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C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S



It’s Cong vs combined Opposition
Contest for Mayor’s post
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
It will be a straight contest for the post of Mayor, Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor, of the city on New Year’s Day. The Congress will face the might of a combined Opposition, which means the BJP-SAD combine and the Chandigarh Vikas Manch (CVM).

As expected, the Congress has fielded its experienced worker, Mrs Lalit Joshi Bhardawaj, for the post of Mayor. It has 13 out of the 20 elected members. The BJP-SAD combine has fielded the city’s former Mayor, Mrs Kamla Sharma of the BJP. With only seven elected members, it is banking on the votes of the nine nominated councillors to make it into a fight of sorts. Mr Surinder Singh and Mr Balraj Singh, are the Congress candidates for the posts of Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively.

The opposition has decided on CVM councillor, Mrs Harpreet Kaur Babla for Senior Deputy Mayor and Mr Rajesh Gupta of the BJP for Deputy Mayor. Today was the last day of filing of nominations. A candidate can withdraw his or her name till the moment the ballot is cast at the house of the Municipal Corporation on January 1. Filing the nomination papers before the Secretary, Municipal Corporation, Mr Ashwani Kumar today, Mrs Bhardawaj’s name was proposed and seconded by Mr Subhash Chawla and Mr Chandermukhi Sharma.

She and the other two candidates were accompanied by the president of the local Congress unit, Mr B.B. Bahl, local MP, Pawan Bansal, former Union Minister Venod Sharma and former All-India Youth Congress President, Munish Tewari, besides all 13 elected councillors of the Congress and party workers. She filed the nomination at around 11 a.m.

The team led by Mrs Kamla Sharma of the BJP-SAD-CVM combine was accompanied by the President of the local unit of the BJP, Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, Mr Dharam Pal Gupta and former Mayors Gyan Chand Gupta and Mrs Harjinder Kaur.

The president of the local BJP unit, Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, claimed that his party and the coalition would emerge victorious and the nominated councillors would vote for the “better candidate”. The Secretary of the CVM, Mr Devinder Singh Babla, whose wife is contesting for the post of Senior Deputy Mayor, said the CVM was a non-political outfit and the nominated councillors would keep this in mind before casting their votes.

Mrs Bhardawaj is a long-time Congress activist and the wife of Prof Raj Bahadur, orthopaedician and Medical Superintendent of Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32. Opposing her is Mrs Kamla Sharma, the city’s first Mayor.



Don’t leave heritage to bigots: Murthy
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
“Religion plays an important role in shaping our values and interaction in the world,” said Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy, chairman and CEO of Infosys Technologies, in his address at the 51st annual convocation of Panjab University here today.

“The founding fathers of India wanted a nation where every religion flourished and every voice heard, the reason why India adopted secularism. However, our education system downplayed religion. We do not know much about our religions because people do not speak openly about these,” Mr Murthy said.

He also said, “Ignorance leads to suspicion and mistrust and have resulted in attacks by people of one religion on people of the other religions. The heritage of this country is too precious to be left to goons and illiterates to destroy it in their bigotry and hatred.”

“Globalisation apart, it is important to accept and appreciate that India is a pluralistic society that has suffered due to poor teamwork. Good teamwork requires leveraging the strength of diversity in our thoughts and beliefs,” he said.

Mr Murthy said, “Teaching should encompass all religions and should begin in elementary school than in universities. However, parents should be assured that when their children study different religions, they are only learning the noble aspects of these religions and are not forced to follow the religions.”

“Tolerance can be demonstrated only by those who have well-grounded convictions and confidence based on proven, unbiased data and facts. This is another reason why we need to encourage discussions in our primary schools among the young.”

Mr Murthy wished students best of luck and told them, “There will come many a time when your values will be tested.”

Prof K.N. Pathak, the Vice-Chancellor, handed out degrees to students. Lieut Gen J.F.R. Jacob, Governor of Punjab, gave away prizes and certificates to award winners.

Honorary degrees for Murthy, Dhaliwal, Justice Anand

The university presented three honoris causa doctorate degrees to eminent personalities.

Mr Harbance Singh Dhaliwal, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, (Doctor of Laws), has made a mark in politics on account of his integrity, efficiency and tactful handling of various situations. Mr Dhaliwal has been elected to the Canadian legislature for three consecutive times since 1993.

He has the unique distinction of being listed among the 100 most influential British Columbians by the Vancouver Sun. His family migrated to Canada in 1952 when he was six.

Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy, chairman and CEO of the Infosys Technologies, Bangalore (Doctor of Science), began his career as a Chief Systems Programmer in the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He along with six software professionals founded the Infosys Technologies in 1981.

He has been a guest lecturer at engineering and business schools abroad. He is a member of governing councils of several Central Government institutions and also of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry.

Dr Adarsh Sein Anand, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Doctor of Laws), received his early education at Jammu. He did his LLB from Lucknow. He practiced law at the Punjab and Haryana High Court for a long time. He was elevated to the Supreme Court in 1991 after his tenure as Chief Justice of the High Court of Judicature, Chennai. Dr Anand was a part-time lecturer at the Law department of PU from July 1969 to May 1975.



UT nets 13.62cr in auction
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
The biting cold and foggy conditions did not have any adverse affect on the auction of residential plots in the city. The Chandigarh Administration netted Rs 13.62 crore by auctioning 41 freehold residential sites today. The collection was Rs 1.69 crore over and above the reserve price for these plots.

Last year Rs 16. 35 crore were collected by auctioning 46 freehold residential sites. This year the average price on a per square yard basis, after taking into account the sale of all the 41 plots, worked out to be Rs 12,144 and this was Rs 339 more than last years average price of Rs 11,805.

The Estate Office wing of the Chandigarh Administration, which was the auctioning authority, held back 46 out of the 87 plots put under auction due to the lack of good bids. A large number of the held back plots are bigger than 10 marla (250 square yards).

In today’s auction eight sites of 15 marlas and 20 sites of 10 marlas were sold off. One of the highest bids (when calculated on a per square yard basis) was in the category of 5 marlas ( 125 square yard) plots. The highest bid in this segment was for a Sector 32-A plot which was auctioned at Rs 22.10 lakh. The per square yard rate works out to be Rs 16,866. The reserve price of the plot was Rs 13,93,504. Last year a plot in the same locality was auctioned for Rs 23. 30 lakh.

In the 10 marla (250 square yard) segment the highest bid was for a Sector 33 plot which was auctioned at Rs 38.50 lakh. Last year the highest bid in this category was Rs 35 lakh for sector 37 plot.

In the 1 kanal segment the highest bid was for a sector 23 plot which was auctioned for Rs 56.50 lakh. Last year a plot of this size in Sector 38 was auctioned was Rs 70 lakh. However, it was a corner plot and has more area than a normal plot of 1 kanal. But the Rs 1 crore barrier was breached when a person bid for a Sector 33-B 2 kanal plot for Rs 1.12 crore. Last year a plot of the same size in the same sector was sold for Rs 1.08 crore.

Among the demands were the 15-marla plots. The highest bid in this segment was for Rs 40.10 lakh for sector 37 plot. This was lower than last year’s bid in the same sector when a plot was sold for Rs 43.80 lakh. The Assistant Estate Officer, Mr S.P. Arora, said he was satisfied with the auction and added that there was great demand for plots of a smaller size and none of them were held back.

Highest bids in each category, or size of plot.

Size of plot  Location Price auctioned at
2 kanal  Sector 33  Rs 1.12 crore
1 Kanal  Sector 23  Rs 56.50 lakh
15 Marla  Sector 37  Rs 40.10 lakh
10 Marla  Sector 33 Rs 38.50 lakh
7.5 Marla  Sector 38 Rs 23.30 lakh
5 Marla Sector 32  Rs 22.10 lakh
Average price on a per square yard basis: Rs 12,144. Last year it was 11,805.



Infosys may lend grace to city’s IT park
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
IT giant, Infosys, may soon become the first major company to set up shop in Chandigarh’s Information Technology park on the outskirts of the city at Kisangarh village.

A broad indication to this effect was available here today at the end of the two-day visit to the city by Chairman-cum-CEO of Infosys, Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy. During his hectic schedule here, Mr Naryana Murthy personally visited the IT park accompanied by senior officers of the UT Administration, including Finance-cum-IT Secretary, Mr Karan Singh, Chief Engineer, Mr Puranjit Singh, Director, Information Technology, Mr Vivek Attray, Additional Director of Software Technology Parks of India, Mr Sanjay Tyagi and a few others.

But it was during his meeting over dinner with the Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh, Lt-Gen JFR Jacob, at Raj Bhavan last night where the issue is said to have been clinched. Lt-Gen Jacob is also the Chairman of the Chandigarh IT Advisory Committee.

True to his style, Mr Narayana Murthy shunned the media during his visit to the IT park at Kishangarh yesterday as also after the convocation at Panjab University campus. He left straight for Bangalore as soon as the convocation was over.

The visit has enthused the UT officers who have been trying hard for the past several months to project Chandigarh as the future cyber city of the north, offering unparalleled facilities to the IT industry. Chandigarh is rated as one of the five best cities to invest in. Chandigarh has the highest per capita income in the country. It boasts of a pollution-free environment. It has excellent educational facilities. It has as many as eight industrial zones with a radius of 100 km. Chandigarh is also the most educated city in the country. It offers a range of state-of-the-art medical facilities.

A decision by the Rs 2000-crore Infosys to set up an IT facility at the IT park has the potential of changing the profile of the region. An investment to the tune of Rs 100 crore by Infosys in the park by way of purchase of land and creation of other facilities will give a tremendous fillip to the IT activity in the entire region, besides giving employment to thousands of young IT professionals.



‘Lack of political will bane of India’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
The reason Indians are doing do well in Canada is that it is a country which promotes hard work and at the same time does not discriminate among its population on the basis of wealth, caste, creed on colour. This was stated by Mr Herb Dhaliwal, Cabinet Minister for Fisheries and Oceans, Canada at the Panjab University here today.

Delivering a lecture at the university’s auditorium, Mr Dhaliwal talked to the audience about ‘Traditions, principals and ingredients of a great society’.

Informing that out of the total 300 MPs that the Canadian Government had, 40 per cent were born outside Canada, Mr Dhaliwal stated that because of the opportunities that country gave to people who come from outside, many have made it big here.

The Canadian population believes in law and every rule is followed strictly. The Government too is acutely aware of its citizen’s rights and ensures that no one is discriminated against on any basis. Equality for all is not just a motto but followed completely.

“The United Nations has also ranked Canada as the top country of the world as far as living conditions are concerned,” he said.

Mr Dhaliwal also commented that the biggest achievement of Canada has been the working of its democracy. Freedom of every human being is respected and even if a state wants to separate itself from Canada, the will of the people is accepted.

“No one is rich or poor for the law maker there. I am a minister but if I am driving fast I will be fined”, he said.

Later, while taking to mediapersons Mr Dhaliwal said India’s biggest problem is the lack of political will among the country’s politicians and people.

He also informed that some steps were being taken by the Canadian Government to increase its collaboration on the ocean economy front with India specially in fisheries and sea food. He also stated that very soon Amritsar-Canada flight will be operational.



Chandigarh records 5.6°C
Rail, air traffic disrupted

Chandigarh, December 28
A thick blanket of fog disrupted rail, road and air traffic in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh even as severe cold wave continued unabated in the region with Chandigarh recording the coldest day of this season.

According to the Met office here, Chandigarh recorded a low of 5.6°C, marking the coldest day in the city this winter while Ludhiana was coldest in the region with a minimum temperature of 4.7°C.

All trains on the Delhi-Ludhiana-Amritsar, Delhi-Jalandhar-Jammu and Delhi-Ambala-Kalka sections, including Shatabadi Express, Himalayan Queen and Shan-e-Punjab ran up to five hours late due to poor visibility as a result of the fog, according to railway sources.

The only jet flight to Chandigarh also arrived a few hours behind schedule.

Some trains on the mainline section, including the Delhi-bound Delhi-Bathinda Intercity Express, was cancelled by the railway authorities due to dense fog.

Most of bazars and shopping centres looked deserted owing to thick fog and chilly winds blowing in the region. Unscheduled and unannounced load sheddings also added to the woes of residents in parts of Punjab and Haryana.

In the plains, the mercury plummeted to 6.7°C in Ambala, 6.5°C in Hisar, 5.6°C in Amritsar, 5.9°C in Patiala and 4.7°C in Ludhiana.

The Met office predicted sunny days in the region and fog and low clouds in parts of Punjab and Haryana during the next 48 hours.

People in and around Srinagar continued to reel under intense cold wave conditions with the mercury plummeting to 3.1°C below freezing point. The state’s forward areas, including the Ladakh region, reported below freezing point temperatures ranging between 7° and 35°C as icy winds swept across the snow-clad reaches.

Shimla was hotter under the minimum of 3.1°C, one degree above normal. However, the tribal areas adjoining Jammu and Kashmir continued to be in the grip of severe cold wave conditions. PTI, UNI



Robberies kept cops on their toes
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, December 28
The year 2001 saw a 13 per cent increase in the crime rate as a series of robberies in the peripheral areas of the town and burglaries kept the police on its toes. An increase in the number of fatal road accidents and the white-collar crime increased concern of the residents.

A good news for the police was a fall in the number of cases of murder, rape and kidnapping. Though the murder of two Dalit children in Siau village and the gruesome murder of the owner of Gill Estate allegedly by his son touched the sensitivity of the residents.

The unfolding of the Gill murder mystery revealed how the medical detective episode on Discovery Channel gave idea to the alleged assailant, Ravinder, son of the victim — as claimed by the police. The incident of death of two children in Siau village gave political parties a chant to give political colour to the incident. According to the police records, six cases of murder were reported as compared to seven cases reported last year.

Though the number of cases of robbery reported this year were two as compared to four cases reported last year, equipped with limited resources, the police force was not able to solve them. Over 20 incidents of dacoities in the neighbouring area of Zirakpur added to the pressure on the cops. Though the police figures project a fall in the cases of snatching, robbery and burglary, investigation reveals that to check the figure of the heinous crime some of the cases were either not registered or went unreported.

The year saw registration of 40 cases against employees of Punwire for allegedly misappropriating company funds to the tune of several crores of rupees. As many as 65 cases of cheating and forgery were registered during the current year as compared to 50 cases under the head last year. The case registered under the Dowry Act did not register any increase.

The police statics say that the crime rate in the rural area witnessed a 37 per cent rise as compared to 17 per cent hike in the urban areas. The vehicle lifters were quite active in the town as 29 vehicles were stolen as compared to 18 vehicles stolen during the last year.

Unearthing of an alleged illegal gun factory being run by a well-known arms manufacturing company — Hesbee — having units at Chandigarh and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, at its local unit in Industrial Area, Phase 1 raised several questions about the process of issuing licence for arms manufacturing units. The alleged clandestine activity of manufacturing parts of .12 bore guns and air guns at the unit was being carried out for the past 11 years.

Gamblers were on the run as police registered at least 21 cases against nine cases registered last year.

The year also a new IPS officer, Ms Kalpana Nayak D taking over as ASP, SAS Nagar, after the earlier incumbent, Mr Gurmeet Chauhan being reverted as DSP in light of a High Court order.


  2000  2001
Total cases registered 428  487 
Murder  7
Attempt to murder 6
Dacoity  1
Dowry death  1  2
Fatal accidents  77  85
Kidnapping  9  7
Snatching  35  45
Burglary  35  31
Cheating  59  65



BSNL session a flop show
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 28
The open house session conducted by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) today turned out to be a flop show with a turnout of less than 50 persons, a majority of whom were department personnel themselves. This, despite the fact that these sessions are not of recent origin.

“We had given intimation regarding this in the newspapers. Even then if the public is unaware, we can’t help it”, said Mr R C Vaish, Principal General Manager Telecom (PGMT), Chandigarh.

Conducted in the open at the Sector 5 Telephone Exchange, the session was addressed by Mr R.C. Vaish, Mr Deenadayalan, GM, Finance, Mr K.K. Sarangal, GM, SAS Nagar, and Mr K.C. Bhagat, Area Manager, Panchkula.

BSNL conducts open house sessions, which are supposed to be a quarterly feature, to receive suggestions for improvement of services from subscribers. “But for the past more than five years, less than five sessions have been conducted”, said Mr Randhir Verma, President, Chandigarh Telephone Subscribers Association (CTSA), blaming the Nigam for the lukewarm response to the session today.

He said the BSNL should also focus on conducting these sessions in rural areas where a better response could be received as the complaints were more in numbers there.

Today’s session, complaints like non-payment of interest on refund money and impolite behaviour of employees were among various others put forth by the subscribers.

For instance, a complaint regarding the rude behaviour of a BSNL employee at Zirakpur was raised by various sarpanches. The department has already had complaints against this employee.

The CTSA alleged that by doing so, the BSNL was not following the Citizen Charter for Telecom Services which had been issued by the Department of Telecom Services and Department of Telecom Operations to the operators. One of the points in the charter, commitment of the department towards Telecom consumers, mentioned that all transactions should be conducted by the telecom employees in an atmosphere of cordiality and courtesy. “However, BSNL is not adhering to the same”, said Mr Verma.

Another subscriber brought to the notice of the officials that the department had refunded him the amount following the disconnection of his telephone, for which he had applied, without any interest on the same. There was a gap of around three months between the disconnection of the phone and the receipt of refund by the said subscriber, for which he demanded interest.

Mr Vaish, while ensuring action on several complaints, disclosed that BSNL would start online payment of telephone bills next month. Other suggestion that was given by various subscribers centralisation of 198 (telephone complaint) service in Panchkula.



Beauties struck dumb by posers
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 28
What started as quite a promising show turned out to be a disappointment for the audience as most of the aspiring models halted and were visibly fluttered while answering simple questions thrown at them during the “Miss Personality” contest, a sub-event for the “Face of the Year-2001” organised at Blues Night Club in Sector 34 here today.

To the question as “Why should the contestant be chosen as the No Marks face of the year?”, the replies put forward by the contestants were either a “good voice” or “confidence” which was hardly evident among the contestants except for a few.

The show that started after a prolonged delay of two and a half hours presented 20 contestants for the “Miss Personality” contest which was followed by another contest for “Miss Talent” at the same venue.



‘We plan cosy family get-together’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
He will not be twirling around the polished dance floor on the New Year Eve like so many other rich and famous city residents. Punjab’s Advocate-General Hardev Singh Mattewal will be going to a gurdwara early in the morning for obeisance to the Almighty.

“This year also I will walk down to a gurdwara and pray to God for sarbat da bhala in 2001,” he says. “The reason for this is not hard to see. Human life is precious and I do not want to see it wasted in earthquakes, or famine. I will also be praying for a revolution in life-saving drugs industry.”

In the evening, the plans to spend time with his wife Maninder Kaur Mattewal — member of Punjab State Human Rights Commission — daughter Puneet Sekhon and son Pavit Mattewal.

“I am excited about the occasion because my daughter, doing law in Singapore, and son, doing graduation from Delhi’s St Stephens College, will be with us on the New Year’s eve,” Mr Mattewal says.

Mrs Mattewal says: “It really does not matter whether we go to a restaurant or sit at home and watch programmes on the small screen. The whole family should be together as we step into the second year of the millennium — that is what is important”.

President of the Chandigarh Club Ravinder Chopra is all set to shake, rattle and rock to the thumping beat of pulsating music mixed by a disc jockey at the club premises. His wife, Dr Shant Chopra, a lecturer in Home Science College, will be accompanying him during the celebrations.

“Till midnight, it will be dine and dance but as soon as the clock strikes 12, we will wish Happy New Year to all guests attending the celebrations at the club.”

“Right now, I am busy making arrangements for the big bash. Actually, we are getting the music system and other equipment from Delhi this year even though the DJ is a city resident”.

Mr Chopra adds that his family and close friends have always been celebrating the occasion at the club. “The function organised by the club is one of the best in the city so there is no reason for us to go anywhere else”, he concludes.



Gourmet in world-class ambience
Harvinder Khetal

Tribune News Service

Kids will love it for the bright and colourful setting and elders will love it for the transparency in the form of big open kitchens and hygiene. This place, Gourmet Mall, is another venture of politician and Mehfil owner Harmohan Dhawan. Opened about a fortnight ago with the help of his Switzerland-educated son Bikram, the Mall is a food plaza that is sure to be the delight of the upwardly mobile citizens, especially the youth.

As you step in (it is opposite the Reserve Bank of India building in Sector 17), you feel like having entered a European restaurant, with blue and yellow interiors, modern green, red and white illumination, steps going up right through the centre of the joint, innumerable TV sets blaring Channel V numbers from all corners, green plants, cartoon characters (Mr Burger?) and buntings staring at you. All this and smartly turned out cooks, chefs and managers (whom you can approach unhesitatingly in case of problem) in uniforms add to the professional look of the restaurant. Mr Dhawan says that with its 400-seat capacity, Gourmet Mall is the biggest restaurant of its kind in the country. However, contrary to his claim of providing high-volume, low-cost food, one comes out feeling that the portion of helpings could be increased.

Spread over two floors, it has been divided into four sections, based on the kind of food served in each. The ground floor has two sections — Italica, an in-house ice-cream parlour that offers a range of flavoured and fruity ice-creams, shakes, sundaes, slush and beverages, and the Baker’s Hut, which produces a repertoire of oven-fresh confectionery items. If you happen to visit the Mall at the right time, the floor would smell of fresh cakes and breads being taken out from electric ovens lining the wall by bakers clad in yellow T-shirts under the supervision of the chef. They churn out lip smacking pastries, cookies, muffins, cakes, soufflés and biscuits, besides cakes on order.

On the first floor, you have a choice of cuisines. Just go through the menu displayed at the counter, buy kitchen order tickets (KOTs) and wait for your number to splash on the counter of your choice. Beginning with salads and soups (kept in controlled temperature), an array of Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental dishes, pizzas, burgers and beverages are ready to be prepared in front of you in modern imported gadgets. This part of the restaurant has been named Mr Burger. A section of the seats can be modified to make room for a small kiddie party. Outside, along the balcony, is the Dhaba, that offers Indian and tandoori fare brought from the Mehfil kitchen and warmed here. Though the seats have tiled slanting roofs, like a typical ‘dhaba’, the place is not safe from the vagaries of nature.

Colourful trolley carts cater to your taste of savouring traditional coolants — ice cones (burf da gola) and cotton candies (buddi mai da jhata) at Rs 10 each. Gourmet Mall is all set to introduce home-delivery service next month.



Beauty with brains

Karishma Randeva has a lot to look forward to in the coming year. “At least I will be able to say that I am two years old in the profession of modelling and stage shows by the time I sail into the New Year, this upcoming model, actress and comperer says.

The New Year will also see another side of this young talented girl who will be working in a number of tele serials. “I have already worked for one Punjabi serial called ‘Apna Punjab’ for Zee Alpha Punjabi and have signed two Hindi serials for Zee and ETV whose shootings will be commenced sometime in January next year.

Karishma, B.Sc. (Honours) student from Chandigarh, entered the modelling world after she won the Miss Monte Carlo title last year. Since then she has walked down the ramps for many local shows besides working for a number of music videos with famous singers like Sardool Sikandar and Pammi Bai, Manmohan Waris and Pammi Gill.

Karishma is all set to give her best to both her studies and acting. “I am currently doing B.Sc. Honours in bio physics and would like to pursue it as a career along with my other interests like acting, choreography and anchoring stage shows,” she adds. OC 



2 killed in accident
Our Correspondent

Kharar, December 28
Two persons died when a car and a truck collided near Gharuan village on the Kharar-Morinda road, about 6 km from here, today.

According to the police, Harinder Pal Singh and Sadan Chander Dev were seriously injured when their car (CH-01-R-0915) was hit by a truck (MP-09-KC-01613). They were rushed to Civil Hospital at Kharar, where Mr Singh died, while Dev was sent to the PGI in Chandigarh where he died.



Civet cat dies at Chhat Bir
Our Correspondent

Chhat Bir, December 28
Due to alleged negligence on the part of the Chhat Bir Zoo authorities, a civet cat that was shifted from Ludhiana a couple of days ago died in an enclosure here last night.

Sources said the cat was found dead this morning by the zoo keeper. It was buried today. Sources alleged the zoo authorities had not provided the cat with proper facilities to keep the enclosure warm. The authorities, however, denied the allegations.



Tribune Executive dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
Mr Vinod Kumar Gulati (57), Executive, Accounts, Tribune publications, and father of Mr Vishal Gulati, Sub-Editor, The Tribune, died of cardiac failure at Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, here late tonight.



Coach bereaved
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 28
Mr A.N. Bhanot, father of SAI football coach R.K. Bhanot, who retired as Under Secretary, Government of Haryana, died at the PGI here yesterday. He was 82. He leaves behind his wife, two sons, and one daughter.



AC stolen from bank
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, December 28
The Chief Manager of the Corporation Bank, SCO no 137-138, Sector-8C registered a complaint that someone had stolen parts of the bank Air-Conditioner yesterday. A case under Section 379 has been registered in police station, Sector-3.

Case registered:
A case of teasing and harassment has been registered against the residents of Sector 56, Jagir Singh and his son, Rajinder Singh, on the complaint of a woman of Sector-41. The complainant had alleged that they harassed and threatened her daughter. The police is investigating the matter. A case under Sections 506 and 509 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered in police station in Sector 39.

3 arrested:
The city police has arrested three persons — Ranjit Singh, Surjit Singh and Kaka Singh — under the Excise Act and recovered 72 bottles of whisky, 72 bottles of Rum and 40 pouches of Hero whisky from their possession. Three different cases under Sections 61/1/14 of the Excise act—two in Sector-17 and one in Sector11— have been registered.



‘Spice spirit’ launched

Spice Telecom today launched Spice Spirit, a new customer reward programme for it’s high usage subscribers. The high usage subscribers who have been on the Spice network for the past atleast six months and have a clean payment history will be covered under this programme.

The members would be awarded redeemable reward points and attractive privileges across Punjab as an acknowledgement of their relationship with the company, said a company press release.

The company has tied up with 100 premium establishments across the state where in the subscribers will be entitled to various discounts. TNS


An exhibition-cum-sale of handicrafts of Delhi was inaugurated at the New Jalandhar Banquet Hall, Sector 18, here today. The exhibition which has been organised by the Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation will continue till January 6. Items exhibited include metal jewellery, crockery, ladies suits, gents kurtas, handlooms , wrought iron and other decorative items. The exhibition has been sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles. TNS

Showroom opened

Live-In, India’s largest and fastest growing apparel brand, today launched its exclusive retail Live-In store in the City Beautiful.

The Live-In flagship store at Sector 17, spread over 1100-sq. ft. area, has spacious well-designed interiors and a wide range of fashion wear from which the customers can take a pick. TNS


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