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Monday, March 18, 2002

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Achtung! Your e-mail is being read

by Roopinder Singh
ajesh was doing quite well in his new job in America. He missed home, but had made some friends; his company was not paying too much, but he was getting some work by freelancing. One day, the bubble burst. Rajesh had been maintaining contact with his clients through a popular Web mail company and he felt quite secure, because it was a something that would not show on his computer.

Right to privacy in office still debatable
Ali Hasnain
n India there is no express statute or law that guarantees an individual's privacy. The Supreme Court has broadened the ambit of Article 21 of the Constitution, which talks about an individual's right to life and liberty so as to include the right to privacy.

Disk defrag should follow scandisk run
Vipul Verma
roblems are part of the working with computers. Though the amount and intensity of problems may differ from computer to computer yet all computers are prone to problems.


Networking as career
by Sumesh Raizada
n a large or medium size office, bank or research institution, almost every employee nowadays is provided with a desktop PC. This has been necessitated because the speed and accuracy of data processing is much higher with computers as compared to manual processing.

11th century book intact, digital version isn't
by Robin Mckie and Vanessa Thorpe
t was meant to be a showcase for Britain's electronic prowess - a computer-based, multimedia version of the Domesday Book. But 16 years after it was created, the $ 3.5 million BBC Domesday Project has achieved an unexpected and unwelcome status - it is now unreadable.

E-mail — was it the best thing to happen on the Web?
by John Arlidge and Sophie Radice
ing-bong. "You have new mail," your computer screen says. Do you:
a)  Open your inbox, read the new emails and reply;
b)  Do nothing and pretend the messages will go away;
c)  Hit the 'delete all' key or
d)  Run out of the office screaming: `I can't take it any more. I quit.'

DirecWay by HECL
ughes Escorts Communications Limited (HECL), India's leading VSAT service provider, announced the commercial launch of DirecWay - a comprehensive, end-to-end satellite broadband service for consumer, small business and enterprise markets.

Naidu launches Andhra section of travel portal
he Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu launched the Andhra section of Indiaoverland.com recently. Indiaoverland.com is a unique portal dedicated to travel in India by road.


Palm unveils handheld with colour screens
Franklin Paul
UMBER 1 handheld device maker Palm Inc. last week unveiled new versions of its pocket-sized devices with colour screens, with Wall Street saying the new models improved on older ones but would not ignite the retail market.

Focus on CeBIT
Computer fair in Hanover from March 13 till 20

Cyber Kids
Go fly a kite

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