbai, Mr Lobo on Tuesday said the minister, instead of solving the problem at hand, is busy finding fault and picking holes in the matter. “Instead of making erroneous statements, it would be better if he sat with us and mutually sorted out any outstanding issues,” he said in a telephonic conversation.



Harassed driver sets self afire
R.D. Sapra

Sonepat, December 25
A driver of a tempo made an attempt to immolate himself on the premises of the general bus stand here last evening.

According to a report, Krishan sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a civil hospital. He was later sent to a Delhi hospital for further treatment. His condition is stated to be serious. The incident occurred when his tempo was caught by the officials of the transport department on the Sonepat-Bahalgarh Road. The driver requested the district transport officer not to impound his tempo as he had already been challaned twice during the past fortnight, but the official did not pay heed to his pleas.

Thereafter, he was asked to take his tempo to the roadways depot under the watchful eye of the police. The driver obeyed the order and took the tempo to the bus stand and parked it there.

However, unable to bear the ‘humiliation’ meted out to him, Krishan sprinkled diesel on himself and set his clothes on fire. On hearing the cries, the employees of the roadways workshop rushed to the scene and blowed out the fire. The timely action saved the nearby diesel pump house. All the same, it is alleged that the policemen on duty remained silent spectators even after seeing the painful burning scene.

The people, mostly rickshaw-pullers, at the site, requested the policemen sitting in a jeep nearby to save the driver and take him to the hospital. However, it is alleged that the men in khaki said that it was not their duty to save the driver. The people then informed the police control room about the incident, but the officials on duty did not bother either. The inaction of the police upset the people. The people have since demanded a stern action against the officials found guilty of negligence. Meanwhile, it is learnt that the driver has taken the extreme step to protest against the ‘indiscriminate’ challans by the district transport officer.



Backdoor taxes can defeat VAT purpose
Gaurav Choudhury
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The proposed introduction of Special Additional Tax (SAT) by the Delhi Government could well defeat the very purpose of the Value Added Taxation (VAT) regime, which comes into force from April 1, 2002.

While no confirmation was available from the Department of Sales Tax of the NCT Government, it is learnt that the Draft legislation for VAT prepared by the Delhi Government has empowered the government to re-classify items within schedules as well as to raise tax levels beyond the maximum prescribed rate of 20 per cent. Under the existing classification, certain goods such as cigarettes, liquor, petroleum products etc attract a 20 per cent sales tax. Traders and retailers have expressed apprehension about the possible introduction of a Special Additional Tax (SAT), which states could impose as a non-vatable tax on certain specific commodities. Observers said that there was a possibility that eventually SAT may turn out to be a tool in the hands of the Delhi government to increase the VAT rates beyond the maximum prescribed 20 per cent to make up for the loss of revenue.

Sales tax is the single most important source of revenue for the NCT Government, accounting for about 70 per cent of the total tax revenue to the state government.

The Delhi Government, traders point out, has not clarified its stand on the issue and has also not come out with the list of commodities, which could come under the provision of SAT. “ If it is levied on too many items, it will be a backdoor method to defeat the objective of reducing the number of tax slabs”, the observer said.

There also appears to be considerable apprehension among the city-based traders about the piecemeal approach in implementation of the new paradigm, with some states executing it first and others implementing it later.

“What is important is that we must have a harmonised system in place rather than different systems of VAT in Delhi and the neighbouring states”, a Delhi-based expert said.

Under the proposed system, which will replace the existing one point sales taxation procedure, traders will be levied a tax on goods that they import to the Capital. Manufacturers, however, will have to pay tax on the value that is being added to goods (for example, adding value to yarn to produce cloth). In case of exports, however, all taxes levied on imported inputs will be refunded.

An entry tax, which will be equivalent to the VAT rate of the particular commodity, is proposed to be introduced. Traders and analysts, however, said that the proposed entry tax could assume the role of the existing octroi, which has been a major irritant for the city-based business community. However, sales tax officials say that the proposed entry tax was different in structure from octroi.

Moreover, observers, point out, a full-fledged VAT regime in Delhi may prove counter-productive, if it was not accompanied by simultaneous reforms in the Central Sales Tax (CST).

“CST should be abolished with effect from April 1, 2002 and all inter-state transactions be taxed at the VAT rate. Invoicing cross linkages should be ,established wherein a Central clearing house mechanism is established which will enable the exporter to credit inter-state VAT to a central account. The importer should get full credit for inter-state VAT paid by him while importing from others. The Delhi government is yet to clarify these details which may be a cause for serious confusion eventually”, a trader said.

When contacted, authorities in the Department of Sales Tax in the NCT of Delhi said that “VAT is a reform of the local tax system which is independent of CST reforms. CST reforms come under the purview of the Central Government”.

In addition, traders point out that the treatment of existing sales exemption incentives on output under the new VAT regime has become a cause for grave concern.

It is understood that the treatment of existing output incentives is being left to the discretion of each state government. “It is still unclear whether the Delhi Government is contemplating deferring the existing incentives given to investors. If the incentives are deferred, it could give a serious jolt to the viability of investments made in Delhi by large businesses. Moreover, it could also create a negative image of Delhi as a favoured investment destination”, an observer said.



Factory gutted in blaze
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
Property worth several thousands of rupees was destroyed in a fire which broke out in the first floor factory of a flask manufacturer in the industrial area of Moti Nagar in the early hours this morning.

There were no reports of casualties in the fire, which lasted for several hours and was brought under control later in the day. At least two dozen fire tenders battled with the flames and prevented the fire from spreading to the adjoining areas.

The police said that a case had been registered and efforts were being made to ascertain the cause of the fire. The fire could have been caused by an electric short circuit as the factory was closed for the day and there were no workers inside.

According to the police, the fire broke out around 2.30 A.M. A worker from an adjoining factory noticed the fire and called the Delhi Fire Service. Four fire tenders were rushed to douse the fire immediately but they could not control it. The brisk early morning breeze fanned the fire and it soon engulfed the entire factory located on the first floor of the building, the police said.

The police said beside the flask factory, the building housed a godown of a furniture factory and the office of an export company. The export unit is owned by the landlord of the building, Mr Ved Prakash Gupta. Luckily, when the fire broke out there was nobody in these units. According to the Fire Brigade officials, precious time was lost in gaining access to the premises as the main doors were locked. They had to drill a hole in the first floor wall to douse the flames. The fire was then declared a major one and additional reinforcements sought.



When garbage takes precedence over environment
R. Suryamurthy
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The Delhi Government’s proposed move to denotify the Asola and Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary for developing a landfill site in Bhatti mines has evoked a sharp reaction from environmental agencies as it would adversely affect the Capital’s ecology.

While the existing landfill site in Gazipur in the National Capital Territory would reach the critical state in the ensuing two years, other landfill sites – Balaswa and Okhla – have already reached a critical state. The failure to identify and bring into operation a suitable site would lead to dumping and random tipping of wastes in the city and surrounding areas, an official in the Environment Department of Delhi government said.

“The Bhatti mine site is preferred over other sites as it has sufficient capacity for disposing of waste for 20 years and the site is not near any residential area and is outside the airport restriction zone,” the official said, while admitting that the move to denotify the sanctuary would be a difficult proposition.

Delhi Chief Minister Ms Sheila Dikshit recently expressed the need for landfill sites in the National Capital Region, to cope with the disposal of garbage in the city. Delhi produces about 7000 metric tonnes of garbage each day and almost all the land filling sites in the city have run out of space. The civic authorities collect about 4000 tonnes of garbage each day, but that is often woefully short, resulting in other complications, including poor sanitation and health problems.

Environmentalist, however, contend that the move denotify the Asola and Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, which is also a Reserve Forest under the Indian Forests Act 1927, for the purposes of garbage dumping would adversely affect the ecology of the city.

The sanctuary, which forms a part of the Delhi Ridge, is the green lung of the city, providing it with a multi layered canopy of scrub forest, and buffering the city from the desert sand of Rajasthan, besides being host to a wonderful ecosystem of birds, insects and small mammals. Denotifying it will amount to destroying the last remaining portion of the Delhi Ridge, and will also violate various Supreme Court directives, said Ravi Agarwal, who heads the environmental group, Srishti.

The green group said landfills have a huge potential to contaminate groundwater, destroy the surrounding environment owing to waste toxicity, and defile the forest owing to the associated activity surrounding the landfills.

Countering the state government’s argument that the landfill site would be synthetically lined, he said they are extremely expensive to construct and operate. In India they have never been used for municipal waste. Besides they have a limited life of thirty years and leak later.

“The landfill will kill the nascent forest, which has just begun to come back to life after years of efforts, since it was notified as a Sanctuary in 1991 and later as a Reserve Forest in 1996 by the Supreme Court after concerted citizen’ action. The pits proposed for land filling are currently green and lush with vegetation. It is a forest in the making,” he said.

However, the state government states that the site has sparse vegetation and there are no endangered species. There will be, on the contrary, better growth after filling up of pits. Further the site is not home to any endangered fauna and those present are common species.

The official said there was no surface water source in the vicinity of the disposal site and there would be no long-term impact on ground water as leachate collection and disposal has been planned in the design. There will be a marginal withdrawal of ground water for vehicle washing and there would be no long-term impact on ground water table.

Mr Aggarwal, however, said the deep pits in the Bhatti area are ideal rainwater harvesting areas, and it is an irony that while the Delhi Government is escalating efforts to increase rain water harvesting, one of the largest potential areas is now being turned into a garbage dump.

“Managing waste in Delhi needs creative solutions like setting up large- scale composting plants on existing landfill sites, promoting recycling of plastics and metals, and involving communities in collection schemes. Destroying the forest will only result in a choked and desertified Delhi, a situation that is not retrievable.



Posh Saket caught in PVR jam
Rohit Wadhwaney

New Delhi, December 25
There was a time when South Delhi’s posh locality Saket was a peaceful place to live in. There was hardly any traffic, so no jams. But ever since PVR, India’s first-ever multiplex, came up in the area, traffic jams are common in this part of the Capital.

The congestion remains throughout the day, even during the wee hours of the morning till the last show finishes at PVR - 2 am and sometimes even at 3 in the morning if it is a late night Hindi movie show.

Hundreds of cars are parked all over the road. Though there is a huge parking space for cars at PVR, there are a number of people who would want to save even Rs 10.

They park their vehicles on the road along side the multiplex, causing traffic jams. And the most bothered people are the residents of the colony. To cap it, the honking of horns throughout the day further irritates them.

Rabindra Seth, who has his house alongside the road leading to PVR, said: “Almost 24 hours of the day, we hear the honking of cars. It is quite irritating. Saket used to be so quiet. This had to happen.

However, the least the traffic officials can do is to make the area horn-free.” Mr Seth said that apart from the noise pollution, people parked their vehicles in an atrocious manner.

“There is parking space allotted to the people visiting PVR. But they just won’t park there. It seems we experience a thrill in violating laws and doing things differently.” But even the ‘violators’ have an excuse. “There are so many cars inside the parking area. There is no room. I have taken my car inside three times and every time someone or the other has banged into it,” said Deep Sharma, a businessman of South Delhi, who had come to watch a movie with his wife.

However, Sanjay, one of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) parking attendants at PVR, said that there was no dearth of room.

“They just don’t want to pay the parking fee. It is ironical that people who buy tickets for Rs 150 each to watch a movie, create all sorts of problems to pay Rs 10 to park their car.”

Sanjay said when PVR was opened, the traffic police were quite active and tow away vans. They would pick up any vehicle parked in the wrong place. But after a while, everything went awry and so had the strictness of the traffic department. A traffic police official said: “We still tow away carsthat are parked in the wrong place. We don’t spare anyone. But the problem was expected. We have deputed a number of traffic constables just to keep a tab on the area.” The official added that no improvement was in sight

until people themselves learn to follow the rules.

To add to the problem, one side of the road, leading to Press Enclave from G M Modi Hospital, has been dug up for over a year and a half.

The road was dug up to fix some sewer pipes. After the work had been completed, the residents of Hauz Rani village, along the road, had encroached on the sides of the road. So they objected to the road being repaired again for use.



Seer gives call to unite in face of terrorism
Our Corespondent

Sonepat, December 25
The Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Divyanand Tirath of Bhanupura Peethadhish, has called upon the countrymen to be ready to protect the sovereignty and unity of the country and be prepared to face the challenge, posed by the neighbouring countries.

Addressing a huge crowd here last evening, the Jagat Guru said that it was the hour to finish the enemies for the sake of our freedom.

He remarked that the Gita teaches us to take recourse to war for the protection of one’s motherland.

One should not now care for the moral values, laid down in the holy scriptures. He also observed that there was no threat to the country’s sovereignty from the Muslims or the Christians living in our country. Both the communities, he said, had ruled India for 700 years. And the Hindus had lived with them peacefully. The Indian culture and civilisation has remained intact.

The Jagat Guru regretted that the Hindus had been neglected during the last 55 years. This loss was more than the loss suffered during the past 700-year foreign rule.

He also said that the feeling of nationalism and patriotism had declined among the youths of the country which was a bad omen. It was high time that the leaders of all the political parties had joined hands to inculcate national spirit among the youths, he added.

He cautioned that if the countrymen did not unite, a handful of enemies within and outside the country would threaten the very integrity of the country, as they had done recently by launching an attack on Parliament.

The seer also said that if the youths did not come forward to face the challenge posed by the terrorists, the country would face France-like situation.

That country had won the First World War but lost the Second. He advised the youths to follow the path of valour, shown by the armymen, who won the Kargil war.

The Jagat Guru asked all the political parties to sink their ideological differences and face the enemy unitedly.

Earlier, the Jagat Guru and other sants of the All India Sant Samiti were given a rousing reception when they arrived here last evening.

They started their Rath Yatra on December 5 last from the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi and covered Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana, on their way to other states of the country.



LJP launches Vikas Rath Yatra
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The Delhi unit of the Lok Janashakti Party today launched Vikas Rath Yatra to highlight the corrupt and anti-people policies of the Congress- led Sheila Dikshit government in the National Capital Territory.

The rath yatra would highlight the wrong policies of the Delhi Government, which have adversely affected the people of Delhi, said Mr Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, senior national vice-president of the party. The party demanded a CBI inquiry into the Delhi Jal Board scam and the immediate dismissal of the Chief Minister. The party president and Union Minister, Mr Ram Vials Paswan, flagged off the rath yatra.

Mr Bidhuri outlined the 15-point charter of demands of the party for the welfare of the people in the Capital. They include stopping of uprooting of industries from Delhi. Jhuggis should not be removed without giving them proper alternative accommodation, lal dora should be extended in Delhi villages, farmers should be given compensation of Rs 50 lakh per acre for the land acquired by the government, all unauthorised colonies made before 2000 should be regularised and toll tax should be abolished.

Other demands were that common sales tax system should be rolled back in Delhi, alternative fuel like ultra low sulphur diesel should be introduced with CNG in Delhi and panchayat elections should be immediately announced in the villages of Capital.

Addressing party workers, Mr Paswan said his party was committed to the inclusion of right to work among the Fundamental Rights by amending the Constitution.

He said his party would work for free education for children below 14 years, compulsory medical facilities at village and block levels and a big hospital in each subdivision.



Kashmiri pandits submit memo to PM
Our Correspondent

New Delhi, December 25
The members of the displaced Kashmiri pandit community presented a memorandum to the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in the Capital today.

The Kashmiri Samiti, a representative body of the migrants, has demanded that appropriate housing facilities should be provided to those who continue to live in camps in Delhi as well as Jammu and that fresh registration for identification purposes should be carried out. It was also demanded that those who were unemployed should be provided with job opportunities and that compensation for the loss incurred during migration should be provided. Besides, protection for those who have stayed back in the Valley was also sought. The Samiti also called for appropriate representation in the state legislature, the Cabinet, the High Court and other constitutional bodies and full participation in the affairs of state governance.

The Prime Minister was requested to grant a blanket tax holiday from income tax to the migrants for a minimum of five years and recasting the electoral rolls and right to vote for the state elections from their existing residences.



Housing mela: Allotment letters given to 5,000 owners
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The allotment letters to 5,000 owners of the MIG and Janata flats were handed over by the Union Minister of Urban Development, Mr Ananth Kumar, as part of the 'housing mela', organised by the Delhi Development Authority here today.

"Every three months, such melas would be held in which 3,000 houses of this kind would be distributed. The next housing mela would be organised in March 2002," he said.

Mr Kumar said that through the melas, we are trying to meet the 'housing for all' deadline of 2010 set by the Prime Minister.

Of these houses, 1700 of 250 sq ft each located at Rohini, built under the `metro slum relocation programme' with support from the Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana.

The rest of the houses are located at Dwarka and come under the MIG and economically weaker section category, the draw of which were held on December 19 and 22.

The minister said that Dwarka would be connected to the Express Highway of Haryana and also to the south and central Delhi through flyovers, for which government permission had already been taken.

Lt-Governor Vijai Kapoor said that the DDA had now adopted a positive approach towards construction and thus quality of the flats was getting better.



59 minors rescued from red-light area
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
In one of its largest operations during the year, the Kamla Market Police have rescued 59 minor girls from the G B Road brothel, after a raid which lasted three to four hours.

Most of these girls belong to Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Nepal who were brought to Delhi on the pretext of better opportunities and more money.

Acting on a tip-off, a police team led by ACP B K Singh, with the help of an NGO, rescued the girls after raiding between 20 and 25 houses.

The Kamla Market police have so far rescued over 250 minor girls from GB Road area. More than 70 persons including brothel-owners, managers and traffickers have been held during the year.

Police said that many of these traffickers are from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Nepal. Efforts were on full swing to nab their accomplices in these states.

According to the police, this is the first time that an effort is being made by various governmental and non-governmental agencies to rescue and rehabilitate the girls. Efforts are on by the Kamla Market police to rescue more girls and nab the traffickers. 



Glowing tributes paid to Parliament shootout victim
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, December 25
Rich tributes were paid to Nanak Chand, ASI Delhi Police, killed in the terrorist attack on Parliament, at a prayer meeting held in Rathdhanna village about 5 km from here on Monday.

A havan yagna was held on this occasion, in which a large number of relatives and people of the surrounding villages, offered ‘puranahutis’ in it.

Prominent leaders of various organisations who attended the meeting, include Mr Ashok Yadav, ADC, Mr Samsher Singh Malik and Mr Surinder Singh Hooda, President and General Secretary respectively of the Lok Jan Shakti

Party Haryana Unit, Mr Rajiv Jain, General Secretary of the HVP, Mr Sahib Singh Verma, former Chief Minister, Delhi, Mr Suraj Mal Antil, INLD MLA, Mr Azad Singh Nehra, a Congress leader, and Mr Om Parkash Saroha, President of the Kisan Cell of the INLD.


Three youths are reported to have forced their way into the house of a farmer, Mr Aman Kumar at Kurar village about 10 km from here last evening and assaulted him with lathis and other arms.

The miscreants also snatched about Rs 2,000 from him and injured him before fleeing.

The injured farmer was immediately taken to hospital. He is stated to be out of danger. The police are investigating the case. No arrest has been made so far.


A shopkeeper was arrested in the Ashok Nagar area here yesterday after the recovery of fake CD of a feature film ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham’ from him.

According to a report, the arrest was made on the complaint made by Mr Pardeep, manager of a local cinema house.


The Jankidas Kapur Montessori and the Lower Primary School celebrated its annual day on the school premises here last evening. Mr S N Roy, Deputy Commissioner was chief guest on the occasion.

The students staged a scintillating cultural programme like patriotic songs, various dance forms like Kathakali, Kashmiri, Rajasthani and skits in English and Hindi which were well applauded.

The main attraction was that of the total strength of 502 students, 486 students participated in this programme much to the delight of those present.

Speaking on the occasion, the DC complimented the headmistress and staff members on maintaining high standards and discipline in the school and also appreciated its achievements over the years.

Earlier, Mrs Indu Dhingra, headmistress presented the annual report and highlighted the achievements of the school in various spheres. She claimed that this school had become a school with a difference.

The ADC, Mr Ashok Yadav, the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ms Ritu Tagore, the Vice-Chairman of the school managing committee, Mr N P Sinha, the Director of Atlas group of companies, Mr I D Chugh, and the Manager of the school, Mr C D Dhingra, were among those who present in the function.


The Income Tax department has set up a counter at Kharkhauda town, 19 km from here for the benefit of the assessees.

According to official sources, this counter will function for three days from today and the assessees will be given all assistance in filing their returns under the new scheme.


The local Lions Club is organising a dance competition on December 28 in the city.

According to a report, students of almost all the schools will take part in it.


Mr Braham Singh Dahiya, a leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) who was arrested by the police, was produced before a city judicial magistrate here yesterday, who released him on bail.

Mr Dahiya was arrested on the charge of instigating the people, particularly the farmers, against the police and the state government. After his release, Mr Dahiya described the Chautala Government as anti-farmer and anti-people and alleged that it was responsible for the excesses and atrocities on the innocent farmers at Kandla village in Jind district.

He demanded a judicial probe into the incident of lathi-charge and firing and an action against the policemen responsible for this.


The traffic on the Sonepat-Rohtak road near Harsana Malcha village remained jammed for about two hours following a collision between a bus and a tractor yesterday. Large number of vehicles, including those carrying armymen, were held up causing inconvenience to the public.

Some armymen had quarrelled with the driver of the tractors. They arrived at a compromise after some people intervened. Later, the traffic was normalised.



Stolen vehicles recovered; 1 held
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 25
The East Delhi police with the arrest of one person today claimed to have solved four cases of motor vehicle thefts. They have recovered four stolen vehicles from him.

The police said the suspect, Rohtash Kumar, resident of Sadh Nagar in Palam, was arrested last night around 12.30 am, when the patrolling team spotted a Maruti car coming from the Karkardooma court side. On sustained interrogation of the suspect, he revealed that the Maruti car was stolen from Dilli Haat.

Body found:
The police recovered the highly decomposed body of an unidentified male from the Yamuna in the Kashmere Gate area on September 9.

Pedestrian killed:
A speeding bus of the Nand Nagari depot, near the ISBT Kashmere Gate taxi stand, reportedly hit an unidentified pedestrian on Tuesday morning. The police said the deceased, a male around 35 years old, medium built, clad in black pants.


Three criminals held:
The Dankaur police arrested three criminals in an encounter last night and recovered a revolver, cartridges and thousands of rupees in cash, a TV deck from them.



Man shoots at wife, kills himself
Parmindar Singh

Ghaziabad, December 25
Satyapal (48), who was living in a rented accommodation at Arhtala village in Sahibabad, shot and seriously wounded his wife Neelam (38) this morning after which he shot himself dead with his licensed gun.

Satyapal was reportedly working as a security guard in a Sahibabad company. He was living in house no 35 of lane no 1 with his wife and son. Satyapal belonged to Harnathpur village, Modi Nangla, Etah. When the landlord and his family heard the shots they went to Satyapal’s house and found his injured wife writhing in pain but before anybody could take the gun from Satyapal he shot himself also. The police rushed them both to the district hospital where Satyapal was declared brought dead by doctors. He had shot himself in the chest.

His wife is still struggling for life in the hospital, where doctors performed a surgery on her stomach and removed some pellets.

According to neighbours, Neelam was Satyapal’s second wife. The couple used to have frequent arguments and this is considered to be the cause of the tragedy.

Their 10-year-old son Rohit said the sound of shooting woke him up. He said he was studying in Shriram Public School in Arthala village and did not know why his father had shot at his mother and committed suicide.


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