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Monday, March 4, 2002

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Artificial intelligence, virtual world

by Sonal Chawla
RTIFICIAL intelligence is the field of research related to the demonstration of intelligence by the machine. This includes the ability to think, see, learn, understand and use common sense. The study of artificial intelligence has provided better programming techniques for building smarter computer systems that are intelligent. But the big question is can computers really become intelligent? The scholars both oppose and favour the view.

Computers combat illiteracy
by Lalitha Sridhar
HE room is large and sparsely furnished. A fan whirs noisily as a cluster of about a dozen women, some with toddlers in their laps, attend a class in one corner. This is not all that makes the class unique - all students are non-literate and will be taught via computers.

Price of IT products may increase, feel experts
ARIOUS companies reacted to the Union Budget 2002-03 in different ways. Here are the reactions of various companies

National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), the apex association for the software and service companies in India, welcomed the Budget proposals as one that consolidates the ongoing reform process, focuses hard on key infrastructure issues and recognises the need to strengthen agriculture and rural development.

Beware! Freeware could be beta version
by Vipul Verma
OR a computer user, there is nothing more painful than having a system crash. Crashing of computer can cause immense loss both in terms of precious data and business. Therefore, stability of a computer is also a big issue. Here the big question is how stable is the system and how can you make the system more stable and reliable.

Making software for marine data
by Sumesh Raizada
HILE watching Discovery or National Geographic TV channels, one wonders how mysteries beneath the vast oceans are unveiled by researchers and sea explorers. These professionals spend hours or even months under sea to discover unknown facts about the marine life, its composition and effect on the earth surface. 

Virtual faith could be dangerous
by Stephanie Holmes
HE Vatican warned of the dangers of cyberspace spirituality, saying the Internet should not be used as a religious supermarket. The buy-and-sell ethics of the Internet have spilled over into matters of faith, the Vatican said as it released two short documents, "Ethics in Internet" and "The Church in Internet".


iMac unveiled in India
pple Computer unveiled in India the all-new iMac. The iMac is designed to be the hub of every digital home, effortlessly organising photos, movies and music. The new iMac sports a stunning 15-inch LCD flat screen that floats in mid-air - allowing users to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with just a touch.

Cyber Kids
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