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Monday, March 18, 2002
Cyber Kids

Go fly a kite

Welcome friends to our fascinating world of cyber kids. Now since the exams are over so it's time for fun, fun and more fun. The cyber world is full of fun and frolic and there are millions of sites on the Internet for kids. We have some good sites on fun for all our cyebrkid friends.

One such fun site is www.lego.com. This site is all about entertainment as you can play games online and also download the games to play later. Some of the games listed on this site are unique and they are being termed as story adventure games. Some of these games include, Bionicle Mata Nui Adventure Game- this is the game about Toa battle Makuta to free the Matorans!, LEGO Island Comic Adventure- this game is about Pepper and Luna vs. Brickster the Space Pirate, LEGO Island Comic Adventure- In this game Arnold is missing in The House on Spooky Hill, LEGO Island Comic Adventure - it is about Robbery at the LEGO museum! and the stolen painting, LEGO Island Comic Adventure - In this game Pepper and Luna help Chief Achu recover The Crystal Brick, Life on Mars Radio Logs - This game is about Messages from mars..., Johnny Thunder: The Restless Mummy - Its about Spine tingling adventure in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Don't you agree that these games are different than the games we have been playing so far on the Internet. What are you waiting for now! Log on to this site and enjoy playing these games.

The next interesting site for kids is
. This site is all about fun for kids as here you can learn many fun things kids can do. Some of these activities include, Listen to a unique Australian sound and laugh with the kookaburra!, find the Aussie animals in our word search, to find out what?...finish this Dot- to- Dot, Colour in a beautiful rainbow lorikeet, Like to make a climbing koala?, Go fly a... sugar glider kite, Make a hopping kangaroo etc. Log on to this site and have fun.