Saturday, February 2, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

(in-dewss): To persuade or influence somebody to do something.

Synonyms — cajole, encourage.

Antonyms — discourage, hinder, subdue.

— We need to induce children to obey traffic rules.

Interject (inter-jekt): Interrupt with a remark or an opinion.

Synonyms — intrude, interpose, insert.

Antonyms — avoid, overlook, disregard.

— I had to interject a note of warning as I felt that their plans wouldn’t work out.

Odious (o’dee’us): Very unpleasant.

Synonyms — despicable, abhorrent, obnoxious.

Antonyms — pleasant, agreeable, charming.

— I find his behaviour extremely odious.


(sub’laim): Of the best kind, causing admiration.

Synonyms — awe-inspiring, uplifting, magnificent.

Antonyms — ordinary, low, ridiculous.

— The sublime beauty of the sea enraptured me.

Bewilder (bee-wil’der): To confuse.

Synonyms — perplex, puzzle.

Antonyms — clarify, enlighten.

— The number of goods available in the store bewildered me.

Craggy (kraggy): Rough and rugged.

Synonyms — rocky, irregular.

Antonyms — level, sleek, smooth.

— We climbed the craggy mountain to reach the temple.


Match the following words in group A with their diminutives in column B:

A                    B

1. Cask        a. coronet

2. Grain       b. casket

3. Crown     c. turret

4. Park       d. granule

5. Tower    e. sickle

6. Scythe   f. satchel

7. River      g. paddock

8. Sack      h. rivulet

Looking back

Elysian Happiness is a state of perfect happiness. According to Greek mythology, Elysium, a region of perfect happiness was the abode of the souls of the virtuous.



A human being is not in any proper sense a human being, till he is educated.

H. Mann


Score card

1b, 2d, 3a, 4g, 5c, 6e, 7h, 8f.