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Monday, March 18, 2002
Dr Tribune

Q. I have a computer with the following configuration - P III, 633 MHz with 64 RAM and 10 GB hard disk, SiS 630 chipset motherboard with 133MHz bus speed, 52X Samsung CD-ROM, AT cabinet 14" Samsung colour monitor and Windows '98 OS. My modem is Motorola SM56 PCI speakerphone internal modem. My problem is that when I start my system a loud sound is produced from my AT cabinet fan and after some time it diminishes. Secondly, when I start my PC, desktop appears on the screen and an error problem, "A required .DLL file, EVENTTEX.DLL was not found." appears on the screen. After pressing OK it goes away but every time when I start my PC, these problems recur. 

Jasmeet Singh, Amritsar

A. Regarding your first problem, it appears that your SMPS is fan is getting blocked. So, you can either get it serviced or changed with a new one. I hope this will solve your problem. You must also check the CPU fan, if it is also clogged and the speed of the fan has slowed down then you must change the CPU fan also. Normally, it has been seen that in dusty condition both the CPU fan and the SMPS fan get clogged and cause trouble in the system. This is important and should be taken care of urgently. Regarding your second problem, it appears to me that the driver of your mouse has become corrupt. So in order to solve this problem, you should uninstall the driver and reinstall the same again after restarting the Windows. I'm sure this will solve your problem.

Q. I have a PC, P III, 773 MHz, 20 GB HDD, Windows '98 as operating system. I have three questions. My first question is: "When I shut down my computer my computer I received an error ' MSGSRV 32 ' & message ' An error has occurred in your program. To keep working anyway, click ignore, and save your work in a new file. To quit this program, click close. You will lose information you entered since you last save.'

My second problem is: "When I start my computer an error occurred that a file mf.exe which is necessary for your system is damaged. Press any key to continue." Sir, then I press Esc key to continue.

My third problem is "When I start my computer an error occurred that a file ptvcd.vxd that is necessary for your system is damaged. Press any key to continue." Sir, then I press Esc key to continue.

Sir, I use start/shut down method to close my system down. These problems occur every time when I shut down my system.

Himanshu Gupta, Hoshiarpur

A. Regarding your first problem, you must check and update the modem and sound card drivers with the recent versions. Normally, the error message mentioned by you is represented by the fault driver of either of modem or Sound card. reinstalling these drivers after uninstalling them will solve your problem. Regarding your second problem, you can download the damaged MF.exe file from www.wordrecords.com/downhere/flashcard/mail/downhere-mf.exe and replace it in your computer and this will solve your problem. Regarding your third problem, the error message could be attributed to your internal modem driver. It appears that your internal modem driver is corrupt. You should uninstall it first and then reboot your system. Now after booting it either the Windows will install the modem automatically. If it does not, then you can detect it and then install it with the latest drivers. I hope these solutions will solve your problems.


Q. I have P III 500MHz, 128 MB RAM Azza motherboard, Motorola SM56 internal modem. My problem is that my connection always terminates at the beginning

giving random messages. Even if the connection is done, I am not able to open any site due to slow Internet connection. I have a Glide connection. Can there be any

problem in my telephone connection. Secondly, whenever I boot my system, a message appears, "CMOS checksum error defaults loaded to continue. Press F1." Upon pressing F1, the system works okay but the floppy drive is disabled. I have to open the BIOS and enable the floppy drive every time I boot the system now.

Akshay, Patiala

A. Regarding your first problem, there could be many reasons responsible for the slow and unstable Internet connection. First of all, you must make sure that there are no cuts and joints in your telephone line. Also make sure that you are not using the too many extensions on this line and there should also be no noise in the telephone line. After checking these points you can be reasonably sure that your telephone line is correct and the problem lies somewhere in your computer or modem. However, if the above-mentioned conditions are not fulfilled, then possibly the problem in your Internet connection was due to these factors. In case, you are satisfied with the telephone line condition, then I would suggest you to reconfigure and reinstall your modem after uninstalling it. Thus, simply uninstall the modem from the device manager and restart your system. On restarting Windows will automatically detect the modem and will either install the driver or will ask for the driver files. After installing the modem, configure your modem properly that is, use the highest .com port speed and set the modem to receive and make calls. After the installation is complete restart your computer and on restarting your problem would be solved. Also, you must check the modem physically so as to make sure that it is not lose and is set properly in the slot.

Regarding your next problem, there could be many reasons responsible for it. The first and the most common reason for this kind of problem is that the CMOS battery has become week and need to be replaced. However before you replace the battery you must load the setup defaults in BOIS feature set up to make sure that the problem is due to the weak battery only. If loading default setup in the BIOS feature set up does not solve your problem, then you can try replacing the CMOS battery. I hope this will solve your problem. The other, though not very common reasons for this problem are impact of any virus on CMOS settings or any problem in your motherboard. But these problems are not very common and in most of the cases changing the CMOS battery solve the problem.

Q. I have a PC Pentium III, 933 MHz, 20 GB HDD, Windows '98 as an operating system. Have a question? How can I send a movie file through the Internet? Do I need to have special software to do so? Secondly can you suggest me software, which can edit the movie files.

Kuldeep Marwaha, Chandigarh

A. You can send a movie file over the Internet, by attaching it with e-mail or by transferring it using FTP or any other third party software like Yahoo! messenger, Netmeeting, Cute FTP, ICQ etc. Normally, the size of the mailbox is limited to 5 MB and since the movie files are normally large in size, thus it makes it quite difficult to send the files through the email attachment. Therefore for sending the files over the Internet, the software mentioned above is very useful. Regarding your second query, we have mentioned some software for video editing in the previous editions; please go through this section in the previous editions for detailed answers.

Q. When I switch on my PC every time I get this message and I have to close down my PC to restart it. The message reads - "spool32 has caused an error in spool32.exe. spool 32 will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer."

Julian Harman

A. Spool32.exe is a program for Windows 9X, which handles background printing. Using this feature, the print and resume facility is being enabled and enable returning to the program, without waiting for the last page to get printed. However, there are some situations, when this service may give some errors, like anti-virus programs or another utilities causing a conflict with the spooler, use of third party printing software like Hewlett-Packard Port Monitor or Epson Spooler, print spooling utilising Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format (versus the RAW format), printer drivers may have a coding error, terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) programs or other programs that prevent the Spool32.exe program from running when Windows '95 or Windows '98 starts. Since your problem occurs at the time of starting the computer, so it is most likely that either the anti-virus program is causing some conflict in your system or any TSR program is preventing the Spool32.exe to run. In this case, the best solution would be to start windows under step-by-step confirmation. This can be done by pressing and holding down F8 key, when the Windows is booted and hold it till the time you get the booting options like normal mode, safe mode and step-by-step confirmation. Choose step-by-step confirmation and hunt down the program, which is causing this problem. Once you get to know the program, either uninstall it or reinstall it a fresh. I am sure this will solve your problem.

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