Saturday, January 5, 2002
M A I L  B O X

Gender-sensitive cops

THIS refers to , "Training cops to be gender sensitive" by Reeta Sharma (December 22).

It is absolutely wrong to presume that cops think that "men are superior to women". In the case cited by Poonam Singh the police were let by consideration for the woman. A woman in her condition was vulnerable to many assaults. Thus the police did the right thing to put her under the protection of her parents.

It is a pity that chivalry or consideration for women’s welfare by men is considered by the writer as gender bias.

It is men’s privilege and duty to look after the honour and life of women.The women should take this chivalry in proper perspective.



Indian sanyas service

Khushwant Singh’s write-up "Behind the mask of a terrorist" (December 22) proves that ‘terrorism is a mixture of heroism and folly’.

Corruption in India is more dangerous than terrorism. We need a society of selfless workers who can rob the country of this menace.



No doubt Osama bin Laden is worshipped by millions of Muslims the world over, but he cannot claim to be a clerical leader.

It is interesting to see how various factors are emerging with the coming of Osama. In my opinion the Osama phenomenon seems to generate deep-rooted racial and religious prejudices and attempt to equate the nation state with the identity of the dominant group. However, the world as a whole and the Muslims in particular should not take this phenomenon lightly because such potential gods have the possibility of emerging in any society and from any religious once religious intolerance is allowed to breed.