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Monday, February 18, 2002

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Bundling Net services

Bundling Net servicesThe next thrust of the Net is going to be on Web services that allow various applications to function in a system-independent manner, says Roopinder Singh

COMPUTING giants are inextricably moving towards the holy grail of computing—a set-up that lets businesses connect normally incompatible computing system applications over the Internet.



Art of management to decide e-com's fate
by S.C.Vaidya
HE Internet can be viewed as a global mega-trend along the lines of the printing press, telephone and the computer-that is changing the way people work together and alone, communicate and relate, consume and relax by creating a networked environment.

Door-to-door piracy service
by Peeyush Agnihotri
IRATES are getting hi-tech and what's more, they are advertising their stuff if leaflets and pamphlets distributed in Chandigarh is an indication. So a person, accessible only through a mobile phone number, promises that he can deliver any video or audio CD at your doorsteps.

Cyber crime bobs its ugly head in India
by Ali Hasnain
HE evolution of the Net has been vastly beneficial to all hues of people from businessmen to students. There is something on the Net for every one. Transnational and transcontinental boundaries have vanished.

Don't upgrade, buy new
by Vipul Verma
HEN should one get his computer upgraded, whether upgrading is a correct idea or is it better to go for a new computer? These questions often hang in the minds of computer users. Well! This is an old debate.

IT techniques for accountants
by Sumesh Raizada

INANCE and accounts are two disciplines, without which no business can be managed. On these rests all other departmental activities like procurement, manufacturing and sales. Since the beginning, accounting activities are being managed through conventional methods where accountants, finance managers or auditors, use set systems or procedures.

Blind programmer makes site for disabled
by Naveen S.Garewal
HERE is nothing that can deter Ramandeep Singh Suri, who despite being visually handicapped has not only set high targets of achievement for him, but has also shown a path to others who have been looking for a ray of hope.

Rosy future with technological edge
by Narayanan Madhavan
OR love and for money, flowers are a good business to be in. India's budding floriculture companies, fledglings just six years ago when the nation had its first flower auction, are eyeing a rosy future. And they have reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day this year despite a fall in prices caused by September 11 attacks, a leading industry official said last week.

Phone firm adds insult to bill, apologises
EW Zealand's largest phone company Telecom Corp apologised and offered compensation to a customer after charging him a "penalty for being an arrogant bastard." Telecom has ordered an investigation into how Auckland businessman James Storrie received the NZ $ 337.50 ($140) charge shown on his monthly mobile phone bill.


Put national Internet backbone in order
by Binay Srivastava
HE Indian software industry thrives on export revenue. The US companies that accounts for over 65 per cent of India's exports have postponed decisions to place new orders besides putting on hold the existing ones. Orders are coming in trickles only.

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