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Monday, January 21, 2002

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You've Got Junk Mail

Spam is inconvenient and it is the recipient who pays in order to receive such messages, says Roopinder Singh.

Spammers beware!
by Ali Hasnain
HE last time you signed up for one of the many free services available on the Internet, you probably filled up a form. A simple questionnaire seeking your preferences, tastes and most importantly your e-mail address. You my friend fell for the oldest trick in the book (on the Net!) - Spam. 

Low rural purchasing power a bane for regional software
by Frederick Noronha
hy is it easier for Indian school students to use the computer to the study the geography of the USA, rather than know the states of their own country better? What is the fate of students in non-English schools who want to learn how to use computers optimally? In short, are we producing suitable software to cope with the needs of our own schools?

Set video card driver for erratic mouse
by Vipul Verma
ERY commonly it has been observed that while surfing the Internet, all of a sudden either your Internet Explorer gets stuck and stops opening the Website or simply hangs the system. This is not a problem with the computer but is a problem of Internet Explorer. Actually, the HTTP 1.1 specification limits the number of simultaneous connections any browser can make to a given server.


Despite slowdown, Indian IT firms hopeful
by Radhakrishna Rao
study by the US-based research analysis group, Giga Information, comes to the conclusion that companies currently using Indian offshore resources or planning to use such resources are not deterred by the terrorist attacks like the one that took place on September 11.

Adobe is ACE’s abode
by Sumesh Raizada
HERE are very few organisations, which have contributed consistently towards the success of Information Technology. Besides Microsoft that has become a household name among PC users because to its Windows operating system, there is another firm that has contributed immensely towards IT revolution through its various utility software. 

IT doesn't percolate down to the poor
by Alok Verma
EW communications technologies are revolutionising access to information - but the revolution is not percolating down to the poor. The cost of communicating is falling. Mobile and satellite telephony are bringing telecommunications within reach not just of the urban businessman but also the rural farmer. 

Five-fold increase in computer virus
by Nick Paton Walsh
OMPUTER viruses on the Internet have risen five-fold during the past two years, with one security firm now finding a bug on clients' servers every 30 seconds on average.

With poor infrastructure, online tests still a distant dream
by Dinesh Kumar
T was an ambitious task. One of the leading management institutes of the country, Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) decided that its entrance test, XAT -2002, would be conducted online this year. Scheduled for January 6, 2002, applicants could register online and obtain their forms and other information from their site. 

IGNOU exam forms online
GNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is all set to start the practice of online submission of term-end examination forms, as per a press release received from IGNOU regional centre, Khanna.


Different mobiles for various countries
by H.S. Jatana
OBILE commerce (m-commerce) is now causing just as much of a worldwide stir as the idea of e-commerce did a few years back. The excitement is, if anything, even more intense - while sceptics could point out that the penetration of PCs into households is still relatively low, the popularity of mobile phones has made the case for m-commerce impossible to deny.

Radio comes of age on Net

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