Saturday, December 29, 2001  


A few days back, the Administration notified the much-awaited Apartment Act on the pattern of the one prevailing in Delhi and Mumbai. Called the Chandigarh Apartment Rules, 2001, the Act will allow owners of property to sell their real estate on a floor-wise basis. This means that different persons can own different floors of a building or a house. Now a prospective buyer of a flat, who earlier due to lack of choice was forced to buy Chandigarh Housing Board flats by paying a hefty premium, can opt for a first or second floor of a house in the city, writes Ajay Banerjee

Sikh shrines in Pakistan in a state of neglect
by Varinder Walia
IKE the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Nankana Sahib and other Sikh shrines in Pakistan have been a source of inspiration to the Sikh community ever since they were build.

Golf— a victim of its own success?
by Mohinder Singh

WELL, there must be much charm in a sport so quaintly perverse in its basic instructions. Hit down to make the ball rise. Swing easy to make it go far. Finish high to make it go straight. Imagine you’re about to sit down, as you address the ball. Look at the ball, not the hole, when you putt.

Beauty of life — are humans destroying it?
by Sima Grewal
am no poet, neither am I a philosopher. I am but a student striving to secure a promising future for myself. I have a lust for life and like to put down my feelings in words which come from the depths of my heart. So, what follows is my paean to the beauty of life.

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