Saturday, January 19, 2002
M A I L  B O X

Should the Press ignore national interest?

THIS refers to "Should Press ignore national interest?" by Reeta Sharma (January 5). I couldn’t agree more with the writer. She has described very accurately the sorry state of the Indian media. Media has the power to either make a nation or break it. Irresponsible and lop-sided reporting has done more harm than good to the nation. I am no authority on journalism, but as a reader and a sincere citizen of this country, I feel that the basic guiding principle for the media should be integrity and a sense of responsibility.




The article was very interesting and a guide for print and electronic media. It is the need of hour that every citizen should safeguard the national interest and should not let personal, regional or organisational interests interfere with service to one’s motherland. The spirit of nationalism should be supreme. The incidents reported by the writer are an eye opener for the Press. Though it is the duty of the Press to report facts without distortion but if the reporting of these facts is likely to cause any damage to the nation or the society then the Press must exercise self-restraint.



The Press should not ignore national interests. Citizens should sacrifice their interests in the interest of the nation. Not only our soldiers but also the common people should love and respect the country. Only then can our country progress.