Saturday, March 16, 2002  

Drugs blacken the face of "holy" city  Photo by Kuldip Dhiman
Reeta Sharma

AMRITSAR is called a "holy" city, but the alarming developments in and around the city are rather unholy. Amritsar has emerged as the worst-affected city in Punjab due to the drug menace. Situation is so grim that within just one year, hundreds of men have lost their lives to this addiction.

The delectable story of gur
by Punam Khaira Sidhu
VEN as we celebrated Lohri, the table in my home groaned under the weight of gur ki gachak, gur ki reori, and gur ki chikki. As my sons bit into the delicious confectionery laden with poppy seeds and groundnuts, they queried: "What’s this stuff made up of mom?" "Jaggery or gur," I pronounced. To which the next query shot at me was, "What’s gur?"

Timeless wonder lying in wilderness
by Jupinderjit Singh
ver seen a 122-year-old clock? Especially, one which is built in stone and is mounted on a pedestal with only one iron hand that tells the time but does not make any ticking sound? Moreover, its running does not demand a penny. There is no need to wind its key or energise it with cells. And, it is completely water-proof!

Death of a ‘royal art’
by Sujata Tiwari
ANY centuries ago, during the reign of King Kumarpala, a temple priest in Patan committed what was then considered an unforgivable act. He stopped the king and his queen from entering the temple premises as the latter was wearing a patola saree that was ‘second hand’ — and hence, impure.

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