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Monday, January 7, 2002

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 How to ward off hackers
by TMS Virdi

IT was Tuesday, November 27, 2001, early in the morning when a newspaper headline screamed — "The Website of Punjab Police Hacked!" Like me all those who logged on to the site were shocked to find Pakistani flag along with a message "Ramadan Mubarak".


With Euro being introduced, the problem bugging computer nerds is one of integrating the new currency symbol in earlier computer since new computers and keyboards are giving it as an in-built option with a dedicated key. Instead of prefixing EUR every time you write the currency value, try these as reported by Dow Jones: On Apple Mac computers, hold down the Option and Shift buttons and '2'. For Windows OS, hold down the Alt key while typing 0128 on the numeric keypad. Also try hitting Alt + Shift + e keys at the same time if nothing works. Alt + Shift + 4 works on certain European settings of some computers.
Dead ultras tell no tales, their laptop may
by Inderjeet Singh Sodhi
S was made public that the December 13 attack on the Parliament was backed by digital equipment and associated messaging systems, it is possible to extract information from the laptop confiscated by the police.

Clear VCache to boost performance
by Vipul Verma
PEED is the most sought after thing in the world of computers. First of all it is the speed of the processor, which matters most to the computer users. Then it is the speed of the Internet connection, which is most critical. 

Osamaniac!— What’s that?
by Arthur Spiegelman
IME magazine has named its man of the year (ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani), the United States has its villain of the new century (Osama bin Laden) and now the American Dialect Society is getting ready to vote on its word or phrase of the year.


Freed Russian software programmer returns home
Russian software programmer, freed in November after escaping prosecution under controversial US copyright laws, returned home last week and praised the support he received from campaigners while in detention.

Bountiful career with Lotus Notes
by Sumesh Raizada
VER since the 3W gained popularity, several software and hardware firms have mushroomed all over the world, with their products and services suitable for numerous applications and requirements. However, very few could sustain the market due to intense competition in terms of quality, technology and price. 

Working in MS Word can get better
by Sandeep Kumar Sharma
S-Word is one of the widely used word processor of Microsoft .It has various formatting and editing features that helps a user to design a document. We generally use the commands from the menu bar or from the tool bar. But very few of us know that MS Word is full of short cuts that help us to design and format our document within seconds. Major short cuts have been discussed below:

After lovechandigarh, it is online tutorials
by Nishikant Dwivedi
KHIL Verma, a final year student of Production Engineering Department, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh has developed an online college and tutorial system. "This is an Online Tutorial System, to be used by any type of institute willing to hold its various courses through the Internet," Verma, who also has lovechandigarh.com to his credit, says.

Learn about cyber laws
T is a dynamic field wherein law-breakers clearly outpace lawmakers. The terrorists who attacked Parliament on December 13 made full use of the Net. A laptop was used to download the logo of the Ministry of Home Affairs from the ministry's Website and was pasted on a car.

HP enables IT learning for mentally challenged kids
EWLETT-Packard (HP) Company and the Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA) recently announced the setting up of an 'HP Computer Lab' in the premises of ASHA. The lab will provide students and faculty, access to high-quality interactive learning resources.

Connect 127 devices to PC with USB

by Chiranjeev Pal Singh
N a day and age where personal computers are used for a myriad of applications, many new devices have sprung up since IBMs original two serial port personal computer some 20 years ago. Scanners, portable hard drives, Zip drives, and force-feedback joysticks are just a few examples of devices appearing on the desktop.

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