Saturday, January 12, 2002  

Back from the Land of No Return
Is death final, or are we caught in a cycle of life and death? The issue has dogged philosophers and sages since time immemorial. Several eastern religions believe in rebirth and even science has begun to show interest in it. Kuldip Dhiman presents the cases of three individuals who apparently remember their past lives.

Remembering the US Congressman from India
By Roopinder Singh
ROM Chhajalwadi, near Amritsar, he went to the Congress of the USA and left a mark that still sets him apart from the many who tried to follow him. In the shadow of the changed situation in America following the September 11 attacks, the focus is again on someone who created history many years ago as persons of Indian origin in America celebrate the 45th swearing-in anniversary of Dalip Singh Saund this weekend.

A rising star on Canadian political horizon
By Prabhjot Singh
ANADIAN Parliamentarian Gurmant Singh Grewal, tipped for a bigger role in the Opposition in the House of Commons, was here recently. Born in 1957 in Ludhiana, Gurmant's rise in the Canadian political scene has been unprecedented. His parents, both school teachers, played a pivotal role in shaping his personality.

From the footpath to the WTC
By Anirudh Gupta
ROM selling readymade garments on Ferozepore's Regal Cinema footpath to rubbing shoulders with the who's who of world cricket Kamal Sharma has come a long way in realising his dreams.