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All NCR plans come a cropper: Minister
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 23
The Minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation and Chairman of the NCR Planning Board, Mr Ananth Kumar, today asserted that to prepare an economically vibrant, spatially efficient and socially equitable National Capital Region plan was “a Herculean task” and said that the legislative and developmental framework of NCR had already become dated because of the rapid population growth.

“By the time, the Plan takes formal shape, the ground realities in the region change dramatically due to influx of population in Delhi from other regions. The Plan envisaged for the year 2021 might not be viable even in the year 2011. Therefore, the need of the hour is to prepare a Plan, which is viable, enforceable and takes into account social, economic and political factors, which affect the contours of the Plan,” the Minister said.

Inaugurating the two-day National Seminar on ‘Regional Plan – 2021 for NCR’ here today, Mr Kumar said that building a consensus about the development of NCR among all stakeholders, particularly among the governments of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, would be a pre-requisite for the success of such a Plan.

“The Regional Plan for NCR should be formulated after due deliberations and consultations among all stakeholders, Central and State Governments, public, private and joint sectors, corporate bodies, town planners and other concerned agencies”, Mr Kumar said.

In his welcome speech, Member Secretary, NCR Planning Board, Mr Ashok Jha, stated that the urban agglomeration of Delhi has recorded an average annual growth rate of more than 50 per cent since 1951, which is higher than that of any of the four largest mega cities in India.

However, according to 2001 census, the population growth has slightly come down to 46 per cent. He stressed the need for formulating harmonized policies for the development of social and economic infrastructure in the National Capital Region, so as to avoid any haphazard development of the Region.

Various committees today submitted reports on NCR policy zones, regional land use and development, infrastructure requirements, waste management, institutional framework, economic and fiscal policy and environment.

“The massive demographic growth of Delhi in a haphazard way in the last decade made it imperative to have a further revision of the Master plan. This time we envisage an integrated and balanced overall programme of development,” Mr Jha said.

He said the emphasis is on checking further expansion of Delhi while promoting faster growth of surrounding areas.

“The plan proposes to develop ring towns, not only to deflect some of the population that would otherwise come into Delhi and jeopardize the planned growth of capital, but also help these towns grow in a planned way,” Mr Jha said.

The two-day seminar will examine policies and strategies for various sectors to be proposed keeping in view the experience gained in the implementation of Regional Plan 2001 and the current priorities of development.

The National Capital Region as per the plan consists of the whole of Delhi, 13469 sq km area of Haryana, 10853 sq km of UP and 30299 sq km of Rajasthan.

The seminar, organized by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation and National Capital Region Planning Board, is being attended by representatives of Governments of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, local authorities, Town Planners and experts.


Sikh headcount contract goes to private firm
R. Suryamurthy
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 23
Adopting a confrontationist stance, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee today awarded the contract to carry out the Sikh census in the Capital to a private company, thus rejecting the request by the Registrar General and the Census Commission of India to restrain from a headcount.

The Census Committee of the DSGMC at a meeting here decided to award the contract to Min Mec Consultancy Pvt Ltd to carry out the enumeration in Tilak Nagar area in West Delhi to drive home the point that the community has been under represented in the Census 2001. The enumerators would carry out the headcount in ward 22 of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi from February 1 to 28.

“The company has been awarded the contract based on their past experience and the lowest rate quoted by them,” sources in the committee said.

The Census operation would cost the DSGMC Rs 45,000. The company has been asked to provide a bank guarantee for the said amount before January 28.

The Census Commissioner, Mr J K Banthia, had asked the DSGMC to “withdraw the said tender (for enumeration) notice and refrain from indulging in such misadventure of conducting a survey to find out a fact when no such ‘fact’ exists. You are requested to also bring out a separate notice in the newspaper withdrawing the tender and also stating the factual position with regard to this issue.”

“Your action (DSGMC) is highly irrational and totally uncalled for and has caused undue harm to the image and reputation of the Census organisation,” he wrote.

A DSGMC official said, “The present operation is only a sample survey of one ward of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. If need be, we would, undertake the enumeration of the Sikh Community through the Capital.”

The DSGMC has prepared an 11-point questionnaire, which would seek information like name, address, religion, mother tongue, number of years in the area, household details, educational qualification. The questionnaire would also have a column on whether the Census officials had visited them for the Census 2001 operations. The questionnaire would not collect data on individual or household income.

The officials said: “To ensure objective collection of data, the questionnaire would be signed by the resident, surveyors and counter signed by the supervisor.”

The collected data would be scrutinised and time would be given for seeking amendments or raising objections to the data. It would be placed before eminent demographers, who will analyse the data before it is made public on March 31. Then, the future course of action would be announced.


Father staves off enemy, son saves kids from fire
Our Correspondent

Gurgaon, January 23
The Haryana State Council for Child Welfare (HSCCW) has selected three children of the State for bravery awards, to be presented at a State-level Republic Day function at Gurgaon.

Haryana Governor Babu Parmanand would honour Vineet Yadav of Gurgaon, Gurmangeet Kaur of Ambala and Surinder Kumar of Hisar with certificates and a cash award of Rs. 5000 each on January 26.

Vineet, a student of 8th standard, put his life at stake and saved a number of children when the matador in which they were travelling caught fire on January 23, 2001. If it were not for his presence of mind, the incident might have taken a turn for the worse.

According to Principal of Kiran Memorial Public School, Mrs Sheela Singh, around 20 students were returning home in the matadoor. As the vehicle reached Mansa Mata Mandir, near village Kheri Dhaula, off the National Highway No. 8, the driver, Jagbir Singh, and Vineet, who was sitting on the conductor’s seat, felt that something was burning. The driver stopped the vehicle.

Vineet, 13, noticed that smoke was emanating from the bonnet. As the two of them tried to prise open the bonnet, a ball of fire emanated from the interior and within minutes engulfed the matadoor. The students, of different age groups, sitting in the rear began crying in panic.

Showing an uncanny presence of mind, Vineet entered the vehicle through a side-gate and started pulling out the students one by one. In the process, he saved at least five students. Eventually, with the help of the driver and the conductor, all the students were pulled out unhurt from the vehicle.

However, their school bags and other belongings were gutted. Vineet Yadav’s father, Mr Suresh Singh, Havildar, Corps of Signals, who is at present posted in Jammu and Kashmir, informed The Tribune that the state government has recommended his child for the bravery award to the National Council for Child Welfare. Even as the National Council is considering his case, the Haryana Government has decided to honour the child.


The male of the species is more deadlier than the female
Ravi S.Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, January 23
The men folk of Gurgaon district are less amenable than the women to any suggestion of a health check-up, in order to have their sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed. This, in turn, is causing great anxiety to the health department.

The authorities are now factoring in the male intransigence while putting in place a strategy for the success of the nation-wide `Family health awareness week,’ scheduled to commence on February 1.

A senior officer of the health department told the NCR Tribune that efforts will be intensified to make the males see reason and induce them to come forward and have their diseases diagonsed during the week-long programme.

On the other hand, the females appear to be more health conscious than the males; in fact, their whole-hearted cooperation with the health department stands out in bold relief, considering that the majority of them are victims of the promiscuous male.

The view emanating from various studies and research works, which is supported by a finding of the World Health Organisation (WHO), is that those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are 10 times or more vulnerable to the dreaded Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV). Hence, the medical practitioners feel that about 50 per cent of the HIV infections would be automatically controlled if the tide of the sexually transmitted diseases is stemmed.

This and other issues figure prominently in the National AIDS Awareness Programme, under which a family health awareness week would be held throughout the country. For the record, each state has an AIDS Control Society which focuses on the eradication of the killer disease.

The cause for uneasiness over the male intransigence is rooted in the belief that no matter how much the women are forthcoming, the drive against sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV-AIDS, will not be successful because in the majority of the cases it is the males who get infected and act as carriers of the diseases.

The general view is that although Haryana has no warm water port or a metropolis, the number of HIV positive cases recorded by the WHO is a good enough reason to force every one to gird up their loins. According to a study of the WHO, published in October last year, there were about 40,000 HIV positive cases in Haryana as against one million cases in the entire country. Out of the positive cases detected, 210 were full-blown. So far, AIDS has taken a toll of 19 lives in the State.

The high rate of HIV infection is all the more disquieting when one considers that Haryana is among the front-ranking states, which also has a high human index. There are many who feel that the HIV cases in the closet could be five times more.

The local authorities are giving finishing touches to the family health awareness week. They have devised a two-pronged strategy: One to deal with Mewat and the other to deal with the rest of the district. While the week will be celebrated in Mewat from February 1-7, the other parts of the district will be convered in the ensuing week.

In all 105 doctors, 574 para-medical staff and about 900 workers of the Anganwadi will be pressed into service for the success of the programme in the district. The authorities have prepared a large number of placards, aimed at increasing awareness about AIDS.

According to the district medical chief, Dr N.K.Jain, the workers will undertake door-to-door visits and ensure maximum participation in the programme. The patients will be urged to meet the doctors in the nearest Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in the rural areas for a check up. The workers will again visit the houses of the patients in the second week to follow up the action taken. In case there is no let-up in the diseases, the patients will be referred to the District General Hospital.


BJP draws a line, on electronic meters
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 23
Shocking as it may be for the ruling Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) Government, its alliance partner, the BJP, has come out in open to protest against the replacement of electricity meters in the town. The BJP activists, led by Mr Krishan Pal Gurjar, MLA from Mewla Maharajpur Assembly constituency, took out a procession in the town yesterday, demanding a halt to the drive to replace mechanical meters with electronic ones.

Claiming that the new meters were ‘fast,’ they demanded an independent probe into the purchase of electronic meters in the state. They said, while new meters were fast, they suspected a major scandal in the purchase of the instruments. Mr Gurjar criticised the replacement drive and alleged that some vested interests had made huge money in the deal.

Teams of the Vidyut Nigam had also been ‘shooed’ away by residents of various colonies on some occasions. It is perhaps for the first time that BJP activists have come out in the street to protest against the changing of meters.


Yet another boycott in MCF, mayor unfazed
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 23
As many as 19 elected members of the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) staged a walk out from the meeting today, convened by the Mayor, Mrs Anita Goswami. Only three members, including the Mayor, attended the session and passed about 40 items placed before the House. There are a total 24 elected members.

The majority of the members, who were present in the House in the morning, walked out of the meeting, alleging that the resolution adopted in the previous meeting had not been implemented. Today’s meeting was held after one-and-a-half month whereas, according to bylaws, the House ought to meet at least once a month. Two of the corporators could not attend the meeting owing to bad health, it is learnt.

It may be recalled that the last meeting held on December 6 was also boycotted by the majority of the members in a similar fashion.


R-Day parade rehearsal sends traffic for a toss
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 23
The full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade was held amidst tightest-ever security arrangements here this morning, but without the participation of the armed forces contingents.

Even while the rehearsal passed off peacefully, the traffic in the city was thrown into a state of disarray, despite the elaborate arrangements made by the Delhi Traffic Police. This, according to the Traffic Police officials, was the result of the heavy spill from the roads which were closed to traffic.

Since the entire route from India Gate to the Red Fort was closed for traffic, most of the vehicles vied for space on the roads open to them, resulting in snarls and delays. The impact of the traffic disruption was felt even in South Delhi areas, where traffic moved at a snail’s pace during and after the rehearsal.

Though the morning was free from fog, the chilly winds from the mountains and the security threat kept people indoors. Unlike previous years, few people came out to watch the rehearsal and the viewers’ stands were virtually empty.

With the deployment on the Indo-Pak border in the last few weeks, there is almost no participation from the three services in this year’s parade. The 61 Cavalry, the world’s only mounted regiment, was the sole representative of the Army apart from the bands this morning.

With the armed forces also not displaying any of their frontline weaponry this year, it was left to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to add muscle to the rehearsal with the display of the Agni II surface to surface Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) and the Nishant Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

This year’s parade on Rajpath, lasting about an hour-and-a-half, is about 20 minutes shorter than last year’s. Overall also, the Parade route has been for shortened for security reasons, with several crowded business and residential localities in the New Delhi and Walled city areas having been left out. 


An MCD wall that cannot withstand rain
Rohit Wadhwaney

New Delhi, January 23
A section of the boundary wall of Bhim Nagri, a relatively small residential colony adjoining the Safdarjung Development Area (SDA), was washed away by rains three years ago and it still stands like that. And the only ones, it seems, not bothered about the crumpled wall are the ones responsible for it – the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

Whatever remains as the wall there, facing St. Pauls School, breaks brick by brick every time there is heavy rain. The condition of the wall has become so bad that it has become a security hazard to the residents of the colony. Several thefts have taken place in the colony ever since the boundary wall started breaking down.

Mr Vipul Kapoor, secretary of the Bhim Nagri Residents Welfare Association (RWA), said that apart from the security hazard it posed, the broken wall spoilt the beauty of the colony. “There was a time when our colony looked beautiful. It was a pleasure to live here. But now, ever since the wall broke, we don’t even feel like cleaning the rest of the colony.”

The residents have made several complaints to the MCD and also to MLA Kiran Walia regarding reconstructing the wall but there has been no response. “The MCD officials always say that they don’t have the funds and that they would take up the matter after the rains are over. So many rains have come and gone, but the MCD officials have never been seen around here,” said Mr Kapoor.

Two years ago, the MCD started the reconstruction of the wall. Residents recalled it was an election day. “After that, no one from the MCD was seen. They still haven’t completed the work. A truck loaded with bricks for the construction of the wall was brought here and then the MCD did a vanishing act without doing any work whatsoever. They did not even leave the bricks behind,” narrated Mr R. Prakash, president of the RWA.

However, MLA Kiran Walia defended the corporation saying the MCD had reconstructed the wall but unfortunately it broke again because of the heavy rains. “The wall was anyway not so high to prevent people from jumping over it if they wanted to. So the residents’ complaint that it is because of the broken wall that thefts are occurring in the colony is not true. But I will see to it that if there is anything to be repaired, it will be done at the earliest.”

Residents countered the argument saying that in case the authorities felt that the wall, before it broke, was not high enough to stop people from jumping over, they should have constructed it higher and stronger. “If a wall is destroyed because of the rains, someone has to stand responsible. The MCD cannot make rains an excuse. After all, there are buildings that withstood earthquakes. The MCD cannot even tackle rains!” exclaimed Mr Prakash.

Moreover, there used to be a small drain next to the boundary wall, which used to carry the rainwater and prevented water logging. But the drain is now completely filled with mud and whenever there is rain, the area close to the wall is completely water logged, which only makes the foundation of the wall weaker.


Bomb scare at Tis Hazari
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 23
A hoax bomb call reportedly had hundreds of people, including judges, lawyers, policemen, journalists and the general public, scurrying this morning in Tiz Hazari court.

The caller had a chilling message to deliver: That 18 bombs have been planted inside the court premises.

The call stalled the court proceedings; it was panic stations inside the court with the public scampering for cover.

The unidentified call was received by the Police Control Room (PCR) at around 11 am while the full dress rehearsal of the Republic Day parade was in progress. The police immediately took control of the area and evacuated the building.

Along with the Delhi Police personnel, the bomb squad and the dog squad were deployed in the three-hour-long search. After a complete search of the premises, the police dismissed it as a hoax call.

Later, the call was traced to a public telephone booth near Pragati Maidan (No 3371569). Back



INLD eyes UP poll as first stop in its big dream
Jatinder Sharma

Rohtak, January 23
Will the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) headed by Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala be able to acquire the national party status after the ensuing elections to the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha?

This is the moot question being hotly debated here in the political circles these days. Political pundits are also busy analysing the post-poll situation and its impact on the Haryana political scene.

The INLD supremo has a long pending desire to acquire the status of a national leader. This became evident in 1998 when he, in a package with the BJP, had fielded INLD candidates in the Delhi and Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha elections. The move, however, misfired as the party could not poll the requisite percentage of votes.

However, this has not discouraged the party functionaries. They feel that the party had suffered reverses in 1998 as its leaders had not done enough ground work before fielding candidates.

However, in the present case, the party has been mobilising voters for over a year and had held nearly a dozen successful public meetings in western Uttar Pradesh.

The INLD supremo has already announced candidates for 115 assembly segments of western Uttar Pradesh. He will be seeking votes on the issue of a separate `Kisan Pradesh’ comprising of 22 districts of western Uttar Pradesh.

Sources close to Mr Chautala believe that the party would make its presence felt in the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha as its candidates might win from 10 to 15 assembly segments.

The party leadership does not want to leave anything to chance this time. The INLD supremo has reportedly told party functionaries to get ready for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections also. These elections are likely to be held after the Uttar Pradesh elections.

It is, however, not yet clear whether the INLD would contest the municipal elections on its own or in alliance with any other political party.

In Uttar Pradesh, the party has not entered into an alliance with any party. The INLD leaders believe that the elections to the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha and the MCD would provide an opportunity to the party to mark its presence beyond the boundaries of Haryana.


Prisoners searched to trace anonymous caller
Our Correspondent

Sonepat, January 23
Prisoners lodged in various barracks of the district jail here were subjected to searches by the jail authorities last night on the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, Mr Paramjit Singh Ahlawat. However, the authorities failed to recover any mobile phone or other objectionable articles from any of the prisoners. According to a report, the sudden decision to search all prisoners followed an anonymous call received by the owner of a petrol station on the Gohana road threatening him with dire consequences if he failed to pay Rs 50 lakh as extortion money at a place mentioned by him immediately. The caller had said that he was speaking from the district jail and had warned him that if he informed the police about the call, he will be killed.

The owner of the petrol pump, it is stated, did not inform the police about it first because of fear. However, on being pressurised by family members and other traders, he later lodged a written complaint with the SP in this regard.

Soon after receiving the complaint, the SP swung into action and asked the jail authorities to make an individual search of all the prisoners and take precautionary measures if anyone is found in possession of a mobile telephone or any other objectionable articles.

In the recent past, a number of businessmen and industrialists of the city and its suburbs had received similar threatening calls from unknown criminals and anti-social elements asking for extortion money. This has caused panic among traders, businessmen and the entrepreneurs of the area. Meanwhile, the SP has maintained that the police are taking steps to deal with the criminals and anti-social elements sternly and hence there is no cause for panic.


About nine lakh women voters in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, January 23
Of the total voters of 19.34 lakh in Ghaziabad district, 8.84 lakh will be women this time. The maximum number of voters will be in the Ghaziabad assembly constituency. 

There has been an increase of 4.99 per cent in the number of voters in the district this time. After scrutiny, 32,001 new voters have been included out of the total of 44,582 applicants. Of the 5.84 lakh total voters in Ghaziabad, 2.54 lakh are women. According to the District Collector and District Election Officer, Mr Debasish Panda, a total 10,000 workers will be employed in the conduct of elections in the district. OC


One dies, another missing in plastic factory fire
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, January 23
One worker was killed and another reported to be missing in a fire that broke out in a plastic factory today in the Nand Nagri area of Hindon Vihar under the Sihani Gate police station.

The police are searching for the second worker in the debris of burnt plastic. The fire appeared to have been caused by accident, the SSP of Ghaziabad, Mr Prashant Kumar, said.

According to the Sihani Gate police station sources, the fire, which broke out in the morning, spread to a godown in the adjoining factory also and it took two hours for the 16 tenders of the fire brigade to control the blaze.

One Chhuttan is reported to be the manager of the factory which he was running in a plot taken on lease from Mr Jabbruddin for Rs 2,000 per month. The plastic stored in the factory was destroyed in the blaze.

One badly charred body was recovered from the debris, which the police said, was the body of factory worker Irfan who hailed from Rai Bareilly. The missing worker is identified as Sagir. The dead body has been sent for a autopsy while the manager, Chhutan, is reportedly lying unconscious since the accident.


ASI booked for foisting false charge on villager
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, January 23
An Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of the Haryana police has been booked in connection with the illegal confinement of a person and demanding money for disposal of the case against him at Palwal town.

According to reports, the accused, identified as ASI Ranbir Singh, posted among the CIA staff at Palwal, had nabbed a resident of Tunsura village on charges of possessing a gun. It is alleged that the ASI charged him with manufacturing of illegal weapons and demanded Rs 30,000 for disposing of the case.

However, the victim managed to appear before the SSP who directed the DSP, Palwal to conduct an enquiry. The probe found the charges against the ASI true and a case under Sections 331, 432 of the IPC and 7, 49, 88 of CrPC was booked. The accused has not been arrested so far.

Truck cleaner murdered
A young truck cleaner, Kirpal Singh of Gurdaspur district of Punjab, was stabbed to death by unknown assailants in Parvatiya colony here last night. Kirpal (22) had come with the truck here to deliver some goods. His body was found in an open plot at about 8.30 pm. This is the second murder in the town in the past 15 days.

Girl crushed
Thirteen-year-old Shahina of Sirohi village was crushed to death by a speeding truck near the village yesterday. The girl was hit by the truck while crossing the road. She died on the spot.

Lok Adalat on Feb 16
A one-day Lok Adalat will be held on February 16 in the judicial complexes at Sonepat and Ganaur in the district. Mr S. K. Sardana, District and Sessions Judge and Chairman of the District Legal Services Authority, told mediapersons here today that a similar Lok Adalat would be held at Gohana on March 2 instead of February 23 as announced earlier. The main aim of the holding of the Lok Adalats was to dispose of various types of cases pending in different judicial courts in the district.

Fire in shop
Mr Vishnu, a shopkeeper, sustained burns and currency worth Rs 6,000 and goods were reduced to ashes after a fire broke out in his shop on the Sonepat-Murthal road in the wee hours today. He was asleep when the fire started.



Trade Tax Officer suspended
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, January 23
A Trade Tax Officer, S. K. Tiwari, has been suspended for clearing four fictitious tankers of imported naphtha with forged papers. The Additional Trade Tax Commissioner Ghaziabad, Mr J. P. Srivastava, has attached the Trade Tax Officer to the Noida Trade Tax Department after his suspension. Tiwari is alleged to have links with a drug mafia. He was taking a regular cut from them.

The naphtha tankers were cleared by Tiwari through a pimp on the midnight of December 3-4 at Makanpur trade tax post. Whereas no tankers had come to the check post which belonged to Hazur Sahila Chemical Pvt Ltd, located on the Meerut Road in Dohai.

The tankers were shown to have come from Mundra Port in Gujarat. Though the official had cleared all the challans without inspecting the cargo, he forgot to issue the gate pass. The numbers of fictitious tankers were shown to be JG 12-U/9225, JGV 5571, SP-09K/1949 and JG 12/V 9488.

The Additional Trade Tax Commissioner had got wind of the Trade Tax Officer’s involvement the same night and asked Mr S. K. Rai,

Trade Tax Officer in charge of Vijay Nagar post, to hold an enquiry. Mr Rai immediately went to Makanpur post and endorsed the gate pass and informed the Additional Commissioner. The formal inquiry was assigned to Dr Radhey Shayam Dikshit, Assistant

Commissioner of the special investigation branch. He submitted the inquiry report promptly after questioning the management of the factory.

Even 15 days after the incident, the factory had not received any tanker loaded with the chemical from Gujarat, the report said. Conformed of his subordinate’s complicity, Additional Commissioner Srivastava on the receipt of government orders, Tiwari was placed under suspension.Back


Dacoit gang member held
Our Correspondent

Noida, January 23
With the arrest of one person with valuables worth lakhs of rupees, the police here have claimed to solve the Hindon Vihar and Sorkha village dacoity cases. The arrested person, identified as Nappo, has reportedly confessed to have participated in a number of looting and dacoity along with his gang.

According to the city SP, Mr Umesh Kumar Singh, the Sector-49 station officer, Mr Y. N. Yadav, was alerted by an informer that one of the members of the gang which had committed a dacoity in Sorkha village was hanging around the culvert near Baraula village. Nappo was nabbed by the police team led by Mr Yadav.

The SP said that the arrested dacoit had admitted that his gang was involved in a number of crimes in Ghaziabad, Loni, Agra and Bulandshahar districts and he and many of his companions had been sent to jail earlier too. A country-made revolver and some cartridges have been recovered from him, apart from a gold chain, silver jewellery, saris, watches etc.

In a dacoity on December 12 in the house of Mr Rajender Singh, Mr Shiv Deni Singh and Mr Ram Nath Rustogi in Hindon Vihar, valuables worth Rs 60,000 were looted. On January 11 night, the same gang had committed a dacoity in Sorkha village also creating panic in the area. 


Ex-Home Guard finds ‘job’ in traffic police uniform
Our Correspondent

Noida, January 23
A dismissed Home Guard has been arrested for posing as a traffic police inspector and collecting money from vehicle operators. He had been on the “job” for the last six month, befooling the police and the public and fell into the police net yesterday while trying to trap another operator.

Hailing from Muradnagar, Partap was appointed a Home Guard in the same town and was thrown out of service due to his “undesirable” activities.

Having failed to secure a job in Ghaziabad and Noida, he started befriending traffic police personnel at main crossings and tri-junctions.

Soon, he himself started donning the uniform of a traffic inspector and collecting illegal gratification from the trucks, tempos and other vehicles.

At times, he would appear in plain clothes too to collect his “share”. It is alleged that some policemen had also been helping him in the illegal activity.

Yesterday, he stopped a truck of Mr Harjeet, a resident of Delhi, whom he had let go in the past for some “offences”.

But Mr Harjeet got suspicious and started counter-questioning him. Soon a crowd gathered there, seeing which a police patrol gypsy also stopped on the spot. On seeing the police, the “police inspector” became nervous. He was arrested by the Sector 39 police for posing as a police inspector and making illegal collections from commercial vehicles.


Three burgle trader’s house
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 23
Three robbers armed with hammer and sticks entered the house of a kerosene trader, Mr Santosh Kumar, in the Raju Park area of Ambedkar Nagar and robbed jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 8,000 in cash last night. They beat up the trader when he resisted them.

The robbers entered the house through an open window and went to the room in which the trader’s mother and sister were sleeping. The trader was in another room along with his family.

The youths took the key of the almirah from the victim’s mother and looted the cash and jewellery. While they were collecting the jewellery, Mr Santhosh woke up and tried to resist them. The youths hit him with some blunt object and escaped. The victim had been admitted to AIIMS, the police said.

Man shot at
The North district police arrested Sonu (24) on charges of attempt to murder and under sections of the Arms Act. The suspect reportedly shot at and injured a 36-year-old cable operator, Roshan Lal, in Arya Pura near Sabzi Mandi. The incident occurred last night when the cable operator was going to his house. The suspect fired a shot from a country-made pistol injuring the victim in his chest and stomach. The victim was admitted to a hospital where he was stated to be out of danger, the police said.

Herb kills man
A 22-year-old man, Mr Lalit Sharma, a resident of Kailash Nagar in East Delhi, died today after consuming powder made of herbs. The youth was fond of weightlifting and he had brought the herbs, which were supposed to be good for health, from the market. He made a powder out of it and consumed it after dinner last night. He gave the powder to his friend who is also a weightlifter. Later around midnight, Lalit started vomiting and he was admitted at JPN Hospital where he died this morning. His friend also consumed the same powder and was admitted to GTB Hospital after repeated vomiting. He is still unable to give his statement.

3 burglars held
The South-West district police have arrested four members of a gang of burglars, Mohammad Feroz, Kanhiya Lal, Sunil Kumar and Ram Babu, who were living as tenants in the Indra Park area of Dabri. The police have claimed to have solved more than eight cases of thefts and burglary with the arrest.


Carpet Expo from Feb 10

New Delhi, January 23
Over 150 leading manufacturers and exporters would take part in the four-day Carpet Expo India 2002 beginning on February 10. The event will showcase the country’s finest heritage and craftsmanship, skillfully adapted to the latest technology. This year, over 1,000 buyers from abroad have expressed their intent to attend the fair and the organisers, All India Carpet Trade Fair Committee, are optimistic that the fair would generate business worth Rs 500 crore.

PHDCCI on MCD budget

Welcoming the decision to introduce insurance for primary students and computer education in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools and the tax rebate for property owners in the corporation budget, the PHDCCI suggested that Rs 1 lakh be earmarked for the model school in each ward in the budget. The PHDCCI, however, felt that the budget had no plans for mobilising additional revenue and no special attention had been given to important areas like street lighting, maintenance of roads and cleanliness of the Capital. It also urged the MCD to strike a balance between social benefit and providing basic services to the residents of the Capital, which also form an important part of its mandate. TNS

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