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Monday, February 4, 2002

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The errand boy called Net

There is more to the Internet than fun and games. Kuljit Bains details various services that help you out with routine tasks.

Dropout rate declines as computers take charge of school
Tisha Srivastav
n contrast to the usual hankering after an English medium education, the humble Corporation Middle School in the Velachery suburb of Chennai in Tamil Nadu is one that all other English medium school-going children in the vicinity want to join.


Use latest drivers to increase efficiency
Vipul Verma
LD habits die hard. It is difficult for anyone to change the basic habits and this is equally true for the computer users also. There is one common observation about the computer users that over a period of time their computer has slowed down considerably and in a majority of the cases a need is then felt for the upgradation.

Don't be party to 'My Party'
new computer bug that tries to trick computer users into clicking on a virus-infected Web link masquerading as party photos emerged in Asia last week and began spreading to Europe, computer experts said.

Syndrome may hit computer players
OMPUTER games with vibrating handheld control devices should carry health warnings because they can cause damage to hands, British doctors told Reuters last week.

Combining IT with geology
Sumesh Raizada
NFORMATION Technology (IT) has encompassed several conventional trades into its fold apart from application in engineering design, accounting or commerce. Almost every area of work nowadays involves the use of specialised software, hardware or communication devices. Geosciences is such an important field, which utilises IT tools for various research and exploration activities.

Palmisano IBM's next CEO
Caroline Humer
NTERNATIONAL Business Machines Corp (IBM) said that Chief Executive Louis Gerstner, who led a massive turnaround of the once-ailing computer giant in the 1990s, will step down March 1 and be replaced by President Samuel Palmisano.

Legal action against anonymous Netizens
Ali Hasnain
O you want to know the identity of the cyber junky who keeps bombarding you with e-mail or of the cyber stalker who has made life hell for you in the cyber world or the hacker who used your credit card without your knowledge? Meet John Doe. He is the guy you wanna get your hands on!


A sentry named Firewall
Satinder Ahuja
HE Internet is an incredible tool for information sharing. The Net's single biggest drawback stems from its main asset; its openness and therefore Netizens could be subjected to lack of privacy. This could be crucial when the Net handles sensitive data.

Doesn't gravity affect clouds?

Kids Chat
Indoor games entertain and save from winter chill

Compuquiz 69

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